tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 14

Prison School Ch. 14


To My dear readers and followers:

Due to the complications, involving so many different individuals, and a variety of hookups and relationships involved, I am going to change the style of writing a little, starting with this chapter. The chapters are going to be a little shorter, and will not involve so many individuals in each chapter. I hope this works out better for all the characters, and for myself.


Chapter 14

The six new students are all still in the cafeteria, along with Sean. Orientation is pretty much done, the guys have made the 1st and 2nd choices, as to what careers they want to pursue. Jesse has taken their paperwork to Mr. Styles, for final approval.

Sean spoke, "Some of you men are going to make some cooks," points to the kitchen, "very happy. Typically, we bring in 3 or 4 new trainees every week from the pen, but most select the building trades. As some of you may know, there is an urgent need here for Culinary Arts trainees."

"The three," points again to the kitchen, "men who are in there right now, have been working their asses off, putting in 14 hours every weekday, and 10 hours, even on the weekends, to feed this campus." Then, smiling, "We are pleased that three of you have selected Culinary Arts for a career. There is always a demand for quality chefs."

"With an additional 3 trainees, all will get a break, with shorter hours, and even some weekend days off. We are waiting now, for Jesse to come back with the paperwork. Then we will separate you into 2 groups, according to your training requests and results. Jesse will take one group and I will take the other, and introduce you to the dorms, and assign your beds."

Jesse walked in, holding some papers. "Most of you got the careers of your first choice. Cory, plumbing is full, so you got your 2nd choice, and will be pursuing a career to become an Electrician. OK?"

"That'll work." Cory answered.

"David will be a mason, and Bryan will become a carpenter." Jesse continued, "Jeremy, Stephen and Troy will become Chefs."

Jesse explained, "You guys are assigned dorms, mostly according to your career choices. You can choose your beds from any that are not already occupied, which are the ones with no pillows or sheets."

"Sean, here is the spare key to the linen closet, and a bed assignment sheet. Please take David, Jeremy and Stephen with you, show them their new home and assign beds in Dorm 1."

"The cafeteria will be open for dinner from 5:00 to 6:00." Jesse informed. "If any of you want to shower before dinner, you may want to do it before the big crowd comes in about 5:00 PM. Cory, Bryan, and Troy, you can come with me to Dorm 2."

Troy asked, "Why am I not in the same dorm with Jeremy and Steve? We are all in Culinary Arts."

"CA and Grounds Maintenance are assigned beds according to which dorm has the most open spaces. Do you have a problem with Dorm 2?"

"No, I just wondered."

"FYI," Jesse added, "Two of the current three CA guys, Mike and Shorty, are both in Dorm 2."

"Did I hear us mentioned?" Mike hollered, from the kitchen doorway.

"Mike," Jesse stated, "Get James and Shorty and come here a minute." All three came over to where Jesse and Sean were standing.

Jesse spoke, pointing, "This is James, he is the head trainer in CA, and this is Shorty and Mike. Guys, these are your new CA trainees," again pointing, "Jeremy, Stephen and Troy."

"At Last!" Vern shouted. "They call me Shorty, cause I'm only 4'10", but I really prefer my real name, LaVerne, or just Vern. You guys are a very welcome sight."

James put his hands together in front of himself, as if to pray, and looked up. "Thank God!" he uttered.

Mike just smiled, walked over to the new CA trainees, and hugged them all.

Jesse stated, "OK guys, get your bags, and let's go and get you all settled."

Sean led the way to Dorm 1, followed by Jeremy, David and Stephen. He pointed out the rec. room, the location of the bathroom and showers, and led them to the linen closet.

"Okay." Sean said, "Who's first?"

David stepped up. Sean handed him a pair of sheets, a pillow and pillowcase, 2 bath towels and 2 wash clothes, a bar of soap and a soap dish, and a disposable safety razor.

"Which bed do you claim?" Sean asked.

"Can I ask where you sleep?" David responded.

Sean, pointing, "Right there, bed 14."

"OK if I take #13?"

"No problem," said Sean, trying to hide a grin of satisfaction. "Got you assigned to #13."

Sean handed the same array of bedding to Jeremy and Stephen. Jeremy selected bed #10 and Stephen selected #11, and Sean noted that on the bed assignment sheet.

"Oh," Sean added, "Jeremy and Stephen, You need to let your boss man, James, know where your beds are, so he can wake you up about 4:30 in the mornings. He sleeps in bed #1."

