For three days I took him to Arlington Cemetery, the Air and Space Museum, Mount Vernon, the National Gallery at a dizzying pace. The fourth day Richard said let's take a break, he had some letters to write (probably to his girlfriends, plural I was sure; he's really a little hunk.)

I kept peeking in at him in those sexy cut-offs, not able to get over the resemblance to Josh. Not entirely innocently I put on a pair of tight shorts that would make him look, too. During the afternoon he told me how grateful he was for the wonderful tour and that he wanted to show his appreciation. He had arranged to meet some of his buddies at a Georgetown club and asked me to go with him. "Don't be ridiculous," I told him. "I'd be out of place with your young friends and coeds ten years younger than I."

"You are the one who is being ridiculous, Sis. (Yeah, he calls me 'Sis.') There won't be a guy there with a sexier date, I guarantee you." I guess I am sucker for flattery, but it was exciting to hear that kind of compliment from a good looking college kid, so I agreed.

I tried to dress for the young crowd in a fairly short skirt and blouse that brought an appreciative wolf whistle from Richard. I drove my car (a red two-door Saturn; the 'family' car is a Cherokee.) to the club. Richard, the scamp, had the nerve to look over at me and then give the valet an exaggerate wink as we got out of the car. I was both flattered and embarrassed, but we had a good laugh at what the valet might be thinking.

The club was dark and noisy, but we immediately found Richard's friends and soon we were having a great time. Furtively, I checked out the girls in the group and decided Richard was right; I *was* the cutest one there. They were younger and very pretty, but they really didn't yet know how to dress to catch a man's eye. Most had on baggy jeans or non-descript skirts with flats. None had on much make-up. I was "dolled up" in my four inch heels, large earrings and bangles and I had on enough eye shadow and lipstick to define my features in the dim light. Turned out I was the most popular "girl" there. All Richard's friends wanted to dance with me and the night flew by as I drank and danced and laughed. Some of the boys became quite bold in the way they held me close during fox trots and waltzes, and by the end of the night I was euphoric... and turned on. If Josh had been around, I would have raped him, I ready would.

I noticed that Richard actually danced with me less than his friends. Unlike his silly sister-in-law, he had been careful not to drink too much, so he drove us home. I asked him why he had hung back. "Not shy are you?"

"Not at all, Sis." and to prove it, he reached over and drew me close and kissed me. Wow! This was one hard-bodied young man who knew how to kiss. My heartbeat accelerated. "I wanted you to see how the other guys reacted to convince you how special and sexy you are. Just showing up with you earned me dozens of 'stud points,'" he laughed. "I was the envy of the other guys and the girls *hated* you," he grinned.

"Glad to have helped raise your social standing" I replied. By then we were home. Richard remained in character as my date, coming around to open the door for me, taking my hand and walking me to the door with his arm around me. Once inside I told him good night and thanked him again for a wonderful evening.

"No good night kiss?" he asked.

I couldn't tell if he was still teasing or not, but I stepped over to buss him on the cheek, but stumbled slightly and seemed to loose my balance momentarily. Even quicker Richard's arms were around me and he was giving him more than a peck. Almost without realizing it, my mouth was open and our tongues were coiling around each other. He was so strong that with one hand he held me tight against him while his other began kneading my ass.

I voiced a kind of protest but his mouth covered mine and his hand was now under my dress and massaging my backside, coming closer and closer to my pussy. I was acutely aware that I was aroused and didn't want him to find out by feeling my wetness. It was hopeless. His hands were everywhere they shouldn't be and everywhere I wanted them. He was like Josh in knowing how to turn a woman on, but faster. Soon I was on the couch with him, sans brassiere, and he was kissing my breasts and fingering my sex.

"Oh Richard, stop. I'm so hot. You're driving me crazy."

"Crazy enough to fuck?" he asked directly and resumed his attack on my breasts and pussy.

"NO!.. . OH!. . . Yes, yes. I need it" I heard myself say.

It wasn't rape. I had been expertly felt up and seduced and moments later I was rewarded with the unmistakable sensation of a long hard cock sliding into my waiting cunt. I was so wet and it went in so easily, I couldn't say if it was bigger or smaller than Josh's, but at that moment it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt.

Although he had taken me from a proper wife saying, "Thank you" for a nice evening to a female in rut in less than two minutes, once Richard was in me he made love to me with incredible gentleness. His long slow strokes had me quivering on the edge of orgasm for an eternity before he nudged me over. But even when I had orgasmed once he continued to fuck me. I was delirious; he was so good. I have no idea how long he had me there on the couch or how many times he made me come before he finally released himself into me.

"Richard! Oh, Richard, lover" I sobbed and clasped him to me. He held me and told me I was the sexiest, most incredible woman he had ever known as he covered my neck with soft kisses. We had finished making love and now we were ready to fuck. I let him take me to Josh and my bedroom and he had me bellowing again and again far into the night.

The next morning I woke up alone. Richard was dressed. He said he had decided to go back to school early. I didn't need to ask why. As he left, he kissed me once more and whispered, "I'm not sorry."

"Neither am I," I replied. There was a tear in my eye as I watched him get in the taxi to leave.

I wasn't sorry then, but I was later when I realized that I had let Richard make love to me in the middle of my period. I was already past due when Josh returned. You'd better believe I fucked him silly those first few days and tried to muddy the waters about just where we were in my cycle. A month later we knew we were having yet another addition to the family.

Victoria was something of a triumph for me. I've always been partial to the number ten.(My maiden name is Dewey; I wonder if that has anything to do with it?) On the other hand, it was the final blow to Josh and his principles. People snickered about the well known ecologist who had ten children, none past elementary school. He never suspected, of course Richard had cuckolded him -- Vicki looks a lot like both of us -- but he couldn't figure how I could have gotten pregnant given my heretofore faultless cycle. It looked like it was celibacy or surrender.

Although our house was huge, there was no way to squeeze in still another kid. We talked of custom building on a lot out in Fauquier County, but Josh hated the thought of the long commute and his contribution to ozone layer depletion and air quality degradation. A few days later, Josh came home to say he was leaving EPA for a job as VP for International Environmental Operations with a large petroleum exploration company. His job was to keep an eye on the opening up of a giant oil field in the jungles of South America.

Three months later we were happily installed in a huge house in the Miraflores section of the capital. (Now *these* people knew how to build for large families!) The older kids were delighted with the American School and I had Maria and Consuelo to help me with the house, Rosita to help look after the babies, and Don Roberto, whom we lured away from the French Embassy, to cook for us.

Josh turned out to be perfect for the job. The project manager, Bull Parker, was used to getting his way, blowing away previous environmental types. He had never run into anyone with principles like my Josh. I overheard some of their furious arguments. Josh stood his ground and pushed right back. He made Bull redesign the access roads, narrowing them by half and installing drains and culverts so they did not cause erosion. If that couldn't be done, Josh made them take in all the equipment by helicopter. Bull Parker fumed that is added hundreds of thousands of dollars per well drilled, but Josh basically outranked him in the company and Bull could do nothing. I was so proud of my husband and his unbending principles!

In some other ways, however, I think Josh's principles *are* becoming a little more flexible. For one thing, he never asks me about my periods anymore. He just fucks me stupid every morning and night -- mid-day, too, if he can manage to come home for lunch. For another, I have noticed that whenever Josh is around, Maria, Consuelo, Rosita, and even Lupe, Don Roberto's teen-age daughter, get all doe-eyed as they steal glances at my Josh's rugged figure, handsome, craggy face, and salt-and-pepper hair. And it looks to me like all four girls have suspicious little bulges in their tummies.

Just like mine.

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