tagNovels and NovellasPrison can Change a Man Pt. 01

Prison can Change a Man Pt. 01


Chapter 1:- Should have read the fine print.

I would never forget the events of one particular day back in March for the rest of my days. To be fair though, how could I? Little did I know at the time when I signed up for the experiments that everything about me was about to be changed forever. So what happened you say? Well, I'm pretty sure there aren't too many people in the world who can say they have experienced what I have in the last year, hell even the last few weeks! Let me explain the situation for you. Just one year ago I was a normal guy with a throbbing libido and admittedly was a 'love them and leave them' kind of guy. Today however I'm a mother of my very own child that I gave birth to after being transformed into a woman. Like I said before, there aren't many who can say that is there! Let me start at the beginning. I was in jail serving time for robbing a bank. I had no chance of getting out of there and even if I did, I would be an old man for sure. Things didn't go to plan during the robbery and while making my escape the cops got me in the end.

I was of course sent to prison as I already mentioned to serve out my sentence and to pay for my crimes. After a few weeks of staring at the walls and trying to figure out where my life had gone wrong one of the guards approached me. He told me to get off my lazy ass and follow him. Truth be told it was the most exciting thing that had happened in weeks. That's how sad prison life is folks.

The guard took me to a part of the prison I'd never seen before and pointed at a large metal door.

"In there." He said as he opened the door for me to enter pushing the top of his truncheon into my back as if he was forcing me into the room.

I entered the room and inside it contained nothing but a single desk and two chairs in the middle of the room as the door behind me slammed shut leaving me alone in the room. I sat down in one of the chairs that was surprisingly comfortable. There was a huge mirror on the wall which I knew was one of those window things they use to look into the room without being seen. I wanted to flip them the bird but I didn't know what I was here for and I didn't want to jeopardize anything.

After what seemed like hours, two towering men entered the room. They were both dressed in white lab coats and one of them was holding a clipboard. They just stood there checking their notes and muttering to each other in some kind of foreign language. I didn't have a clue what they were saying but after about two minutes, the one man sat down in the chair opposite me.

"Good evening, Christopher." He said calmly in a droll, toneless voice with a hint of German. "You have been given a very unique and rare opportunity for early release."

"Really?" I said trying my best to not sound too eager. The man continued,

"Yes, but only if you agree to take part in some experiments in the private hospital here at the prison. You will be a test subject for some new kinds of drugs. Nothing harmless I can assure you."

Truth be told I didn't really care what they were for to be honest. All I heard was 'early release' and the thought of being trapped in this hellhole for a day more filled me with dread. So I signed up without a second thought. I was led back to my cell and told that I would be hearing from them again soon.

Two weeks past and I had heard nothing. I'd given up on the idea of early release when the same man from the other week came to my cell.

"It is time to do good on that deal now, Christopher." He said as he opened the door and guided me back to the same room as before.

"Please take a seat" he said pointing towards the only chair in the room. I sat down as he left the room and closed the door behind him. Seconds later, the room began to fill with gas. I jumped up from the chair and ran over to the door, banging it as hard as I could with my fists. However, it was no use and within moments I felt my body go limp as the world around me turned dark.

I awoke at some point attached to a large metal frame completely naked. My arms and legs had been spread out and were bound to it by leather straps, forcing me up into a standing position. My mouth had been gagged with something I couldn't tell what as I was being pushed down a long and dimly lit corridor.

Those bastards must have knocked me out in that room. I don't know how I got here or why but it didn't take a genius to tell something wasn't right here, or legal.

We headed towards a large set of double doors which opened automatically as we neared them. The room on the other side was quite small and littered with countless computers and other electronic stuff to which I had no clue what they were.

"Thank you very much that will be all, gentlemen." A softly spoken female voice said.

The room fell almost silent with the only sound coming from the computers humming and the odd beeping from something. The silence was broken by the sound of high heels cracking on the tiled floor echoing off every surface. A woman walked into view and all I can say is that she was gorgeous. Everything I would want in my ideal woman. Perfect body, long blonde hair and a cute face. She stood there in a lab coat with her clip board in one hand and her glasses sat just on the tip of her nose.

