tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrismatic High Pt. 02

Prismatic High Pt. 02


Darryl sat with his blue scaled chin resting on his blue scaled hand and tried to not think about all the horrible things that had happened in his life over the past twenty four hours. It wasn't exactly a pleasant thing, to learn that your mother was actually fucking your family's ancestral enemies. And had been since well before you had been conceived. Oh, and also, you were said ancestral enemy. Oh, and even more fun, you were now going to be enrolled in a high school designed to teach and train said ancestral enemies how to kidnap princesses. Lay on piles of gold.

Cast magic.

Darryl sighed quietly as his professor - a slender elven man with long pointed ears and a fine city slicker suit that clashed with the Tolkienesque stereotype of elves. Not that Darryl had known that said sterotype had anything to do with reality before this class. He had been taught there were dragons, dragon hunters, and that was it.

Turned out the universe was a lot weirder than that.

"So," Professor Talltrees said, his marker squeaking unpleasantly on the chalkboard. "This is the essential structure of the polycosmos. You have multiple dimensions, each one separated by their internal laws of physics." He tapped a few he had labeled - Earth, Furicana, Sunder, Purgatory - and turned to face the class. "But, like a dynamo creates electricity, differences in physical laws create something called a shinimantic gap. Turn to page three hundred in your text books to see the shinimantic diagram of our universe..." He walked past Darryl as Darryl flipped listlessly through his book.

"Isn't this rad?" Ataxia whispered, leaning slowly over to breath in Darryl's ear. Ataxia - or Xia for short - was a silver dragon. And also the girl that Darryl was trying really hard to not think about. Which was hard, since she chose to sat next to him in every single class they shared which, thanks to the relatively small population of dragonkind, was basically all of them. Thinking about Ataxia's silver hide and deliciously scaled titties and her pliant, eager mouth, and the softness of her pussy, and the way she had gasped and panted as Darryl drove his cock into her...also made Darryl think of the fact that he had fucked her while still having a girlfriend he loved a great deal back at home.

That was, Darryl knew, colloquially referred to as a dick move.

Professor Talltrees continued to drone on and on about quantum and motonic fields and the Cosmic Dragon and the Eaters and all that. Darryl couldn't bring himself to pay attention. He was too busy squirming inwardly at the thought of his girlfriend arriving here, at Prismatic High. Where no one wore pants, the servants all were dressed in slutty french maid outfits that looked like they had rolled out of a fetishistic Japanese video game, and everyone seemed to be in on a dozen different cultural mores that Darryl didn't know thing one about.

It was like Hogwarts.

If Hogwarts had ninety eight percent more dragons and six thousand percent more fucking.

The bell rang and the students filling the magic class started to stand up, their books tucked under their arms. Despite the utter lack of pants and shirts, most dragons had arrived with backpacks, to store text books, treasure, and anything else they wanted. More than a few had arm-bands that held their iPhones. And yes, invariably, every dragon here had a better phone than Darryl. He was starting to feel downright impoverished. Xia moved to walk with him, her tail whipping excitedly.

"I can't believe how many universes there are!" she said, eagerly. "Though, that bit about the universe devouring brain exploding spiders was kind of a bit of a mood killer."

"The what?" Darryl asked.

"Oh, hey Geotaxis!" Xia waved at the big buff black dragon who had been the other person that Darryl hadn't managed to avoid as much as he wanted. Not that he didn't like Geotaxis. The black dragon had a kind of charismatic assholishness to him that Darryl actually kinda liked. But the issue was that he was still an asshole and tended to encourage Darryl to embrace his draconic instincts. Which was the last thing Darryl needed.

"Sup bluey, silver cakes," Geo said, high fiving Xia. "You guys have a good magic class?"

"It was fascinating!" Xia said, quivering, her wings fanning out behind her back, almost dislodging her backpack. "Did you know that there are two different kinds of magic systems - localized and universal? Also known as source magic, universal magic is when you start tapping into the shinimatic systems of your specific universe and-"

As she went off on that, Geo met Darryl's eyes over the shorter silver's head. "Wanna grab a bite to eat before PE?"

"-then there's the example of the planeswalkers and lets not forget the-"

Darryl shrugged. "Uh, better to work out on a full stomach."

