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Princess Peach's Story


This is a more experimental story I've been developing for several years. It's based on my love of Nintendo video games, and features my favorite character in the Mario games, which is Princess Peach. I always thought it would be interesting to imagine the Princess being captured and taken by the evil King Bowser, and so this is what has formed from that idea. It's told from her point of view, and therefore it is quite an appeal to the senses. Enjoy!

Chapter One: The Alarm Sounds

The castle phone rung insistently in my chamber as I focused on my chess game.

"Would somebody mind answering that, 'cause I'm kind of busy!" I called out to anyone within earshot.

Finally my husband Mario picked up the phone in the hallway.

"Hello?" His face darkened as he listened to the fast-chattering person on the other end.

After a long silence on his part, he said, "All right. I'll be there as soon as I can. Lock every gate to the kingdom, get rid of every enemy inside the walls and post warriors on the tops of the walls to fend off the others from getting inside. That should do until my troops and I can get there."

He hung up the phone quickly and came into the room. "Peach, there's been a slight change of plans."

"So I heard," I said, getting up from my game. "I heard you talking about what sounded like battle plans and troops. What's going on?"

"Well, there's a distant kingdom called Flower Kingdom," Mario said, his voice level. "Have you noticed, by the way, that Bowser has not attacked us recently?"

"Yes, I had noted the pleasant change," I said facetiously.

"Well," Mario said, his voice serious with an edge of worry, "he's there at Flower Kingdom attacking the entire kingdom. His forces have already penetrated their defenses and swarmed the kingdom. All attempts to battle them have failed. I need to prepare for at least a two-week trip over there. Would you mind calling around to some of my friends and tell them I will need their aid? I need to leave ASAP; it sounds like the Flower Kingdom is in great peril."

So while Mario packed food and clothing for his journey, I called all his buddies from all his previous adventures. Also on my list to call was Yoshi Village, down in the islands of Mushroom Kingdom. I asked that seven Yoshis be prepared to fly Mario and his troops over to Flower Kingdom, and they graciously agreed to send all seven of them right away.

Once they had all gathered and the Yoshis were ready to fly, I kissed Mario goodbye.

"Please come back safely," I pleaded softly, as only a wife could. "You've got a lot of work and trouble ahead---"

"Don't remind me!" he exclaimed jokingly. His friends all laughed. "I think we can whoop some Koopa butt if we but try." With that, he and his friends all hopped on their Yoshis and flew off, silhouetted by the sunset light.

Chapter Two: The Call To Action

Night fell and morning came without much ado, and I expected a call from Mario at any time. But as afternoon flowed over the kingdom and night followed it, I grew worried; Mario usually called me within six hours of landing. I started to fear, at that time with ungrounded worry, that he had been captured. But the confirmation of my fears would arrive soon.

The next morning, there came a Koopa messenger at the door. One of my guards almost didn't let him in, screaming instead, "We don't want you here, you traitor!" But I bid him come in, and he unrolled a piece of paper from his shell.

"Mario has been taken prisoner of Wendy Koopa. She---" I grabbed him by the shell and held him suspended. "Who in the world is Wendy Koopa?"

"Bowser's daughter!" cried the little messenger. "Don't kill me, please! I'm only a messenger!"

At this, realizing my cruelty, I set him down. "I can g--give you information, Princess," he stuttered nervously. "I wasn't even supposed to come here, but I disobeyed direct orders to come and tell you. I am willing to help you, Princess. This time, I think Bowser has gone too far, and does not deserve my help in his 'cause' anymore."

I softened visibly, and said graciously, "Well, thank you for volunteering your services. What is your name?"

"I go by Cal."

"Well, then, Cal, I welcome you into the Mushroom Army. Now what can you tell us?"

Cal went on to spin a story of elaborate deception and plans for ultimate victory.

"Wendy is Bowser's sixth child, and the only daughter. All his sons have been defeated by Mario, and Bowser has since condemned them all to prison. This I know from being close to Bowser; I had been one of his trusted advisors until a few months ago. They probably don't even miss me." He laughed without mirth, and with a touch of bitterness.

"After I started showing sympathy to you and Mario, they started to ostracize me; a party here, a meeting there. Soon, I was demoted publicly to nothing more than a messenger boy."

I nodded my head in sympathy. "I'm so sorry that happened to you." Truly, this was my first meeting with an honest member of Bowser's group.

