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Prison Bitch


How did I end up here? A few hours ago I was in the local gay bar socializing and getting drinks from just about every guy there. Having never been to a gay bar before, I was surprised by all the attention I was getting.

My name is Joe, I'm 26 but I look ten years younger than I am. Which trust me can be annoying sometimes. The last thing I remember clearly was standing at the bar chatting with a 40 something man. Stan? Steve? I'm not sure. He was quite handsome though. When I think of him, I get the sense that he was very well endowed.

My head is killing me, I thought. Sitting on the edge of the bottom bunk. Is this my first hangover?

Here's what happened. At least, from what I remember...

[FLASHBACK - 3 Hours earlier.]

It was roughly 6:00pm. The parking lot was largely empty, so I pulled my grey Ford Taurus into one of the front spots.

I was nervous walking up to the door of the bar. Not even to the door I heard load music blaring. After pulling the door open, I was greeted by a cute Mexican guy in his early 20's maybe.

"Welcome to Charlie's!" He said, with a light Spanish accent. "Can I see your ID please?"

"Sure." I said, pulling out my wallet from my back pocket. "I promise I'm twenty-six."

"Really? You look like you're only nineteen or twenty." Said the cute Mexican guy.

"Thank you. I'm Joe." I introduced myself, handing him my driver's license.

After briefly glancing at my license, he says, "Alright Joseph. I'm Gabriel. If you need anything just ask."

"Thank you, Gabriel." I said.

Looking around the open space, I saw the wrap around bar, with about 20 stools at it. Since it was fairly early there was only 5 guys sitting at the bar. I noticed 3 were ogling me. I smile and nod energetically.

"Welcome to Charlie's." Said the bartender. "Can I get you anything?"

"Um, nothing right now. Thanks." I said.

I walked to the back of the bar, and settled onto an empty bench. I remember looking anxiously around the bar. It was sparsely crowded but it wasn't too bad. In total I'd say there was about 25 guys there.

Unexpectedly, one of the men from the wrap around bar walked up to me and said, "Hi there cutie." His voice was deep and kind of intimidating.

"Hi." I replied, my voice shaky.

"Is this spot taken?"

"No, sir. Please have a seat."

He eased his masculine body onto the bench. He was dressed in old torn blue denim jeans, a white tang top, and regular shoes. I could tell he worked out and probably lifted weights. He held two drinks in his hands.

"I'm Scott." He said. "I hope you don't mind, but I ordered you a drink." Scott offered me one of the glasses.

"Thank you, sir. But I don't drink." I told him.

"I figured." Scott said. "This is a ginger ale. Its what I had when I first started drinking."

I accepted the drink and shook Scott's hand. "Thank you."

Scott took a fast swig of his drink and downed it with a tilt of his head. I mimicked his motions as I drank my ale.

"So, what's a cute boy like you doing here?" Scott asked.

"Oh, just visiting family here. I'm from out of town." I said.

"Where are you from?"

"Dallas, Texas." I lied.

Scott nodded. "I like the weather there. I was there a few years ago."

Scott scooted closer to me and wrapped his thick muscle arm over my shoulders. In my pants, I left my dick stiffen. I tried to hide it by folding my hands over my lap and crossing my legs.

"You're kind of jumpy." Scott observed.

"I'm just nervous. This is my first time in a gay bar." I said.

"Then why don't you follow me. We can show each other a good time." Scott whispered in my ear.

I nodded and stood up. Being around 6'5", Scott towered over me since I'm only 5'4". I took his offered hand and followed him to the bathroom. There was an empty stall off in the far left corner. Scott closed and locked the door behind us.

"I wanted to kiss you since I saw you." Scott admitted.

Before I could reply Scott grabbed me by the waist, hunched over slightly, pulled me to him, and pressed his lips against mine. I expected his lips to be chapped and split. Instead Scott's lips were smooth and moist.

"Wow." Scott said, as our lips parted. "You're a good kisser."

"Thank you, sir." I replied. "Can I touch you?"

"Yes. Don't be afraid."

I slid my hands down Scott's broad shoulders down to his biceps. His tang top was soft cotton. Its like he read my mind. Scott pulled off his tang top revealing his ripped chest and chiseled abs. I couldn't help but stair at him.

"Do you like it, Joe?"

"Um... yes, sir."

Taking my wrists in his hands Scott pulled my hands from his biceps over to his nipples. "I noticed you were hard earlier."

"How did you know that?" I asked, looking up in his eyes.

"From the way you were fidgeting. It was cute."

"I'm sorry, sir."

I was too busy fondling Scott's chest to notice how light headed I felt. I was over come by a wave a dizziness. My vision blurred, and my pulse was racing. Sweat began soaking through my t-shirt. I began to sway.

"Whoa. Are you ok?" Scott asked.

"I don't... know... dizzy." I said.

The last clear memory I had is collapsing into Scott's arms.


The next thing I know I wake up in a jail cell, wearing an orange jumpsuit. What happened in that bathroom stall? Did I suck his cock? Did Scott fuck me?

I heard the buzzer ring. A guard's voice called out. "Smith! You have a new cellmate!"

Footfalls grew louder and I was terrified. I never thought this could happen to me. Was I going to be raped in prison by some thug? God help me.