She looked up at me staring directly into my eyes. I felt my cock harden and stand up right to attention. I couldn't help it as I blushed trying my hardest to stop it.

"Wow, you seemed pleased to see me." The woman chuckled as she moved closer to me. She gently rubbed the tip of my erect cock with her fingers, never once breaking eye contact with me. My body shook as she slowly moved her fingers up and down. It took a lot of effort to stop myself from shooting my load right there and then as she continued to rub up and down my shaft. I swear that she was only one-step away from giving me a full hand job!

"First, let's get to know each other shall we? My name is Amanda and I am the head scientist here at this facility." She removed her hand away from my still throbbing penis and returned to her notes. I hadn't fully cummed but I could feel something slowly dribbling down my cock. I must have prematurely ejaculated a little which in all my years I had not done once. It was like she had magic hands or something.

"And you are, Christopher, 24, no immediate family, only child and serving life in prison for armed robbery. Oh, you are a bad boy aren't you. You'll be perfect."

She moved closer towards me staring directly into my eyes once again.

She placed her warm hand gently on my chest as she smiled. I felt a tickling sensation as she stroked her index finger lightly around my left nipple.

"You like that, don't you?" she whispered as she slowly moved her hands downwards towards my abs. She began to caress around my navel in a circular motion. Her long finger nails tingling as she did.

"I always wanted a man with a six pack," she whispered to herself. "Shame really but science is science and time is wasting!"

She stepped back from me while never once breaking eye contact. I stared at her dazzling beauty unable to look away knowing all too well that my cock was still erect.

"Like what you see, don't you?" she said to me as if she knew I was checking her out. She let out a cute chuckle. "I'm afraid your cock gives that away, big boy!"

She stood there for a few seconds looking me up and down nibbling the tip of her pen like she was judging me or something. Her eyes fixed on to my crotch as she slowly placed the pen into her top pocket.

"You know what? Fuck it. I'm going to give your dick one last treat you'll never forget." She said as she kneeled down in front of me. I tried looking down as much as I could but the only thing I could see was the top of her blonde hair.

I felt her hand cup around my balls as she stroked them slowly as her long finger nails sent shockwaves through me. I could feel my cock throbbing with her hand movements until her tongue slowly begun to lick around the tip. She twisted her tongue around forcing my manhood deep into her throat but not once chocking on it. She only took her mouth off it to take in air and instantly go back to sucking like it was a lollipop! There was no way this was her first time sucking a man off if her 'skills' were anything to go by. I tried my best to hold back my orgasm till I could no longer could and released a sea of cum directly into her mouth. I heard her make a muffled choking sound as she remained with her mouth still around my dick. After a few seconds I felt my dick that must have been halfway down her throat slowly slip out from her mouth.

She stood up with her cheeks bulging slightly and a small amount of what I guess was my load dribbling from the left side of her lip down her chin. She grinned slightly as her face was mere inches away from mine and swallowed my cum inside her mouth with an exaggerated 'gulp' sound.

"Mmmm, quite sour tasting," she said as she used her tongue to lick the reaming juices from her chin giving a slight giggle as she did.

She slowly leaned over and whispered deep into my ear. "There's more to me then you might think. After all this is done, I shall show you what I mean. You will be my true success story and my legacy."

What did she mean by that? Was she joking with me? What on Earth was she going to do to me?

She walked behind me as I tried my best to turn my head as far as I could to see her but it was of no use. My head had been clamped in tight and I only had the slightest of movement. I could still hear her footsteps till they suddenly stopped. The room was filled with silence once again for what seem like minutes. I could hear the faint sound of a pen writing onto paper. What was she doing back there?

"Just relax, it will only take a moment," She said as I felt something cold and wet like it had been covered in a slimy substance of some kind being forced in between my ass. My mind ran wild with thoughts of what it was but whatever it was, it was big. I tried my best to move away from it with little success as I could only move a few inches away.

It felt like a rounded rod, maybe like a dildo or something similar, I could feel it pressing hard against my anus and the slime dribbled a little, tickling as it flowed downwards towards my ball sack.

"Don't tense up." She said, "Just let it in, don't fight it."

