Prison Break


The sergeant reads off the list of prisoners. All these men are being transferred to the Cold Spring State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Seven men. Seven insane prisoners. You are glad they will be secured behind bars and chained to the frame of the transfer bus.

You and your partner look at each other. You and Steve have been seeing each other secretly. It's against department policy and you both know that. The State Police would transfer him out of the area if anyone found out.

The prison sergeant marches the soldiers into the transfer bus one at a time. Armed guards make certain no other prisoners can enter. One at a time he chains them to a bar running down the center of the vehicle.

The sergeant hands you the keys to the manacles and wishes you a safe and uneventful ride.

The two of you climb into the front of the bus, safely separated from the prisoners. Steve starts the vehicle and throws it into gear. You quickly leave the prison behind.

Steve decides to take some back roads, more scenic and the transfer detail is all day so who cares if you waste time?

You are driving down an old rural highway on a long banking turn when Steve suddenly loses control. The bus slides off the road, rolling. You are tossed around like a rag doll. Through one of the windows, you can see an old tree, a huge one, fast approaching. You close your eyes. You feel and hear the impact.

Your senses tell you that you are lying on grass. You can smell diesel fuel. Oh, yes the accident. You open your eyes, staring straight up. The first thing you see is two of the prisoners smiling down at you.

Instinctively, you reach for your sidearm. One of the prisoners, a large, bald black man, points a Glock 9mm at you. "Looking for this, sweet cheeks?" he laughs.

You move quickly to get up, but the presence of the barrel at the back of your skull slows you down. "Easy there sweet cheeks."

You stand, hands up. "Where is Steve, the other officer? And the other prisoners?"

"Stan and Leroy ate the tree. Toby ain't in real good shape." You look over at the remains of the bus, not pretty. Ripped in half, right through the prisoner compartment. It ocurs to you that he never answered you about Steve.

"Where's the other officer?"

"Oh, the cop is ok. He's cuffed over there."

You turn and look in the direction that he indicates. You see Steve with his hands cuffed behind his back and pants around his ankles. He is still unconscious, but there is another prisoner standing near him holding Steve's pistol.

"Since we've got some time, sweet cheeks, why don't you do a little dance and strip for us?"

"Fuck you."

"Oh, an invitation, don't mind if I do! Rabbit, cuff the bitch."

The other prisoner standing near you lunges for you. You sidestep and apply a knee to his stomach. He goes down gulping air.

"Rabbit, you always were the bitch." The big guy steps forward, you drop to a fighting stance, ready to go for his balls. In a motion so fast, you aren't even certain you saw it, his big hand whips out and slaps you. It rings your bell and you go down seeing stars. You shake your head, clearing it, but before you can regain your feet, he's got one hand in your cuffs and is forcing the other hand behind your back. SNICK. You are now handcuffed. Just like they should be.

He grabs the bun you keep your hair in during duty hours and hauls you to your feet. Rabbit is getting up now too. "Bitch!" he pants. You kick him in the stomach out of spite. You will probably regret it later, you know, but hey, Rabbit's the bitch.

Baldy reaches out and rips open your uniform. Buttons fly off to land hidden in the grass. Your badge falls from the ruined shirt. The symbol of your authority, cast down.

With little apparent effort, he shreds the remains of your shirt and bra with his bare hands, leaving you naked from the waist up. A cool breeze blows through the trees. Your nipples grow hard.

He unfastens your trousers. You twist and turn, but don't offer too much resistance. The idle slap he gave you and the effortless destruction of your clothing is more than enough demonstration of his physical power.

The pants come down, panties with them. He pushes you down in the grass and pulls off your shoes. Your pants follow. Some part of your brain finds it humorous that you are naked in the grass... except your socks are still on.

"Nice bod, bitch. Just so's you know, it's gonna get used hard!" He walks to the prisoner watching Steve and hands the pistol to him. As he returns to you, he begins stripping the prison coveralls off. He's a huge powerful man. His shoes come off and the coveralls are left in the grass. Rabbit, sitting a few yards away, just laughs.

