tagFirst TimePrincess Nandi Travels North

Princess Nandi Travels North


Intro. In this story, a sequel to 'My Wild African Princess', James and Nandi meet some of the characters from 'Things Get Wild In Africa'.


So far we had been on horseback for over three months, we had not travelled fast, but were getting somewhat saddle weary. There was still at least another month before we would arrive at our destination in Tanganyika (now Tanzania).

We had travelled two and a half thousand kilometers as the crow flies, much more with detours, either to see something of interest, or more likely, to circumnavigate the impassable, on horseback, mountain ranges of the Great Rift Valley.

But here we were, with about three quarters of our journey completed since we had left Nandi's home in Zululand. We had set up camp, high in the hills overlooking Lake Nyasa (now Lake Malawi). The views were truly spectacular, mountains with sheer cliffs to our left, and in front the beautiful lake, stretching to the horizon.

Here we would take short rest, before we descending to the lake, to hopefully pick up a steamer to take us to the northern extreme of the lake, disembarking in Tanganyika.

Beside me my wife, well technically anyway, sat Nandi, gazing in awe at the vastness below. "Never have I seen so much water, how is this possible?" she asked. Her use of English had vastly improved these past few months . "There are many lakes, some even bigger than this one, that stretch from Arabia far to the north, and then right down to southern Mozambique, almost to your homeland. This is the Great Rift Valley. One day, perhaps in thousands of years time, it will finally split away from the rest of Africa, to form a new island, probably one of the largest in the world."

"It is beyond my understanding." she stated with a frown on her beautiful face. "But I could sit here for ever, to just look at this wonder."

I turned my head to look at her, totally entranced. We had now been together four months, and if it were possible, my love for her had only grown deeper. Although she had taken to wearing more clothing for our travels, than just her simple skirt that she had when we first met, today she was perched on the rock, with a short European skirt round her waste, that I bought in a market in Fort Victoria in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

Her chin rested on her knees, with her skirt fallen back to her lower body, her breasts scrunched against her thighs. It was a somewhat erotic sight, which I couldn't but help be aware of.

Suddenly, "You're staring at me again, you rude man, and with all that down there to look at." she said pointing to the lake.

"I am looking down there, but it's much closer than the lake."

She glanced down between her legs, realising where her skirt was, and what I could see, she grinned.

"Shall we go to the stream and bathe, before I cook for us?" I had built a small dam with boulders and stones in the stream that ran alongside our campsite, it had formed an ideal pool for us, with constantly running fresh water.

With that she rose, unclasped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. For a moment she stood facing me, with hands on hips, her legs slightly spread, and a wicked grin on her face. She moved one hand to the place between her legs, the fingers parting her labia, those gorgeous flaps, I had come to love. One finger stroked inside for, just a second. She raised it to her lips, her tongue stuck out between them, before she tasted. "Mmm, nice, but I need a wash," with a playful grimace. Then she raced off, with a laugh.

We soaped and washed each other, quite thoroughly in some places, before we lay in the water. It was only shallow, barely covering our bodies, which in itself was quite fun, as it allowed my cock to just float on top of the water, and waft about in the current. Whilst her breasts were just buoyant enough to wave about, with her nipples nicely showing above the water.

We lay side by side, her eyes watching my cock, and I admired her nipples. "I'm going to catch a fish for dinner." as her hand playfully chased my cock around. With an exaggerated grab and a splash, she squealed gleefully "I've got one!"

She swapped hands, waving it about "It's trying to get away, the naughty thing." Allowing the current to swivel her body round, she brought the 'fish' to her mouth "I'm going to bite his head, he won't go anywhere then." The water, being very cold, had till now ensured, my cock had remained quite limp, but as her lips enfolded it into the warmth of her mouth, that soon began to change.

Rapidly it grew in size, so that when she withdrew her mouth, her fingers still round the base, it was as a flagpole sticking out of the water. She waved it about a bit, grinning at it, "I've got him now, but I'll have to make sure he's not going to get away."

She wriggled on top of me, her hand guiding me between her legs. She raised her hips and adjusted her aim, before slowly lowering her body. My flagpole disappeared, passed her lips, and into the depths of her vagina, with it's wetness and heat.

