tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 04

Prison School Ch. 04


Mike and Vern walked into Dorm 2 and noticed that most of the guys were in the rec. room. If anyone was aware that they came in together, nothing was mentioned. Most of the men were used to seeing the kitchen crew come in a little later anyway. They went to their lockers, got towels, soap, and clean boxers, and headed to the shower. Since most of the guys had showered before dinner, the shower stall was empty.

Dropping their dirty clothes on the floor, they entered the shower, adjusting the temperature of the water. Vern, smiling, "Is our deal still on?"

"You bet!" Mike responded, "I'm looking forward to it! You can wash your own face, then I'll go to work on those grass stains that are on your back."

Both men washed their faces and hair, then Mike soaped up a washcloth, turned Vern toward the wall, and scrubbed Vern's back side, paying special attention to his crack, crotch and the low hanging scrotum. Once done washing his legs, he turned Vern around, facing him. Starting at his shoulders, Mike worked on the front side. Vern raised his arms, giving Mike access to his underarms. Mike worked his way down and played with Vern's nipples, causing Vern to shiver a little.

Vern stated, "Careful, do you know there is a direct connection between a man's nipples and his cock?"

Mike, grinning, "Sure I know! Why do you think I spent so much time there?"

Mike worked his way down, washing Vern's belly, abdomen, and pubes, then carefully washing his genitals, tenderly cleaning every part of Vern's now very erect penis.

"Now look what you've done!" exclaimed Vern, "You know how my boners don't like to die easily!"

"I'll bet I can kill it!" Mike said, then realizing Vern's legs were so short, even kneeling, his mouth would not be able to reach Vern's dick. "You know, this will be a different experience for me. I've never sucked a black cock before." Mike re-adjusted, sitting his butt on the floor of the shower, then taking that beautiful black member in his mouth.

"Oh my god!" Vern exclaimed, "That feels so fucking good! Ooooh! I thought we just came in here to shower."

Mike, removing his mouth for a minute, "Just one of the advantages of showering with a friend! Your pre is mighty tasty. I so want to taste your cum! You're kind of big but I'll do the best I can to satisfy you." Mike took Vern back in his mouth, and resumed.

"Please don't stop! You are one of the best cocksuckers I've ever been with. And I mean that as a complement." Vern continued, breathing heavily. "I think it feels almost better than fucking! This is awesome! I am gonna cum soon if you keep this up, do you want a warning?"

Mike, dripping precum, just shook his head as a "No" while gripping Vern's cute black buns and holding the little body close. Mike was feeling Vern's cock starting to pulse, and knew he was about to be rewarded.

Vern, his body starting to quiver, "Oh Jesus, This is incredible! I can't hold it off much longer. I-I-I Unghhhhhhhhh!" he groaned.

Vern erupted into Mike's mouth, with 2 or 3 ropes of cum hitting his throat. Mike then milked Vern's cock, keeping the last of his cream on his tongue, savoring every drop.

"Vern, have you ever tasted your own cum?" Mike asked.


"You need to. Yours is just about the sweetest, best tasting cum I've ever had in my mouth!" Mike stated, "and I've swallowed a lot of cum in my time." Then, "Thanks for that shot of protein, I could handle that more often. Have you forgotten the other half of our deal?"

"No, just give me a minute to get my strength back." replied Vern. "I might just try a taste next time I jerk off. I feel so clean, outside and inside. You really drained me, and it was nothing short of awesome! Thanks Mike. I'm ready to scrub your white ass."

Vern started out, pretty much the same way as Mike had, working his way down Mike's back to his buns. He paid particular attention to Mike's crack and anus, removing that dried on cum from their earlier encounter.

Vern said, "Get down on your knees, and stick up your ass, so I can really get it clean." Mike complied. Vern then got on his knees, spreading Mike's cheeks, then used his tongue to lick around Mike's taint.

"Oh gawd!" Mike uttered, "You're gonna make me hot!"

"You're already a hot motherfucker!" Vern stated, "Ever been rimmed?"

"Actually, no." Mike answered, "Never been rimmed and never rimmed anybody. I always thought it was kind of nasty. If you do it to me, I'm gonna have a problem kissing you, knowing where that tongue has been."

Vern really liked kissing with Mike, so decided not to try rimming him. Mike and Vern both stood up, Vern started to wash Mike's front side in a similar fashion as Mike had done. Vern carefully washed Mike's scrotum, crotch and very erected cock, taking time to lick off the pre that was running out of the slit.

"I think I have a favor to return," Vern said, "Do you want me to suck you off or would you rather fuck me? The choice is yours."

