Prison Ch. 01


(Authoress Note: All disclaimers regarding characters, age appropriateness etc are in effect. I really advise anyone under 21 not to read my stories. It takes a certain degree of maturity to enjoy my writings without recriminations. And remember, if you are reading stories at this or any other similar site there are many different sensual pressure points. So, if you don't like it, don't read it.)

For Years I've been asked by many of you to write a Prison Story. This is the first part. It is very XXXXX so please don't read it if forced and feminized by men, etc. bother you. I get some hate mail from time to time but I don't write this to hurt anyone nor to interfere in those who are not interested. Writing is imagination. Just like Science Fiction or a Novel. For those who love my writing, thank you so much for always prodding me on. I know very few will ever read this but for those of you who do and enjoy it.... Kisses.

Prison - PART 1


My face stung as John held my shirt in his clenched hand pulling me forward towards him. His other hand came around suddenly, slapping my face so hard that the sting didn't come till a few moments later.

He was sitting, with me standing bent at the waist towards him. Well, I actually teetered almost about to fall from the impact of his hand. I didn't feel the heat until after the stunning pain had me scream. Only John's grasp of my shirt kept me from keeling over. I finally knew what it was to be 'knocked senseless'.

"That is the last time you'll scream cunt. From now on you can moan or cry. Now, you don't have a choice regarding your life other then to just lower your pants and say, "I want to be a girl."

"Well I guess she could have her teeth knocked out and beaten until she will begs to be a girl," John laughingly said to the other men.

"Maybe, we should just knock her teeth out. It's a good start," the brute that met me when I arrived said.

I didn't have a choice. My face, red-hot from the smack, burned my brain as I undid the waist tie to my orange jumpsuit. My pants floated to the ground and my cock was showing.

"The girl doesn't have any panties on," John said as he grabbed my balls and pulled me closer and then spanked me hard on the ass as he held my cock.

"This is a nice clit, John said as he pulled me with his other hand towards his face again, his breathe filled with testosterone aroma.

"Look you little cunt. You will respond to all feminine names. You will do whatever any man asks you to do. You will do these things because if you don't I'll cut off your balls and make you swallow them. I'll knock your teeth out and then we'll still use you. There is much for you to learn."

I couldn't understand why I started getting an erection. It wasn't much but I knew John could feel it. Embarrassed I looked at him as he slapped my ass and commanded me to say, "Yes Sir."

"Those will be two words of the four words you are allowed to utter unless asked or given the freedom to speak. Now go over to Mike and bend over. He's going to fuck your cunt and fill it with spunk."

And with that John took his hand and lightly smacked my other cheek a reminder of his power over me. I shimmied over to Mike with my pants restricting my movement. I knew I was crying inside but only one tear fell across my cheek.

But let me take you back to yesterday. It was after I had been convicted and finally sentenced to life in prison. I'm 22 years old and I had been busted a couple of times before for cocaine and pills but this time the solution wasn't just detoxing and doing community service. No, this was not so easily solved. My parents had died about 3 years ago and I had just struck out on my own. No relatives. Having just moved to this state a few months earlier I had yet to make friends, just acquaintances. After my parents were buried, there was less then $1,000 distributed to me. So, I had started working, traveling around the country looking for work and getting into trouble, as I mentioned.

Here it is 2015 and the same drug laws had caused me a record but they were the least of my trouble. I live in the most unpopulated state in the country. It's a very gun toting unforgiving citizenry and I had crashed my car while drunk into a group of women and children sitting on a curbside bench. Two mothers had died and one child was severely injured. An accident but under the law I could be convicted and put to death or a life sentence without parole. The prosecutor had given me a choice and as the trial wasn't going well I chose to plead to murder and take the life sentence without parole.

Being 5'6' with fair skin and shoulder length blond hair (I hadn't cut it since my parents died) I was a bit worried about going to prison. I asked if I could get a haircut but was informed that would all be handled once I got to the prison.

From the courthouse I was flown by helicopter to this remote location where the prison was situated. The helicopter landed outside the prison walls near a small building that came out from the prison walls to where the heliport was.

