tagFetishPrincess of the Endless Oasis

Princess of the Endless Oasis


The fatigued traveler trudged upwards over the sand dune as a cool wind began to whip their cloak about their legs. The sun was beginning to set, and though it was still warm out, the temperature would fall steadily with every minute of it's descent.

The warmth of the thin, wind ground sand could still be felt radiating around the traveler's ankles as they struggled forward. The journey had seemed endless, and the dunes infinite, but upon reaching the top, the cloaked figure saw in the distance a mythical place that few even knew about.

Lush clusters of palms sprouted outwards for hundreds of acres around a large, rectangular structure. Even from where the figure stood, it could be seen clearly that there were torches that had already been lit, and people could be seen moving here and there about the outside of the building.

The traveler took a deep breath and moved forward.

As the traveler drew closer, an armed woman came out to meet her. The woman was broad, exotically dark, and wore thick silken linens all over her body. She brandished a short spear that had a wicked point, and she lowered it cautiously yet non aggressively at the traveler, "State your business."

The traveler lowered the hood of their cloak, revealing a feminine yet haggard face, "I'm here..." the girl reached to her neck and pulled the cord of a necklace up, "To see the princess."

The armed woman drew closer and took hold of the necklace. She inspected the engraving etched into the stone and nodded once, "Follow me, girl," she said bluntly as she immediately turned.

The young woman did so without hesitation, forcing her numb feet to move in front of her.

As they approached the entrance of the structure, the girl glanced around, taking note of all the marks of civilization she saw. The oasis had been well tamed and tended, and women of all sorts were working. She saw a good sized garden, an area for laundering and even some sort of canal dug into the ground that looked as if it flowed through the building.

A set of perfectly tended stone steps led up to a huge stone door that was currently open. Another guard stood beside the door, also a woman, and eyed the girl suspiciously as the two walked up the steps.

"She's got an amulet," the girl's escort explained to her fellow guard as they swept past her.

Beyond the door, a wide room stretched upward and outward. Another heavy looking door stood closed directly in line with the first, and two hallways laid open to the left and right of it.

"Wait here," the armed woman spoke evenly as she headed toward the left hallway.

The traveler glanced around the room and admired the smooth walls. She had no idea what sort of material they were made from, but it looked like pure marble. Huge pillars stood on either side of the door, made out of the same material, but otherwise the room was unmarked and undecorated.

The guard returned several minutes later with a basin of water and a cloth rag. She carried it to the girl and set it down in front of her, "Drink and wash your face, then I will take you to see the princess."

The girl nodded and knelt before the basin. She didn't want to seem overly eager, but she cupped the water into her hands and drank greedily after having tasted it. Then, as she was instructed, she dipped the cloth into the basin and scrubbed her face. She was somewhat surprised to see how much dirt had accumulated on her skin, and when she was finished her face looked much younger and far more refreshed.

"When I open the door, I want you to follow me closely, do you understand?"

The girl nodded as she stood from the basin.

The guard walked toward the interior door and pushed it with one hand. The stone swung forward with a quiet grinding sound as the room past it was slowly revealed.

The traveler's eyes widened as her mouth fell open. The room beyond stretched forward for a great distance. The walls were covered in lavish tapestries and luxurious furniture stood on either side of a great carpet that separated the length of the room to it's end.

None of this, however, was what astonished the girl. Her mouth hung open at the sight of at least fifty or more women and girls strewn about in various positions on both sides of the room. All of them were naked, and most of all of them were having sex, either on their own or with multiple partners.

Her eyes widened even further as she realized something else: every single one of them had a cock.

As she stepped in behind the guard, the sounds of their wanton moaning echoed throughout the room and into her ears. Her embarrassment spiked as her face turned a deep red, but there was nothing she could do but stare as she walked closer.

The nearest girl to her was sitting alone atop a plush pillow. The girl had short, curly red hair and her face was dotted with hundreds of freckles. She was sucking on her own cock, which was easily fourteen inches long and thicker than the girl's own forearm. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning deeply as her tongue and lips made small slurping sounds.

