tagBDSMPrincess Trina

Princess Trina


"Thank you for calling Holmes BMW. This is Trina, how may I help you?"

Every time the phone rang those were the dreadful words that rolled out of her mouth. It had been two weeks since she wrecked her Beamer on her way home from a party. Her father said that she had no idea what it was like to work for money and that it was about damn time she learned. She had been in school her whole life, she felt that was work enough. But since she was not doing too well in college either, her father decided it was time for her to pay for the repairs on her car herself. So this is how she ended up behind the garage desk at her daddy's car dealership. She was at least a bit grateful that he did not make her work at Burger King but still, she felt that this was very below her. It smelled and everyday when she got home, she stunk. The worst part was that this one creep that worked there, did not seem very afraid of getting into trouble with her father for treating her like shit. She even suspected that her dad had put him up to it. Nobody was that cocky in real life, not with her anyway.

His name was Kent and he was the head of the garage. He oversaw all of the body work that needed to be done. To her, he was just another dirty grease monkey. He however seemed to think the he was somehow "above" her. Well, he was. He was to be her boss until this nightmare was over. Whenever he gave her a task to do, he never seemed satisfied with her performance. And if she did manage to complete the task even somewhat close to his standards, he would be a smart ass and act amazed that she did as good as she did.

"Wow! What a big girl! You didn't fuck it up this time."

The first time he reprimanded her for a job not-so-well done, she called her father to complain.

Her dad responded with, "Welcome to the real world Baby Doll."

She slammed down the phone, plopped into the desk chair and crossed her arms.

"Pick your bottom lip off of floor you crybaby." Kent smirked as he passed by.

"Fuck off!" she snapped back.

"Now, that is no way for a princess to talk. And in the future, that is Fuck off "Sir" to you Princess."

Then he disappeared into his office.

She wondered how long she would have to live this hellish life. And why was this guy was such a cock?? The other guys who worked there seemed to know their place so any communication with them was tolerable. She even got off a little on how the guys seemed so uncomfortable when they had to talk to her. Her hair was always perfect, finger nails and toe nails painted beautifully and always dressed to turn heads. She shined and glimmered in everyway. Her perfume was delicious too. Men and women could not help but take an extra few seconds to breathe her in. When a good looking client would come in, she would run her fingers through her hair, or toss her head back and giggle at anything clever that they would say. She would scoot her chair back at times too, exposing her poolside tanned legs. Kent could see all of this as he sat in his office. He could see how she was able to pull them in, putting them exactly where she wanted them. He had no desire to pamper her or even tolerate her. He did not see what the others saw when he looked at her. He saw something completely different.

After one long flirtatious transaction with a client, Kent had had it. He called her into his office. She went into his office and shut the door. She knew what it was about so she was armed with her defensive attitude.

"What?" she snapped.

"You know Princess, if you were working for tips or trying to land a John, I would understand your sluttiness but since we are in an auto body garage, lets try not coming on to the customers ok?"

"Why exactly are you suck a prick?" she asked. "Are you just bitter because I have it good?"

He laughed. "Umm no, I could care less about that. Just when you are here, you need to climb down off of your pedestal. When you are here, working for me, you are nothing special. Just a pain in the ass that I have to tolerate for a few months."

"Are you quite done?" she asked.

"I don't know, were you able to understand me?" he asked.

"Yea." and she turned and walked out.

The last half an hour of work was painfully long. She just wanted to go home. The last few customers that came in to pick up their cars barely even received eye contact from her. She was distant and quick. Kent sat at his desk taking it all in. She turned and looked at him as she was threw her purse over her shoulder. He looked so smug, so content. She rolled her eyes and stomped out.