Before we landed I saw the walls and a garden, which looked like several acres surrounded by an inner wall and an outer wall.

The helicopter landed and I was escorted to a corridor and into a room where there was just a chair with two metal walls forming a V. The room was wider at the end I came in but narrowed to just a steel column at the other.

"Sit," the guard from the helicopter said and then he walked out and the door I came in and I was sealed shut in this steel trap. Suddenly the walls floor and therefore the chair moved in a circle darkening until stopping after ninety degrees. It was a moonless dark and a voice began to echo on the steel.

"You are now at the most maximum security prison on earth. This prison currently holds 86 prisoners. Men who are all serving life sentences without parole and, like you, none of them have any living relatives. Unlike any other prison, this one has no guards. The prisoners run the entire prison. No one can escape. You cannot dig under the wall since this is built on solid granite. Nor go over it. Besides it height of 50 feet there are many other security measures. Those who have tried have been succumbed by just one of these security measures, an electronic pulse to their brain. As you enter just remember you are past the point where civil society cares. You are now a prisoner guarded by men like yourself."

Then I moved again until I came back into a dimly lit room with another metal door. The door opened and a group of men stood on the other side.

"John wants us to bring you to him," Mike said. I learned his name on the way to John. Whoever John was. But there was no doubt these men were not going to let me go elsewhere. Silently I walked with Mike on one side and another guy they called Shovel on my other side and someone behind me. I was wearing the orange jumpsuit but noticed these men were all dressed in leather, jeans, and chains showing their individuality.

It wasn't long before I was standing in front of John.

Now, I'm bent over, naked from the waist down with Mike inserting what looked like those plungers you use for liquid medicine but a bit larger.

"You are getting a break bitch 'cause I'm lubing your cunt. You'd better remember to always have a fresh supply on you or you'll be dry humped and that won't be a good thing," Mike stated.

Before long he was pounding my ass as the others watched. John saying things like, "sometimes it's your ass and sometimes you cunt depends on what the men on board the lost spaceship want."

One guy in the back said, "yeah, I love to ass fuck and this girl has a sweet little ass."

Mike suddenly started tensing and I felt his semen ooze from his dick into my ass. He pulled out saying, "Now don't lose a drop." When I didn't say anything he slapped my ass and asked, "Do you know what the other words are?"

He mouthed them and I knew, "Thank You Sir," my shaken voice exclaimed.

"Every time a man enters your hole you are to get down after and suck his cock clean and lick his balls, Mike said as he put his hand on my head and pushed a bit until I lowered myself to my knees and cleaned his cock."

"Good girl," Mike extolled, "now go with Jimmy there to Mary who will get you all ready for the rest of your life. And take your clothes off first. You won't need them anymore.'

I was mortified as I walked away naked with Jimmy escorting me.

When I got to Mary's little enclave I knew why she was called Mary. She was as gay as they come. Her little feminine room with all the accoutrement of a woman's needs.

Jimmy had instructed me to do everything Mary said to and if I didn't, well there'd be more then just 'Mike's spunk up your ass."

Mary taped something over a patch of my pubic hair and put a shower cap like thing covering all my hair and told me to get into the upright tube. Stepping in the door closed. I was in the dark. I heard some electrical noise but didn't feel anything and then I felt some warm lotion stuff sprayed all over my exposed skin.

In about 5 minutes I emerged and I was completely hairless and smooth.

"Every week we will do that. Now sit down there while I do your hair and we can talk."

I looked up afraid to say anything but the few words I was given permission to say but Mary just waved her hand in understanding and said, "You are always allowed to talk with me."

My first word was, "Why?"

Mary hushed me and said, "Why doesn't mean anything to you anymore."

"But Mary, you are the perfect girl for them, why me?"

"Ah, because I'm gay and they don't want a swish. I have a couple of men friends here but the majority of the men aren't gay. But they still get horny and only certain type will do. They've waited nearly a year for you to come. The last guy/girl began to object to some of the things she was asked to do. So John, cut her balls off and made her eat them. Then another insolent moment and John hit her so hard she fell and cracked her skull open."