The traveling girl was entranced. She stopped for a moment out of sheer fascination and shock, and that was when the red head opened her eyes and looked right at her. Their eyes locked for a long moment, one set glimmering in rapture while the other reflected fear and dismay. Then, the red head took a deep breath and gasped as she shoved her cock deeper into her mouth and grunted loudly. Her throat could be seen struggling as she swallowed whatever was pouring from her long member, and a moment later she coughed as she drew back for air. Gobs of thick cum spilled from her mouth as her cock continued to erupt, covering her breasts and her stomach.

"Don't fall behind, the princess will want to see you as soon as possible," the guard murmured as she continued forward.

The traveler managed to tear her eyes away from the red head, and took several steps forward before finding something else to gawk at on her right.

A petite girl with olive skin was riding hard atop a woman who was nearly three times her size. The woman on the bottom was slightly overweight, but she wore it well, and the cock between her legs was so thick that it almost looked like a veiny branch. The smaller girl was squealing with pleasure as she moved her tiny frame over her lover's girth. The petite girl's tiny pussy was being stretched to impossible limits as she bounced, and above her overly stuffed slit her dick was bobbing along with her, precum oozing from it's tip.

As she was led nearer the center of the room, the traveling girl began to tremble. The sweet, pungent smell of fresh cum filled her nostrils, and her body began to feel hot. It was then she noticed the canal that flowed through the center of the room, the very same she had noticed when before she'd entered the building. Fresh, clear water was flowing through it, and a myriad of women were standing or sitting around it.

The traveler gasped softly as she inhaled sharply: she'd forgotten to breath. Her senses were quickly becoming overloaded, but still she glanced here and there, unable to keep her gaze away from the spectacle.

A cluster of three women were almost within arm's reach of her. One was bent over beneath the other two: a thickly built woman with smooth, perfect ebony skin. Her large, round ass was raised upward, and the two women above her were smacking her all over with their rock hard cocks, causing the woman's ass to ripple endlessly as she moaned out. Precum dripped and spattered everywhere in tiny droplets as the two women breathed hard above her, and the traveler could see that the black woman's ass was slick with it. The traveling girl bit her lip as she lowered her eyes to the ebony woman's cock; it was so long that it was nearly touching the ground, and it's tip was pointed directly into the canal. Before the weary girl took another step, the ebony woman groaned loudly as her swollen dick began to unload. Thick, white cream surged from her in impossible amounts as the two women above her continued to spank her hard with their girlmeat. The excessive amount of cum was pulled away by the flowing water in inky lines, traveling alongside and clinging to the seed of other women who were likewise shooting their loads into the water.

The Traveler's trembling turned to shaking as she and her escort neared the end of the room. She couldn't focus on any one thing; there was so much going on that she felt as if she would pass out if she tried. She was surrounded by women who were fucking each other like it was their last day alive. To her left, two girls were standing and facing each other. Both of them had their hands wrapped around their dicks, and both were jacking themselves off furiously. As their hands moved, their foreskins were peeled back, revealing their swollen cock heads for a brief moment before they drew upward once more. One of the girls climaxed first, and spewed her partner's dick with rich girlcum. As it drenched her, the opposite girl's hand moved faster as she used the hot fluid as added lubrication. Then, as if fueled by her partner's orgasm, her dick unleashed an equally impressive load. For a full five seconds, the two girls gasped loudly as they hosed each other down, and they were still cumming even when the traveler was forced to pass.

A square doorway was hewn into the wall at the end of the room, and an assortment of colored silks hung loosely over it. The traveler's escort approached the curtain and held it aside for her newly arrived guest, "Step inside."

The traveler did as she was told and walked hesitantly through the silk curtains.

Inside, a smaller, more intimate room came into view. Soft candlelight illuminated the room warmly, and the smell of spices and incense permeated the atmosphere.

A huge cushion that was easily big enough to be a bed sat in the middle of the room, and atop it, a woman. The woman was tall, and her long, slender legs were crossed over each other as she sat on the edge of the cushion. Her alabaster skin was perfectly sun kissed, and her long, golden blonde hair spilled over her shoulders as she wore it down.

