Prison Bitch

bySean Renaud©

"What do you want Garcia?" Nikki asked. The orange jumpsuit that made up her prison uniform was around her waist. She sat on the bottom bunk staring at the officer who'd invaded her cell. She knew the punishment for masturbation. Because Officer Garcia had caught her with her hand in the cookie jar, or her honey pot as it were he toss her in the whole for a week, more than that if he really wanted to.

That would be a week without sunlight, a week without human interaction of any kind. Her meals might be reduced to bread and water and even at best they would be whatever the guards decided to pile onto her trey. Instead of getting her letters whenever they arrived throughout the week she'd instead wait until Friday to get whatever she was sent. Visitation was on Thursdays and her fiancée and her father both came every week to see her. That was a privilege not a right, if she was in the hole she wouldn't get her weekly phone call from her children. If prison was Hell then Garcia had the power to banish her to turn up the flames.

"That's Officer Garcia to you." He said slapping his baton against his hand as he looked over the honey skinned harlot. "What the hell are you doing Ms. Conner? I mean it looks like you were diddling the skittle, flicking the bean, getting off. But I'm sure there is another explanation, one that doesn't end with you in the Hole." Nikki remained perfectly still staring at her keeper. She could feel his eyes on her body, mostly on her still hardened nipples. She wasn't even making an effort to cover herself, there really wasn't a point. "Wow no answer? I know what the answer is, you were warming up for me weren't you?" Nikki's heart stopped in her chest at the mere thought of him touching her.

It wasn't that he particularly ugly. He was actually rather handsome. Officer Garcia stood about five ten, just about a full head taller than her. His Hispanic lineage was obvious at even a glance. He had olive toned skin, a few shades darker than her own and short jet black hair cut in a military styled fade. A thick mustache concealed his upper lip which would have made him seem jolly if he ever smiled but he didn't. He usually just scowled at the prisoners or leered. Garcia had wide shoulders and strong arms, even the loose fitting uniform did a poor job of concealing his powerful arms. He wasn't quite her type, she preferred black men, but there wasn't anything wrong with Officer Garcia. Except that he was one of the pigs who ran this place. "I guess if you weren't warming up for me I can go tell the warden what you were doing, that you tried to seduce me. That oughta buy you oh two maybe three weeks in the hole. What do you think?"

Nikki paused looking down at her feet, then up at Garcia's hard brown eyes. "I think I was warming up for you Officer Garcia."

"Is that so?" Garcia asked taking a step towards her and slapping the baton against his palm.

"Yuh-yessir." She replied nervously her eyes again lowered to his finely spit shined shoes.

"Yes Officer Garcia." He corrected and she repeated it back obediently. "Yes Officer Garcia what?"

Nikki kept staring at his feet for a moment longer. She knew exactly what he wanted her to say only her voice didn't quite feel like cooperating. A lump formed in her throat and her cheeks burned with the shame she felt so the next words she spoke were barely above a whisper. "Yes Officer Garcia I was warming up for you." Garcia was going to enjoy tormenting her though. He wanted her to say it again on this time he wanted her on her knees when said it and he wanted it louder. Her cheeks were practically on fire as she got down off of the bunk and onto her knees. "Yes Officer Garcia I was warming up for you."

One thing that Nikki could never get used to was the way his eyes crept over her flesh like slug. "On your feet, let's get the rest of your clothes off." Getting to her feet was enough to get the rest of her clothing off, the jumpsuit slipping down to her ankles then stepping out of it. "Damn chica, you've got nice tits. Turn around lets see if your mamacita gave you ass too!" Nikki did as she was told again, turning around so he could inspect her rear. Garcia gave a wolf whistle as she turn around. "Shake it baby." Nikki nervously started to shake her hips. "No baby show me what you got. I'm looking at it. I know you got ass, damn good ass too girl." Garcia walked up behind her and palmed her ass lifting her up onto the tips of her toes.

The flush that formerly had only burned in her cheeks spread over the rest of Nikki's body turning every inch crimson. It wasn't shame anymore, it was arousal. It had been eight months two weeks and three days since she'd felt a man's touch on anything but her hands. Garcia had the rough hands of a man who worked for a living. The shame came flooding back as she realized that touch excited her. It flamed even brighter as she realized that she wanted him to touch her, she wanted his approval. Nikki felt her hips start to sway and forth to a tune in her head. It started slow but with each word of approval her moves became more salacious. "Damn baby I knew you could work that shit. Look at that ass!" By the time he made her stop her hands were on her knees and she was shaking her ass. That was the only thing that mattered was that there was a man looking at her as a woman. "Stop, back on your knees, I think you and me are gonna work out just fine."

A layer of sweat covered Nikki's body making it glisten in the light and her chest heaved while she struggled to catch her breath. She hadn't noticed just how hard she'd been working to please him. She knew instinctively that she was pleasing. It was the hunger in his eyes as he looked down at her, and his black slacks were tented. Nikki couldn't take her eyes off it. "What bitch you see something you like?" Hearing his voice snapped her out of her daze. Nikki twisted her lip and turned away from him. "You look plenty warmed up now."