Don't tense up!? She was trying to ram what felt like an elephants dick up my arse and she was telling me to not tense up? But what choice did I have really? I was tied up and unable to go anywhere so I could either let the rod in or the possibility of having it forced in which would probably hurt more. So I tried my best to relax and allowed the thing to enter my body through my anus. I could feel it slowly moving deeper and deeper inside me as the slime made some horrible squishy noises as it moved deeper. It had probably only gone in a couple of inches but it felt like miles. It was uncomfortable to say the least but it didn't hurt.

"See, that wasn't so bad was it?" she said as she pressed a button on her tablet.

I braced myself for whatever she was going to do next to me until I felt a warm liquid entering into my body through the rod. I could feel it inside me rushing around. My stomach began to growl loudly and the feeling of a million butterflies filled my abdomen. I could feel it moving around my whole body. One moment it felt like it was in my chest then my arms and so on. It continued for a few moments until the feeling abruptly stopped.

"Okay, we're done" she said. I felt relieved to hear that but what on Earth was it all about? I felt the rod being pulled out of my anus followed by the sounds of liquid hitting the ground as it finally left my body. I couldn't see the liquid but I could only guess it was the same stuff that she had just pumped into me.

"Oh look, your water just broke!" She joked pointing towards a large puddle on the floor. "Sorry, that never gets old!"

What did she mean by that? Had she done this before?

"Now then, time for the real fun to begin." She said as she rolled in a huge mirror about six foot in height and wheeled it just in front of me. It was the first time I saw myself and it was a terrifying thing to behold. I was completely naked tied to this damn rack with a green liquid dripping from my ass onto the floor.

The woman leaned back against the desk just behind her as she took off her glasses. She nibbled the tip of a pen and stared directly into my eyes. I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were erect like this was turning her on or something. She undid the top button of her skirt and moved her freehand towards her groin placing it inside her pink underwear. I could see her moving her hand and was certain she was pleasuring herself.

For a few minutes, nothing happened. I just hung there like a piñata waiting for her to let me go or at the very least for this whole experience to be over. However, little did I know that it had only just begun. I was about to change forever. I stared at the mirror as my erect cock flopped like a limp balloon within less than two seconds. The hair on my chest, legs and arms started to fall off as it floated softly on the breeze to the ground leaving only smooth skin in their wake.

"Oh yes!" she said excitably, "Now it begins, stage two."

The hair on top of my head started to grow at an alarming rate. Within mere seconds it had turned from black to a dark ginger colour and grew to a length of at least four foot. It was long and thick, tickling my back with each inch it grew but very messy and untamed.

I felt my cheek bones move and change shape as they cracked and snapped into a whole new frame but I felt at the same time no pain at all.

Amanda watched with a face of total glee, like a child with a new toy as the hand under her skirt was thrashing more erratically. I knew now that she was fucking herself as she watched me. Her other hand now under her shirt as she squeezed her own breasts. I started to notice that she had wet patches on her shirt as she must have been lactating like mad as she watch me. Was she some kind of sadist?

My chest began to itch around my nipples as they started to swell and darken. I could feel them filling with some kind of liquid. It continued on and on and I thought it was never going to stop. My flat muscular chest now had two heaving breasts that wobbled as I tried to break free. They felt heavy until, unexpectedly, a white liquid burst out from my nipples and projected outwards around three feet in several directions at once, it looked like milk! I couldn't believe it, my breasts were actually full of what looked like milk. This wasn't happening I thought to myself, just a bad dream.

"Wow, I never thought they would get that big!" I heard her say with laughter in her voice. "I thought a B cup maybe C at max but those look like D to me...I'm so jealous." As she continued to pleasure herself moving both hands to her panties.

The feeling moved down past my stomach to my crotch. I look down only to see the foreskin on my cock beginning to fold back leaving the tip unprotected. However, it didn't stop there as it continued to shrink back into my body until it looked like a small cut. The room filled with the loud sounds of cracking bones again as my hips began to widen and my ass felt like it had also gotten bigger.

I felt my eyelids slowly dropping as the room began to go dark. I must have passed out pretty quickly and that was the last thing I remember of that day. However, from that moment on my life would never be the same again.

The last thing I can remember was the sound of Amanda reaching a climax.

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