"4:30?" questioned a shocked Jeremy.

"Yes, that's 4:30 AM, like the middle of the night! You CA guys have to have breakfast ready to serve by 6:00 AM." Sean responded, "You'll get used to it in a few days, and once James gets you trained, you won't all have to get up that early. So don't stay up too late."

Meanwhile, over in Dorm 2, Jesse is distributing the same array of bedding to Cory, Bryan and Troy.

"Bryan, " Jesse suggested, chuckling, "You probably should latch on to either bed #4 or #13, as they are the closest to the bathroom!"

"You fuckers! One of you is gonna fuck up, and I'm gonna be the one reminding you of it, forever. Paybacks are hell! You know!"

In Dorm 2, Cory selected bed #17, Bryan #10 and Troy #13. Jesse recorded their choices on the bed assignment sheet.

Jesse spoke one more time, "Hey guys," points up at the clock, "It's just a tad past 3 PM now, and you're pretty much free to do what you want. Don't forget that dinner serves between 5:00 and 6:00 or a little after. If you want to catch a shower before din-din, you may want to do so before the crowd hits in here about 5:00."

"Bryan, sometime tonight you need to catch up with Ivan in bed #2 and let him know you are in his training group." Then, "Corey, your training chief is Mitch, and he sleeps in bed #3." Waving, "Be good little boys, and I'll see you all later!"

Back over in Dorm 1, the new recruits are getting their clothes straight in their lockers, and have made up their beds.

Sean, Raising his voice a little, "You guys are on your own," pointing up at the clock, "Don't forget dinner is served after Five. If ya'll don't mind, I'm just going to chill for a while!" With that, Sean stripped off everything, tucking his shoes under the edge of his bed, and laying the rest of his clothes on top. Then lying down on his bed, naked, and on his back, he closed his eyes.

A few minutes later, Sean had this feeling that someone was watching him. He opened his eyes to see David, standing beside his bed, naked, with that beautiful, uncut dick hanging over him. David noticed that Sean's eyes were now open, and he was staring at his dick.

David, speaking very softly, "Do you want to feel it, again?"

Sean didn't answer. That dick had a magic power of attraction to Sean's hand, drawing it up to wrap around that sheathed beauty. Sean felt a rush of blood filling his own cock rapidly, causing it to stand straight up. David was grinning, seeing the effect he was having on Sean's cock.

Sean, looking for the right words, "It's so smooth, so velvety! I've never touched an uncut cock before today. Wow!"

"You still want it, don't you!" It was more of a statement than a question.

Sean, nodding, smiling, "You know damn well I do! Let's grab a shower!"

The two men gathered together their washcloths, towels and soap, and David followed Sean to the shower room. David started to turn the water on, and Sean put his hand on David's, stopping him.

"The water can wait!" Sean exclaimed, "I can't!"

Sean dropped to his knees, taking that beautiful sheathed cock into his mouth. Sean is loving the sensation of feeling the foreskin on his tongue. This is an ecstasy that is brand new to Sean and is entirely different than sucking an ordinary circumcised dick!

David is leaning back against the shower wall, a look of pure contentment on his face and every couple minutes his lips are forming a smile.

Sean pulled back, working his tongue between the sheath and the head of David's cock, sliding his tongue around the head, making David jerk his hips. Sean's own cock was leaking precum profusely, and he looked down between his knees and saw a 3" puddle on the shower floor. He was so hot, he didn't dare touch his own cock, which could explode in seconds.

"You're really good baby, don't stop." David gasped. Sean pulled off for just a few seconds, then started to bob again. David started to tremble a little and Sean stopped sucking, edging David.

"Don't torture me baby! I'm so close! Make me cum!"

Sean started to take some really deep hits, sliding David in as far as he could, and feeling David stiffen, David's cock started to pulse. Sean started to pull off again, but David put both hands behind Sean's head, forcing him to stay on his cock!

Spurt after spurt of creamy man's milk sprayed into Sean's throat, as David's prostate and nuts discharged. David released his hold on Sean's head, and Sean milked that uncut cock for every drop, thoroughly enjoying the taste of David's sweet cum.

"Thanks Sean," David spoke softly, "That was awesome, one of the best I ever had! Stand up!" Sean stood up, his leaking erection sticking straight out. David used some of the leaking pre to lube Sean's cock.