Where the cold had previously kept me limp, it had the opposite effect on her nipples. They were as two 45 calibre bullets, pressing into mine. Her hands went below my head, to keep me above the water, as she pressed her lips to mine.

"I think he likes it in ibhentse (Zulu for vagina), he goes nowhere now, he is all mine." she had slipped back into her pidgin English, which she always did when excited or aroused.

Her hips rotated, causing her pussy to swivel on my cock, then she lifted all the way up my length. It almost came free, but with a rapid lunge back down, until her pubis banged into mine, "No you don't, you not get away." As her passion mounted, the joking ceased, instead "I fuck you hard my man, please put your hands on my ass and push me down, you could play with little hole, I like that." She had learnt these words in the past few months, she had at first used them quite shyly, but not anymore.

Her anus was exposed to my finger, allowing a quick twirl around, as she pulled upward on my cock, before trapping my finger between her cheeks on the way back down. I was ready at the next rise, and my finger just had time to press it's way inside her ass, before she again lowered herself. She began making shorter strokes with her body, getting more rapid, even as my finger penetrated more, passed the knuckle and deeper.

I struggled to keep my head above water, she had forgotten her helping hand, as she was now into a frenzy of passion "Oh fuck me, it is time, I'm cumming" she managed to gasp. Her legs shot out rigid behind her, her hands pressing my chest, as she arched her back, her head going high. Then she started to shake, her whole body sort of vibrating, as the wave hit her, she orgasmed hard. Then "Roll me over, fuck me more, quick."

I rolled her gently, aware of the sharp stones below the surface. Her arms round my neck, legs round my hips, she clung to me. I thrust into her. "Harder, faster, more" she shouted.

My own peak hit me then, as I complied with her demands. I could feel my cock pumping into her.

"Yes, yes, don't sto...owwwww" as an orgasm ripped her body, and still she screamed.

For a while we embraced, resting and recovering from the intensity of our love making. "Fish got away now" she was looking at my shrivelled cock.

"I'm going to look like a prune, if we don't get out of this water" I said.

"What is prune?" came the question.

I was stumped, if I told her it was a dry plum, she would have asked what a plum was, so I said "Just all wrinkled."

We busied ourselves preparing dinner, spit roast guinea fowl, with ash baked sweet potato and flame grilled maize (sweet corn). Washed down with a couple of bottles of Tembo beer, I had bought just a few at the duka (Swahili for shop), in the last town we had passed through.

The sun would set shortly. It was half an orb above the lake horizon, the mists from the water, making it possible to look at the golden glow. A perfect day, in many ways.

"What are you thinking James?" She would insist on calling me James, even though, I was generally known as Jim. She had said that it was what my mother named me, so therefore, it was what she should call me.

"Oh, just reflecting on our journey."

Although, we had not been in any hurry, it had still been an arduous three months.

Nandi had never ridden a horse before, never fired a rifle even. Nor had she been far from her own people.

After we had left our cave (see My Wild African Princess), we walked to Paulpietersberg in northern Zululand. Here, I was able to purchase four horses, and sufficient supplies for a long trek, it was going to be somewhere between three and four thousand kilometers.

I then spent a week teaching her to ride and shoot.

The riding part, turned out to be the easier, she took to the horses as if she had been around them all her life. We had begun with a saddle, and Nandi was soon galloping around, shouting and whooping in her excitement. When I suggested that she now needed to also be able to ride bareback, she had looked a little apprehensive. I was busy explaining how to mount the horse without the aid of stirrups and saddle, when she looked at me a bit puzzled.

"I think this easier," and with that, a couple of steps, a jump, and there she was, sat high, and looking quite the mounted warrior. Which of course, she was.

I instructed her to take hold of the horse's mane, and by using her knees, guide the horse.

She was away, and soon disappearing into the bush.

Nandi was exhilarated, she now felt as one with the horse. She eased into a trot, and then into a gallop, clinging onto the mane, she leaned forward.

She became aware of a familiar feeling, slowly growing between her legs, as the coarse hair tickled her pussy. The feeling began to grow, she soon realised what was happening. Involuntarily, she pushed her hips down, and was rewarded with a rush, as her clit was now pounded and rubbed against the horse's back. Her arms fell, to embrace the animals neck, whilst she now purposely, ground herself down.

