tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 10

Prison School Ch. 10


After leaving Luke at the cafeteria, Nate and Adam returned to the dorm, and then to their beds, once again planning to take the shower they didn't have time to take before supper.

Nate questioned, "Adam, you still got those napkins stuffed in your crack?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. I need to use the toilet."

"I do too. At least there are two of them, unless somebody is using them."

When they returned from the toilets, Kurt was also by his bed, changing into a pair of black exercise shorts and matching tank top.

"I would guess you're heading for the gym." Adam greeted.


"Where did you get the outfit?"

"Ty gave it to me. He said a guy that is no longer here left it behind, in case someone could use it. I lucked out. The shorts are a tad tight but OK as long as I don't get a hardon. Sure beats trying to workout in my boxers."

"I'll bet you look hot with a boner!" said Nate, grinning.

"I'm going to ignore that statement," said Kurt, smiling. "See you lovebirds later."

"Let's get that shower babe," Nate said, and started to strip down.

When both guys were naked, Adam attacked Nate, throwing him down on his bed and pouncing on top of him. He planted his lips on Nate's, kissing him passionately while Nate instinctively wrapped his arms around Adam, pulling him close, their now hard cocks pressing into each other.

"You said you had more lube in your locker?" Adam inquired.

"Yeah, why are you asking?" Questioned Nate. "Are you planning on needing some?"

"Who, me?" Adam answered, with a devilish grin.

"Looks like we need to go back into the woods." Said Nate, "lets get dressed."

"I'm not up for that," declared Adam. "Just get the damn lube."

While Nate was getting the lube out of his locker, Adam spread out a used bath towel, folded in half, on top of his bed.

"What are you doing, Adam?"

"Baby, I don't wanna go to no woods! I want you here! And I want you now! I just can't wait to give you my love!"

Nate, protesting, "Do you realize there are about 15 more guys that sleep in this room? Any one of them could walk in on us."

Adam, trying to convince Nate, "We're in the back of the room, with 2 empty beds beside us, and Kurt's bed next to mine. Most of the rest of the guys are across the room from us, and most everybody is doing other things right now anyway."

"Now, baby, sit your ass down in the center of that towel and get ready for me to lube you and me up. I'm going to make love to you, and if we get caught, we get caught!"

Nate is not sure what he has created here. This young straight dude has turned one hundred and eighty degrees, from a guy that was afraid even to be seen naked, to a guy that is ready to assault his own ass, and not even caring if they get caught fucking!

"Okay, baby," Adam said, "Put your head on my pillow, and pull your knees up to your chest, so I can lube your beautiful bottom!"

Adam lubed Nate's crack on both sides of his rosebud, then, with his well-lubricated finger, started fingering Nate's hole. When Adam pushed his finger in, Nate jumped and squealed a little. Adam pulled the finger out, then pushed in again with 2 fingers, stretching out Nate's hole.

Adam took a little break from Nate's hole, lowering his head down to lick up the precum that Nate was dribbling on his abdomen. He then returned his attention to Nate's taint, pushing in 3 well-lubed fingers while Nate is attempting to relax and let Adam do the work.

"The next thing you feel, baby, will be me, starting the drive home." Adam said. "I'm a little bigger than you, at least in girth, and I will try to be slow and easy on you. I don't want to hurt you."

"I've been wanting you in me, babe, since the day we met," said Nate. I've wanted a special man to fuck me for a long time. Now it's finally happening. You do know you are special, don't you?"

Adam, as he pushes his cock's head into Nate's hole, "Relax, baby, I'm coming in!"

"Ouch! Ooooh!" Nate uttered. "I'm OK, just let it rest there a minute and let my pussy get used to you." Seconds later, "Ok, babe, give me a little more!"

"I'm about halfway in baby, are you okay?"

"More than fine," Nate stated, "closer to ecstatic! Babe, fuck me! I'm loving this!"

"You do know, Baby, you're the first boy I have ever fucked. I have fucked a few girls, and you are tighter than any of them were. I am absolutely loving this feeling, this experience. I love being inside you!"

"It can't be better than the feeling I have with you inside me!" Nate responded. I don't want you to pull out, ever"

Adam started to push deeper, fucking his lover very slowly. He has completely changed his mind about fucking a guy, and he is really getting off, at least mentally.

"I have no more to give you, Baby! My whole 7" is in you now!"

"Are you positive you've never done this before? You feel like a pro within me!"

"Nate! Even as slow as I am going, I can't hold it back much longer. I'm gonna explode, soon!"