"I guess you're going to jack me off. As hot as I am, it won't take long."

"Nope, not going to do that!" In about 2 seconds David had dropped to his knees and had Sean's full length in his mouth, catching Sean completely off guard. Within just about 2 minutes, David and Sean both knew it was going to be quick, and David pulled off, just letting Sean's cock dangle.

David used his hands, stroking Sean's back, sides, buttocks, legs, and even his face. When he saw that Sean was deflating a little, he slid that sucker back into his mouth, which started it raging again. This time, David decided to take it all the way.

As David sucked, the need to get off rose in Sean's cock. Sean tried his best to just relax and not let David know when he was about to cum. Sean felt the orgasm starting to ascend out of his balls. David felt Sean's body stiffen, and clamped his mouth down tighter on Sean's cock, pushing Sean over the edge.

"You're busting my nut now! Unnnnnnnnngggghhhhhhhh!

David, looking up at Sean and smiling, "I'm not sure what that last word was?" Both men laughed.

"I knew when I measured you, "Sean said, "that I wanted to suck your cock, and you kinda came on to me in your own way. I knew you could be had. And I have to admit, I've never sucked an uncut dude before, but I really enjoyed feeling and sucking yours.

Sean continued, "I really wasn't expecting reciprocation, and that was a shocker to me. 90% of the guys I have ever sucked off never returned the favor. I thought you were going to jerk me off, and that would have been appreciated.

"Do you have any idea," David asked, "What it is like to be gay and uncut?"

"So you are gay?"

'Well, yes, of course. I thought you figured that out earlier. Maybe your Gaydar malfunctioned?"

"I never considered myself to be gay. I just like to suck dicks. I have no emotional feelings towards guys. So, what is it like to be gay and uncut?"

"Most male babies born here in America are circumcised at birth, so most American men seem to think cut is the norm. Most gay guys are really turned off, when they find out their date is uncut. I have considered, even as an adult, having my foreskin removed to make myself more- - - - desirable."

From the standpoint of this cocksucker, I thought it was pretty neat and you turned me on big time, mainly, because of that foreskin. So," asked Sean, "How does Gaydar work?"

"Most gay guys, actually, most gay people, have kind of a sixth sense that alerts them when they are around other gay folks. It happens with women too. Back in the days when it was dangerous to be out, it was often the only way some of us had to meet others of our kind."

"Just between you and me, David, who have you met here that you think are gay?"

David, thinking, "Jesse is a given, I really thought you were gay, Jeremy screams gay, Cory is straight, I think Bryan is gay, and Troy could be. Stephen, I think can be had, but I don't believe he is gay. The two guys working in the kitchen, a short black guy and a tall white dude, both gay."

"I think," Sean responded, "given the atmosphere here, even most straight guys would take a blow job. I can verify that Jesse is, Mike and Vern, in the kitchen are, Jeremy, God he turns me on, I think Cory can be had and so can Stephen, not sure about Bryan or Troy.

"Let's get these showers before the crowd arrives, "Sean said, "it'll soon be chow time."

The timing was perfect. Sean and David just got their water adjusted and were about half done when Nate and Glen both entered.

"We're going to miss you Nate," Glen said, "it's been good working with you." His eyes attracted to viewing David's sheathed cock.

"I'm not going to miss those lawn mowers," Nate responded, "and it'll be a lot better for Babe and me!"

Sean spoke up, "Glen, Nate, this is David, he is a new student in Masonry. Nate, where you going?"

Nate, smiling, "Tomorrow I start Plumbing Training with my Adam!"

"That's right, I forgot." Said Sean, "You're kinda taking my place. I have to pass my license test Thursday."

"Ding, Ding!" David said, smiling.

Sean, "What's that about, David?"

"Just the Gaydar going off again.

"On which one?" Sean asked.


"What have we here?" Glen questioned, "A bird of a different feather? We don't see many of these around here!" Pointing at David's uncut penis.

"Do you want to feel it?" David questioned Glen.

"I - I - I didn't mean to upset you." Glen stammered, "Sorry."

"I'm not upset." David stated, "I used to get embarrassed, when guys kidded me about my uncut cock. I got tired of that. It is what it is. It's mine and I'm proud of it now. I got tired of wearing red so often!"