"Melvy, what have you brought me?"

To the girl, the woman's voice sounded like music.

"She has an amulet," the guard, who was apparently named Melvy, replied.

The woman smiled widely as she looked over the girl, "That's wonderful, I'm so glad you made it." She nodded to the other woman, "Melvy, thank you, you may resume your post."

Melvy bowed slightly before turning and heading out.

"How many days have you traveled?" The woman asked gently.

"I... I'm not sure, exactly. Weeks, I think," the traveler answered timidly, still shaken up by the scenes she'd witnessed. Distantly, she could still hear the languid sounds of the women behind her as they continued their pleasure seeking, and the contrast between that and the quiet of the room she was in now were stark.

"I see. They call me the princess of the endless oasis, but my name is Yelvette. What is your name, young one?"

"I don't have a name," the traveling girl answered suddenly, as if she would be punished if she hesitated.

The woman furrowed her brow and stood slowly. She was one of the tallest women that the traveling girl had ever seen, and even though she was barefoot and wore only a thin, nearly transparent toga, she looked incredibly formidable and confident.

"No name? Where did you come from, child?" The woman asked as she took several steps forward and crouched to eye level with her guest.

The girl looked away from her host desperately, "Qu'tarsis."

The woman nodded, "And it was there that the amulet was given to you?"

The girl nodded as she bit her quivering lip. A wandering warrior had taken pity on her and had given her the amulet. The girl had never connected so much with anyone, and before the warrior left, she gave the girl the amulet and told her of the secret oasis and the princess who lived there.

"Child, are you afraid?"

She was, but she shook her head, "No, I'm sorry, I just... this place, the women here..." she trailed off as pressed her hands to her sides.

"What about them?" Yelvette asked gently.

The traveling girl was unable to hold back her tears as she began to weep softly. Her journey had seemed eternal, and she'd almost given up several times, but now that she had arrived at her destination she had no energy left to keep up appearances, "I thought I was the only one in the world. They... they cast me out every time they discovered my body," she nearly lost her balance as she fell forward, overwhelmed as she was, but Yelvette scooped her up and hugged her tightly.

"Shh," the woman comforted her as she stroked her hair, "In this place, we are all sisters of the same of the blood, no one will judge or ridicule you. No one will tell you that you are sick or twisted or deformed. There is no debauchery or evil here, only relief, acceptance and pleasure." She drew back and wiped the girl's tears with her thumbs, "Child, look at me."

The girl did so as her vision swam back to her through her sniffling.

"I see shame in your eyes, but we will soon rid you of that. You may stay here as long as you like."

"I have nothing to offer you, no money, no goods," the girl managed to recover, but her eyes were still red.

"Money has no place here. Our home is completely self sustained, and, providing you are willing to do your fair share of work, you will not be required to pay for anything. The only thing I ask in return, is that when you do decide to venture back out into the world, you take that amulet with you. When you find another woman like yourself, give her the amulet and tell her about this place. Then, if she is strong enough to make the journey, she will receive the same gift that you are about to receive, assuming you will accept it."

The girl swallowed hard, completely enamored by the woman, "My lady...I will accept anything you choose to give me."

Yelvette stood to her full height and smiled benevolently, "I am honored by your words. I offer you the only gift I have," she said as she brought her hands to the brooch that held her outfit together, "The wine of the endless oasis."

The nameless girl looked up at the woman with reverence as Yelvette loosened the brooch. Her outfit fell away from her body smoothly and soundlessly, and the girl held her breath, she must be a goddess, she thought with wonder.

Yelvette's tanned skin looked almost radiant in the candlelight, and it was smooth and entirely unwrinkled. Her breasts were large, and her flat stomach curved down to her flared hips where the nameless girl saw the most incredible sight of her life.

Yelvette's cock was massive. Even flaccid, it was larger than anything she'd seen in the court behind her, but somehow it seemed proportionate to the woman...before it began to grow erect.

"What do you think of me, child? You can be honest," Yelvette spoke quietly as her giant member began to twitch and expand.

The traveler stared up at the woman in awe. Her crotch throbbed as she watched her host's cock nearly double in size within a few seconds, "I think you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life."