You can see the bulge in his boxers. It's massive. He stands next to you and smiles. "I ain't had no pussy in sixteen months. Been saving it all for you, sweet cheeks."

"That's not what you said the other night, Kingpin!", Rabbit claims.

"Shut up, bitch."

Kingpin straddles you. He rubs his cock over your face. It's starting to get hard. Shit! it must be ten or twelve inches long and as thick as your wrist!

"Open up sweet cheeks. I know you gonna be dry when I plug you up and I want it to go in. The drier it is the more it hurt you." You know he's right, but your pride won't let you be an accomplice to your own rape.

You can feel his muscular thighs on your breasts. They are hard. He does have a fantastic body. WHAT? Why are you thinking this??

Kingpin grabs your face and forces your mouth open with pressure on your cheeks. He starts to bring his cock to your mouth. "You bite and you'll feel more pain that you ever imagined, ok, sweet cheeks?"

Without waiting for an answer, the head of his cock slides into your mouth. The big velvety head rests just on the tip of your tongue. Damn the cock is fat. Your mouth is already stretched just accepting that! He starts humping forward. It begins penetrating your mouth, deeper, a little bit at a time. After a few minutes, he's stroking close to half the length in and out of your face. You struggle to keep your teeth off it, not wanting to rouse his ire.

Something about it turns you on though. Maybe it's the legs against your breasts, your hard nipples stimulated by the coarse hair on his legs. Maybe it's his heavy, low-hanging balls that are stroking your chest between your breasts as he pumps his cock in and out of your mouth?

You can feel your pussy moistening... God no.

He starts face-raping you more violently. He forces his cock deeper, you can feel it hit the back of your throat. You try to suppress your gag reflex by swallowing. Air is in short supply as his meaty cock blocks your airway.

"Yeah, sweet cheeks, swallow my cock, work that throat!" Before you realize it, your nose is buried in his short crinkly pubic hair. He's managed to force you to deep throat him. It's coming at a price though. You can't breath.

Your vision starts to narrow, you know you are going to pass out from oxygen deprivation. You hear him start moaning "Ooooh, yeeaaahh, here it comes, sweet cheeks! Keep swallowing!" You do as he commands, knowing that it will fill your throat and may get into your lungs if you don't!

You can feel his shaft pulsing in your mouth, the warm fluid traveling down it to erupt into your throat where it is carried to your waiting stomach.

Your vision goes dark as he continues to pump his seed into your stomach, you can still hear, though there is a ringing in your ears.

Finally he pulls his penis from you. You gasp in air, nearly hyperventilating. The world rushes back and you feel... aroused. You feel like you are practically ready to cum!

Rabbit asks "Now Kingpin?"

"Fuck off Rabbit, I'll tell you when I'm done!"

The Kingpin lays his wet member between your breasts. His hands reach down and push your tits against his shaft. You can feel the wetness, your saliva. They won't wrap around his cock, but he doesn't care. He starts stroking back and forth. Small beads of residual cum dribble out of the tip, landing on your chest and creating small lines. Lines that are quickly smeared as he strokes his cock.

It's barely softened at all since he came. "Mmmmm, yeah." he mutters. You can feel it firming up again.

"Rabbit, get over here and be ready to hold her legs if she struggles." Rabbit jumps up and stands over you. You can see his hardon poking his coveralls. It's small, maybe that's why they call him Rabbit?

Kingpin picks your legs up, holding them apart. You lie still, not cooperating and not struggling, just dead weight. "Rabbit take a leg." Rabbit grabs one of your ankles and pulls it back and to the side, spreading you uncomfortably. Kingpin takes his large cock in one hand and rubs it up and down your slit. More residual cum leaking out and coating your lips. Your wetness may have betrayed you. Kingpin smiles as the tip of his cock finds it's way into your hole.

