tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPrincess Prick Tease Ch. 02

Princess Prick Tease Ch. 02


Author's note: Thank you once again to JK Moreland for editing my story, it is truly appreciated. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Daydreaming constantly, Grace found she still couldn't rid herself of the image of Tristan and finally picked up the phone to see if Eve wanted to go out again. Unfortunately, Eve was away on some sort of corporate team building exercise for the rest of the week. As the new awakened princess within her told her she could go out on her own and that she wouldn't be alone for long if she did, the smart and shy Grace just couldn't find the courage to do it. She knew Adam would go with her but she really didn't want to ask him, especially as she hoped to once again run into Tristan in the same bar.

Becoming increasingly more aware of her body and the curves she had seen as proof of her weight gain and therefore fat she now started to appreciate them more and shed her baggy clothes in favour of more form fitting outfits; enjoying the compliments and surreptitious looks she got from her mostly male work colleagues who had barely noticed that she was a woman before. She didn't know if it was just the modelling for Adam and his practically non-existent costumes or the night she had met Tristan and in his words been taught a lesson or even a combination of the two, but the newly found voice in the back of her mind, that she had named princess, seemed to be growing louder and influencing her reactions to everyday things.

Grace began to notice the way the men in her office treated her and the way that changed as she began to revamp her wardrobe. She became more aware of them and their varying ranges of types of masculinity in turn. As time went on Grace listened more often to the flirtatious Princess Prick Tease. The Princess lounged comfortably now in the back of her mind swilling champagne and making arbitrary remarks of a sexual nature about everyone she met. The princess it seemed wanted to experience everyone and everything, she wasn't picky, she just wanted Grace to become more courageous and make some moves of her own rather than waiting for someone else to show interest in her. Grace imagined two small figures of herself arguing with each other, one dressed as a vamp; the other as a frumpy book worm. So far the bookworm had the edge but Grace wasn't sure how long that would last if she didn't give the princess some actual freedom soon.

By the end of the week Grace was feeling confused and on edge. Not wanting to do something she might regret by giving her inner princess total free reign, Grace decided to go home for the weekend, it had been a while since she had spent time with her mother even though they were close. She left work early Friday and headed to her childhood home.

She spent the weekend being pampered and spoiled by her mother who loved having her home for a full weekend. Her parents understood that as a young single woman she needed her own time and space and didn't place a lot of demands on her time limiting it to family occasions of birthdays and holiday celebrations. Grace often felt guilty that she didn't make the effort to spend more time with them; many of her friends did not have family as nearby as she did and they made the effort to travel to them more often than Grace saw her parents.

By Sunday afternoon she had convinced herself that the whole of the last two weeks was a mere aberration; a fantasy just like the costumes she had worn. She had even managed to relegate Tristan and Princess Prick Tease back to a far corner of her mind. The new awareness and acceptance of her curvier body though stayed. Her mother had commented on how healthy and happy she looked; she had always been too thin in her mother's eyes. Was there such a thing as too thin she wondered on her drive home? She certainly wasn't fat now, just curvier; the roundness of her belly showed rather than the hollow that used to be between her hips. She found that clothes in her correct size hung on her frame differently now and though she had managed to quiet the princess she did not want to go back to the baggy formless clothes she had been wearing.

She had been shopping with her mother and bought sensible but form-fitting clothes for work including new bras and underwear that helped accentuate her newly revealed shape. In all she had had a really good weekend and put the week of fantasy from her mind. Life for Grace more or less went back to normal. She became less aware of the covert looks her work colleagues gave her as they became used to the more fashionable Grace. Eve called on her return from the corporate boot camp and reluctant to release her princess from the dark corners of her mind again so soon after relegating her there made a shopping date for later in the week with her instead of a night out on the town.

They met several days later for coffee after work and began shopping for nothing in particular, just enjoying the browsing and looking at new fashions. Grace had blown a huge chunk of her savings in the last week on new clothes that fit her properly but she admitted it was worth it. She felt good about how she looked for the first time in over a year and promised to put herself on an ultra-tight budget after the holiday season.

