I was sitting in the middle of my Astronomy class, nervously bouncing my leg.

Everyone was waiting on the results of their mid-term. I took a deep breath, as I waited for the tests to be handed back. I always thought that I was smart, but going into my junior year of college, I'd finally met my match: the goddamn galaxy. Have you ever tried to calculate the potential distance between stars? Do you have any idea how fast this planet is turning right now? No? Me neither!

My phone vibrated in my pocket, and a chill went down my spine. I imagined that most of the class was nervous for obvious reasons, not wanting their grades to get any lower, actually needing this class to graduate...

Not me, though.

I was nervous because I'd made a deal with Daddy.

If I passed this test with flying colors, we were going to celebrate with strawberry milkshakes somewhere off-campus.

If I failed this test, I was going to spend the afternoon over his lap.

My phone vibrated again...I finally pulled it out of my pocket, looking over the messages:

How did you do, princess?

I really hope you passed...

Daddy will be so disappointed if you didn't do well.

My heart sank into my chest. Disappointed? He'd really be disappointed if I failed this test? Ugh. I never wanted to disappoint Daddy...

A few seconds later, my name was called out near the front of the classroom. I nearly ran to collect my midterm, and quickly disappeared out of the room. I made it out onto the nearly empty quad, as I caught my breath while leaning against a tree.

I started to turn the paper over in my grasp, when a familiar set of hands gently pulled the paper away from me.

My heart stopped in my chest, as Daddy was standing in front of me, looking over my midterm grade. He was nodding quietly to himself, as he flipped through the sheets of paper.

"How did I do?" My question came out nervous, as I watched him scan the test.

Instead of responding with his words, his mouth was soon on mine, forcefully pressing me back against the tree.


My voice was drowned out by his tongue meeting my own, our kiss becoming almost electric in its intensity.

Daddy took a few steps closer to me, making sure there was no gap between us. His hand softly slid down into my jeans, casually moving my panties to the side. When I felt his fingers purposefully rubbing against my clit, I let out a small moan. He soon had his mouth on my neck, gently pressing his lips against my skin.

"Daddy...Daddy..." I sharply inhaled against his shoulder, taking in the fresh air...

Wait...The fresh air...


We were in fucking public!

Coming to my senses, I desperately tried to move Daddy's hand away from my jeans. He laughed next to my ear, as he playfully batted my hand away from his own. "Don't worry, princess. No one can tell that you're about to come for me."

I whimpered and whined, as Daddy's fingers moved across my sensitive clit, keeping up a steady rhythm. Soon, I felt two of his fingers slipping inside of me, making that familiar "come here" motion, brushing up against my g-spot...

About two seconds later, I was coming all over his hand.

And a few seconds after that, I was catching my breath as I watched Daddy casually lick my wetness off of his fingers.

"So...Does that mean I passed?" My voice is hopeful, as I put all my weight against the tree, my legs now feeling so weak post-orgasm.

"Barely, princess. But I figured you deserved something nice before your punishment." His words were stoic, before he broke out into a grin.

"But I passed! Daddy, I passed!"

"You can do better, princess. And It's my job to make sure that you do better next time. Didn't you say that you were binge-watching something on Netflix last night?"

"Yes...Futurama." I let out a loud sigh as I admitted my sins.

"Mmhmm. That time could've been used for studying, princess." He shook his head, before planting a light kiss on my cheek. "But that's okay. I'm happy to teach you what happens when you don't study like you should."

My heart was beating a mile a minute, as Daddy took my hand into his own, and started walking towards his off-campus apartment.

My heart was still racing, as I watched him near the bedside dresser, casually plugging his phone into his charger. He was so calm right now, the exact opposite of how I currently felt. But that's why I liked Daddy so much. It was always like this with him. He was my rock, even when I was a nervous wreck.

"Clothes." He only said one word, but I was already following his command. I pulled off my jeans and panties and-


Okay, so there was a distinct possibility that the Earth shattering orgasm that Daddy gave me against that tree may have jump-started...my...


It must have started on our way over to his apartment...

I sheepishly made my way to his bathroom, discreetly fitting a tampon inside of me.

Maybe he didn't even have to know. I could make Daddy come with just my mouth. He was punishing me, anyways, right? Daddy always said that fucking me wasn't a punishment...

Once I'd convinced myself that Daddy just wanted to spank me and fuck my mouth, I walked back out into his bedroom.

"What's wrong, princess?" His eyes were watching me, intently, as he had a concerned look on his face.


This was so embarrassing!

I just wanted to die.

"Uhm...my period started so..." I shrugged my shoulders, as I took a few steps towards my clothes piled up on the floor. "We don't have to..."

"Come here, princess." His words came out sharp, and as our eyes met, I could tell that he was dead serious.

When I was standing right in front of him, he softly patted his thigh...


He was still going to punish me, wasn't he?

As I positioned myself across his lap, I could feel him gently running his palm across my ass. He was getting his spanking hand all warmed up, as he lightly patted his palm against my skin. I made the same, familiar mistake, getting way too comfortable with the relaxing sensation of his hand on my sensitive skin...

And then the first sting came.

I whimpered to myself, before another sting came down, even harder than the last one.

My clit throbbed in response to Daddy spanking me, and I had to suppress my own moans as his hand came in contact with my skin, again and again and again...

I could feel Daddy's cock hardening underneath me, too.