"And there's more, fair Princess. Bowser chose Wendy to help operate his plan. His plan, to be more precise, is this: to get Mario away from you, which would leave you unprotected, and then swoop in and claim you. I need not go into the details...they are rather diabolical, and you can probably extrapolate in your mind what would happen to you once he would capture you."

I shuddered. "God."

"I know," he said softly, his tone of voice conveying empathy. "I know that Bowser also plans for Wendy to tempt Mario into infidelity to you. That would cause a rift between you and Mario, and there he has another advantage."

"I know Mario, and he would never betray my trust," I said, my heart admittedly swelling a bit with pride. He did love me very much, after all.

"Well, Wendy has grown up quite a bit, and she has made herself over into a beauty...but her heart and soul are so shadowed with greed and lust and her past crimes." He leaned in. "Flower Kingdom is the code name for the army base in which Bowser has five thousand Koopa troops stationed. I was the one commanded to make the 'distress call', Princess. I was threatened with torture and slow death if I did not; God forgive me for instigating a most evil and reprehensible plot."

He let his head fall into his hands, and his strong facade dissolved into quiet sobs. I patted his shoulder softly in friendship. "I forgive you. Lord knows, I know what it's like to be commanded to do something and you don't want to do it. Bowser asks me every time he captures me to have sex with him, and I never have and never will."

"He's told us all what he plans to do to you when he captures you this time...in graphic detail," Cal said, his face twisted into an expression of disgust. "He almost made me retch with all those horrible things he planned..."

"Like what?" I asked out of curiosity.

"He has demented fantasies, Princess. He is so hungry for more power, and that's psychologically the reason why he has a virgin fantasy."

"Virgin fantasy?" I asked.

"The male fantasy of being a woman's first. He told us all that he was going to love hearing you scream when you lose your virginity to him. I couldn't bear to think about it myself." Cal whispered the last part, as if he feared Bowser's volatile wrath even then.

"Fucking bastard," I said, balling up my fists. I couldn't help but say such things; Bowser deserved no less for his conduct and actions.

"I know, and that's why I'm willing to help you," Cal said optimistically. "I'll show you the way to Flower Kingdom and even help you fight him. I do not want to be associated with that excuse of a being anymore."

"When should we set out?" I asked Cal.

"Wait, Princess...I must tell you. Bowser has also said that this time you will not escape his castle before he deflowers you. If you ever find yourself with your life balanced against your purity, remember: Is dying a virgin and a martyr better than living a nonvirgin and a hero?"

I cocked my head in thought. "You have a point there, Cal."

"Also, I'd say we better head out quickly." He checked his watch. "If Bowser's plan is going as scheduled, right now Mario is being led to Wendy's chamber to be seduced."

"Well, shit, I better get my little white ass over there, then!" I scrambled for my luggage and packed what I needed. As I packed a change of dress and my necessary toiletries, something glittering in the back of my wardrobe caught my eye.

"Hey! I exclaimed, drawing out the item carefully.

"What is it?" Cal asked, coming over to me.

"My armor dress! I might need this!" I held the blue glittery dress up to the light. Cal looked questioningly at the brightly shining fabric.

"What does it do, Princess?"

"It defends the wearer against all magic attacks." I had acquired it long ago when I had accompanied Mario on one of his many adventures.

"Well, then, you'll certainly need that," Cal reassured me. "Magikoopas from all over the known world have been trained to fight in Bowser's army."

I packed the armor dress carefully and then shouldered my bag. "Are we ready to go?"

"Yup," Cal said brightly. "A Yoshi arrived just a few minutes ago, ready to take you on to Flower Kingdom."

"All right," I said, heading for the door.

"Wait, Princess!" Cal called as I opened the door. "Would you mind if I accompanied you? I have valuable information and maps to the area, and plus, another person is always good to have around in case one of us gets injured."

I thought, then nodded. "Certainly. I can also use the companionship." And so Cal and I departed on Yoshi for Flower Kingdom.

Chapter Three: The Rescue Attempt

We flew over sandy orange deserts and steamy, thick green jungles for what seemed like ages, then came upon a gray, rocky terrain that stretched for miles in the distance.

"This is it, Princess. We need to land here."

"This is Flower Kingdom?" I asked dubiously. "I don't see any damn flowers...or any plants at all, for that matter."

"Remember, it's a code name," Cal said.

