tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrincess's Payment Ch. 2

Princess's Payment Ch. 2


Anna hung her head in shame, keenly aware that her entire class was now looking at her upturned backside and soft girl-flesh. Her posterior glowed from the effects of the professor's spanking, and even more horrifying, the sensitive leaves of her sex now glistened with the evidence of her arousal, her clitoris swollen and distended, throbbing now. She moaned quietly, feeling the insistane pressure of the professor's strong hands as they held her thighs wide apart, and whimpered pitifully when they released her and her thighs refused her commands to close. She was going to let him do whatever he desired now, she knew. Against her will, or perhaps in spite of it, her body was now his.

"Now it is time to pay a reminder to this dainty part of you," Anna heard him gloat, as his fingertips patted the tender flesh of her cunt. Her body spasmed at this simple touch, electric fire coursing from her womanly centers out through the rest of her. His patting then ceased and there was a long, silence.

"My my," the professor chuckled at last. "Class, it appears Miss Anna has groomed herself for this reminder, waxing away any impediments to her feeling it!" Tears welled up in Anna's eyes as her most personal hygene was so cavalierly discussed. It was true, she kept herself completely waxed, detesting body hair of any kind. The effect it had on her petit 19 year old frame simply made her look even more youthful as well. She wriggled and moaned as the professor's wandering fingers then continued their tapping, patting at her reddened clitoris maddeningly. Then, suddenly, searing fire exploded on her most tender flesh!

"AAAAHH!" Her cry reverberated throughout the lecture hall, her eyes wide in disbelief. She hadn't thought he would spank her THERE! Before she could close her legs,, he had them ensnared with his own, keeping her exposed and vulnerable. Another wet slap battered her sex, stinging it torturously, and Anna yowled in earnest. Once again her body betrayued her, though, unable to struggle against her tormentor, exhausted and aroused. Her clitoris burned like fire after the initial sting abated, filling her lower belly with a tingling heat she had never felt in such intensity. Her mind fogged as her body took over, another slap assaulting her senses and leaving her unable to do much more than wriggle and yelp. He took his time spanking her dainty cunt, each smack delivered deliberately and crisply, timed to burn the most. Her pelvis bounced on his knees involuntarily with each fleshy slap, her tears falling from eyes screwed tightly shut. She gasped, yelped and moaned, each impact driving her further and further to a precipice unknown to her before now. Her humiliation mixed with her carnal desperation. She needed more.... She needed to stop......She needed to..

"NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" Her head tilted up and she let out a primal cry as the climax she had been trying to hold off exploded through her in waves. Her body rocked on it's precarious perch as shocks of white hot pleasure ripped through her. Each spank on her cunt flesh only seemed to magnify the assault until she was at last spent. With a few hearty smacks, the professor eventually ceased his ministrations on her tender sex leaves, now tender throbbing and raw from his abuses. She simply lay in his lap, her sex still exposed to the room's gaze as she panted, the starburts in her head still making it impossible to see.

Slowly, achingly slowly, the world came back into focus. Anna could hear hushed whispers and murmers behind her, as the class chattered in disbelief at the display they had just witnessed. She felt the professor lift her from his lap, patting her backside findly as he did so, then stand her up. She was lead blearily to her desk once again as Anna tried to absorb what had just happened. She was deeply humiliated. Not only had she been publicly spanked on her bare backside, not only had her privates been made public viewing, but she had been spanked on her cunt and made to orgasm from it, all in front of 40 of her fellow students! Her blistered buttocks tensed in shock as the cold of her wooden desk chair made contact, a small reflex that at once had the room tittering. She lowered her eyes, not daring to look up again, sitting dazedly.

"Now, I am sure that is a reminder that won't ever be forgotten!" The professor proclaimed, in a tone as casual as tho he were reporting the weather. "See that you are on time from now on, Miss Anna, or I shall have to get stern with you"

This last comment sent some in the hall chuckling or tittering, the student's themselves scarecly believing what they had been witness to. Not a one of them would forget this. The class ended soon after, with the quick clang of bells, and the students each, somewhat reluctantly or nervously, rose and filed out. Anna, numbly rising, was the last to go, and as she turned one last time, looking down at the professor, she was amazed to see him look up at her....and grin!

Her backside and cunt throbbed throughout the day, and Anna noticed that she was now becoming the subject of stares from everyone around her as her classes progressed. Groups of boys and girls clustered together, murmering and whispering to each other, leaving her feeling furhter ashamed, further humiliated. Absorbed, she rounded a corner with her head bowed down, and ran straight into a group of five boys. She gasped, startled as both her books and those of some of the strapping fellows flew up into the air. THey looked down at her as she immediately scrambled to retrieve her papers, snatching at things as they skittered about the ground. She heard one of them speak up.

"It's her!" She looked up to see all five boys, each tall, muscular and hard, staring down at her. One of them grinned cruelly.

"Yup...it's her! Little miss spanks-a-lot herself! Whatcha doin smashing into us, slut?" He bent down, his eyes hard as he scrutinized her face. Anna was completely taken aback, already nervous from the day's earlier events. She stammered incoherently, not knowing how to respond.

"Wha...I.....sorry..I uh......" Her eyes were wide, doe-like. The boys all looked knowingly at each other, then crowded in around her

"What's the matter, bitch? Too wiped out from cumming so hard to answer the man?"

"Gotta lot of nerve, showing off her cunt like that in class!"

"Not watchin where's she's goin!"

"Still not wearing panties?"

"Wanna see her shaved pussy, man!"

"Let's give her another 'reminder'!" With strong hands suddenly gripping her arms, shoulder and legs, Anna was hauled to her feet, then jostled over to a quiet corner as the boys began to paw at her, easily lifting her skirt and shirt, tearing her buttons as they got rougher...

TO Be Continued

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