tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrincess Fairpeach Meets the Goblin

Princess Fairpeach Meets the Goblin


This story is very different than most of my work. This story contains themes of non-consensual sex, kidnapping, and sex between a goblin and human. If any of those offend you please stop reading. Otherwise, enjoy...

* * *

The market square inside the city of Ezlador was bustling and busy with activity as citizens came to sell, buy and trade goods. There were stands of all kinds inside the walls of this great city stronghold. There were weapon-smiths who brought the finest swords, daggers and spears that could be found for a hundred miles around. There were also armorers, leatherworkers, bakers, and even scribes that could be hired.

But near the back of the square, spilling into the alley was where the slave market was. And even further in back, was the section of the slave market where the sex slaves were bought, sold and traded. Sex slaves were a common practice in Ezlador, usually privy only to the very rich. But the business had become more and more seedy over the past years as the collection of new slaves became questionable and rumors arose that citizens, peasants, were being kidnapped and sold as slaves.

Through the crowd, a happy goblin weaved his way in and out of the swarm of people doing business in the market place. Today was a good day for Dikus Foulbone, the goblin that was skipping through the crowd, whistling to himself through the gap in his front teeth, which were the only teeth he had. Dikus was a goblin, a short creature standing a diminutive four feet tall with dark green skin and a shock of bright white hair that stuck straight up in the air from the top of his head. Even for a goblin, Dikus was a foul creature. Because of a birth defect, he walked with a limp, when not skipping, and had a large hump on his back that was accentuated by the way that he slouched. A nasty drooling habit did not help his already sub-par social skills. Dikus was wearing what he always was, a wool kilt on his legs, and a leather belt around his shoulder which held his hunting knife. The ruby ring around his left thumb was a new addition, however.

Dikus stopped dead in his tracks when his nose caught the scent of freshly baked bread coming from the baker stand. The little green creature walked over to the stand and peered at the loaves of bread, which had cloths laid over them to keep the heat in.

"Get out of here, you little beast." The baker said as he saw the goblin. The baker was a stocky, overweight man wearing a tunic and dirty white apron. "Paying customers only. Hey, quit drooling on the food, you swine!"

Dikus was staring at the pastries that were in one of the nearby baskets. It was true, a trail of saliva was drooling out of the corner of his mouth as he hungered for something to eat. The goblin blinked and then looked at the baker, realizing he was being addressed. "I'll take three of them pastries!" He said eagerly.

"You got money?" The baker said to him, crossing his arms over his chest, above his fat belly. Goblins never had any money and were notorious thieves.

"Do I have money?" the little goblin said, opening his purse. He took out three copper coins and tossed them to the baker. "You bet I do!" he squealed and then broke out laughing hysterically. The little goblin snatched up three of the sugary pastries and started skipping away, munching on his new snack.

He made his way through the crowded streets into the main market square, and from there, Dikus wandered toward the back of the square to where the slave market was. He passed by rows of cages, where inside were mostly caged minotaurs, orcs and ogres. These were workhorse slaves that would be bought to do manual labor. Dikus kept going further and turned the corner into the alleyway in the very back of the square, where the sex slaves could be found.

The market for the sex slaves was much smaller; Only a few slave traders were in the city today. Dikus walked up and down the alley of the sex slave market where the cages were, peering inside each one. Each of the cages contained a woman, most of which were curled up on the ground. Some clung to the bars and glared at him as he walked by.

The horny little goblin had his mind on one thing today, which was getting laid. Actually, the truth was that getting laid was the only thing Dikus thought about, but today was a special day because it was going to happen. That's why he was in the sex slave market.

Dikus walked up and down the alley, taking a look inside each cage. The first one held a little gnome woman, who was even shorter than he was. The next one held a dwarf woman who had more facial hair than Dikus. The cage beside her had a Halfling woman who was not too unattractive, but wasn't really what he was looking for. The goblin looked at each cage but could not find any of the type he wanted. He wanted a human girl.

"Hey!" Dikus shouted to the large ogre slave trader who was sitting in a wagon a few feet away.

"What you want?" The ogre's voice boomed.

"Got any humans?" The goblin asked.