"Oh my god I love this dress, but I could never pull off the colour," Eve exclaimed turning and holding the dress against Grace, "You try it on. I wanna see how it looks."

"You try it on," Grace laughed looking at the garment, feeling the princess wake up in the back of her mind with interest. "It's really not my thing, where would I wear it?"

"If they had it in another colour I would." Eve held the colour up against herself and the freckles discreetly hidden beneath makeup and scattered across her shoulders seemed to gather a life of their own when the bright orange fabric was held against her.

"No one suits that colour," Grace continued laughing.

"You were wearing this colour the other night when you came to get your car, Tristan liked it a lot." Eve wheedled and the princess fully woke up in Grace's mind at the mention of his name.

"I doubt he even remembers that I exist, I only met him that one time briefly. It's not like we exchanged phone numbers or anything," Grace surprised herself with the hint of regret that had crept into her voice.

"He'd know you exist in this dress," Eve tempted her one more time.

"Fine," Grace grumbled, "If only to prove that no one suits that colour."

Grace could feel the princess breaking free of the chains she had put her in as the donned the flimsy material. The pieces that went over her shoulder as straps flared out only slightly to cover half of her breasts and were held together by fine silver chains. The strips of material continued down past her exposed navel to a buckle of sorts that gathered the fabric just above the mound that denoted her femininity. The material that draped her sides hugged over her hips and thighs in a short skirt. She turned, looking at herself in the mirror on the other wall admiring the view from behind where the same fabric draped her shoulders and sides held together by fine silver chains and gathering just above the crevice of her ass.

Impatient as always Eve barged into the dressing room, dragging her out into the small corridor, "Oh my god!" She exclaimed. "It was made for you. We are so going out tonight with you in that dress."

Having let the princess free, Grace barely thought about it before she said, "Do you really think so?"

"Of course, silly. Quick, change, I know where you can get the perfect shoes, then we seriously have to shop for me!" Eve giggled and pushed her back into the changing room.

"It's getting a bit late don't you think for going out tonight?" They had shopped for hours and stopped for something to eat. It was nine when Grace looked at her watch after having wrested control back from the princess as she now called the more flirtatious, exhibitionist side of her personality. She rarely went out on a night where she knew she had to get up for work the next day.

"Are you kidding? Nothing fun ever happens until after ten," Eve explained, acting as if Grace was a simpleton. "I'll follow you home so you can pick up some stuff for tomorrow and get changed then we can go back to my place and leave from there it's closer to the hot spots anyway."

While Grace had second thoughts the princess eagerly agreed and by ten thirty they were walking into the bar where Grace had met Tristan. Grace's eyes travelled around the room, saddened that the enigmatic man that haunted her dreams seemed not to be there. They grabbed stools at the bar and ordered drinks but it was barely minutes before they were joined by a group of Eve's admirers and she was whisked off to the dance floor. Grace let the princess side of her nature out to play and flirted outrageously with everyone including the bartender who seemed to recognise her. In the back of her mind she sized up the men who flirted with her wondering if any of them was a no bullshit kind of guy who would teach her a lesson as Tristan had.

While Grace often appeared to have two left feet as she shyly danced trying not to gain any attention, the princess loved to dance and Grace found herself on the dance floor as often as Eve, leaving her phone and purse with the bartender who knew Eve as a regular. Princess Grace was having such a good time holding court with would-be partners that she totally lost track of the time and it was almost three when she grabbed her phone from behind the bar and checked it. She groaned, looking around and noticing the thinning crowd.

"Everything, okay?" The bartender had stayed close after giving her purse and phone to her and heard the groan.

"It's late," she laughed, "How did it get so late?"

"Time stands still for no man or woman," he looked her up and down appreciatively, "And that dress proves you're all woman."

"Too bad the person I hoped would appreciate it like that isn't here tonight," Princess Grace leaned over the bar showing the view of her breasts to him.

"Too bad for Tristan," the bartender agreed. Grace raised her eyebrows at the mention of his name when she was sure she hadn't said it herself. He laughed, "Do you know how many girls in here take his aloofness as a challenge?"