"Hi Joe. Miss me?"

I didn't believe it. It was Scott, from the bar. He was dressed in the same kind of orange jumpsuit as I was. The guard opened the cell door.

"Get in!" The guard ordered, pushing Scott inside. "Have fun you two!"

A long time passed before either of us said a word. It was Scott who broke the silence. "Where were we?"

"I was rubbing your chest." I reminded Scott.

Scott just eyed me as he started to undress. I was kind of relieved that Scott would be the man who'd rape me in jail.

"Don't just stand there bitch. Strip!" Scott demanded.

His tone brokered no room for argument. Scott was all ready fully naked by the time I pulled my shirt off and started to unbutton my pants.

Scott grunted. "Bitch, you're taking too damn long." He walked over to me and forcefully yanked my pants and underwear down to my ankles. "Yeah, that's nice."


"Shut up, bitch!" He ordered. "Don't forget to take off your shoes."

I stepped out of my pants, and pulled off my shoes as I was ordered. Now I was completely nude. My dick was tiny compared to Scott's impressive cock. Already fully erect, I'd guess that Scott's cock was maybe 8 inches long.

"Now then, here's how this is going to work. You're my prison bitch. You do what I tell you, when I tell you, and how I tell you." Scott began. "If you don't..." Scott slapped me across the face. The sound of the slap echoed slightly in the jail cell.

I gasp in pain, almost having been knocked off my feet. I reached up to my cheek and rub it.

"Is that clear?" Scott asked.

With teary eyes, I nod. "Yes, sir."

"Ok bitch. Stop your whimpering. Now, first things first. Get on your knees and suck my dick."

"Yes, sir." I get into position, and kneel before his monster cock. Scott was circumcised, or cut. I open my mouth and begin moving toward his manhood. I ease my lips over the massive piece of cock. I suck his dick like my life depended on it. Which it probably did.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah! Just like that, bitch!" Scott moaned in pleasure. "And call me 'daddy'. Not 'sir'. Understood?"

I stopped sucking briefly. "Yes, daddy. Understood."

"Keep sucking, bitch!"

"Yes, daddy."

I put daddy's cock back in my mouth and suck it lavishly. It was a little painful at first. When his cock head hit my gag reflex, I chocked. But I was able to relax my throat muscles and daddy's dick slid in easier.

"Fuck... oh fuck!" Scott bellowed. "You best do a good job sucking daddy's cock. Cause your spit is the only lube you'll get."

I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that. I just kept sucking and sucking. Making sure my tongue was moist and my lips wet. Amazingly, daddy's cock felt like it grew an extra inch! I started to gag again. My eyes were watery with tears.

"Stop bitch! Damn, you made daddy pre cum." Scott gloated as he showed me his spit covered and cum drenched dick. "Now, go to the bed. Lay on your back, legs raised."

Oh god. Now I understood what he meant by all the lube I'll get.

"Yeah, bitch. Daddy's cock is nice and hard for that tight sphincter of yours."

With my legs over his shoulders Scott shoved his dick into my anus. He wasn't gentle about it either. Daddy pushed with as much force as he could to get his 9 inch cock into my hole.

"AHHH!!" I scream in pain. "It hurts daddy!"

"Relax bitch. Let me loosen you up."

Scott did just that. Shoving his cock in and pulling it out. It wasn't as bad when daddy pulled his dick out as it was when he went back inside. It got better as he continued to fuck me. Thrust after thrust, I could feel the head of his cock against my prostate.

"That's it bitch! Take daddy's cock!"

I could hear the echo of Scott's thighs slamming against my ass cheeks. Slap. Slap. Slap. But wait... Daddy's cock was starting to dry. I could feel his cock pulsate with each thrust into my rectum.

"Oh!! FUCK!! Good girl!" Daddy said.

With that Scott shot a huge load of cum into my ass. I felt divine. I arched my back and moaned in pleasure and with ecstasy. After a third shot of daddy's semen into my ass, Scott slowly pulled his dick out of my once tight, but now loosened hole.

"You did very good tonight, bitch. Can I call you Josephine?" Scott asked.

With as much pleasure as I just felt my hangover was almost gone. I was shaky as I set myself into an upright position next to Scott on the bottom bunk.

"You can call me whatever you want, daddy." I replied.

"Then I want to be honest with you Josephine." Scott began. "I drugged your ginger ale back at the bar with a ruffy. That's why you felt so dizzy and passed out."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"And don't worry. You're not really under arrest. I'm good friends with the sheriff and the jail warden. I arranged for us to have this cell for the night." Scott explained.

I was speechless. I have to admit, it was the hottest sex I've ever had. Being locked behind bars, believing I was booked, and with a man who could have raped me if he wanted to.

"I don't believe it, daddy." I whispered. "I am free to go?"

The same buzzer from earlier sounded. The guard approached. "Yeah, you're both free to go. Unless you'd like to stay. That was hot."

As the door to the jail cell unlocked and opened, the guard turned to face the hall as Scott and I got dressed.

"We might want to change before we leave." Scott suggested.

"I agree." I replied.

And once we were dressed in our orange jumpsuits, the guard led us to where we could find our regular street clothes.


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