The climax came all of a sudden, almost taking her completely unaware. Now completely lost to her surging orgasms, as one after another, raged through her body. Then she was flying through the air, to crash hard, on her back, as still she writhed.

She heard James' voice calling, and slowly climbed to her feet. The horse was grazing, quite happily, not too far away.

He came running toward her, "Nandi, are you akay? Are you hurt?"

"No I am not hurt, but you did not warn me of what can happen with no saddle."

"I'm sorry, I don't understand."

She pointed to her legs, and then I saw the wetness, slowly running down, almost to her knees. It was then I realised that she was shaking, but not from falling from the horse. I could now see her sexual arousal.

"The back of horse, it is very friendly." A huge grin now across her face.

I laughed, "I hadn't thought of that, but it must have been fun for you. Well, as long as you're not hurt, let's get you horse and head back."

Instead, she grabbed my hand, "No, I think it best, while I am all wet inside, you maybe like to play. I think that you should er... fuck me now."

I stared at her, and then glanced at the ground.

"No ants, is okay!" She stated.

Before I knew what was happening, she had dropped my shorts to the ground. By now, my cock had naturally, taken an interest in the proceedings. She smiled, reached her hand, and gently massaged more life into it. Dropping to her knees, she brought me to her lips, until her mouth encased the tip. Her mouth now caressed me, she slurped, and then she looked up.

"You like, I think. And I like also."

She lay back, pulling me with her, her arms encircling my back, and her legs up around my bum.

Knowing how wet she already was, I simply went straight for it. I manoeuvred my throbbing cock to her entrance, eased in, and then plunged, to sink into her depths.

She gasped aloud, her fingers digging deep.

Still not having fully come down from the heights she had previously reached, her body was ready for yet another climax, without too much effort on my part.

With urgency, I fucked into her, desperate to catch up before she peaked. She lifted her hips from the ground, as her inner muscles clenched hard on my cock, bringing me immediately to a head. I exploded inside, as she milked me, before finally collapsing down on her.

"I think we move now," she said, pointing.

I saw the scorpion scampering towards us, they don't normally do that, perhaps it was the pheromones we were giving off. It wasn't the common black variety though, which only had a sting not much worse than a hornet. But a pinkie brownish sort of colour, a highly dangerous type, that required anti-venom if stung.

Needless to say, we moved sharply, me with my shorts still round my ankles. I swear the horse laughed.

A little later, we crossed into Swaziland.

"I not like these people, we fight them, but not for some years now, better we not stop near their Kraal." as Nandi pointed to some young warriors.

We kept going, only camping far from any signs of human activity, and soon we were at Bulembu, before entering South African territory.

The journey from there, up through Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), was uneventful. On passed Bulawayo, Salisbury (now Harare), and to the Mozambique border at Nyampanda. I would have liked to have taken Nandi to the Victoria Falls, but it was too far out of our way.

We crossed the River Zambezi at Tete, and it was here, that I made my first mistake. Instead of sticking to the main road heading north, I went north east, towards where we are now, by Lake Nyasa.

We were in the process of setting up evening camp, when Nandi stiffened. She stood quite still, just listening.

"Get guns ready, I think trouble coming." she said.

Her natural hunting skills, had picked up on some natives making a stealthy approach, instead of the normal open and friendly way, that they normally would.

A bang, and then a bullet kicked up dust, close to where I lay. I rolled and fired, at the same time as Nandi. We weren't really aiming for anything, we couldn't see anyone, but it was better to let them know we were armed and ready.

I heard a sound behind, and turned, in time to see a scruffy native, charging towards Nandi. He had his panga (wide bladed African machete) raised, ready to strike. My blood went cold, thinking I may be too late, I spun my rifle round and fired without any proper aim, my bullet caught him in the shoulder. As he began to spin round, Nandi had thrown her short spear, it took him, dead centre of his chest. He fell, quite dead, of that I was certain.

We both then scanned the low bush, but nothing moved.

"They gone." she said.

I checked the guy out. Probably Mozambique rebels after our horses, I guessed.

I decided, we shouldn't camp here after all. So we packed up and moved on, to eventually arrive where we are now, looking down on the lake below.

A few days later, we caught the steamer, horses and all, and were soon enjoying a pleasant voyage, almost the full length of Lake Nyasa. Nandi was astounded at such a huge 'house' floating on water.