She went home and went straight to her bathroom and stripped. She hated how she smelled when she left that place. She turned the shower on and the steam began to fill her bathroom. She entered the shower and let the hot water cover her from head to toe. It felt good to be home. She smiled as she smelled the lavender as she lathered up her body with her body wash. As her washcloth glided between her legs, she let it fall to the floor. She leaned against the wall and began to rub the outer lips of her pussy, closing her eyes. Her other hand began playing with her breast. She drifted off to thoughts of her pussy being licked. When she did mess around with guys, that was usually all that happened. She would not consider a penis in her mouth and she did not want to be a whore so she never fucked anyone. They all thought they would get more out of her but nope, just hand jobs. Her left leg lifted to the seat making her insides more accessible. Her fingers found her hole she entered herself with just one finger, she pulled out and dragging her slime up to her clit. She pressed hard on it then released. MMMM she loved seeing a man between her legs worshiping her cunt. As she played in between her hole and her clit, she began to really work her clit. She could feel it swelling, the blood rushing to it. She was getting close then it happened. She did not want it to happen, she did not plan for it but this vision popped into her head. Right as she was just about to cum. She imagined herself bent over Kent's perfectly organized desk, with her ass exposed, panties around her ankles being fucked insanely hard from behind. One of his greasy hands up her blouse, grabbing her round tit hard and the other leaving a gross print on her skirt as he griped her hip, holding her in place as he pounded her pussy. She burst into the most amazing orgasm. Breathing heavy, trying to catch her breath. She wondered if she had let out a yell. She was so confused by her thoughts. She had not even looked at Kent the Prick with any desire. I mean, he was handsome but eww. She finished washing and promised herself that she would not allow thoughts of him like that to enter her head ever again!

When she got out of the shower she saw that she had missed a call. It was from her mother. She was reminding Trina that tonight they were having a dinner and that she should be there at 8 o'clock. She had a few hours to get ready. She liked her parents dinner parties. Even though most of the conversation revolved around Dads business, it was fun to be home. There was nowhere in the world that she felt more comfortable. She had lived there her entire life. She loved the staircase more than any other part of the house. She loved to appear at the top, to look down and see others looking up at her so adoringly. She grinned just at the thought.

She took a little nap then got herself ready. She had put her horrible shower experience behind her and was ready for a wonderful evening at her parents house. She wondered what they would be serving too, she was starving.

When she arrived they were serving cocktails. She asked just for some tea and greeted the regulars. Her fathers attorney, a few of his close friends and some other old men that she didn't know what purpose they served. They would all take her hand, kiss her hand or cheek and tell her either how beautiful she looked or how they can't believe how grown up she was now. She made her rounds, met some new people then the dinner bell rang. Everyone made their way to the dining room and took their places. Trina always sat next to her mother and her dad always sat at the other end with all of the business men. There were maybe 20 people there tonight. As Trina approached her chair, the man who was about to sit beside her pulled her chair out for her.

"Aww thank you so much Sir." she said in her sweetest voice as she began to sit.

"Finally, you have it right Princess." the man whispered into her ear as he scooted her in.

She felt a chill throughout her body. Goosebumps covered her and her stomach turned. Her nipples were instantly erect and she quickly tried to cover them without drawing attention. She did not even turn to look at him. She knew dam well who it was. She was shocked. She sat still, speechless. Her mother asked her if she was ok. She quickly turned to her, shot her mother a delightful smile, determined not to let him get anymore of a reaction out of her.

"Yes Mother" she giggled "Why do you ask?"

"Oh.. I don't know, you just looked like maybe you did not feel well."

"No Mother, I am fine I assure you."

She turned finally to give Kent a wicked glare but when she turned, he was not looking at her. He seemed completely engrossed in his conversation. She was actually a little pissed that she did not even hold his attention for more than a split second. What was with this guy? Why did he hate her so much? Why was he even there? There was a lot of talking but she was so busy in her head that she barely heard the surrounding conversations. At one point she brushed her leg against his, accidentally of course. He turned and looked at her.

"Sorry" she said.

"No problem Princess." he replied.

"My name is Trina not Princess" she whispered with a snotty tone.

"If I was you, I would be grateful I only call you Princess"

"Umm why?" she asked

"Because all of the other names that I am tempted to call you, I would normally be calling a girl when I had a fist full of her hair and was making her scream from behind." he boldly told her, looking her straight in the eyes.

