tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrison Bitch Ch. 02

Prison Bitch Ch. 02


James was in quite the predicament -- he was kneeling at the feet of his burly, masculine cellmate, his lips swollen and slick from sucking Kyle's cock, tears streaming down his face, his cute blue eyes wide with horror. Kyle's monster dick bobbed and jerked in front of his face, wet with spit and pre-cum. James couldn't imagine that cock fitting in his ass -- it was the thickest dick he had ever seen, even in porn. But if he didn't bend over and offer his ass up willingly, Kyle would just make him. He was his cellmate's new bitch -- if he didn't play nice, Kyle would just hurt him, would fuck him all the more brutally for resisting and take his frustration out on James' vulnerable, sensitive balls.

When Kyle let out a low, warning growl, James immediately sprang into action -- he didn't want to get his balls beaten. Surely that would be worse than taking that monster dick up his ass?

"Please," he sobbed, even as he stood up to do as he was told. "Please, I can't, I've never taken a dick. You're too big, you'll rip me apart, please." His lip was still bleeding from where Kyle had hit him. Everything more than a few feet in front of him was blurry without his glasses. He was a tiny little weed compared to the huge, muscular man in front of him.

"If I have to tell you again, boy, you know what'll happen," Kyle said, narrowing his eyes at the pathetic boy in front of him. He reached down, stroking his thick, meaty cock a few times. The head was sloppy with pre-cum and spit, his cock throbbing in time to his pulse. All he wanted was to bury his dick in Kyle's tight ass and blow his load.

James hesitated for a second longer before wilting like a flower out of the sun. He peeled his underwear down with trembling hands, his cock still sticking up proudly. It was nothing compared to Kyle's -- a mere five inches, and not all that thick. Kyle's cock was easily twice the size of his, possibly even thicker. Stepping out of his underwear and standing there, a skinny teenage boy, barely nineteen, he knew that his life was over. There was nothing he could do to stand up to this man. If Kyle told him to bend over, James would have to bend over, or risk something worse.

Crying like a baby, far too aware of the laughter and jeering from those that could see him in the cells opposite, he leaned over the bottom bunk, trapping his cock between his stomach and the grimy mattress.

"That's it, there's a good bitch," Kyle husked out, eyeing James' pale, round ass and his straining thighs. "Stick your ass out like you're all in heat for my dick." He stepped closer, smearing the head of his dick over James' buttocks. "You got a real pretty ass, bitch. I'm gonna enjoy stretching it out until it swallows my dick like it's made for it."

Shaking, James helplessly did as he was told. Fisting his fingers into the filthy sheets, he stuck his ass out as far as he could. He trembled when he felt Kyle's hot, thick dick smearing over his skin. James closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, just waiting for it. He knew it would hurt -- it would probably hurt worse than anything that he had ever felt, but maybe if he just got it over with, Kyle would leave him alone.

"Oh yeah, you're gonna be a real good, obedient bitch, I can tell. Maybe I should fuck faggots more often," Kyle said, sliding his huge, warm palms up James' inner thighs. In one powerful motion, he wrenched the boy's legs apart, forcing them wide so that James was completely exposed to him. Kyle looked down at his pretty pink pucker and grinned -- he really was going to enjoy turning that tight little asshole into a cunt. Leaning down, he spat slickly on the hole, laughing as he felt James jump. "Relax, cunt," Kyle said. "You'll like this. Most faggots do."

Kyle wasted little time with teasing James -- he just pressed one thick finger against the boy's tight, twitching hole before forcing it inside, twisting it back and forth, screwing it into James' ass. As much as Kyle wanted to fuck the boy, he knew that fucking a virgin open on his huge cock without stretching him out a little on his fingers first would hurt him, too. He didn't care much if he hurt James, but Kyle wasn't much of a masochist -- when he slid into James' virgin asshole, he wanted it to be tight and slick, not chafing him with the vice-like friction.