"Adam, just let it rest!"

"I'm trying to Nate, but it is still building, I'm not even moving, and it's , oh shit, oh fuck, it's oh my god, I'm losing it, ooooohhhhh, cuuuummmmiiinnnngggg!"

As Adam exploded into Nate's bowels, Nate used his fingers to stroke his own erection, just for a few seconds, and shot off several ropes of cum onto his stomach and chest.

Nate, feeling the warmth of Adam's fluid in his man's pussy, and high from feeling Adam inside him. "Adam, don't pull out! I don't want to lose the feeling of you inside me."

"I won't have a choice, once my cock goes soft, it's gonna slip out." Adam replied, "And it already shrinking. I love being in you too!"

Then Adam used a couple fingers to scoop up some of Nate's cum off Nate's tummy, and licked his fingers off.

Adam, smiling sheepishly, "I can't believe I just did that! You taste good, Baby!" then, "Whether I want to or not, I'm slipping out of you! Please take your legs off my shoulder." Nate lowered his legs, one on each side of Adam.

Adam quickly shifted up a little and lowered himself on top of Nate, cock to cock, navel to navel, crushing Nate's cum between them.

"Hey, I've got cum all over me!" exclaimed Nate.

Adam, grinning, "Now it's all over both of us. It feels good, sliding around on top of you Baby! I love you so much, Nate!"

"We need to" Nate said, somewhat winded, "roll over. I can hardly breathe with you on top of me." They rolled over onto their sides, never losing physical contact, then fell into an embrace, lips and tongues dancing together.

"I love you too, Adam. You are so special to me." Then, Nate continued, "We really do need to get those showers, even more so now!"

"I know, Baby, I just don't want to lose what we are sharing right now. Let's just lay here for a little while longer. I'm in ecstasy, and I don't want it to end!"

"My, my. What a cozy looking couple!" Exclaimed Kurt, viewing the two lovers, cuddling on the bed next to his.

Caught by surprise, both Adam and Nate jumped off the bed onto their feet.

"I smell sex!" Kurt blurted, grinning, "And do you realize you're both covered with cum? I think you both need a serious shower!"

"Actually," Adam responded, "We came in here right after chow, planning to take showers and then got sidetracked."

"Yep!" Nate agreed, pointing at Adam, "He sexually attacked me, and it was awesome! The best sex I've ever had!" and kisses Adam on the cheek. Then, stealing a line from a Matt Fishell song, "It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy!"

"You guys didn't even blush!" Kurt stated.

"Why should we?" Nate responded. "We're two dudes that fell in love with each other. What's embarrassing about having sex with the one you love?"

"I guess you're right." Kurt agreed, "And privacy isn't exactly abundant around here! I'll likely be joining you in the shower before you finish. I need to wash off this sweat."

Adam and Nate finally gathered up their soap, washcloths and towels, and headed for the shower. They didn't even get the water turned on before Sean also entered into the shower, and looked both guys up and down.

"Adam," said Sean, "Are you going to introduce me?"

"Sorry, Sean. Sean, this is Nathan, Nate for short, and Nate, this is one of my fellow trainees in Plumbing, Sean." The two men shook hands.

"I don't think one needs to ask what you two have been doing," Sean stated, grinning, "You two are a mess! Adam, you told me a few days ago that you were straight! But the appearance of you two now doesn't look like it."

"I thought I was," Adam returned, "I just never even questioned my sexuality, until I met Nate. I was attracted to him, and had feelings for him that I didn't understand. He helped me find myself, and I have now come out, not only as gay, but also very much in love." Looks lovingly at Nate.

"I ignored your question the other day," said Sean, "You said you were straight and asked about me, and I didn't really want to admit to you that I was gay, so I just didn't respond. Now that I know you are gay, maybe we can have some fun."

Kurt entered the shower stall, taking the last showerhead and adjusting the water temperature.

Kurt, looking at Sean, extends his hand. "I'm Kurt and you are?"

"Sean," accepting the hand and shaking it.

"I don't think so." Adam, responding to Sean's remark. "Sean, you're a cool dude, and I do want you as a friend, maybe we could jack off together some time, but I'm in love with Nate. He is everything I want, and everything I need."

"I respect you for that, Adam," Sean said, "Love can be powerful. I have never fallen in love with a guy, I just like to have the sex.

Kurt interjected, "Sean, what kind of sex do you like the most?"

Sean, thinking, "I guess probably oral, and mutual masturbation."

