tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrison Life Pt. 01: The Arrival

Prison Life Pt. 01: The Arrival


The characters in this story are over the age of 18.

This is my second ever story, and my first ever story that I hope to turn into a multi-part series. If you like it, let me know and I'll start uploading the rest. If you don't like it, let me know why and I'll try and re-work it so it's more acceptable.


The bus pulled up at the prison at 11am sharp. Charlotte's eyes stared out of the window as she wondered how her life lead her up to this moment. She had been a good person. A decent person. She didn't deserve to pay for her boyfriends crime.

Her boyfriend, Matthew, had been arrested at the same time as her. Unknown to her, he was manufacturing and distributing drugs to people all over the city. He used his job at their local fast food restaurant to his advantage. Any customer who came up and ordered a 'sugar special' was told a price to represent the time at which they should collect their 'order'. $9.30 meant 9:30pm. $12.00 meant midnight. You get the picture. Charlotte had no idea about any of this, and unbeknown to her, when the cops came to their door, she was thought of as an accomplice. The two were sent to two different prisons; an all male prison, and an all female prison. With Matthew getting 25 years, and Charlotte only getting 5.

There were several other women on the bus. Most of them looked like they belong. Tough, tattooed, tattered clothes, while the remaining few looked as innocent as Charlotte; nice clothes, straightened hair, a professional posture.

A small strand of Charlotte's short, slightly wavy red hair fell into her face as she looked down in shame and fear. This whole experience would change her life. Only, not in the way that she had thought. Because she was facing down, Charlotte didn't immediately notice when the bus drove through the prison gates and into the closed fenced in area.

When the noise of the inmates became too loud to ignore, Charlotte looked up and out of the window. She couldn't believe her eyes. Every single woman she saw, besides women in the bus, was totally and completely naked. No shirt on their torsos. No pants on their legs. No shoes on their feet. Not even a single prisoner number. 100% nude.

The guards on the other hand were only very slightly more dressed, wearing only guard hats, black boots, and belts around their waist, holstering a gun on the right side, mace on the left, and a baton on the back. But other than those, they were naked as well.

The bus doors opened, and one by one, all the women on the bus stood and headed for the exit. As Charlotte got closer and closer to the outside, she could make out what the inmates were saying in the roar of the crowd.





A guard came up to the women and ordered them to head towards the gates. Charlotte couldn't help but look around at the hoard of nude women all touching themselves, and each other, while yelling about how they were going to fuck them. A lot of them had their pussies on display as they fiercely rubbed them. Some bent over and spread their ass cheeks to show the new girls. Some only turned and shook their asses. Some where squeezing and playing with their tits. While some were kissing and touching and licking each other, to show the newbies what they would be in for once they walked through those big wooden doors.

Charlotte couldn't help but blush.


The women were escorted into the prison, through the corridors, and past other prisoners until they ended up in one of the cell-blocks. They all stood in a row, side to side and faced the two guards in front of them. Silence filled the air, and was only broken by the sound of high heels growing louder and louder, until the women wearing them revealed herself. She stood between the guards and faced the women. Wearing black heels, a tight white skirt that stopped just above her knees, a white suit jacket with nothing underneath, made clear by the fact that it hung open, revealing her naked torso yet hiding her nipples, and black rectangular glasses. The white suit matched her somewhat tanned skin. Not too pale, yet not too dark either. Her hair was a neat black bob-cut, and her style was finished off by her blood red lipstick.

She was the warden.

"Hello ladies!", the warden said, loudly and firmly. "I am Nicole Dane, or as you will now refer to me as, Warden Dane. I run this prison, and my word is law. As you may have noticed, there is no uniform in this facility." She began to slowly pace back and forth in front of the new inmates. "In too many prison around the world, violence occurs when prisoners hide weapons in their clothes to use when it it more convenient for them. Not here. In here, there is no place where a prisoner can hide such a weapon without it being immediately noticeable. So, with that being said..." she stopped back where she started, in between the two guards and in front of the women. "...take your clothes off."

All women were startled by this. They had to strip right now? They assumed there would be a but more privacy, if even for a little while.

"Shoes, socks, bras, panties, and everything else. Off. Now." The warden stated. The two guards reached behind them and each pulled out the batons. "I wont ask again." Warden Dane said with a smile.

The line of women did as they were told, each taking off their clothes in their own way. Some removed their shoes first, others their coats, others their pants. Charlotte began by taking off her shoes. A simple pair of Vans-like skate shoes. Next, her white socks came off, leaving her bare feet touching the cold concrete floor. She undid her belt buckle as well as the top button of her jeans, before unzipping them and pulling them down. She pulled them off of her ankles and left them on the floor. Using both hands, she lifted her t-shirt over her torso and over her head, dropping it on top of her jeans. Stood in only her pink panties and matching bra, Charlotte thought it best not to keep anyone waiting. She reached behind and unclasped her bra, letting it fall the the floor and releasing her 36DD sized breasts.

Charlotte's eyes never left the ground as she stared ahead, trying to imagine herself somewhere else; maybe at home, undressing after a long hard day at work. Finally, she bent over and slipped her panties off, dropping them also on to her pile of clothes.