"Well, it's a pretty good code. Nobody'd ever guess this hellhole was Flower Kingdom," I said scornfully.

"Couldn't have said it better myself," Cal said. He pointed ahead to a castle gate about a half-mile away. "There is the gate to Flower Kingdom. Mario is held inside. At this point---" he checked his watch---"he should be returning to his cell if he did not succumb to Wendy. If he did...well, he would still be there," he said with a wry chuckle.

I stared straight ahead and gritted my teeth. "I didn't mean to upset you, Princess," Cal said appeasingly. "I was only making a joke."

I know," I said softly. "It just pisses me off that Bowser would stoop to this stupid shit to try to get me in bed. I mean, God, he's fucked with my life enough; does he have to fuck me too?" I gave forth a mirthless laugh.

Cal roared. "For a proper princess, you sure have a mouth when it comes to Bowser!"

"I always tell everyone in Mushroom Kingdom that I am one of them, and I don't hold myself above them, not even in language," I said, feeling oddly giddy. "One time I cussed out Bowser right in the court square; I think my exact words were 'I'll never fuck you, you motherfucking shitty-assed fuckerhead!' Now, take into account that I was extremely pissed when I said it. I just hate him so much...oooh. He really pisses me off."

"I can tell!" Cal said, doubling over as he walked. Then he raised his head. "Hey...Princess, we're here!" In my storytelling, I had traversed the whole of the half-mile, and we were now at the gates of Flower Kingdom. I pushed at the gate, and it swung as if powered by a motor.

I looked at Cal. "Should I go in?"

"If you want to save Mario...yes," Cal said decisively. And so I took the first step beyond the gate's boundary and traveled up the narrow winding path to the actual castle.

As I reached the grand tall doors of the castle, I suddenly heard a booming noise. I put my ear to the door and realized that it was actually Bowser's voice booming so. I gasped. "Bowser's in there! He's yelling at someone; God knows who."

"Knock," Cal said. "If Bowser is talking to Mario, Mario may not be long for this world if you don't do something."

"Oh my God," I stuttered out quietly as I fearfully knocked.

"Enter!" cried Bowser, and at his voice both doors swung inward. The entire court present gasped.

"Ah...! Our guest of honor is here! Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the fair...very fair, I should say, Princess of Mushroom Kingdom!" Bowser called from the back of the room.

He was seated on a grand golden throne, which stretched to the ceiling and had an equally grand set of stairs descending from the seat upon which Bowser sat.

Bowser looked straight at me. "I take it you have come to save your poor loving husband Mario, have you not?"

"Let him go, Bowser," I said commandingly, the fear and tremors of my body gone.

"Oh? You want me to let him go, do you?" he said tauntingly. Then he gestured to the right-hand entrance to the hall. "All right, Koopas, bring our prisoner of war out!"

Two armor-clad Koopas came in from the right entrance to the room, carrying Mario's limp form between them. His soulful eyes were closed and his face was pale as porcelain.

"Oh my God! You tyrant, what have you done?!" I screamed, running over to Mario. The two Koopas wisely got out of the way, and I held Mario's hands in mine.

"Ah, don't worry yourself, Princess; he's drugged," Bowser said with a laugh. "That was his punishment for not showing my daughter a good time."

Mario waked a bit, and his eyes were slits as he looked at Bowser. "I was not about to betray my wife," he said sluggishly, but with plentiful anger backing up his voice.

"How faithful of you, Mario. I suppose you're saving yourself for her as well?" The court looked around at him, some of the men jeering a bit.

"So what if I am? I was raised right, you idiot," he said forcefully, trying unsuccessfully to stand. "I don't give a damn who knows the fact that I am a virgin as much as the Princess is." Quiet snickers and comments filled the room.

"I wonder," Bowser said thoughtfully, descending from his throne, "why the Princess would not choose an obvious man such as me, but instead go for a creature that couldn't even get any before he was married?" Masculine laughter accompanied his statement.

"It's not the sexual experience, it's the character of the man that matters to me," I said flatly. "I'm not about to marry a man who concentrates on being a woman's first and not giving a damn about her in every other way."

"Ooh, she got you, Bow-Bow," jeered a large Koopa seated near Bowser. Bowser looked at him fiercely, and his laughter abruptly ceased.

"Princess...I hope you know that I will not let you leave this castle until I deflower you. If you resist me, I will make it more painful for you when at last I am inside you." My cheeks automatically flushed at his rather pornographic statement.