James gasped as he felt Kyle's finger penetrate him -- even the man's fingers were thick. James had played around a few times by sticking a finger up his ass, but Kyle's fingers were twice the size of James', and his hole burned and ached as it stretched. Sobbing into the sheets, James trembled in place as his cellmate violated him, stretching his hole open until it ached and burned.

The boy's hole was deliciously tight. Kyle's dick twitched just at the thought of getting inside that tight, hot hole. He didn't really give a shit about James' comfort, or how much he hurt the boy. As far as Kyle was concerned, James was just a hole to fuck. If anything, he kind of liked it when he hurt his bitches -- it made them clench around his cock so nicely. Twisting his finger inside the boy, he quickly added a second, ignoring James' muffled gasps and whimpers as the stretch hurt him. Kyle fucked him brutally on his fingers for a couple of minutes, opening him up, scissoring his fingers mercilessly as James twitched and cried out in pain under him.

Pulling his fingers out with an obscene, slick sound, Kyle parted James' buttocks and looked at the other's pink hole. It was already starting to look like a cunt -- where it had been tiny and tight before he had shoved his fingers into the boy, it was now slick and open. He watched as James clenched, returning his hole back to that tight, pink little pucker. By the time Kyle was done with him, that pretty pink hole would be gaping open and leaking come like a well-bred pussy.

"I'm gonna fuck you now, James," Kyle husked out, spitting onto his opened hole to make the first slide nice and slick. "I'm gonna shove my big dick all the way into your virgin hole. I'm gonna rape your guts." Kyle grinned, stroking his throbbing cock. "Don't worry, you'll learn to love the feel of my huge dick opening you up. By the end of the month, you'll be begging for my dick. You'll be able to take my fist up your pretty pink asshole. Of course, it won't be so pretty and tiny then, but I'm sure you'll learn how much pleasure your ass can bring. Especially to other people." Kyle laughed and slapped James' ass.

"Now, I want you to reach behind you and open up your cheeks for me. I want you to give me your asshole like a good bitch. I want you to thrust your cunt back at me and open yourself up like the faggot you are. Because really, deep down, you want my dick. You crave it. You want it so bad you can fuckin' taste it," Kyle said, gripping his own dick at the base, aiming it at James' virgin hole.

"I'm not," James sobbed. "I'm not a fag, please, I can't. I'm not, I don't want it, please. Oh God, please don't make me. I'll suck your dick, I'll do whatever you want, just please don't fuck me, it'll hurt so bad, please." He couldn't do it. He just couldn't do it -- it was one thing to lie there and take Kyle raping him. It was another thing entirely to open himself up, press back and offer his virgin hole up to the big man. He clenched his opened asshole, sobbing uncontrollably. If he did this, if he let Kyle fuck him, that would be it. He would be the prison bitch. God only knew how many men would fuck him over the next few years. It all started here.

If he wanted to, Kyle could push in anyway and fuck James right there, whether the other opened himself up or not. But Kyle liked it best when they helped with their own violation -- he liked it best when they opened themselves up for their huge dick, sobbing and crying as they pried their buttocks open while he raped them. He slid a hand between James' open legs and fisted the boy's balls, giving them a nasty squeeze. "Reach behind you and open yourself up for my dick, or I'll pop them like grapes," Kyle threatened.

Nauseating pain shot through James' stomach. His legs jerked. He sucked in a breath and whimpered, tensing up, his balls trying to tighten and draw up into his body to escape the abuse. He arched his back, his hands flying back to his ass. Lying flat over the bed, he dug his fingers into the crack and pried his buttocks open as wide as he could, exposing his slick, pink hole humiliatingly. Anything to get away from the sharp ache of having his balls squeezed. "Please," he whimpered, wincing with pain. "I did it, please, fuck, it hurts."