The big ogre pointed a finger across the alley where Dikus had not looked. The ogre was absolutely massive. The finger he was pointing was about the size of three human fingers, and standing upright, the ogre would probably be at least seven feet tall. Across the alley were two more cages, and inside he saw each one had a human woman curled up inside. Dikus skipped over to the cages happily.

The horny goblin leaned up against the first cage as he looked inside. His little green penis was already getting hard with excitement. Inside the first cage was an old woman who was skinny and frail, and flat-chested as a board. She had some gray hair, but her face was sort of pretty. She might do.

Dikus went over to the next cage, the last one, and looked inside. The girl inside was a beautiful young woman with blonde hair and creamy, smooth skin. She was sitting with her back against the opposite side of the cage, with her legs curled up against her body. The goblin began drooling as he looked her body over from head to toe, considering her. He took a big bite out of his last pastry as he examined her figure. The girl had long blonde hair which fell down around her shoulders. She was very voluptuous, but not fat. With her legs curled up, Dikus could see all of her luscious, juicy thighs. The slave girl had on a bearskin hide which worked as a skirt, keeping her privates hidden. Her thin stomach was left bare, and her large breasts were covered with another bearskin pelt with rawhide straps. The horny goblin drooled profusely and his dick stood at full attention as he stared at the slave's huge, plump breasts. They were roughly the size of the melons he had just seen in the market place; In fact, probably bigger! Oh, this was his lucky day! This was the one he wanted!

"How much to rent this one for an hour?" Dikus called out to the ogre slave trader across the alley.

"Her? Ten silver!" The hulking ogre bellowed in response.

The goblin bit his bottom lip and looked over her womanly curves again. "That's a lot. How much for half an hour?" he asked the ogre.

"Half hour? Six silver." The ogre responded, his voice sounded like thunder.

Dikus danced back and forth from one foot to the other as he considered it. Six silver was a lot to spend on just a half hour, but she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Dikus placed his hands on the steel bars of the cage and leaned in closer. "Hi there." He whispered to her.

The young woman inside was looking at him, giving him a defying glare. She stood up slowly and walked near the side of the cage that Dikus was at. "Know this you little perv: You may be able to have my body, but you'll never have me willingly." She said to him.

The goblin stepped back in surprise. Even though she was defying him, her voice was soft and smooth like a melody, and she spoke like an educated person of the high class. "W-What's your name?" he asked her, coming back to the cage again.

The girl inside sighed reluctantly and shook her head. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me." Dikus said, giving her a toothy smile. His two front teeth were yellow and crooked. He watched her, staring at her voluptuous body and began to rub his stiff penis through his kilt.

"Come closer." The girl said, motioning with her finger. Dikus walked closer, his hand still rubbing his hard-on.

"My name is Princess Amber Fairpeach. I'm the only daughter of King Fairpeach. I'm royalty! Please, you have to help me escape! I may be able to arrange a reward if you help me!" She pleaded with him, whispering lowly.

"Wow!" Dikus squealed. He started rubbing on his cock faster. "I never fucked a Princess before!"

The princess sighed and crossed her arms underneath her large breasts. "Fine, if you won't help me, then when I do get out of here, I'll make sure my father's guards hunt you down!"

Dikus hopped nervously from one foot to the other, pulling at his hair. "Oh no. I don't think I can help you escape. I'd be killed by that big ogre over there! I'm not that brave, I'm sorry. I think I'll just rent you for the half hour and leave the rescuing to someone else." He whispered back to her in a hurry.

The busty princess sighed again and uncrossed her arms, placing her hands on the bars, on top of Dikus'. "Like I said, you may be able to have your way with my body, but you will never have me willingly."

"Ummmm... how about this, Princess? If I buy you outright and become your new owner, would you give yourself to me willingly if I promised to let you go free afterward? I just want to have you willingly and then you're free to go, I promise. I've never had a beautiful woman on her own will. I just want to feel what its like just once before I die." The horny goblin offered her.

"You would free me, and all I have to do is let you have sex with me?" The blonde haired, large-breasted princess repeated the offer, making sure she heard correctly.