"Wait," I said as Mary finished washing my hair, cutting it a bit, and then putting in aluminum foil. The smell was very strong. "Why didn't they put John in solitary?" "Girl, I'm only allowed to call you that, this prison is not monitored. It is a new way to cut expenses on caring for life without parole prisoners. The economy got rough about 6 years ago and so this idea was hatched and in this state they figure this is both economical and humane. Anyhow, they are really excited that they have a new girl. BTW, don't ever answer back. Don't ever try to enjoy it like I would. In 5 or 10 years someone new will come along and you can live the rest of your time here in peace. There's one guy they've let do that. He lives by himself. You'll get to meet him someday."

Mary continued, "Now spread your fingers into this machine and your toes in the one below. Look at the screen, it will show some styles and colors. In time you'll enjoy choosing but for today," Mary leaned over and pressed the one label fuchsia, "this is the best for what you'll be wearing."

A few minutes later Mary had me take my hands and feet out and I looked and saw I had a perfect manicure and pedicure. The bottom of my feet felt so soft.

"Those are French tipped and pink nail polish, very bubblegum girlie. A good way to start and what I was told to do. Remove the taped heart on you pubes."

I took it off and I could see I had a very groomed small heart above my dick and on a slant four letters were made from removing hair inside the heart. It said, CUNT.

"Isn't it cute?" Mary cooed, "Modern science for girls."

My stomach ached and I felt some of Mike's cum ooze out of my ass onto the cloth seat. I knew Mary would see it and I didn't want her too.

You'll learn how to do all this yourself in time but I'm always here to keep you looking your best. So until you learn the only thing you need to remember is your lipstick and pussy stick."

"Pussy Sticks! What are you talking about? I asked as Mary directed me over to a table that looked like a massage table or something and had me lie down. The next thing I remember is coming out of grogginess with my chest hurting a little.

"Oh, good girl you're waking up. So you don't freak out, you were put under and given a magical set of A cup tits," Mary giggled.

"What the fuck have you done to me," I cried out.

"Hey, would you prefer to eat your balls?" Mary sternly asked.

Sulking back I could see these new tits and my new areola. They were pink with a puffy girl nipple and tits. I did start crying then.

"It may be from your first dose of hormones girl," Mary said as she held my hand and helped me up. She walked me over to a full-length mirror and I stood there shocked.

Just hours ago I was a young man. Now, everything about me was girlie except for my dick. I looked and saw I was wearing pierced earrings. My eyebrows had been reshaped and even my eyelashes were longer. My hair was completely girl blond now with curls falling to my shoulders. There was a tattoo of a long stemmed rose on my inner left thigh and a belly ring shaped in a girl symbol. You know the one that is a cross below a round head.

Looking closer I noticed my lips were fuller with a light pink shade to them when Mary said, "Yes, we made your lips a bit fuller added a bit of permanent color which will help you and the eyelashes are a new genetic formula. The eyeliner is permanent. Someday they may want some piercing but not today. You may feel a bit more hormonal since you have taken a once a month estrogen booster. If you are lucky in a few months you'll be a BB. But the guys don't want you big chested. Some long ago voting etc."

"Ok, we should get you dressed now since you must be presentable to meet everyone at dinner."

Mary grabbed my hand and nearly dragged over to the closet. Before long I was wearing a pink blouse with a loose and draping opening over my tits. It had puffy sleeves and then I handed me a crinoline skirt. The waistband was a bit of a tummy tucker thing and the skirt was very short. The she helped put on some black thigh stockings and attached the garters, which were built into the skirt. Of course I had pink panties matching my blouse but no bra.

Next, she showed me how to put lipstick using the lip liner, lip-gloss, and a spray of some very sexy feminine perfume and an hour of training in the black high heels.

I know you wonder why I didn't complain more. But I did and each time Mary would go into what it was like watching the guy chew and swallow his balls. She explained that John was in here for murder and the details she said were suppose to be beyond gruesome. Also, I could feel some drug was in my system, something making me more docile. I didn't know what it was but I wondered why I wasn't having rage. Of course I was scared of John but I should have also screamed. No, I'm not allowed to scream. What should I do? I started to cry.