Since Mike knew he preferred oral to anal sex, either direction, the answer was easy. "Suck it!"

Vern, being a foot shorter that Mike, easily started to lick Mike's nipples, causing Mike to get hotter. Then quickly licked his way down to the pubes, and then wrapped his mouth around Mike's impressive manhood, using his tongue to tickle the glans and mushroom shaped head. Vern was enjoying the taste of Mike's seemingly endless stream of pre. He was using his right hand to massage Mike's balls. Mike's body stiffened, his head against the shower wall. Mike knew he couldn't hold it off forever, but was trying to not cum too quickly, just enjoying the attention given his member by the experienced Vern.

Vern was slowly but surely moving his hand from the scrotum toward Mike's anus and his finger started to play and feel around Mike's taint. Suddenly, Vern plunged that finger into Mike's hole, causing Mike to jerk forward, almost shoving Vern backwards onto the floor. It wasn't a bad feeling, and didn't really hurt, just that it caught Mike off guard.

"Oh!" Mike blurted.

Vern continued to wiggle his finger inside Mike's hole, trying to touch his finger against Mike's prostate, never losing the suction he had on Mike's cock. He could feel Mike's dick starting to pulse.

Mike suddenly exclaimed, "I'm losing control! I can't hold it off!"

Mike exploded into Vern's waiting mouth and he was swallowing as fast as he could. It wasn't a huge load, as Mike had just gotten off a couple hours earlier. Vern milked the last few drops out of Mike's cock, and pulled off to catch his breath.

The two had already turned off the water in the shower, but they were still wet. They dried each other off and put on clean boxers.

"We need to get some sleep," Vern said, "4:30 comes early."

The two headed out of the bathroom area into the sleeping area. The rest of the men in Dorm 2 , at least most of them, were still in the rec. room, a couple playing pool and most of them watching TV. They don't have to get up till about 6 or 6:30 AM.

Vern flicked off the 2 switches, turning off the bright overhead lights, leaving only the nightlights on. The nightlights were just bright enough so you could see to get around, but not so bright you couldn't sleep. The two men put their dirty clothes in the bottoms of their lockers and sat on their beds, facing each other both wearing boxers.

Mike asked, "Vern, how do you sleep?"

"Very well, thank you. We put in a long day, so sleep usually comes pretty easy."

"I meant, what do you wear to bed?"

"Oh," replied Vern, "In warmer weather, like now, I sleep raw, but sometimes in colder weather, boxers and sometime a tee, What about you?"

"I've always worn underwear, but I'm thinking I might like sleeping naked. We didn't have underwear in the pen, and many of us just slept in the prison uniform."

The two men then pushed the blankets down to the foot of their beds, slipped out of their boxers and slipped in between the sheets. At the time, they were the only ones in beds.

Mike said, "I'm really glad I selected this bed. When I made the choice, I had no idea that we would meet, and get along so well."

"I'm glad too," replied Vern. "You told me earlier that you sometimes liked to just cuddle and make out. Do you feel like cuddling now?"

"As a matter of fact, I like to cuddle almost anytime, depending on who it is."

"I like to cuddle too", replied Vern. "Want some company?"

"Sure, but, what if we get caught?

Vern answered, "Not a problem. You will notice, when we get up at 4:30, look around and you will see at least 2, maybe 3 beds with 2 bodies in them. Some guys just don't like to sleep alone."

Mike threw back the sheet, and Vern traveled the whole 2' to Mike's bed. They looked at each other, smiled and cuddled. Their naked bodies, touching each other really felt so good to both of them. Arms wrapping around each other, Mike's lips somehow found Vern's lips and the two kissed, tenderly. They fell asleep, Mike spooning the little man.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kurt walked slowly back to Dorm 1. Knowing he wasn't gay, how could a gay guy break the heart of a straight man like himself? He had been brought up to believe that real men don't cry, but right now that is exactly what he felt like he wanted to do. He hadn't hooked up with his Masonry crew yet. The only ones he knew, in the dorm, were Adam and Eric, and Eric was so gay he wouldn't understand what Kurt was feeling. He just didn't feel he could talk with Eric. He maybe could confide in Adam, but he had no idea where he might even be, and he didn't feel up to searching for him. Kurt finally just walked away from the Dorm away from everyone.

Adam had been in some small talk with some of the other guys in the plumbing group, and met a few of the others in Dorm 1. He had settled down and watched TV for a while, then, realizing he hadn't seen Kurt in some time wondered where he might be. He knew Kurt had gone with Jesse for a talk, but Jesse had been back in the dorm quite a while back. He decided to take a walk outside and get some fresh air. He just strolled around, enjoying the freedom of being able to walk around outside. He spotted a figure sitting on a bench near the woodsy area and decided to go try to start a conversation with him. When he got closer, he realized it was Kurt.