The two men walked off as Xia spread her hands wide. "They have lightsabers! That's the power of source magic and, uh, guys?" She looked around, blinked, then flapped her wings, taking advantage of the high, vaulted ceilings of Prismatic High's interiors. She soared up, then landed beside Geo and Darryl as they walked to the banquet hall. During breakfast, the table had been heaped with steaks and taters and other victuals that had seemed entirely too rich for breakfast if you asked Darryl's human half. His dragon half had adored it. Now, though, rather than a huge platter, servants were taking out food and taking away food at a continual rate. Dragons came in and left carrying away whatever they wanted.

Geo picked up a box that looked a hell of a lot like Kentucky fried chicken, save it was served in a beautiful pale white bowl made of porcelain and glass. He popped a whole drumstick into his mouth and chewed with relish, the bone crunching.

"Gods, guys," Xia said, angrily. "I'm hungry too."

"Yeah. For Darryl's cock." Geo laughed around the crunching sound of the bone. Not for the first time, Darryl wondered just how much of a dragon's mouth and lips and tongue were used for speaking, considering how clearly Geo could enunciate while devouring a whole bucket of KFC

"I am totally...not...right now!" Xia said, sticking her nose into the air. "I just want it later. I want actual food now." She grabbed a pitcher that looked like it was whole, uncut milk.

The five minute warning bell rang.

"He could shift to cum chicken soup," Geo suggested, an idea that made Darryl wince in reflexive pain and Xia blow milk from between her stilted nostrils. As she coughed, spluttered, gasped, hacked, wheezed and blew more milk from her nose, Geo laughed, under handed the bowl to one of the maids - who caught it with effortless ease - and turned back to head to the kitchens. With that, Geo grabbed Darryl's hand and dragged him off towards PE.


There were no locker rooms.

There was no changing into PE uniforms.

Neither of that was really that surprising to Darryl. After all, they were dragons. No one was wearing pants in lit class, why would they wear pants in physical education? But what was a bit weird was that rather than walking into the gymnasium behind the mansion that made up the main building, they headed for the roof. The teacher - a tough, grizzled looking dragon with a similar mustache as Principal Lung's - looked them over. He shook his head slowly.

"You call yourselves dragons," he said, sounding utterly scornful. "Back in my day, our enemies would have torn you lot of spoiled millennials limb from fucking limb!"

Darryl immediately wanted to kick him in the throat. He clenched his fists. Meanwhile, Geo was just picking bone from between his teeth with his claw. Several other male dragons looked like they wanted to say something, but didn't. The teacher shook his head, his shaggy red mane flaring around his head. His hands went to his hips and he lashed his tail hard enough to cause a whip crack to fill the air. "My name is Tzao. I am a red frilled celestial, and don't none of you western breeds forget it. In China, we handled the metallic and chromatic divide without any of this silly coddling you Europeans did-"

"I'm Aztec!" A female with emerald green coloration and a beautiful cascade of feather-like scales that spread along her shoulders and back like a cape.

Tzao snorted lugubriously.

"Man, who pissed in his coffee?" Darryl whispered to Geo.

"You got something to say, sparkplug?" Tzao asked, glaring at Darryl.

Darryl frowned. He wanted to chomp down on his words and keep them buried deep away. That was how he had survived his father. But then his mind flitted back. Geotaxis, when the two of them had brawled, had punched Darryl hard enough to shatter trees behind him. He didn't need to feel afraid of older men. The fear that he had once felt slid away and he felt only the cold, burning anger his father had given him. Anger directed at him in specific, but in his type - the hard nosed, hard assed dickheads who thought that being tough was a replacement for being a human fucking being - in general. And now, here there was.

An asshole PE teacher to boot.

So, Darryl smirked as insolently as he could and said: "Well, I was just thinking that it's pretty rich, calling us millenials. Aren't you the one over a thousand years old?"

Tazo growled quietly. Smoke coiled from his nostrils. "You want to start something? This class is the most important one you're ever going to go through. And I can fail your ass if you give me lip, chromatic."

Darryl's smirk widened. "Funny. I never thought I'd see a dragon threatening my grade. It just seems like a bit of a downgrade from Smaug burning down Rivertown."

Tazo's eye-ridge twitched.

Every single other dragon in the class let out a soft 'oooh.' Geo was looking at Darryl as if he wasn't sure if Darryl was insane. Or insane like a fox. Darryl actually was not entirely sure where he was going with this. He was just sick of Tazo's face, and he had only been here for a few minutes. Tzao lashed out at Darryl with the sudden speed of a freight train. Darryl felt time seem to slow. And then he grabbed Tzao's wrist, remembering the training his father had pounded him through, twisted, flipped, and hurled Tzao off the side of the building.