She choked on her tea, covering her mouth quickly with her napkin to stop the tea from shooting out.

He raised his glass to hers, tapped it and said, "To good times Princess."

Her mother asked if she is alright again. Once Trina gathered herself, she told her mom that her drink just went down the wrong pipe.

Somehow she survived dinner. Kent had not paid her any attention through the rest of the meal. She felt ignored. This was not a feeling that she was very used to and she did not like it. After the meal everyone gathered on the patio in the back yard. She gave up her iced tea now for something with much more of a kick. She sat on one of the bench swings and watched the crowd. Actually, she watched Kent. She was amazed at how this garage man seemed so comfortable with all of these big time money men and how well he cleaned up. She was in plain view of him but not once did she catch him looking her way. He was gay she thought. No.. he said "girl", fist full of hair as he was making "her" scream from behind. She really didn't like him. He was mean. He was rude and he was an asshole. She got up to get another drink. On her way to the bar, one of the men who arrived late came up to say hello to her. He too was at least 15 years her elder. He thought he was hot shit. Trina never really cared for him but she thought she'd use him for some attention. She gave him a big hug. This kind of surprised the man since she had never hugged him before but he was more than willing to receive it. He kept his arm around her waist and asked her what she was drinking.

"I will have another Manhattan please!"

They walked together to the bar and he ordered her drink for her and she gratefully thanked him. They walked over to the swing and she checked to see if Kent was watching. But he was not, of course. Trina was not too worried about this guy since she was at her parents house and almost everyone there knew her and somebody almost always would be watching. So she flirted with the man. It was not so hard to do but she did not really have much interest in him. She knew he got around and that he had fucked some of her friends and some of her friends mothers as well. But he would do for now, to try to make Kent realize how desirable she was and why he should be nicer to her. He needed to learn to be grateful that he had her in his office for a few months.

They talked casually for a bit and when her drink was empty, he went to get her another. She was feeling pretty good by now. However, when he returned and began to rock the swing, she did ask him to stop. It was not agreeing with her at all. But still she sipped her drink as the man talked of how well all of his investments were going. He was tooting his own horn which bored her. But all she had to do was keep a smile on her face, laugh at anything he did and just look like she was enjoying him. She just knew Kent must of looked at her at some point. It was getting late and she was really feeling the alcohol. She wanted to get home so she thanked him for his company. She told him that she was going to look for her parents. He said he would help her. As they walked to find them they passed Kent. She stumbled a little and the man gripped her waist, holding her up. She laughed and thanked him, telling him that she really owed him now.

He laughed and added, "Ohh really now?"

They found her parents together and Trina asked if Sam, their driver could take her home. The man interrupted saying that he would take her home. Trina stammered. She did not want him to take her home! She knew what he would want and she had no intention of fulfilling his expectations.

"Ohh no, no. Really, Sam will not mind and I don't want to be a bother to you." she said.

"A bother? Oh please, it would be my pleasure!" and with that she felt his hand rub across her ass.

She had dug herself a hole for sure. Her mind was not clear and she was having a hard time coming up with any solutions. She gave up and agreed. She hugged her parents and tried her very best to smile but she was dreading this more than anyone could imagine. He took her elbow and they left the party. They walked to his car and just as he was opening his door for her, Kent took her other arm and pulled her around.

"There you are. I was wondering where you were, are you ready?" he asked.

"Ready?" she said confused.

"Come on Princess" and he yanked her arm a bit.

"Who in the hell are you?" the man asked.

"Me? I am the guy who just ruined your evening. Have a good one!" and he continued off with her.

They arrived at his truck and he told her to get in. She stood at the door and he asked her what she waiting for. She sighed, opened the door and lifted herself up into his big ass truck.

"So not just a Princess but a whore too?"

"NO! I am not a whore!" she barked.

"Really now? Getting drunk, letting some horny dude rub on you, all to try to make me jealous?"