"Hey man," Adam called out, "I've been kinda worried about you. You OK?" Kurt didn't answer, just sat there. Adam walked closer to Kurt

"No, I'm not OK. Hi Adam"

"What's wrong, Buddy?" said Adam, "I trust things did not go too well with Jesse?"

Kurt, choking a little, "It's worse than that."

Adam, putting his arm around Kurt's shoulders, "Want to share it with me? "I'll try to be a good listener, my friend."

"Bitch put me down! How can a straight, macho man like myself let a gay guy make me feel so weak. The last time I felt this bad was the day that judge said "guilty" and sent me to the slammer;" Kurt continued, "Man, I don't wanna burden you with this shit."

"Spill it, get it off your chest!" demanded Adam, "I'm probably the best friend you've got here. You feel bad, I feel bad. We can get through this thing, together."

"Jesse said he is already somebody's bitch, and it's Ruben!"

"Ruben Styles?" questioned Adam, "I didn't know he liked sissies!"

"The Kurt you knew, was a man, and men don't cry." Kurt went on, "The guy sitting next to you, wants to be a crybaby, and he is not a man,"

"That's utter bullshit, Kurt," said Adam, "About men aren't supposed to cry. Anyone who has a heart can, and will, cry, when that heart is broken, or even cracked. I've got some broad shoulders and a thick T-shirt. Let it go Kurt, I am here with you. Use my shoulder and I will hold you, my brother!

Kurt, sobbing, "I just feel so alone, so unloved, worthless. I know somebody 'round here would let me fuck 'em. It's not just sex I want."

"Didn't you want sex with Jesse?"

"Well, yeah, I suppose," Kurt continued, "But somehow I thought we could have had more than that. Like kind of a relationship."

"Kurt, you and I have a relationship." Adam stated, "It's called friendship." Adam kissed Kurt on his forehead. "Now, just 'cause I kissed you doesn't mean I want to have sex with you." Chuckles, "That was for healing." Wipes his sleeve on Kurt's cheek.

Kurt, pulling out of Adam's hold, "You were right, I do feel a little better. Thanks."

"The body is pretty smart," Adam said. "It gets rid of excess water by peeing, excess salt and heat by sweating. Tears are the body's way of getting rid of hurt. Speaking of pee." Adam turned his back to Kurt and watered the grass. "It is kind of convenient not to have to find a bathroom every time you have to pee when you're outside."

"True that." Kurt answered, "I'm supposed to start masonry training tomorrow, and I ain't even met any of the group. They're supposed to be in Dorm 1."

"Maybe we better get back to the Dorm, Kurt, and get you hooked up?"

Adam and Kurt made their way back to dorm 1 and entered. Most, if not all of the men were in the rec. room. Kurt hollered, "Any masons in here?" There were several responses, a couple hands raised up and a couple verbal "yep's" could be heard.

Kurt walked over to where the two men had raised their hands. "I'm Kurt, and I'm supposed to start training with you guys tomorrow."

"You're the new Masonry trainee?" spoke a tall, lean, black man, that looked to be in his 30's. "I'm Tyrone, the senior trainer for Masonry, everyone calls me Ty." He smiled at Kurt, while shaking his hand. "We was wonderin' when we was gonna get to see and meet this Kurt dude. Welcome." Ty continued, "Actually we have seen you, earlier this evening, having dinner with Jesse. I need warn you not to get too close to her. She's a heartbreaker!"

"Now you tell me!" Kurt responded, "I already learned that bitter lesson."

"Wow, you must be a fast mover." Ty said. "I would like you to meet," pointing, "Marty, Jackin Jack, and William." Everyone shook hands with Kurt.

Kurt questioned, "Jackin Jack?"

Marty answered, "Every time we wondered where Jack disappeared to, someone would say he was somewhere jacking off. He must have jacked himself off at least 10 or 15 times a day. So he earned the nickname of Jackin Jack."

A red faced Jack retorted, "That's not true! I never whack it off more than 3 or 4 times a day. And just about all these guys either jack it off or get it off some other way."

"That's partially true," said William, "Except most of us don't get it off even 3 or 4 times a day." Everyone laughed.

"So," Kurt questioned, "What is the deal about Jesse?"

"It's political," Ty said, "Ruben is head cheese here, and he gets just about any guy he wants, to sleep with him. If they balk too much, he just might send them back to the pen. Jesse is like most of us, maybe flamboyant, but he doesn't have a lot of choice."