Kurt asked, "Do you like big black cocks? I like to be sucked, but I can't reciprocate." Kurt, in anticipation, is starting to get hard.

"I can deal with that." Sean answered, "and I'm racially neutral! I can handle a BBC!"

Kurt, holding his, now erect, 8 plus inches of manhood, "If you want it, you got it!"

Sean, his own cock now erect, walked over the 2 steps, confronting Kurt and taking Kurt's manhood in his hand.. "Nice BBC. I'll take it"

Adam and Nate are holding hands and watching the exchange of chat and activity between Kurt and Sean.

Nate asked, "Babe, do you like to watch live porn?"

Adam responded, "I've never watched any porn, but this does look interesting! You gonna watch it with me?"

"Sure Babe." Nate was feeling his dick getting hard, then, looked down at Adam's, which was already hard, and leaking.

Sean kneeled down, licking the pre off the tip of Kurt's now purple dick head. Kurt leaned back, resting his body against the shower wall, as Sean started massaging Kurt's respectable cock with his tongue. Kurt was quite obviously enjoying the attention Sean was giving his cock.

Nate bent over and licked the pre off his lover's rock hard cock, quickly teasing Adam by taking the head into his mouth, just for a few seconds, causing Adam to moan.

"I can't believe," Adam said, "That we are both this hard already. We both came just a couple hours ago!"

"I get hard, just thinking about making love with you," admitted Nate, "I just love you so much!"

Sean now had enough of Kurt in his mouth to almost tickle the back of his throat. Sean himself was leaking pre from his own erection, in anticipation of receiving a high protein meal from Kurt's BBC. Sean then started bobbing his head back and forth, trying to trigger an explosion from Kurt's cock.

"Oh gawd, that feels so good!" cried Kurt. "Keep going, Sean. Don't stop! I'm like on the third plateau of four." Sean pulled off.

"Why did you stop? That was feeling so awesome!"

"Just catching my breath," Sean replied, while working Kurt's shaft with his hand.

"If you don't get it back in your mouth pretty quick, I'm gonna shoot on your face!"

Sean buried that BBC back into the cavern of his mouth, and Kurt started to involuntarily thrust his hips, fucking Sean's mouth. Sean tightened his liphold on Kurt's cock.

"I'm getting ready to blow, man! Slow it up, I don't want to shoot just yet!"

Sean slowed to a crawl, moving his mouth very slowly on Kurt's manhood. Sean could feel Kurt starting to pulse just a little, pulled off almost all the way and then slammed back, pushing Kurt's cock to the back of his throat.

Kurt, almost yelling. "I'm gonna explode, ain't no stopping it now, this volcano gonna erupt, like, oooooooohhhhhhh ggggaaaaaaa, now. Holy shit, what an orgasm. Whew."

Sean is still swallowing Kurt's cum as he milks the tail end of it out of Kurt's cock, which is now deflating. Sean is starting to masturbate, as he feels the need to get a release of his own.

"That was hot!" said Nate. "So hot it made Babe and me both hard and leaking, and we both got off just a couple hours ago."

Nate and Adam are both slowly stroking their hard, leaking cocks, and Sean joined them.

"Circle jerk time!" exclaimed Sean, as he picked up the pace on his own dick. He then dropped down to his knees again, in front of the two lovers, extending his tongue to like the pre from the tip of Nate's cock.

"You don't need to suck me off, Sean!"

"I wasn't going to, just catching that pre before it drips to the floor." He then followed suit, cleaning off the tip end of Adam's dick.

Kurt was spent, sitting on the floor of the shower, recovering. The other three were slowly working their cocks, playing with each other, knowing another 3 climax's were coming on soon. Sean latched a hand on both Adam's and Nate's cocks and started to jerk them, and the other two took turns jerking Sean's cock.

"I'm gonna lose it!" Sean exclaimed, while Adam continued to work on Sean's cock for a few more seconds. "Oh—Oh—Oh—Shiiiit!" and Sean shot out several ropes of creamy white jizz onto the floor.

Adam and Nate were now jacking their own cocks, and both reached climax about the same time, shooting only a small amount of man's milk onto each other, adding to what they already were wearing.

They fired up all the showerheads, and all started to clean themselves, except that Nate and Adam cleaned each other up. Once clean and rinsed, they all turned off the faucets and dried themselves. Sean and Kurt then headed back toward the sleeping quarters.

Adam and Nate hung around a minute, sharing another embrace, kissing tenderly.

Nate asked, "Notice anything different, Babe, when we kissed?"

"No, not really."

"What usually happens when we kiss?"