"There," Kyle said, giving James balls one last warning squeeze. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" he asked, just taking a moment to look at the way his new bitch was spread out for him. He was going to have so much fun with this one. His dick twitched, leaking pre-cum copiously from the tip. Moving forward, he teased the uncut head over James' saliva-slick hole, loving the way the boy whimpered and tensed in anticipation. "You keep your ass opened up and shoved out at me, boy. You gotta show me how grateful your fag ass is for the privilege of my thick cock opening it up. Plenty of guys would kill to be in your position, so if you ain't grateful, I'm gonna take my payment out on your nuts."

With that final warning, Kyle grunted and started to force the thick head of his cock into James' virgin asshole. Despite the quick fingering that Kyle had given the boy, it was still hard work to get the head in. Grunting and sweating, Kyle rocked forward, gripping James' hip with one hand and his cock with the other. Finally, with a forceful thrust, something gave. James' tight asshole opened up and swallowed the thick head. Kyle groaned and looked down, laughing as the boy screamed. He could see James' ass stretched obscenely around his cock, the boy quivering against the bed as he held his own ass open for Kyle to rape. "You think that hurts?" Kyle asked. "You haven't felt nothin', yet." He gave an almighty thrust, forcing all ten inches of his thick dick into the kid's guts, ripping him open, encasing himself completely inside the boy's tight, virgin hole.

James screamed. It felt like someone had shoved a hot poker the size of a baseball up his ass. His insides burned and ached, that thick cock stretching him out in ways that he had never thought possible. He sobbed into the sheets, not daring to let go of his ass, keeping himself spread open for the huge dick violating his guts. "Please," he whimpered. "Oh fuck, it hurts, I can't take it, please take it out, please. I'll do anything."

Kyle just laughed. "You don't get it, do ya?" he asked, fisting a hand in James' hair, keeping him pinned against the bed, forcing his head down and dominating him completely. He started to rock his hips, grunting as James' tight ass practically sucked at his cock as he withdrew. He looked down, admiring the way the boy's hole bulged out slightly as he pulled his cock all the way back to the head before slamming inside him again, making him take all ten inches with every solid, brutal thrust. "You'll do anything I want anyway. I can make you do whatever I want. No one's gonna to stop me. The guards put you in here with me because they want you to get fucked like a bitch. Dunno why they want it, but they only put guys in with me when they want their little assholes stretched out beyond recognition. Fuck, they'll prolly fuck you themselves the first time they get a chance. You're the new prison bitch. You're gonna take everything that's given to you. You're gonna be fucked an' fisted an' whipped and tortured. You're gonna have your nuts beaten and your cock whipped. You're gonna have your ass stretched out beyond your wildest dreams, and you'll be lucky if you keep your damn teeth. So don't tell me you'll do anything, because I can make you do whatever the fuck I want." He fucked the boy brutally as he spoke -- each slide became easier and slicker as James' ass opened up for his thick cock, stretching to accommodate him, his blood acting as a weak substitute for lube.

The horror of his situation truly dawned on James for the first time. If what his cellmate said was true, it was worse than just being Kyle's bitch. He couldn't help screaming out hoarsely as the other man pulled back -- it felt like Kyle was dragging his insides out along with that huge cock. But Kyle was right -- no one came, despite his screams. The only response was jeering laughter and hooting from the other prisoners. Everyone knew exactly what was happening, and they weren't helping him. Instead, they were waiting, thinking about what it would be like to take their turn with the new prison bitch, thinking about all the things they could do to him. James sobbed brokenly, breathing frantically as Kyle fucked him hard, using him for his pleasure. His body was no longer his own -- it belonged to the men in the prison, the guards and the inmates that would use him as a fuck toy for the length of his sentence. They would play with him, stripping him of his masculinity and his humanity until he was nothing more than a hole to fuck. Even as he despaired for his future, James had no idea what the extent of the abuse would be like. He was destined to live for most of the rest of his life as a bitch to abuse, fuck and torture, and it was all sanctioned by the guards who would no doubt want in on the action.