"Yes, you let do whatever I want with you; let me fuck you until I can't get it up any more, and then you're free as a bird. What do you think?" Dikus asked, pulling at his hair nervously, hoping the gorgeous princess accepted his offer.

"That sounds awfully good, but, I don't think you have enough gold to buy me." The princess told him. The truth was, if she believed that this horny little goblin had enough gold to buy her as his property, she would probably accept it. After all, one day of being a goblin's sex slave sure beat being caged up, giving blowjobs to the ogre for the rest of her life. She thought back to how she got into this situation.

Princess Fairpeach had been traveling through Blackwood forest on the way to the city of Haledur, where she was to be married to the Prince. She had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday the month before, and by royal tradition, she was to be married to a Prince before the year ended. Of course, she had an escort of fifteen royal guards with her on the journey, but they were ambushed by ogre slave traders. The royal guards were either killed or fled, and she was kidnapped and taken to be sold as a sex slave. That was one week ago.

The ogre who captured her had tired to have sex with her when he brought her back to his camp, of course. The ogre's cock was absolutely gigantic, however, and it just wouldn't fit, as much as he tried. The ogre dick was like a log, being about five inches wide and a foot and a half long. Princess Fairpeach had been saving herself for the Prince, and was still a virgin. There was no way even part of the ogre's dick could fit inside her tight, virgin pussy.

The first night she had been captured, the ogre had rubbed his cockhead against her pussy for about fifteen minutes, trying to fit it inside. He eventually gave up, and pushed her legs together, trapping his dick between her thighs. The ogre had fucked his dick between her thighs, letting her pussy slit rub up against the edge of his shaft while he pumped, and eventually brought himself to orgasm that way. When he did cum, it his ogre-cock dumped what seemed to be a pitcher of jizz onto her.

After the initial failed attempt at actual intercourse with her, the ogre decided to task her with giving him a blowjob every night. Of course she couldn't fit the ogre's cock into her mouth, so she would lick the cockhead all around while she hugged the shaft against her chest, and squeezed her breasts up against the rest of the shaft. This seemed to satisfy the slave trader because he would always cum after a few minutes.

So far, despite this terrible situation, the princess had managed to hold onto her sacred virginity. The ogre's dick had been too big to penetrate her, and today was the first day she had been brought into town in the slave market.

"Oh, I got enough gold!" Dikus said to her and then skipped over to where the ogre slave trader was sitting. "How much to buy that one!" the horny goblin said, pointing to the princess.

"Her? She's my finest. To buy her is 20 gold." The ogre said, his voice thunderous and deep.

The little goblin opened his purse and poured the contents into his hand. He counted out the twenty gold coins and handed them to the ogre, whose hand was five times the size of his own.

"How'd you get so much gold, goblin?" The ogre asked.

"I have my ways." Dikus said, giggling.

"The slave is yours." The ogre said as he got up and walked over to the cage. He unlocked the princess' cage, and the cage door squeaked as he opened it.

The busty princess stepped out of the cage, in disbelief that the goblin had enough gold to purchase her. Dikus was beside her in an instant and reached up, grasping her hand with his thin, green fingers. "Come with me, Princess Titties." The horny creature said, pulling on her arm.

"I guess I do have to live up to my end of the deal, if you intend to keep yours." She said to him and followed. "How did you come up with all that gold?" She asked him as she ran along behind him, holding the goblin's hand.

"Oh, I robbed a jeweler last night." The little green creature said, giggling as he skipped.

Dikus skipped down the alley quickly, and Amber followed, running, holding his hand. Her long blonde hair blew behind her as she ran, and her large breasts jiggled and bounced underneath the bearskin pelt, the only garment on her top half. The goblin led her down some back alleys until they were alone in a narrow, dark alley. "Here's good." the goblin said, smiling widely; his two teeth showing.

The princess looked around, rubbing her bare arms. No one was in sight, but the alley was right near a street that anyone could walk down. "Here?" she said, gulping.

"Yep." Dikus said, rubbing his hands together. The front of his kilt was flipped up due to his stiff cock protruding from underneath it. Amber rubbed her arms some more and then asked, "I'm not sure what to do."

"Start by taking off that top. I want to suck on those titties, Princess Titties." The horny goblin said, giggling madly.