We disembarked at Kyele in Tanganyika, the country of our destination.

The remainder of our journey went by without a hitch, and soon we were approaching Mpwapwa (pronounced Mm-pap-wa). This was the nearest town to where my friends lived.

After finding the hotel, we were washed and refreshed, had a good meal, and a couple of ice cold beers. It was the first time Nandi had ever seen a proper bed, and a double size at that. "Too soft, but I like it, we test tonight, it has good bounce!" was all she said.

The next morning, we set off for Dave 'Jock' Grant's place. I knew Jock, his wife Liz and son Peter, from the time I had been working in the Serengeti National Parks area. It had been four years, since I last saw them.

Nandi was very apprehensive, and looked extremely worried. She had of course, never met any of my friends. And here I was, turning up with a native wife.

As we arrived at the small cluster of homes, we saw three girls, two white and one black, stand from their bench, wondering at who was arriving on horseback.

Suddenly, as I dismounted, one squealed, and rushed at me. "Uncle Jim!" she shouted "Mary, it's Uncle Jim!"

Jane and Mary both hugged me tight. (See 'Things Get Wild In Africa').

I stood back to look at the two girls. "My god, you've all grown up, since I was here last."

"Come here Aysha, and meet Uncle Jim. This is my girlfriend Uncle."

"Jambo bwana Jim, habari yako?" (Swahili - hello Mr Jim, how are you).

"Nzuri, asante sana." (good, thank you).

Jane turned to look up at the still mounted Nandi. "Hey! And who's this gorgeous lady?"

"This is my wife, Nandi." I beamed.

But it hadn't escaped me noticing, the frown that had crossed Aysha's face, at Jane's referring to Nandi as gorgeous. Neither did it Nandi, as she briefly glanced coldly at her. But she did return, both Jane and Mary's warm smiles with her own, as they said hello.

Jane made matters worse, "Wow!" What a smile, you have a beautiful wife."

Mary seemed to realise the frostiness between the two black girls, that Jane was creating.

So she jumped in, "I guess you've come to see Jock and Liz, but I'm afraid you're out of luck, they're away on holiday in Dar-es-salaam, but our dad will be home a bit later."

"What about Pete, where's he?" I asked.

"He joined the army back in the UK, he's married now, to Mandi, you remember her?"" Mary answered.

For a moment, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "What Pete and our little Mandi married, how did that happen?"

"Well its kind off a long story, maybe we'll tell you sometime." with a saucy grin. "Anyway, why have you got two extra horses with you?"

"Oh, it's just habit I suppose, dunno really." I replied.

"Guys, we've got a few hours to kill until dad gets home, why don't we ride out to the lake, and kill some time? If that's alright with you Uncle Jim."

"Hey, stop calling me Uncle, you're all grown up now, Jim is okay, right, and I'm not your uncle anyway, just a family friend,"

"Yeah, whatever, Uncle." grinned Jane.

"Any of you guys ever ridden before?" I asked.

Mary said that she'd had a few lessons at school, but none of the others had

"In that case, we'll double up, one with me, and one with Nandi, and Mary on her own."

Before the blink of an eye, Jane was up behind Nandi. Mary mounted another horse, none too steadily. Leaving Aysha glaring at Jane. I held my hand to her, and with a face like stone, she raised her foot to the stirrup, and she was sat behind me.

She held onto me, as if I were made of glass, I could barely feel her touch.

In due course, we dismounted at the lake, tethered the horses, and climbed the rock that Mary indicated.

I loved the place, it was really totally tranquil.

Mary sat one side of me, Nandi the other. Then Jane and Aysha next to her.

For a while we just chatted, until Nandi gave me a little nudge. I glanced round, she pointed with her chin, and I was startled to see Jane's toes were rubbing Nandi's leg.

The next thing, well, mayhem. Aysha slapped Jane, quite hard across the face, and very quickly, tried to follow with a slap to Nandi. Naturally, Nandi was far too quick for her, she easily caught Aysha's hand, and with just a twist, the girl was flat on her back.

Nandi stood, glaring at the girl, mouthing something in her Zulu language, what I have no idea.

Thinking that would be that, I was surprised when Aysha stood, and then charged at Nandi, colliding hard, to take them both to the ground.

I rose to intervene, but saw Nandi shake her head at me, as the two girls wrestled together.

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