The worst part was, trapped between his stomach and the mattress, James' cock was still rock hard and leaking. Every thrust that Kyle made brushed up against a spot inside James that made him pant and clench, traitorous pleasure shuddering through his body, making his cock throb and his nipples tighten. The fucking was hell, even as his ass opened and it got easier. It stung, burning and aching, every thrust feeling like it was ripping him apart. But in every tidal wave of pain there was a lick of pleasure teasing at his senses, stimulating his helpless body until he panted with a desperate mixture of lust and agony.

Slowly, James started to move with the thrusts. He pulled his ass open further, each thrust taking his breath away. James surreptitiously rocked down into the sheets, grinding his aching cock down into the bed. He moaned throatily, his eyes rolling up at a particularly deep, hard thrust that hit his prostate hard enough to make his toes curl. He clenched down around the thick cock invading his ass like he was trying to keep it inside him -- he truly was a slave to his body. He didn't even have control over his own senses.

Kyle moaned as James' ass milked him like a hot, tight pussy. Grunting, he sped up his thrusts, panting erratically as his balls drew up. James' ass felt so good, tightening up around his huge cock in pulsing waves every time he drove into the boy. Kyle didn't really care for James' pleasure, but even he had to admit that it had a nice effect on his dick.

"Oh, fuck," Kyle groaned, his thrusts becoming jerky, his muscles tightening. "Gonna come in your tight little cunt, fuck." With one last, brutal shove, he pushed his dick as far inside James as he could, shuddering and gasping as he came up his new bitch's ass. Grunting and groaning, he rocked his hips slightly, milking his orgasm for all it was worth. Letting out a low sigh, Kyle pulled back, pulling his cock out of the boy's twitching hole. The once tiny little pucker was now slick and open, gaping slightly after the hard fucking that James had been forced to take. "You should see how stretched out your asshole is," Kyle said, sliding his thumbs inside of James, pulling him apart, watching as a pink mixture of come and blood leaked out of his hole.

James just whimpered into the sheets at the humiliation of having his well-fucked, aching ass opened up and exposed. He could feel the other man's come leaking out of him. His dick twitched and throbbed underneath him and he couldn't help but rock his hips slightly, unbearably aroused with no relief in sight. "Please," he groaned out -- this time, he wasn't begging for mercy, but something else entirely. His hands flexed, keeping his buttocks pulled open -- he didn't dare let go before he was told. With just an hour in the cell with Kyle, he was already well and truly broken, submissive to the other man in every way.

"Mmm, your hole's really coming along nice. It's already looking like a nice, slick cunt," Kyle said, slapping the boy's thigh and pulling back. He chuckled as James begged him -- the way the other flexed his hips against the bed made it clear exactly what he wanted. "Maybe you won't find it so bad here, faggot. Since you seem to enjoy cock so much. Don't worry, you'll have access to all the cock you can handle and more. But if you so much as touch your dick, I'll cut it off you. Your cock and balls belong to me now, and you don't get to come unless I say you can. How else are you going to learn to come just from having your ass stuffed? By the way, the bottom bunk's yours, so I hope you haven't made too much of a mess." Kyle grinned and tucked his cock away, looking down at the pathetic, broken college boy.

"Why don't you go over there and show the guys opposite us your well-fucked pussy? Press your ass right up against the bars and spread your cheeks so they can get a real good look at your hole. It'll give them something to look forward to later."

A/N: I think this has potential for a lot more. If you like the story, leave a comment! Tell me what else you would like to see Kyle, the other inmates and the guards do to James to further corrupt him, torture him and rape him. I'm definitely open to taking suggestions.

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jail fun

In jail you have to wank a lot,boredom etc.If you have a single cell that is o.k.I got sent to a double cell.I was only in for theft.All men day by day,showers,nudity,other guys 'doing it'.I am not gaymore...

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Pls write more

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So great!

Please keep writing!

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