"I am warmed up Garc. . .Officer Garcia." Nikki's hips continued to churn. She didn't actually have control over herself. "I'm warmed up, I'm wet. Please fuck me." She was wet, so wet it was starting to run down between her thighs and ooze onto her ass. She was so wet that the scent of her arousal was flooding the small cell. Garcia seemed to be satisfied, he told her to lean over the bottom bunk. Nikki obeyed leaning over the bunk and gripping the sheets. Her body was tingling as Garcia slipped his belt out of his slacks then pulled them down and off walked up behind her. "Do it." She hissed pushing her hips against his. Garcia looped his belt around and wrapped it Nikki's throat and pulled it taught. "What are you doing?" She gasped.

"Reach back and spread your ass open." Nikki whimpered and shook her head. Garcia tightened his belt around her throat and held it while she clawed at her neck and kicked her legs. She couldn't begin to overpower Garcia though and after only a few moments the world began to go dark around her but he loosened the belt just before it went black. "Spread your cheeks." That time Nikki obeyed reaching back and spreading her ass open.

Garcia spit on her puckered asshole then lined his cock up with it and started pushing. "Please Officer Garcia let me get it wet first!" Nikki whimpered trying her best not to clench as he started pushing. Garcia paused for a moment then pulled her around to face him.

Nikki felt her stomach twitch and at the same time her loins stir at the sight of Garcia's cock jabbing against her face. He was just a little more than six inches long, not a monster by any means but it was a pig's cock and the fact that it looked so delicious disgusted her. Worse her pussy was still aching. Her fingers had quenched the need for a moment but now it was back full throbbing deep in the pit of her stomach. Without meaning to she leaned closer nuzzling her nose against the patch pubic hair growing and inhaling. There was no denying the delicious scent of man flesh flooding into her lungs. This wasn't a piece of paper with a memory of a scent, this was actual flesh and blood. Her tongue slithered free of her mouth and caressed his scrotum of its own will. "Just get it wet bitch." Garcia cut her air off again until Nikki got the point and scrambled to get his cock into her mouth slurping noisily.

She was supposed to be getting him wet and she knew what he was really doing. She was being raped and once she gave into this piece of shit he was going to keep doing it. This would never ever end. Nikki was going to his fucking plaything and this was only the beginning of what he'd do to her. He made the clear when wrapped his belt around her throat and called it a collar. It didn't change the fact that he was a man. The taste of him made the beast coiled in her stomach roar. If he'd been smaller she would have held him down and raped him. Instead she did as she was told and kept sucking careful not to swallow her spit. "Damn yo momma teach you to suck too?" Fresh tears sprang up in Nikki's eyes but she kept focused while Garcia jeered her skills.

It took Garcia nearly five minutes of jaw straining cock sucking before he was satisfied. When he decided it was enough he yanked her off his cock by the leather 'collar' wrapped around her throat choking as he twisted into position and jammed his cock into her dirt pipe. It felt like she'd been impaled. She started by clenching her teeth but the real thing that kept her from screaming was the belt wrapped around her neck choking off any sound Nikki tried to make. It was like that for the first to minutes until she managed to relax while fucked her asshole.

He was sodomizing her. Fucking her ass as hard as he could manage, using her body just to show he had the power to. Despite the shame that was burning through every part of her soul Nikki's body was on fire. "I'm gonna!" She whimpered looking over her shoulder at him. She braced her palms against the cool concrete wall and started bucking back against him as hard as she could. She met every thrust, crashing her ass back against his thighs. "I'm gonna cum!" Everyone in the prison would have heard Nikki's shriek if he hadn't choked her right then. Nikki had never came from anal sex before and it blew her mind. It was unlike anything that she'd experienced leaving her whole body limp, she barely noticed Garcia using her rectum as his personal cum dumpster.

"Clean me." The disgust came back as she looked up at Garcia who was grinning that lecherous grin again. She didn't disobey. Nikki opened her mouth and sucked him clean. Licked their combine filth from his cock and even that turned her on slightly but as soon as she'd cleaned him Garcia stepped away from her and got dressed. "You know chica, you're a good little slut. You keep acting right and things can be pretty good for you. You understand that bitch?"

"Yes Officer Garcia." Nikki cooed submissively. She hadn't even gotten off her knees when he left. Warm cum oozed from her ass and down her thighs as she rested her head.

Prison life made things precious. A breath of fresh air in a letter was sacred and she got that at least once a week ever week usually twice or more. A meeting with her fiancée came every week. A call from her kids she got monthly but cum? This was the first cum she'd had in nearly a year. One hand slid between her legs as she forced the rest of Officer Garcia's cum out of her rectum and onto her hands and she brought to her lips so she could savor his flavor rolling the still warm goo around mouth, twisting her tongue inside it until finally she swallowed it. She would never tell him but she was grateful that he'd given her cum. She would do anything for more. Anything.

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