He pushes into you, nowhere nearly as gently as when he face fucked you. Most of the saliva is gone from his cock, so the only lubrication is your juices. It hurts. Not badly, but enough to get a cry out of you. He starts thrusting in and out. This isn't a fuck, it is a rape. He's forcing the entire length of his massive cock into you... and there's not really room for it. You look down and see your stomach distending, bulging each time he thrusts in. You feel your pussy lips dragging along the length of his cock with each stroke and it might even be good except for the overfull feeling when he bottoms out. He keeps pumping, as he leans and pulls one of your nipples into his mouth his cock shifts slightly. Now it's rubbing against your clit with each movement. Between him sucking your tit and the stimulation of your pussy and clit, you are rapidly climbing to an orgasm. One that you don't want.

Kingpin hears your breathing change. He increases his tempo and uses one hand to squeeze and pinch the other breast.

You start involuntarily making small noises, almost like a cat. He keeps fucking you, fucking you hard. Arms pinned behind your back from the cuffs, you have little leverage to help yourself.

Another prisoner appears within your field of vision. He walks up, he's cute, in a rugged, wrong-side-of-the-tracks sort of way. "Hey Kingpin, nice piece. Mind if I have some?"

"You can have a piece when I am done.", he says to the newcomer, "Shut up, Rabbit."

Uh, uh, uh, uh. The pace is putting you over the edge.

Suddenly, his huge paws are around your neck. He is pressing in on the sides of your neck. You start to panic until you realize that you can still breath... you start to relax and enjoy the fucking you are getting... your world goes black.

You open your eyes. You are now on your knees, spread uncomfortably wide, Kingpin's massive cock is still reaming you like a machine and now your mouth is on someone else's cock. And you cum. HARD!

"MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm! You start sucking the penis in your mouth. It's nowhere near as big as Kingpin's, it's not even in your throat and your nose is in his crotch hair. You can smell sweat and stale piss. Your pussy convulses around Kingpins rod and your hips gyrate uncontrollably.

You hear him laugh "Yeah, ride it sweet cheeks!" What did he do to you?

"Hey, how'd you put her out like that? Vulcan nerve pinch or something?"

"Shit, just pinch off the blood vessels in the neck and nighty night." You knew that... you knew that.


"MMMM, this pussy's sure tight, there sweet cheeks. I am coming!" He grunts his load into your stretched out hole. Firing over and over into it. You can practically feel it splashing into your cervix and dribbling into your womb.

"Aaahhh" he pulls his horse sized cock out of you with an audible "POP" and you can feel globs of cum oozing out of you, warm wetness sliding over your clit and making tracks over your shaven mound. The guy in your mouth gasps and stiffens, you know he's coming. You suck harder.

"Rabbit, go watch the other cop and send Jesse over here. DO IT!" Kingpin pre-empts any objections from Rabbit. He leans down looking at you. You can see him from the corner of your eye. "Yeah, you like it, don't you sweet cheeks? All the attention. It's all yours. You get what you want and we get what we want."

You swallow the convict's sperm as Kingpin talks to you. He pulls out of your mouth, not done shooting off and lands a couple stripes on your face.

"Ohhh, yeah. That's good. This little pig is one hell of a cocksucker!" He takes his cock in his hand and uses it to smear his cum over your face. You feel a large string hanging from your chin. He scoops it with his cock and feeds it to you. You accept it into your mouth and signal your symbolic submission to them.

Jesse walks up as you are finally getting a rest. He's already naked and without a word kneels down behind you and shoves his prick into your gaping cunt.

"Fuck Kingpin, she's all stretched out!"

"It'll shrink back up, they always do after the first time."

You can feel him in you. His cock is decently sized. The sluttiness of having him fuck your used pussy turns you on. His cock is swimming in Kingpin's cum, his balls banging your clit. You can feel yourself building to another orgasm. Jesse fucks you, paying absolutely no attention to you. You are just a hole for him. Soon he's cumming inside you and you aren't ready. Frustrated, you look around. Rabbit is eyeing you hungrily.