"Use my mouth, Daddy." I purposely rubbed my body against his hard cock, wanting to tempt him into letting me finish him off, orally. "Please."

Instead of responding to my request, Daddy gently spread my legs, as he firmly held me in place.

His finger traveled from the center of my clit, down towards my currently occupied pussy. I could feel him lightly latch onto my tampon string, and I winced out of pure embarrassment.

"Why were you so nervous about this?" His question comes out genuine, as his finger stays entwined with the string.

"Because...it's...private." I'm nearly shaking with anxiety, as I can feel his knuckles resting against my inner thigh. "It's just so...intimate. You know, most guys don't even want to-"

"Do you think I'm like most guys?" He almost sounded hurt by the accusation.

"No, Daddy! You're not like most guys. You're not like anyone I've ever met before." I was smiling after my words, a happy warmth coming over my body.

"Would you really prefer to keep things private from me?" Daddy's words came out quiet, and I could tell that he was seriously weighing the options of...something. But I didn't exactly know what.

I did know that I could feel a heavy tension in the pit of my stomach, just at the thought of keeping things private from Daddy...

"No. I don't want to keep anything from you, Daddy. I want you to have all of me."

It happened in what felt like a blur, but soon enough, my tampon was no longer inside of me, being replaced by Daddy's fingers.

I let out a low moan, barely able to control my body's response...

No one had ever touched me like this, not while I was having my period...

It felt so strange. But it felt so fucking good.

After coming on Daddy's hand for the second time today, he wordlessly moved away from the bed, heading towards his bathroom. I could hear water running, and I stood away from his bed, not wanting to stain anything.

When he returned from the bathroom, he told me to lie down on his bed and keep my legs open wide.

I got into position on the bed, as Daddy climbed on top of me, fitting so perfectly between my thighs.

"Have you ever had anyone inside of you? Like this?" Daddy's question came out quiet, as he softly kissed me on my forehead.

"No...Period sex is usually off limits...Most guys-"

"Hmm. Comparing me to most guys again." Daddy lightly chuckled, before pushing his cock inside of me. "I really hate that, princess."

"Sorry, Daddy-" My words were cut off by my own moaning, feeling Daddy's cock moving inside of me, and filling me up, entirely. I was so much more sensitive than usual, too, which nearly made the pleasure unbearable.

"Does it feel good, princess?"

I wordlessly nodded as my response, unable to form complete sentences. Everything just felt so good. I wrapped my legs around Daddy's waist, keeping him in place between my thighs. My hands found their way to his back, too, as I mindlessly applied pressure on his skin, trying to channel some of the unbearable pleasure throughout the rest of my body.

Soon, his thrusting became rougher and wilder, his bed vibrating against the wall each time he slammed into me. I was so close, but I was trying so hard not to come before Daddy. I knew he liked it better when we came around the same time. When I felt his teeth biting down into my shoulder, I completely lost all control, coming on Daddy's cock as he steadily moved inside of me.

A few moments later, he exploded inside of me, too. As we both caught our breath, he moved to lie beside me, wrapping his arm around my waist.

And I was finally able to see the damage I'd done to his back...

Shit! There were scratch marks everywhere. It looked like he'd gotten into a fight with a pissed off cat and he'd lost.

"Fuck, Daddy! I'm sorry. I didn't realize..." I idly ran a finger against his shoulder blade.

"It's okay, princess. Most guys don't have the pleasure of letting you redecorate their backs." He laughed to himself, before nuzzling against my neck. "Besides, it just means that I did a good job. Unlike some of us, I actually strive to get above average on my assignments..." His words trailed off, as his hand gently ran across my stomach.

"Wait. Are you still thinking about punishing me? I thought the spanking..." My words trailed off, too, as I pouted over at Daddy.

"A spanking followed by fucking? I've told you before, princess. You getting fucked isn't a punishment. But I just couldn't help myself today. I wanted to have you in a way that no one else has ever had you before. I wanted to make you completely mine."

"I was already completely yours, daddy." I smiled over at him, and he gave me a smile right back. His smile was soon replaced by a wicked grin, as his eyes seemed to light up. He reached across my chest, as he pulled out one of his bedside drawers, quickly grabbing onto a hot pink vibrator...

My vibrator.

"You're not allowed to come for the next 24 hours. When you are getting close to the edge, you will let me know and I will stop. If you decide to disobey me and come, I will make you come again and again and again, whether you like it or not." He turned the vibrator on, as he firmly pressed it against my clit. "Do you understand, princess?"

I quietly nodded, as I felt him take my hands into his own, positioning them against the vibrator, holding it in place. I could tell that he was moving away from the bed, and I could hear what sounded like Daddy unzipping my purse, looking for something...

A minute or so later, I could feel him gently sliding a tampon inside of me. Once it was all the way in, Daddy bent down to softly kiss the inside of my thigh. As the applicator fell to the floor, I could tell that I was about to cry. I'd never been this close with another person before. He made me feel so...taken care of, cherished, wanted, even when I was used to not being wanted around this time of the month. Even when he was actively punishing me, I could still tell that he deeply cared about me. And in that moment, I knew that I loved this man, but instead of saying anything out loud, I rested my head against his pillow, closed my eyes and tried my best not to come against the vibrator in between my legs.

Maybe in 24 hours, I would tell him that I loved him.

And maybe in 24 hours, he would tell me that he loved me, too.

I couldn't help but smile at the thought.

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