"Oh," Grace said unable to hide the disappointment from her voice.

"You're ahead of the game, he lets them come to him usually," he smiled a lazy smile that made her think of Tristan's arrogant smirk and she looked confused by what he had said. "He approached you not the other way around, right?" Grace nodded. "And he asks Eve about you when he sees her, I imagine he will be disappointed to have missed that dress and the fact that you came hoping to run into him again."

"Well if he thinks I am gonna chase after him when he can't even pick up the phone..." Princess Grace was indignant. She knew he didn't have her number but Eve would have given it to him probably if he had asked.

"Has he got your number?" The bartender was ignoring the other patrons letting one of the younger guys who had been out picking up glasses move behind the bar to serve.

"No," she admitted, "but he could have asked Eve."

"Well let's not let that dress go to a complete waste, let's send him a picture shall we?" Grace was startled by the bartender's words but the princess was overjoyed and before Grace had time to think through the repercussions she was posing on a barstool, drink in hand.

"So now that we have established I am one of Tristan's many groupies, tell me how you know him?" Grace was enjoying the individual attention the bartender was giving her and began to flirt in earnest thinking the night may not be a total loss.

"He's my brother," he said and chuckled low. Grace blinked seeing more than just the resemblance in his smile. She could truly see how similar they were now that she looked properly. His phone buzzed with a message and he roared with laughter making her lean back over the bar curiously toward him. He turned the phone toward her and she read;

"That's her. Princess Prick Tease. Give her a fucking tiara and send her home."

Graces eyes flew wide at the message on the screen. It was definitely in the angry tone he used with her the night they met and the princess within revelled in the fact he had reacted similarly. She looked up at the bartender with her most innocent expression, "So, to whose home is the question?"

"He is so used to having girls fall at his feet, the fact that you show up after two weeks looking like that must have really got under his skin. Now if you truly want to get a reaction from him, my home is just a hop skip and a jump away." That lazy smile returned with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. Not waiting for her answer he turned to the bar and yelled, "Last drinks!"

He spoke to two of his staff before coming around the bar and placing a small plastic child's tiara on her head and taking her hand, "Shall we?" The princess took over at that point, Grace was too stunned at the turn of events to make any coherent thoughts or hold her inner princess back any longer. The princess had an itch to scratch and she was eager to see how Tristan's brother performed.

"Wait," Grace said pulling back slightly, "I need to at least know your name."

"Lance," he grinned, "Lancelot, Mum was a bit obsessed with Camelot, we all have round table names."

"How many of you are there?" She had let him take her hand again and was leading her through a side door to the bar and up a flight of stairs.

"Five brothers, one sister," he explained opening the door to a small well furnished apartment and pulled her in after him shutting the door. He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply sliding the straps of the dress from her shoulders and down her arms until the dress hung limply from her waist. He broke the kiss to pull his own shirt off and then resumed kissing her as the rest of their clothes tumbled to the floor. He stepped away from her holding one hand and gazing at her, "As beautiful as the hint hinted at," he said softly and lead her toward a couch in the centre of the room.

Blushing deeply she gazed back at him. She didn't know how she had got to this point but the princess was excited by the Adonis that stood before her with his huge hard cock pointing at her. He was classically handsome, dark hair, the same smouldering eyes of his brother and a thatch of dark curly hair across his chest which led down in a small thin trail past his naval to his groin. She noted that he kept his pubic hair short and this made his cock look even bigger as he stroked it gently. Unable to stand the scrutiny anymore it was her turn to close the distance and she stepped forward suddenly, in a rush almost and knelt at his feet as he sat on the couch wrapping her lips around his cock.

"Oh yeah," Lance groaned stroking her hair, his hips moving gently. She seemed not very experienced and had no real technique but he enjoyed the excitement with which she sucked him. He could feel her need and arousal rather than the jaded bimbo's who went through the motions until they could get off themselves; those he normally found at the end of a night in his bar when he was horny.