"Hey, sweet cheeks, you almost ready for me again?" Kingpin asks. You look at his cock. It's half hard. More than enough for your pussy, but still wet with cum and pussy juice. Get me all the way up and I'll stuff that greasy slot of yours." He takes your hair from the convict that plastered your face and pulls you to his cock. You open your mouth anticipating the beefy member. It shiny length slides into your mouth and you taste yourself alongside his cum. You suck, working your tongue around the head and bobbing up and down within the limits of your ability to move. Gradually, the flaccid tube hardens in your mouth. It never quite regains it's full stature, though.

"Jesse, send Rabbit over here, tell him it's his turn."

Jesse leaves.

Kingpin lies down on the soft grass and picks you completely off the ground. He holds you over his cock. You put your feet down and he releases you. One hand steadies his prick and the other pushes you down. You lower yourself. A glob of cum drops out of your snatch and lands on his cock. God, that's so nasty! Your lips touch his cock and he slips into you much more easily this time. It still stretches you, but there is so much more lubrication.

You slide down his shaft, impaling yourself. At least you can have some control of things this time. Rabbit appears near you, already naked. Yep his cock is pretty small.

"Go ahead Rabbit. I know what you like."

Rabbit moves behind you and without warning or any lube, forces his prick into your anus. Regardless of how small it is, it still hurts! You try to stand, but Kingpin grabs you in his huge arms and holds you tightly to his chest. He forces the length of his cock into your ravaged cunt, denying you the control you were anticipating. You cry out.

"Hey the other one's waking up, Kingpin. I told Jesse to turn him so he could watch." Through pain blurred eyes, you look over at Steve. His eyes are wide with shock and outrage. Kingpin starts fucking you. Your clit grinds into his pubic bone as he stuffs you full of cock. The pleasure returns. You can sense it through the ass reaming that Rabbit is giving you. In fact, that will be turning to pleasure shortly if they both keep it up.

"You like that bitch? You fucking pig cunt! Kick me in the stomach." Rabbit is hitting his stride and your ass is starting to feel good. Some pain is still there, giving the pleasure a dangerous edge. Kingpin's cock is driving hard too. You lower your head to his chest, moaning through clenched teeth. You know Steve can see you. And he knows your body language well enough to know your are enjoying this. You feel like a complete tramp, a cheap slut and a whore. You are getting raped in front of your boyfriend and enjoying it.

You start to cum. You can't contain it any longer. You cry out "Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhh, yes, fuck me! Fuck me!" Slut.

You know Steve is watching, you can see him, the disgust on his face. Will you ever be able to look him in the eye again? Worse yet, will he ever be enough for you again?

Rabbit screams out. He's cumming and depositing his load in your bowels. Kingpin grunts underneath you as your pussy spasms again on his thick black cock and he releases. The man must have and ocean of cum in reserve, because as soon as he starts to cum, your pussy is overflowing. Cum is dripping out of you, running down your thighs, landing on Kingpin, he doesn't seem to care.

They finish using you. Kingpin rolls your exhausted body from on top of him. You lay sprawled in the grass.

Rabbit stands over you. "Hey bitch, I got something else for you!" You look at him and he aims his cock at you and lets loose with a stream of piss. It hits you in the chest and he aims higher, splattering your face with his hot urine. Kingpin laughs. You can feel your pussy tingle at the humiliation. Kingping walks over and starts pissing on you. He aims at your messy cunt, bathing it in his urine. Then he aims the stream at your clit. The hot pounding fluid sets you off again. You know Steve is watching. Jesse and the other convict come over and soon all of them are pissing on you. Calling you names. Most they've already used on you, but there are a few new ones; toilet slut, piss whore, urinal bitch. You don't care, it feels good and you are cumming again... hard. So hard that you faint.

You awaken, the convicts are gone... and so is Steve. There is nothing around you but the wreckage of the bus...

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