"You are fucking delusional! He is a handsome, nice and successful gentleman. Me talking with him had nothing to do with you!"

He laughed, "Ok Princess, you keep telling yourself that. So, where is your tower?" he asked.

"What? My tower? Oh, you are so not funny. I live on 28th Street." she answered.

"Of course you do. Where else would you have Daddy put you?"

"So, why didn't you let me go with him?" she asked.

"Because you work tomorrow and I did not want you calling in sick. After all, wouldn't you have made yourself sick after you fucked him?"

"I was not going to fuck him! You are just nasty is all. Your mind is in the gutter."

"Yes you would have and you should be thanking me for sparing your from it."

"Ugh.. FINE! Thank you Boss man for not making me ride with that slimeball. There happy?"

"No, but you are not trained yet so it will do."

"Trained? What the hell does that mean?" she asked.

"Don't worry your drunk ass about it. Which house is it?"

"That one." she pointed out.

He pulled up in her driveway. They just sat there.

Out of habit she waited for him to get out and get the door for her but then she heard him say, "Get out Princess. You need some sleep and so do I."

She had her shoes in her hand and jumped out of his truck. As she started to shut the door he called out to her.

"And Princess, do not even think of touching yourself tonight."

Shocked at his demand she stared at him, "What a dick!" she slammed the door and stomped off to her house.

He left as soon as she got inside. She slammed the door, leaned against it and screamed. She threw her shoes down the hall and ran upstairs, to her tower. She laid on her bed and thought about what he said. She wanted to touch herself just to spite him, but she could not bring herself to do it. She told herself that she was too tired to because there was no way HE was stopping her!

The next morning she got to work about an hour late. She did not look perfect for the first time. She looked good but not up to her standards. He waited for her to sit in her chair then he called her into his office.

"You are late."

"Yea, I did not have a car. Remember??"

"You know, if your Daddy did not own this place you would be fired for coming in an hour late without even calling in. Do you get that? Then, on top of that, you come into your bosses office and you show no respect. Actually, you show disrespect!"

He was right and she knew it. She did not like it but she knew everything that he said was true.

"You will stay after work today. You will come in my office at 6:30 and we will discuss this further. Do you understand?"

"Yes" she said with her head down. "Can I go to work now?"

"Yes, best that you do."

The day dragged on. She was clearly not herself. She did not call her friends or even look at herself in the mirror. She just did her job, without flirting even. She felt like shit and was dreading this upcoming lecture about how spoiled she was and how she could barely do anything right. She seriously considered leaving because she was pretty sure that she could butter up her dad and he would forgive her by now. But some sick part of her decided to stay, to go to this meeting and take more of his abuse. Everyone was gone at 6 and the garage was closed but she did not go in his office and he had not called her in either. So she waited. Finally, it was 6:30 and she knocked on his office door. She really was not even sure if he was in there. The blinds had been closed since the janitor had gone in to clean at 5:30.

"Come in."

She went in and sat in a chair.

"Ok, lets get it over with" she said.

"Alright, I have been thinking about this all day. I think that the best thing to do is to let you go Trina"

Trina??? He called her Trina? He had never called her that! He was not kidding! He was done, he did not want her, in anyway. He did not want to fuck her, he did not even want her around him! She was devastated. She had never met anyone who did not want to be around her and it was not a good feeling. Her eyes began to fill with tears.

"Please don't do this to me, my dad will be so angry with me Kent!" she lied. And he knew it.

"You are a spoiled little brat Trina, I do not have time for you or your shit. You do not want to be here, you do not want to do a good job. You think you are above this place but the fact is you have no skills. You could have learned so much here Trina, but you fucked it up. You treated me like shit and I do not tolerate that from anyone, even a Princess Whore who's Daddy is my boss."

She began to cry.

"I know. I know you are right, I have been a bitch and I am sorry. I have acted like a spoiled brat and I am ashamed. I promise I will be better. I will listen to you and I will respect you. I will do a good job and I will be open to learning. Kent, come on, give me another chance."

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