There she stood, as naked as the day she was born, with her tits and waxed pussy on display in front of the warden and her two guards. Charlotte could notice the warden looking each woman up and down as they disrobed. Charlotte's fair skin matched her red hair. Her somewhat slender stomach was sandwiched between her rather large breasts and evenly large hips. Despite being only 29, she had the body of a mature older woman. She could remember first meeting Matthew and him being blown away by the fact that the two of them were the same age. He thought for sure she was some hot, sexy mom. Many couples have pet names for each other, Charlotte's and Matthew's were a little different to most. Matthew would call her 'Milf', while Charlotte referred to him as 'Toy-boy'.

Charlotte snapped out of her memories and looked at where she was. Standing naked in a cell block of a prison next to 9 other equally naked women.

"Good", said warden Dane, happy with the inmates. "Inspection time." With those two words, another pair of guards arrive, both wearing the same attire as the others; boots, belt, hat, and nothing more. They took their place next to the first woman in line. One of them stood behind the prisoner, removed their baton, and placed it between the prisoners thighs.

"Open." She demanded.

The prisoner, a petite young thing with straight blonde hair, no older that 25, did as she was told and gently spread her legs. As she did, she was forced to bend over by the other guard. Before she could even register what was happening, one of the guards fingers was thrust into her asshole. The petite blonde let out a tiny squeal, and her legs began to quiver. The guard had her finger deep in the blonde's ass for well over a minute, searching for anything that could be hidden up there.

After she was done, she changed her position so that her back was to the blonde, before interlocking each other's arms, bending over, and lifting her onto her back, acting like a human table. The blonde woman was leaning back, her bare feet barely touching the floor, as the second guard came over to her, and like the guard before her, shoved her finger up the blonde's pussy, searching for anything she could find. After at least 2 minutes of searching, and a second finger being inserted, the two guards let the woman be, and moved on to the next in line.

Eventually, it was Charlotte's turn to be inspected. One of the guards stood behind her, and instinctively, Charlotte spread her legs and bent over. Without hesitation, the guard thrust a finger into her asshole. There was a slight uncomfortable feeling, but nothing that Charlotte hadn't felt before. After about a minute, the guard popped out her finger and switched position. Just like the women before, Charlotte was held on to the back of the guard, her feet barely touching the floor as she was bent backwards, and her legs fell open. The second guard took her position and interred a finger deep into Charlotte's pussy. A wave of embarrassment flowed over her. She was nude. In front of total strangers. Practically being masturbated. The most humiliating part of it all, was the fact that somewhere, deep down, Charlotte enjoyed the feeling of it all.

After a few minutes, the inspection was complete, with each prisoners feeling weak at the knees.

"You will now, one by one, be taken to your new homes to meet your cellmates." All of a sudden, another pair of guards approached. They each wrapped an arm around the first woman in line. One guard took her by the left arm, the other by the right. The petite blonde woman was lifted just slightly off the ground by the guards, causing her to walk on her toes along with them as they took her to her cell.

The small blonde was taken to a cell, where a tall, muscular woman whose hair was big, black, and curly, was waiting. The woman was thrown in without a care, but was caught in the arm of the muscular one.

"Thanks, Rodgers.", she stated with a wink. "You know I like 'em short." The blonde had a worried look on her face as the muscular woman looked down at her with a grin and held her firmly against her in her arms.

With that, the cell door was closed and the two guards walked away, back to the line. One by one, the women were taken away to different cells on different floors until it was Charlotte's turn. Each guard wrapped an arm around each of Charlotte's and took her to her cell. Up the first set of stairs and all the way to the end of the walkway was the destination. The cell door was opened, and Charlotte was thrown inside.

Inside the cell stood Charlotte's cellmate. She was average height, with hips and thighs to rival Charlotte's, but with a smaller bust. The most noticeable thing about her was her hair. Half of it was shaved perfectly down the middle. The right side of her head was buzz-cut short, and on the left side, her jet black, layered hair swept down to her chin. She looked like a biker punk. Had she been wearing clothes, they most definitely would've been torn jeans, a leather jacket, spiky boots, and no doubt a cigarette hanging from her lips.

After Charlotte was inside, one of the guards shut the cell door, locked it, and walked away. The punk woman stood still. She hadn't moved since Charlotte had arrived at the cell. She was stood at an angle, with her right side aimed at the cell bars, and her head facing the same way. Her sharp eyes stared at Charlotte. Before long, the silence between them was broken.

"H-Hi. I-I'm Charlotte.", was all she could muster up. She had one arm over her tits, the other over her crotch. Her cellmate looked her up and down before replying "...Zoe." Zoe. Seemed a fitting name.

"You can drop 'em." Zoe said, her eyes pointing at Charlotte's arms before going straight back to her eyes. Slowly, Charlotte let her arms fall to her sides. The two naked women stood in that tiny cell together. "Nice to meet'cha." Zoe said with a smirk.



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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/22/18

Great start and please keep writing :)

Great start. Please keep writing :)

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by Anonymous06/07/18

Great and interesting start....waiting for next part.

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I like it so far

It’s definitely a good start and interesting.

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by Nude_Writer05/19/18

Response to Phaesporia

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely want to get better at writing so your comments help. In response to the whole "being 29 with a mature body thing"; yeah I'm not really sure what I meant by that either.more...

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by Phaesporia05/19/18

A fair first attempt

A couple of SpaG issues in need of editing - missing apostrophes, women instead of woman etc.

Also, ' Despite being only 29, she had the body of a mature older woman' - what does this mean? At 29, allmore...

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