As the other dragon went tumbling away, Geo whispered. "Dude,' he said. "I am so turning into a girl for you tonight."

"Is...what!?" Darryl looked at Geo - who looked completely serious.

Then, everything went black.


"I regret everything in my life," Darryl groaned around the jaw-splint.

"Well, you did piss off Tzao the Destroyer," Xia said, her feet resting on the side of the bed in the hospital ward of Prismatic High. She shook her head as she turned the page of the book she was reading. "What were you thinking?"

Darryl sighed softly. He wasn't entirely sure he had been thinking anything. And right now, he couldn't stop thinking. He couldn't stop thinking about the broken ribs, the ache of his left arm, the way his knee seemed to still be out of joint, despite the fact it was wrapped in a half a billion bandages. He couldn't see out of one of his eyes. And to make it worse, the tip of his nose itched. He sighed quietly and muttered.

"And to think, I was actually looking forward to PE..."

"Every male does," Xia said, nodding sagely.

"Well, not every male," Darryl said, wheezing a laugh as he remembered Bigsby from his old high school. Not only had Bigsby had the worst name, he had also always been the main target of every dodgeball in the school.

"No, all dragons are inherently bisexual," Xia said, nodding. "It's a biological fact."

"What?" Darryl asked, utterly confused.

"What?" Xia looked at him. "You didn't know that?"

"What the fuck does that have to do with PE?" Darryl squeaked. His jaw ached from this much talking, but he couldn't help himself.

"...what...doesn't it have to do with PE?" Xia asked, cocking her head.

"Fucking is not physical education!" Darryl said, his eyes closing - his temple starting to twang as if someone was snapping rubber bands against it.

"Physical education?" Xia sounded utterly baffled now. "PE isn't physical educ-"

A creak sounded - a door opening - and Darryl opened his eyes to find himself looking at a curvy, gorgeous looking black girl. Her hair spiraled along her back in a series of tight dreadlocks and she wore...literally nothing. Her breasts were large and darkly beautiful, tipped with hard, dusky nipples. Her skin glistened slightly with sweat as she walked forward, panting and grinning slightly. She crawled onto Darryl's bed, moving carefully to not jar any of his many broken limbs. She purred, softly.

"Hey sugah..."

"Whothefuckareyou!?" Darryl squeaked.

The girl grinned, her eyes glinting. "You can call me whatever you want. Holy shit, when you kicked Tzao's ass, I got hard enough to bend steel. Well. Soaked enough to drown an army, now."

Darryl blinked. "Geo."

"That's me," Geotaxis said - her breasts mashing against Darryl's scaled chest as she leaned forward and kissed him, mouth brace or no mouth brace. Darryl felt his aching body complain. It said: no, you have multiple broken bones, what are you doing? But the fact that he was a teenager and Geotaxis, despite normally being a dude, was currently a curvaceous as fucking gorgeous as sin black girl was an even louder statement, and it was why his cock was tenting the hospital gown someone had thrown over him.

Ironically, the most he had worn since learning the truth about his heritage.

Geo pulled her mouth back, panting. "Why ain't he been healed up?" she asked.

"Oh, Professor Tzao said that he had to learn discipline, so he put a regeneration blocker on him," Xia said.

Goe licked her lips. "Wanna take it off?"

Xia paused. "Do I get a turn after you?"

"Girls, wait," Darryl stammered. "Girlfriend. Injured. Geo's a dude. Many objections-"

Xia grabbed onto something that Darryl hadn't even realized was strapped to his neck and yanked. Something popped inside of Darryl's chest and then he felt his bones all shift, then settle into place again. The pain faded and he sighed with such contentment he almost forgot that a girl was sprawled against his chest. Then Geo kissed his scaled chest, her tongue darting out as she nuzzled against him. his eyes widened and he started to try and move, to push her away. He had cheated on his girlfriend once. He wasn't going to do it again. He may have been chromatic, he may have been a dragon, but he had-

"Why can't I move?" he asked, straining against the braces and splints.

"They're splints made to immobilize a dragon," Xia said, as if that was obvious as Geo shoved the belly of his hospital gown up, letting Darryl's immense, ridged dragon cock slap against the flat six pack abs of his belly. Darryl whimpered.