Tugging on her hair he pulled her up to him and guided her back to the couch. Sitting he made her straddle his hips and impaled her on his cock. Grasping her ass cheeks in both hands he guided her as she rose and fell on him, watching mesmerised as her breasts bounced before his eyes.

Grace was panting and whimpering hotly as she worked her thigh muscles to fuck with him. Moving suddenly he rolled to his side pinning her to the couch underneath him. Lance pulled her legs up over his shoulders and began pounding into her hard and fast. She cried out and bucked her hips to his thrusts as she felt the pressure inside her build.

Lost in the pleasure of fucking such a sexy woman, Lance lifted a hand to her throat and circled it tightly, her eyes widened and as his fingers gripped her tighter and she came on his cock, "Fuck yes!" he roared and she felt him drive deeply into her and his cock pulse within her shaking body.

His grip loosened but his hand stayed around her throat as he collapsed heavily on top of her. Grace breathed deeply and closed her eyes. If anyone had told her yesterday morning that she would be lying here like this with the brother of the man she fantasised about she would have called them a fool. She couldn't believe she had done it and strange guilt crushed down on her as the princess curled up sated in a corner of her mind.

She berated herself for blowing any chance she had of revisiting those earth shattering orgasms with Tristan and admitting the truth of his words, sex with another man just wasn't as satisfying if he did not have that alpha male dominant streak. She realised Lance was looking down on her and watching her expressive face as she thought of Tristan while she still lay with his brother inside her. The true reality of what a slut she had been dawned on her and she squirmed from beneath him sitting up and looking around the room.

Lance kept an arm around her and pulled her close, kissing the top of her head. "You want to sleep for an hour or so, I am guessing you have to go to work this morning."

"Urg, work," Grace groaned and nodded looking up at him. He kissed her lightly. "Better not to sleep at this point I think. I'll have an early night tomorrow night."

"Great then let me take you out for breakfast. I am starving and I know this place that has great coffee." Lance stood up and wandered out of the room calling, "Let me just grab a pair of jeans and maybe a jacket for you." She could hear his chuckle as she too stood up to gather her clothes.

They went out to breakfast. Lance was easy to talk to and it seemed to Grace that in no time they were talking like old friends. She promised to come to his club more often and he asked for her phone number to ensure she did. They didn't make an actual date but it was implied and though she was disappointed to have messed up any chance she had with Tristan she had to admit Lance was a truly nice guy who made her feel at ease as well as desirable. By the time she went back to Eve's to shower and change for work Grace was back in control of her world and the princess once again sat in chains in the back of her mind reminding her in quiet moments that what she truly wanted was a man like Tristan again.

The day dragged on for Grace and finally at five she grabbed her bag and headed home. She crawled into bed without bothering to eat and fell deeply asleep. She didn't hear her phone when it rang or the knocking on her door. It wasn't until having used his spare key that Adam stood over her bed prodding her that Grace woke up startled and screamed before coming to her senses.

"Shit Adam what are you doing here?" She exclaimed.

"Well you wouldn't answer your phone or the door. I was worried about you. Sue me!" he turned and sat on her bed.

"Too tired," she looked at her clock seeing it was after midnight and pulled back the covers, "Get in you can tell me whatever is so important first thing in the morning."

"We are a finalist!" Adam was bouncing on the bed trying to wake her up properly.

"That's nice, I hope we win," she said sleepily, her eyes firmly shut once again. "Get in the bed and shut up or get out," her voice was almost a whisper as her dreams pulled her down again.

Worried that his prized model and best friend was ill, not wanting to let her out of his sight until he had told her what they had to do next in the contest he pulled off his shoes, shirt and pants, slipping under the covers in his boxers. He snuggled close and wrapped his arms around her, grateful she wasn't naked. He had spent so much time looking at her naked body lately that he had fallen in lust with her all over again. He lay there holding her and wondering why when he had her he hadn't been satisfied. Why he had kept his boyfriends and tried to make her accept them as part of their life together. Of course he was not done exploring his sexuality yet and had hoped it was something they could explore together. It probably didn't help that he sprung it on her the way he did; maybe with some discussion she could come around to his multiple-partnered way of life.

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