Adam curiously reached down between them, and felt two flaccid cocks.

"Wow, neither of us is hard!" exclaimed Adam. "Do you think we wore our cocks out?"

"I doubt that, Babe. More likely, our batteries have discharged. We'll probably be back to normal by morning. Maybe even later tonight."

"Speaking of tonight, It's still early, only about 8:30. What would you like to do, Baby?"

"Would you think it silly," asked Nate, "If I just said I just want to be with you?"

"Not at all, Baby! I just want to cuddle, touch, kiss, make out, and have your naked body next to mine!"

"Babe, take my hand and lead the way."

Adam took Nate's hand, and led him to their beds, which are next to each other. He pulled the top sheet down on Nate's bed, motioned for Nate to crawl in, and crawled in beside him, pulling the top sheet over them. Both men felt so comfortable, their bodies close to one another, all four hands touching any part of either ones bodies.

Nate, in a soft and loving tone, "I have waited so long to find the special man to love, and love me, and I really think I have found you! Babe, I fell for you the first day we met, I knew I needed you, and, that you also needed me. We have a lot in common, like tonight, we both just wanted to be close, and with each other. I want so much to be in your life, and now I can't picture living my life without you."

"Baby," Adam responded, "Before I met you, I didn't know that you needed me, or that I needed you. I didn't believe that any man could 'need' another man. You gave me love, at a time that I was really down, and you opened my eyes to a different world, one that I had heard of, and never knew I was a part of.

"I never even gave a thought to the possibility that I might be gay. That's why I was so confused when I had these special feelings for you, that a man shouldn't have. And the attraction to you, it was like a magnet, drawing me to you. I simply couldn't resist wanting to be with you. I never dreamed that the love of my life might turn out to be the man of my life!"

"When you made love to me, earlier today, I can't describe the sensation of having you inside me. I really didn't want you to pull out. I know I don't want just any cock up my ass, but yours is welcome anytime. I guess you know that you got my cherry. I hope that when I made love to you, that it was as pleasing to you, as it was to me. I really loved the feeling of me in you, almost as much as the feeling of you inside me!"

"Babe," said Nate, "I think we have something that not too many couples have. Right now, I don't think either of us is horny enough to want sex. You're soft, and I'm soft, but I'm high as a kite on the closeness and intimacy we are sharing. I believe we can have a relationship built on real love, and not just on sex. Your thoughts?"

Adam, chuckling. "I was just thinking how it might work out, when I bring the man of my dreams home to meet my parents!"

"So, maybe you are thinking longer term?"

"Baby," Adam replied, "I think about you during every waking hour. And I dream about you when I'm sleeping. I get anxious, waiting for the times we can share together! If we get separated, I think I'm gonna die!"

Nate, thoughtfully, "My parents usually come to visit me every other weekend, and they should be visiting next week. I would be very happy to introduce you to my parents, as the love of my life! Would you be OK with that?"

"I would be, but your parents might never be back. They might disown you. Do they know you're gay?"

Nate, laughing, "My first boyfriend, Paul, when I was in high school spent a Friday night with me at our house. There were twin beds in my room. Saturday morning my Dad came in and caught Paul and I in the same bed, yanked the sheet up, and realized we were both naked. He embarrassed the shit out of both of us."

"We dressed and went down for breakfast. Mom and Dad confronted me, saying it was OK, whatever my answer was, and asked if I was gay. I was scared and crying, but I admitted that I was gay. They came over, hugged me and kissed me, and said they still loved me! After that, Paul spent a lot of weekend and vacation nights with me. I was fortunate to have understanding parents, and have known other kids that weren't as lucky."

"Wow! That was cool. I don't know how my parents will react. I never realized I was gay, until you and I got close. I have accepted, now, that I am gay. I don't know when I will feel comfortable to let my parents know. So why did you and Paul break up?"

"It was just a teen thing. We just mostly kissed, and made out, sometimes we jacked off. We never tried anal sex. After graduation, he went to college, and I took a job. We never kept in touch."

"So," Adam pressed, "Paul was your first boyfriend, how many have you had between Paul and me?"

"None! I've had 4 or 5 sexual encounters with guys, but you are the first I have loved, and I really don't want to have a 'next' boyfriend." Then, with tears in his eyes, "Adam, I don't think you understand just how deep my love for you goes! I want to spend the rest of my life loving only you!"

"Baby, you're so romantic and you make me feel so special!" Adam wraps his arms around Nate. "Haven't you ever thought about getting married, and having a family?"

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