Prison Guards


It all happened so fast, my boyfriend had the brilliant idea that we'd rob a bank and go off and live like kings in some tropical island for the rest of our lives and I was naive enough to believe him, but that's how a twenty year old girl landed in the Fulsom State Prison for the rehabilitation of women, in Peachtree, Georgia in 1966. Back then there were not the kind of rights there are today, especially in the south, you had male guards guarding the female prisoners and they pretty much did whatever they wanted with you. Especially if you were a slim twenty year old with firm tits and a nice round ass.

My eighteen months there were quite an experience, and looking back I guess that is when I really became such a cock hound and learned to love fucking, sucking cocks and cum so much. My pussy, mouth and ass were used quite well those almost two years.

It started the first few hours after we were arrested, we were in a holding cell in the local county jail. There were three other very rough men in there with us while we were awaiting arraignment, two black men and a white guy. After the guard put us in the cell and left, they immediately started to harass me and then one held my boyfriend down and the other two made me suck their cocks. They took turns fondling me while each one came in my mouth.

After I was convicted, they sent me to State Prison, the first day I was terrified, other inmates were yelling at me and threatening me, after lights out a couple of guards came to my cell and blindfolded me and they took me to a room. They stripped off my prison issued uniform, bra and panties, I was totally naked and they pushed me down on my knees and cuffed my hands over a cot so my pussy, mouth and ass were easily available to them and boy they used them well. There must have been 12 to 15 guards come around that night and pound their dicks in my holes, they said it was my "initiation party" so everyone on duty had to get a turn with the newest piece of ass to come in. Over and over they came in my pussy, ass and my mouth, I constantly had a cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time for what seemed like hours. I must have swallowed at least 10 loads of cum and taken twice that many in my snatch and ass that first night.

At first I resisted, so they had to restrain me each time they fucked me but eventually I thought; what the hell, I might as well enjoy lots of hard cock, most of the other bitches in here probably would have loved to get some cock. Some of the guards were actually good looking men that I would have probably dated on the outside anyway. Some were overweight rednecks but I just closed my eyes and pretended I was fucking a football team or something.

Eventually it got to the point where they did not have to restrain me any longer, I would willingly fuck them whether there were two, five or ten guards that session. But at times they still restrained me just for the sheer enjoyment of having me blindfolded and chained up while they fucked me.

Fucking the guards became a routine I looked forward to several times a week. After lights out a guard would come to my cell to get me, he would handcuff me and lead me to the room, he would usually have me suck him and he would rub my tits and lick my pussy to get me "prepared" for the night. They had the room set up like a lounge for fucking the inmates. There were couches and chairs where some of the guys would sit around relaxing and they had a few cots and benches in the room for special fucking techniques and positions. The first thing they would do is strip me naked and push me down on my hands and knees and I would go down the line of cocks sitting on the couch, sucking each one until it shot off in my mouth while jacking off the cocks on either side, while I was sucking and stroking the guards on the couch another one or two or three would take turns and mount me from behind and fuck me doggy style until they blew their loads in me.

During the times when I had my period and they could not use my pussy, they would handcuff my hands behind my back and push me down on my knees and stand around shoving cock after cock in my mouth, sometimes two at a time, cuming all over my face and tits, I'd be covered in the luscious gooey stuff, it was dripping all over my tits and bush, but that was alright since I love the taste and smell of cum. They seemed to enjoy the site of that.

They used to love to have me service three or more cocks at once by fucking me in the ass and the pussy and have me suck a dick at the same time too. A guy would sit on the couch and I would get on top of him and slide his cock in my pussy, then another guy would lube his cock up and slide into my ass while I sucked the cock of a guy standing behind the couch, they pounded me so hard, it was always a hot scene and I always came when they did that, I love the feeling of being filled up with three pumping horney cocks. I believe the guards were actually before their time because today they call that a "DP" for double penetration. I have always loved a good "DP", the feeling of being totally filled with cock and fucking them until they explode with their warm gooey cum, um um that's good stuff.

It really got them excited when I would go on about what a slut I was and how much I loved to suck and fuck their cocks and drink their loads of warm cum. The guards loved me, I was their favorite piece of ass in the whole place and they treated me like queen in there, just about anything I wanted I got. Many of the other inmates were jealous of my special treatment and were mean to me and threatened to "get" me, but the guards gave me protection from them, except one day when I was on laundry duty, several other girls jumped me tied me up and forced me to lick their pussies while they fucked and spanked my ass with a broomstick. My ass was so sore after that, I kept far away from them after that night. It was much better fucking the guards.

When I was about to be paroled they threw one last "bash" before I was released, they took me to the Warden's study, we all got drunk on beer they brought in and they fucked my pussy silly, they all said they wanted to get one last piece of the good stuff before they had to back to fucking the other "skanks" in this place. I took on all of them, I sucked cock after cock, fucked each cock again and again with my pussy and ass. They fucked me on the floor, on the wardens' couch, even on the desk. I drank load after load of cum and I was covered with the stuff, it was all over my face, tits, stomach, back and running down my thighs, I was a mess but I had countless orgasms and I felt very satisfied afterwards. I could barely walk strait the next day when I walked out of that place. Yea, I have some fond memories of my time in Fulsom County Prison but I'd rather not go back, there is plenty of good hard cock on the outside too. I'll tell you about that another time...

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