The princess took a deep breath to try to calm herself a little, and then slid the rawhide straps of her makeshift halter-top down her shoulders. Amber let the bearskin pelt fall off her chest, and her large, voluptuous breasts spilled out.

Dikus removed his kilt with a simple tug on the side and it came off, revealing his stiff, green penis. His cock was fully erect at three inches long, was covered in bumps, and was oozing with precum. The horny goblin's mouth was already dripping with saliva as he gazed at the princess' perfect set of tits, with big nipples that were calling out to be nursed on.

The naked goblin, being only four feet tall, was the perfect height because his face was directly level with the princess' bulging breasts. The green creature buried his head between her tits immediately and began licking and sucking frantically. He called out some incomprehensible gibberish while his face was muffled by her huge jugs.

The Princess looked around the alley, making sure no one was in sight as the filthy goblin rubbed his face on her tits and slobbered all over her. Her father would kill the goblin for doing this, if he found out. She felt Dikus suck one of her nipples into his mouth and begin nursing on it. The little green creature began sucking hard, and she felt his slobber dripping down her ample busom.

Dikus was so excited to be sucking on the princess' huge tits that his cock exploded as he nursed on her. His dick spurted a load of green, gooey goblin cum all over her thighs and her bearskin skirt as he sucked and slobbered on her breasts. The goblin groaned in pleasure as he came all over her body just from nursing her tits.

"Oh goodness. Your penis is spewing that .... stuff already!" The busty princess exclaimed.

"Mmmmm hmmmmm." was the only reply from Dikus as he slurped on her delicious melons.

"Does that mean you're done with me?" She asked. The ogre had always stopped after his penis squirted her with the gooey stuff.

"Stop? No way, Prinecss Titties. I'm just getting started!" The goblin giggled, his cock still fully hard. "Will you get down on your knees please?"

Amber sighed reluctantly and then sunk down onto her cum-covered knees on the ground of the alley. She realized that she did agree to let this goblin have his way with her until he couldn't go on any longer. Once she was on her knees, Dikus' cock was level with her drool covered breasts. She knew what he wanted to do. The princess cupped her hands underneath her tits and arched her back as she squeezed her breasts together.

Dikus squealed in delight as he thrust his hips forward and buried his green penis in between her creamy white breasts. Her titflesh squeezed around his shaft tightly as he thrust it between her delicious, royal breasts. Dikus looked at how his bumpy green penis looked so much different compared against the snowy tender flesh of Princess Fairpeach's breasts. That thought there was enough to set him off. His cock erupted again, sending green semen splattering in between the princess' jugs. His penis squirted and sprayed streaks of the gooey jizz all over her fleshy globes.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Princess Titties, you feel sooooo good!" the goblin squealed as he orgasmed from titfucking her.

The creamy skin of Amber's chest was now splattered with green goo. She looked like she had gotten splashed with swamp mud. The princess sniffed, inhaling the odor of the goblin's cum and wriggled her nose. "Ewwww" she complained. The scent of his cum was like rotten swamp gas.

Even with her tits coated in cum already, Dikus continued pumping his penis up and down through the valley of her breasts. The goblin reached down and squeezed her tits himself and pumped his hips faster and faster. His bumpy cock thrust between her melons easily now that they were lubricated with his own seed.

After another minute, Dikus orgasmed again, this time squeezing her tits hard as he squirted even more of his green baby batter across her perfect set of breasts. His cock sprayed in streaks, leaving a dozen more green lines of sperm criss-crossing across her chest. The slimey cum was now literally dripping in globs from her breasts, since he had completely coated them.

"Oh wow, are you all done?" She asked hopefully.

"Not yet, Princess. I haven't fucked you yet." He said, wiping some cum off his eternally hard penis.

"Wait, I don't think that's a good idea. I don't want to get pregnant." She said.

"You won't, Princess. I promise. Goblins and Humans can't mate." He said, giggling in the same delirious way.

"Are you positive? I'd be disowned and banished if I give birth to a half-goblin in nine months." The princess told him.

"Princess, I swear. I know it for a fact."

"Ummmm... well, I guess I have to, then. You have to promise one thing though." The princess told him, looking him in the eyes sternly.

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