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Prison Love


I never expected prison to be like it was. Sure, I had heard all the stories about rape in prison, and the gay guys, but I never, ever believed it. I would always laugh, and punch them. But then, I got into real trouble. It was the day I took a chair and threw it, and it shattered, blinding a person by hitting him in the eyes. I got three weeks in prison and then 40 hours community service. I was very stressed.

So, I was practically being dragged down the dark, murky hallway of the prison cell, the guards telling me to stand up and move right, not layin' around on my lazy ass. It was bad enough I was in prison, let alone being dragged into it. My knee's scraped the floor mercilessly. All around, the men yelled out jokes to me, a few whistling. I've been regarded as good looking by most people. I've had my share of girls, sure, sex, love, whatever. But never before prison had I even thought of getting fucked or being fucked by a man. It . . . Was somehow too strange. So, naturally, when I was thrown in my prison cell, that wasn't what I was thinking about. I was more planning a way out, hardly noticing the big, husky male sitting on the bed, looking at me. After about an hour, I sat down on the cot, and turned to see him. I was a bit startled, but I really didn't care that he was there. Not yet, at least. The guy was big. Really big. His arms must've been twice the size of mine, and he had half a foot on me. I was strong, but no where near that strong. He looked at me for a while.

Finally, the guards yelled lights out, and suddenly, all the lights went out except for a few dim lights in each cell, barely illuminating it. Suddenly, the cot creaked, and in the dim light I saw the man stand up and stretch. Good, I thought, I can lie down now. I was just leaning over when he grasped my shoulder and pulled me to my feet, hard. He pulled me in tight, and looked at me, and once again did a grin. It was a wide, meaningful grin. As I got closer and closer, I could feel his cock beneath his uniform. It was semi-erect, and wanting me. I knew it. I tried to step back, but he held me tight. I couldn't yell for some strange reason.

All I knew was that he was suddenly kissing me, tongue flying deep in my mouth, licking the inside of it. He began to take the zipper on the orange suit down, slowly as he kissed me. I didn't kiss back. Once again, I attempted to break loose, but couldn't. It was too hard to. Pretty soon, the zipper was all the way down, and he began to remove the suit, finally lifting me up high, and getting it from around my legs. All that was left were my boxer shorts. He seemed to hate them, nearly ripping them off, which he could have with his grip. He continued to pull them off until they were on top of my suit.

Still kissing me, he put me down naked, cock draped down limp. Finally, he stopped and began to strip down fast. The kiss wasn't bad, just like every girl-kiss, just from a guy. In a few seconds he was totally naked, bare penis exposed. It was amazingly huge, about one and a half times the width of mine and almost twice as long at 16 inches. It was a true mammoth. I had never seen something like that before. My mouth dropped. He smiled, and turned me around. It was then it suddenly hit me he was going to rape my ass, with that huge slab of meat, my ass which had never even had a normal sized penis in it. I knew if I resisted it would hurt more, so I meekly bent over, cock limp and down. Then, I felt it on my cheeks, grazing them until it reached the hole, slowly entering in.

The mammoth head moved with purpose, flowing into me, and suddenly pumping deep inside. It hurt. But it was amazingly good. My cock was erect as stone in a flash, and he somehow knew it, and grabbed it in his powerful hands, jacking me off slowly, pumping in behind. It hurt so good, and I remember his huge width and length sliding into me, pumping in and out. I was in ecstasy, near crying out in pleasure. I never realized guys could be so great to have in you. I felt a build up inside of me, and my prick began to throb lightly, sperm building up. Soon I would explode into his hand. I could feel his wonderful manhood begin to vibrate slowly, and I could only imagine what it would be like, a cock of that size, and his huge sac, erupting in orgasm, his warm cum flowing around inside of my hot ass.

His pumping of manhood and stroking of my cock became more and more rapid, more fierce, more pleasurable. In and out, over and over, he stroked and pumped, until I could stand it no longer. In a cry of pure orgasm, I erupted in his hands, shooting a load over his hands and outward. Again and again I came, stronger than I ever had cum before, my sperm flowing freely. It stopped a little while later, and I grew limp in his hands. Suddenly, on an huge inward thrust, I was hard again, and suddenly felt warm cum flow into my ass wall. It was so amazing, not only in force and pleasure, but in amount. It seemed never-ending, a continuous flow of amazing liquid inside my tight ass crack.

Finally, he came out of me, limp again but still huge, and kneeled down, and immediately began to kiss the head of my cock. The cum dripped out of my ass and onto the floor, as he began to kiss and lick all over, including my sac. He got me harder and harder and almost vertical before he took me in. Looking up and me, he slipped his mouth over my erection slowly and with skill. He began to slide his mouth along the head and shaft, up and down with speed and skill, twirling his tongue around my pre-cummed head, until finally, he slipped it down. I felt it press against the back of his throat, and yet he pushed it down his throat.

He got all the way down the shaft until no more was left, and cupped my balls. Orgasm was once upon me, my body racking with burst after burst of warm, tasty cum. I felt it all around, swishing in his mouth, around my cock, warming it, keeping it hard despite ejaculation. Finally, it was gone. He swallowed every last drop. Now, me still in his mouth, he moved me to the cot. Pushing me down, he actually got under me by lifting me up, and laying' me horizontally, gazing at the giant penis, amazingly stiff

Struggling, I spread my lips wide and took it in, determined to get it down and into my mouth. Finally, I got the wide head and a few other inches in, until it pressed against the inside of my throat, warm pre-cum tipping it, flowing very slightly. And then he thrust it forward. I nearly gagged as it went straight down my throat and back up again, but it was great to have this 8th wonder of the world in my mouth. This was the Mount Everest of cocks, tall and vertical. Mine was not as large, but he had his fun with it. However, I was more interested with his luscious manhood now, twirling my tongue around it's head and part of the shaft, licking the pre-cum off. It went on like that in a 69 position for a while, sucking licking and kissing the beautiful cocks of each other. Then it happened. In a flash, the white cum burst into my mouth, warm, yet wonderfully tasting. I swallowed it as fast as I could, but couldn't keep up, and some of his cum dripped out of my mouth, running down his cock or off my face.

We did a lot that night. By the time the guard patrol was on its way down, we both had cleaned up and had clothes on, sleeping on the cot. The guards never knew. We knew the guy across had watched, but he kept his mouth shut, wanting to see the fucking action between these two hot studs as they rammed each other every night. We were amazing until I got out of prison. I did the service and then I went looking for playmates. I had sex with a lot of guys, although I still screwed girlie pussies once in a while, and both were exciting. Gang bangs were fun, and the guy got out of prison one day. Turns out he was in there for raping someone. Funny . . . If he hadn't forced himself on me, I might never have been able to have one of the best fucks of my life!

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