"I've gotten used to guys, gay guys, wanting to touch it and feel it, cause it's a little different than what most of them have, or are used to seeing." David continued, "Until I find that man that becomes the love of my life, if guys want to feel my cock, they're welcome. I'm not embarrassed to have something other guys like to feel, or maybe want to do even more." Smiles and winks at Sean. "Glen, go ahead and feel it, if you want to, I really don't mind!"

Glen, gingerly wrapping his hand around David's cock, felt his own dick hardening rapidly. "Wow!" Glen exclaimed. "I haven't felt anything like that in years! So soft and smooth."

Nate, just watching the scene in front of him, is also sporting a full erection, and David is noticing it.

"Nate, want to give it a feel?" asked David.

"It's tempting!" Nate answered, "But I'm going to resist that temptation. I don't want to chance anything that might fuck up the relationship I have with my boyfriend!"

"What's tempting Baby?" Adam asked, just entering the already full shower.

Nate grabbed Adam's hand, pulling him under the same showerhead, and hugging him, then they fell into an embrace, Nate's hard cock pushing into Adam's pubes and Adam's cock rising to the occasion.

"Good news, Babe!" Nate blurted. "Today was my last day in GM. Tomorrow I start training with you guys!"

"That's great news, Baby! But it doesn't explain why you were hard before I got here!"

"I can explain it, Babe. Hold on." Nate said. "David, this is my boyfriend, Adam, and Babe, this is David, he is the new guy in Masonry." Adam and David shook hands, and Adam glanced down, observing that David was uncut.

"Babe," Nate continued, "David offered Glen the opportunity to feel his uncut dick, and, you know how it is when you're around other guys that are hard, and you suddenly grow a boner. That's why I was hard. I won't cheat on you, I love you too much!"

David added a little more, "Adam, I offered Nate the chance to feel my sheathed cock, with no strings attached. He declined, because of the value he placed on the relationship with you." Then, "I have to respect Nate's feelings, and love for you."

Sean, ready to leave, "I'm going to get dry, and head for the chow hall, anybody want to join me?"

David said, "Count me in, I am hungry."

Sean and David both exited the shower to dry off, and headed to their sleeping quarters to get dressed. Bobby, Jose and Zach popped in to the already crowded shower.

Glen spoke up, "Hey, would you lovebirds mind taking your antics somewhere else, so others can use the shower!" Then, "I'll wait for you guys in the sleeping area so we can all eat together."

Glen, Nate and Adam all started to dry themselves and make room for the others to get clean.

Nate and Adam are now dressed and are sitting on Adam's bed. Glen came over and sat on Nate's bed, facing the other two.

Glen spoke, "I know you two like to eat together, and since this is really Nate's last night as part of the GM group, why don't you both eat with us, kind of like a little farewell party."

Nate, looking at Adam. "OK with you babe?" Adam nodded, enthusiastically.

"Great." Glen said, "I'll tell the others, and we can go as a group."

It's about 5:30 and the GM crew, along with Adam, arrive at the cafeteria. They all fill their trays and find a table for six. They are nearly done eating and Mike heads toward their table, carrying an 8" decorated layer cake. He set it down in the center of the table, and stepped back, watching for the reaction.

The cake had a small statue, like on a wedding cake, of two men hugging and kissing. The writing said 'Best of Luck Always, Nate and Adam.' Adam and Nate both lost it, bursting into tears. Glen, Zach, Bobby and Jose' all rose and, along with Mike, surrounded the two sobbing men. Hugging and kissing them.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Ruben Styles appeared, with camera in hand! "I know that rules prohibit cameras on school property, but I have made an exception for myself. There are times, when certain events NEED to be photographed."

"Do you think you two can quit crying before your tears ruin the icing?" Ruben commented, then, "OK, stand behind the cake, so I can get a picture of you, with the cake." Snap. "Now I will get a close-up of the cake." Snap. "Now for a group photo, the lovebirds in front, and the rest of you behind them." Snap. "These will be posted in the main office in a few days. Good luck, you two!" and then he left.

The group pretty much annihilated the cake, leaving about 2 servings. Mike came over and retrieved what was left, taking it back to the kitchen. He divided it and placed a slice on each of 2 plastic plates, added a plastic fork to each and wrapped them in plastic wrap. When Adam and Nate turned in their trays, Mike handed each one of the plates, and the lovers carried them back to their dorm.

The two lovers were lying on Adam's bed, discussing the events of the day. Then they got up, took a lover's walk, and eventually got back, stripped and snuggled up together, falling asleep in each others arms.

(to be continued)

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