"You see!" Bowser cried triumphantly. "She blushes at my remarks! She knows she has dreamed of me often!"

"Aw, shut up, you arrogant son of a bitch," I muttered. The court quieted at my bitter words.

"Oh, you think you can rough me up with your fake tough talk?" Bowser said, striding over to me.

Mario immediately darted in front of me. "Leave her alone, Bowser. Just accept that she and I are married! I mean, damn, you've tried to have sex with her, what, a billion times? She's said no every single time. What will get it through your head that she wants you to leave her alone?"

"Little man, your mouth will get you into so much trouble..." Bowser seethed quietly. He pushed Mario casually aside and stared down at me, his breath coming harder and faster. "So how 'bout it, Princess? I'd love for you to take this hot rod for a ride."

All the court laughed at his remark. I stared up into his face, and into his eyes fiercely. "I will have sex with you..." Everyone, including Mario, gasped. "...when hell freezes over and you are down there freezing your balls off," I finished firmly.

The court erupted into mocking laughter. Mario doubled over, and Bowser snorted. "You think you're so damn funny, Princess. Well, it won't be funny when I push you down, strip you naked, and take your virginity with one thrust."

My mouth dropped in shock. The room fell silent. "You'll see, Princess. You may have entered this castle a virgin, but I'll take you on your maiden voyage before you leave here." He turned sharply on one heel and exited the room.

Chapter Four: Trapped Within

Slowly, the room began to empty, and I was left with Mario. "Oh my God, Mario, I was so scared for you," I said, collapsing on his neck and letting loose the emotion that had built up. He hugged me gently and patted my back.

"It's fine, Princess. I'm here." He and I hugged for a long time, then, finally, he asked, "How did you know the way here?"

"A Koopa messenger came to the castle and came with me. He showed me the way here." I looked around. "Hey, he's not here."

"Hmm. Must have left after the party," Mario said. "Come on, Princess, let's bust this popsicle stand."

"Yeah, let's," I said, and we headed for the door. Suddenly I gasped.

Cal stood in front of the door, blocking our way, and a fleet of armed Koopas surrounded him, ready to attack.

"I'm sorry, Princess. I really wish I hadn't been commanded to lead you here and keep you prisoner. But I was, and I intend to do my job well."

"Cal!" I gasped. "I trusted you! Why would you do this to me?"

"You trust too easily, fair Princess. I know why Bowser wants you now. You are so naive and innocent, so trusting and pure." He motioned to the Koopas, and they began to step slowly and threateningly towards us. "I will enjoy watching you when he pierces you at long last, Princess."

With an attack cry Cal and the fleet of Koopas flew toward us. I ducked the two that came at me, then attacked some from behind. I grabbed one and made work of it, then threw its shell at a line of other Koopas, knocking them all out permanently. At last, between Mario's and my work, Cal was the only one left. "This is for your treachery to me, though you don't deserve to die this honorably." I hurled my bag at him, and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Suddenly I heard applause behind me.

"Nice work, Princess," I heard Bowser say. "You can kick some tail. I like that in a woman." He snapped his fingers, and a fleet of MagiKoopas appeared behind him.

"Go get her and bring her to me," Bowser commanded. "I want her bad." All the MagiKoopas swiftly flung their magic attacks at us, and the magic hurt worse than the Koopa shells. Just as I thought I couldn't take any more, out of the corner of my eye I saw something glittering; my bag was open, and my armor dress was in plain sight.

"Mario! Look! I have my armor dress!" I dodged the oncoming magic attacks, grabbed it, and slid it on over my normal dress. Then I strode back through the battlefield and stood in front of Mario, all the magic attacks bouncing off of me.

"You didn't think I was this resourceful, did you, Asshole?" I cried over the ruckus.

Bowser gritted his teeth. "MagiKoopas, cease attacks," he said quietly. The MagiKoopas stepped back and disappeared. Then he came toward us, his footsteps thundering and slightly shaking the floor. "You may have made yourself invulnerable to magic attacks, but your body is weak to physical attacks." He swiped at me, but I dodged it.

"You piece of shit!" I cried. "Why do you want to kill the person that you want to fuck? You damn idiot, you can't even keep your own goals straight!"

Bowser backed off, and Mario called, "She's tougher in character than you'll ever be, you spiny excuse for a being!"

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