"Please, I, uh, really don't want to ohfuckinggodyes!"

Geo had demonstrated the oral skills of a dragon who just did not give a fuck - in a single smooth motion, she had let her tongue grow long enough to wrap from the base of Darryl's cock to the tip, coiling around him again and again and again and again, squeezing tightly, the tip of her tongue teasing the slit of his cockshead, tasting his pre. She leaned forward, her tongue guiding him down her seemingly human throat and soon, Geo's lips were pressed to his hips and she was humming. Darry's eyes went crossed and the splints and braces he was still strapped in strained, creaked, and held.

Geo drew her mouth back, panting. "You forget how big it is when you just have a big swinging dick and you're not sucking, you know?"

Xia snorted. "Also, men have terrible memories. Here, let me."

She grabbed Darryl's cock, the edges of her claws bringing a delicious sense of danger to the situation. She started to pump his cock, her muzzle opening, her wings spreading as she started to suck on his cocktip. As she did so, Geo leaned forward and started to kiss his scaled balls. Darryl squirmed and closed his eyes, guilt and intense arousal warring within him. Arousal won. It always won. He hissed and groaned. "Ohfuckyes, suck my cock, suck it good..." he hissed.

The door to the hospital opened and Principal Lung stepped into the hospital. He was naked, though he had strapped a sash across his chest, which had a phone, a wallet, and some other bits of useful gewgaws stuck into the pockets. He walked forward, laughing as he saw the two girls eagerly bobbing, kissing, sucking, licking, nuzzling and stroking Darryl's cock. "So, I see that you are fitting in quite well, eh Darryl?" he asked, punching Darryl's shoulder gently.

"Uh, Principal Lung, it's, nnh, not what it looks like," Darryl gasped.

"It looks like you're being a dragon," he said, sounding amused. Then, sighing. "Unfortunately, not all aspects of being a dragon can be done without consequence. I see that you didn't take well to Professor Tzao's ribbing."

"Nnnnahhh!" Darryl rolled his head back, roaring. He couldn't help himself - pleasure surged through his body as Geo pushed Xia aside to clamp her mouth around the top of his cock and slurp on him eagerly. That meant Geo was the one who got fed blast after blast of thick, hot dragon cum. Her throat bobbed as she drank it down, her eyes closed tightly, her body trembling as she drank and drank and drank. Then she drew her mouth back, her cheeks bulging. SHe grabbed Xia, who tilted her muzzle to lock her lips against Geo's lips. Cum dripped between their lips as they messily shared it, both moaning with ecstasy as they caressed one another's breasts.

"...so, we can't have students fighting teachers," Principal Lung said, ignoring the lewdness below, though his cock was at half mast. He sighed. "But since you are new to being a dragon and rather impressed Professor Tzao."

Darryl blinked, slightly, lifting up his head a bit. He still felt dazed, his cock only half soft.

"Oh, yes, quite impressed," Lung said, smiling slightly. "It's been centuries since someone laid a hand on him he didn't want too. You should feel quite proud of yourself. Why, if you managed to hit him a second time, I'd be there with young Geo."

Darryl laid his head back on the pillow, feeling utterly numb to the strangeness. He closed his eyes. "Okay, uh, thanks Principal..." he said, his voice soft. Lung laughed - and then turned, starting to go.

"Once you've recovered, get back to classes. And know, the next time, neither of us will be so lenient."

And then he was gone.

Darryl leaned back as the two girls broke their kissing.

"So, uh, what us to ride you raw?" Geo asked.

Darryl growled - and decided to let his instincts guide him.

He chased both girls out with a gout of lightning.


Darryl came back to his dorm room, feeling tired and discouraged and guilty. When he opened the door, he found himself facing something that would normally be a balm and a delight to see.

Sasha Fong.

His girlfriend.

She was unbelievably gorgeous, with golden brown skin that looked as if it had been painted with just enough freckles to make her utterly delicious. Her breasts were large and perky, and her eyes were warm and inviting and rich brown. Her hair was raven black, straight as if it had been drawn by a ruler, and currently spilled around her shoulders, framing her face perfectly. She was dressed in a simple white T-shirt, jeans, and a crucifix. That crucifix made Darryl squirm almost as much as the fact that he was everything that she shouldn't have wanted. She was a good christian girl. And here he was. A dragon. A scaled, decadent beast.

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