"So who gave Ruben all this power and control?"

Ty answered again, "Ruben's daddy is the state congressman that sponsored the bill to create this school. It was sold to the public as a better way to train inmates to become productive citizens. In that respect, the program is working very well. What really goes on here is not widely known on the outside. The guys don't share a lot of information with the outside world because we are so much better off here than we would be in the pen. If the outside really knew what transpires on this campus, it would be the end of everything, and we would all likely end up back in the pen.

Kurt still seemed a little confused as to how this system works, and Marty sensed it. Marty said, "Kurt, maybe I can explain it a little better, want to go get some fresh air?

Marty and Kurt walked outside. "I'm going to play 'what if' with you, ok?" Kurt nodded. "This guy comes to you and says, ' I'm mighty horny, you either need to suck me or let me fuck you' and your answer is?"

"Neither one, Fuck Off!" Kurt replied.

"Let's try again. The guy says 'Ever had a blowjob?' and you say?"

"Yeah, from girls"

"He says, 'I'd like to suck your cock' and you say?"

"Maybe, " then "Marty, I don't like where this is leading!"

"I'm just," Marty explained, "trying to show you how some friendships get started around here. When I first arrived, 7 months ago, I had never had any kind of sexual experience with any guy, except one classmate in high school."

"He and I were just messing around in his bedroom after school one day. We started touching and poking each other, we both got hard, and ended up jerking off together. It was the first time I ever saw another guy cum."

"When I got here," Marty said, "a guy came on to me, kind of like I tried to sample to you, asked if I'd ever had a BJ, which I answered a 'no' to truthfully. Then he asked if he could do me, and I agreed to let him. He got me off, and it felt really good, then he asked me if I would do him, and I couldn't return the favor."

"Later that night, after I went to bed, I got to thinking about it, and how good it felt. Just thinking about it was making me hard again. I really was feeling kind of bad that I had turned him down so quickly. After all, sucking a piece of skin can't be all that bad, can it? The next day I saw him, got him to the side, told him I had reconsidered, and asked him if he would like to sixty-nine with me. He grinned, and accepted my offer, and we've done it many times since. It's all good."

"That's pretty wild," Kurt said, "My friend and I had an interesting experience earlier today. Adam and I tried to get a shower before all you guys came in from training. He sprung a boner from nowhere, then we decided to jack off, then out of nowhere comes this tall lanky dude with a huge dick and caught us off guard. He said to not stop and even joined us in a circle jerk. When Adam came he caught it and swallowed then covered me and swallowed my cum too."

"Is his name Eric?" questioned Marty.

"As a matter of fact, Kurt responded, "How did you know?"

"Everybody knows Eric." Marty resumed. "He must have over 8 inches soft, and he just loves to walk around, letting that big cock wave while he walks. He is somewhat of an exhibitionist. Sometimes he walks up to someone sitting and just accidentally sticks that big boy right in front of your face and I'm sure it's not accidental! He can be somewhat obnoxious, still you can't help but like the big guy. And he is the biggest cum gobbler in the building."

Kurt was grinning, and Marty said, "Something amusing you Kurt?"

Kurt, chuckling, "Eric is the head trainer in pluming, and my very straight friend Adam is starting to train in plumbing tomorrow."

"Should be interesting," Marty confirmed.

"So what are the rest of the guys in Masonry like?" asked Kurt.

"Ty is pretty much all business on the job. He takes his position seriously. He wants everyone to know not only what they are doing, but also why they are doing it. He is a good man, and fair, not one to show favoritism. Off the job, he spends a lot of time in the exercise room. If one has an interest, he will help you build your body. That goes for anybody, in either dorm."

"Jackin' Jack is somewhat of a loner. He reads a lot and takes a lot of walks in the woods area. He seems to like being outdoors. He is not unfriendly but not overly friendly either. He is rather hard to get to know and doesn't get close to anyone."

"William is cool, gets along well with everyone. I've heard he gives a really good BJ if he likes you, although I can't speak from experience. I have sometimes seen him sleep with another guy, and he likes to swim naked. He also works out in the gym."

"I've seen a lot of naked bodies here today," reflected Kurt, "and this is just my first day. I've never been in a situation where I could go naked, even if I wanted to. My father abandoned us shortly after my little brother was born. Until I was imprisoned, I lived at home and Mama would've about killed me if she caught me naked after I was about five years old. I had a sister 2 years younger and a brother that was 4 years younger. When I was a younger teen, it was only on rare occasions, that I even had privacy to masturbate. I couldn't even do it at night in my room, cause my little brother shared my bed."

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