"It's ok girl, I understand," Mary said as she handed me a small black beaded purse which she opened and showed me had four syringes, lipstick and some tissues.

"That's all you'll need tonight I was told earlier. Now let's get you back to John so he can take you to dinner. Oh, I know you leaked a little man juice earlier, try not to do that since if your panties are wet you'll get a spanking."

"I need to take a piss Mary."

"Listen girl, never say piss again. It's pee or peepee. And the other is poop or poopie. Also, A small secret, the other girl they eventually started using bathroom control on her."

"What's that," I asked?

"Never mind we'll be late and that won't do at all." And with that Mary grabbed my hand and started leading me back to John.

"Psst...I forgot to tell you. Always curtsy. Watch me when we get there. You take your thumb and forefinger and hold the sides of your skirt. Well just watch me and do it. You don't want a good spanking before dinner. Then you won't be able to sit at the table.

"Mary, I look like a slut," I whispered as we walked down the hall. The hour of training helped me walk but it was still hard.

"That's the idea Girl," Mary said and then we were back where John was.

Mary stopped, curtsied (I watched her) and said, "Sir may I present Girl." And then put her hand behind my back touching me forward.

"Yes, come here puss lips," John commanded.

I hesitated since I wasn't sure if he meant Mary.

"Look you cunt, just so you know, Mary is always Mary. All the other names are you. So if someone says, get you little cunt over here it means YOU."

I walked over. I could feel my tiny tits rubbing against the soft satiny blouse. It was a sensation my brain couldn't comprehend as my nipples hardened from the feeling.

In front of John I just couldn't hold back. But I knew I couldn't scream or yell so I begged.

Please, Please can I just please be allowed to go to my cell. I won't bother anyone, I promise. I'll do anything and then I started to cry.

John rose from his chair. He towered over me in both mass and height. I was about 140 lbs and as I told you 5' 6" tall. Anyhow, he didn't scream or yell at me. Instead he put his arm around me as if to console me.

"Listen sweet cheeks, there is no going back anymore. You are who I want you to be. Now because we are going to dinner I am not going to spank you now for not curtsying and for using words you aren't allowed to use. Each infraction is 50 swats so later you're up to 100 before bed tonight."

John brushed my hair to the side and he must have motioned to someone because shortly thereafter he put a collar on me. The he held a mirror so I could see. The collar was pink leather with flowers and a metal plate in the front that said, "I'M A CUNT".

"Every time you doll yourself up you'll read that and know who you are," John said as he then turned me and put his hand on my waist saying, "Now we go to dinner. And you will only eat the food you are served. No snacks. If you're a very good girl you may be given a treat. If you are bad you will eat from a bowl like a dog. But you will learn more of the rules over the days. Today is a celebration. It's Pussy Day and you are the pussy."

With that I started walking with him and his hand suddenly lowered and then I felt his fingers under the skirt touching my ass through my panties.

As he rubbed and felt my ass he asked, "Did you enjoy Mike's cum in you?"

I knew what I had to say. I was shaking and a weak "Yes Sir" pushed out through my lips. My lips being a little fatter made it sound a little different then my voice before.

"And, would you enjoy being our favorite cum girl?" he asked.

I hesitated and he slapped my ass.

"Yes Sir."

We entered the cafeteria like dinning room and John stopped and said, "Girl, meet half your new boyfriends and masters. Now curtsy and tell them what Mike did to you and how you liked it," John said and then whispered, "this is when you can say something other then those four words."

I curtsied. It was more like a semi plie and told the men how Mike had cum in my pussy and how I liked it and hoped they would like to do it to me too.

The men started laughing and some were shouting "WOOT." Other's said things like, "I have a year of cum for you babe in my balls," or "I hope you like giving blow jobs."

Then we walked over to what must have been John's table since there was a nice chair for him and next to his chair was a metal stool, which had been shortened by about six inches.

John said, "Now my little cunt you will wait for the men to sit down and then you will sit but not on your skirt," and with that John sat down and finally I did too, my ass feeling the cold of the metal and my face barely higher then the table.

"Sir, I need to go pee."

" Well that's another 50 swats," John said. And, I saw another man pull out a small notepad and write something down.

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