Yelvette smiled as the faintest blush rose to her cheeks, "You flatter me too much." She turned for a moment and took several steps to a wicker chest that was sitting beside her bed. She bent over, and the traveling girl ogled the woman's perfect, round ass unabashedly as she felt her body heat up once more.

Yelvette stood and turned, and the traveler tried to hold in a gasp of surprise as she saw that the woman was completely erect. The princess of the endless oasis held up a large, hand carved cup in her left hand as she lowered her right, "My girls get to indulge themselves as often as they need to, but I myself like to refrain most days, in order to serve the one's like you that need me the most." She closed her sultry fingers around her impossibly thick girlmeat and began to stroke herself slowly. Beneath her behemoth of girlmeat, the traveler could now see a set of huge, heavy testicles. They began to swing slightly as their stretchy skin became more and taught, and Yelvette stroked herself faster as a bead of precum began to form at her pink cockslit, "You are perfect the way you are, my child. Leave your shame and your painful memories behind you and embrace the person you are. We are few in the world, but we are strong, and the time will come when we will not only be recognized as equals, but acknowledged as the greater race." She gripped her still hardening cock tighter as she stroked faster. Her precum began to drip out of the tip of her dick in a steady trickle, and even that was far more than any average male would have been able to produce. Calmly, Yelvette lowered the cup to her member and sighed languidly, "A little wine for you, my child. You may drink as much as you'd like..." she sighed once more as she slowed her stroking. Carefully, she tipped the cup up to her cockslit and began to cum slowly and methodcially. Her semen was milky white and semi transparent, and as she filled the cup her features were etched with concentration. Soon, the cup was full, and Yelvette took a deep breath as she released her cock. Stepping forward, knelt to one knee and presented the girl with the cup, "My wine is given freely, and if you choose to drink, drink with a light heart and an open mind."

The traveling girl reached out to cup and accepted it with both hands. Her arms trembled as she looked down at the warm beverage, and the smell of it caused her to salivate. Slowly, she raised the cup to her lips, closed her eyes, and tipped it into her mouth.

Sweet. The wine was actually sweet. The girl's eyes opened in sudden surprise as she tipped the cup back and opened her mouth more widely. Yelvette's silky cum slid into her mouth and down her throat as she drank hungrily. Never had she tasted anything so rich or satisfying in her life, and within seconds she was tilting her head back and draining the cup of its contents. Her crotch flared and she felt feverish as she lowered the cup and gasped for air, "More... can I have more... please?" She looked up at Yelvette with desperate, pleading eyes, with only the smallest drop of white on her bottom lip.

Yelvette giggled lowly, "As much as you can handle, my child," She said as she took the cup from her and began to stroke herself gently.

Seconds later, as if she could climax on command, Yelvette was already filling the cup. The traveler watched in rapt anticipation as the white cream trickled out in a heavy stream, and she licked her lips as she forced herself to be patient.

"Drink," The woman smiled as she handed the cup back to her guest.

The girl did, this time with no hesitation. Her body burned as she quaffed the white wine, and beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. The cup was drained in an instant, and the girl lowered it and panted hotly, "How much... can I have?"

Yelvette gave her a curious look, "You are a hungry little thing, aren't you? It's been a long time since someone so broken has come here," she stepped closer to the girl and bent over her, caressing her cheek, "Set the cup down, darling girl, and drink from the endless oasis."

The cup rolled out of the girl's hand and hit the ground with hollow thud as she opened her mouth and attempted to wrap her lips around the source of her liquid salvation.

Yelvette gasped quietly as she cradled the girl's head in one hand while she used the other to pump herself, "How much do you require, my child?"

The girl was attempting to stuff her host into her mouth, but was failing as she gave a muffled reply, "All of it!"

The woman smiled with knowing amusement as she stood over the girl and groaned softly. The girl's saliva was beginning to mix with her precum, and she started with a small jolt as she felt the girl slip her tongue into her oozing cockslit, "Oh! My goodness, you poor thing," Yelvette laughed. "Poor, little virgin. Drink."

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