tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 15

Prison School Ch. 15


Tuesday morning about 4:20 AM, the security officer slips into Dorm 1, goes to bed #1 and wakes James. James, in turn, walks across the isle to bed #11, and wakes Stephen, and then down to the end of the dorm to bed #10 and wakes Jeremy. James instructed both men to wait for him in front of the main building, housing the cafeteria.

Now James has to go into dorm 2. As usual, Mike is not in his bed #11, but James wakes up LaVerne in bed #12 and Troy in bed #13. Vern will wake Mike up in Luke's bed #8. James will then head to the cafeteria and start the coffee brewing, while he awaits the other 5 CA men to arrive at the cafeteria.

Tuesday is always sausage gravy and biscuits day, now Mike is able to instruct Stephen and Troy how the patties are made and how to make the gravy. James coaches Jeremy how to fire up the oven, and get the prepared biscuits on the big sheets to bake them.

After a couple more weeks, since this is Culinary Arts training, they will not be using the prepared biscuits and will start making them from scratch. Because of the lack of manpower, James has resorted to some shortcuts, such as using the prepared biscuits. LaVerne, is acting as supervisor, assisting Mike as needed.

At 5:45 the line is all set up for serving, and the six CA guys can relax for a few minutes and enjoy a cup of coffee before the crowd hits shortly after 6:00 AM. James uses the few minutes to start to explain how the new schedule will work.

"For the rest of this week," James stated, "our schedule will be no different than it has been. Shorty and myself will be focusing on teaching you three new men how to prepare and serve these meals. Mike is only a week ahead of you, but he is now capable to cover the thin spots."

"It's going to take," James continued, "at least a couple of weeks for you to gain the skills and competency to handle a shift without our help. My goal is to be able to schedule 3 men from open until about 1 PM, and 3 from just before lunch until close and cleanup, around 7:00 PM. That would give us all approximately 8 hour shifts on weekdays."

"On weekends," James went on, "we serve a brunch from 9:00 AM until Noon and a supper from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM, so 3 men can do a double each day, and the other 3 could get a day off."

"James," Mike said, "I thought the weekend supper was from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM."

"It was, Mike," James answered, "5:00 PM to 6:00 AM is a long time to go with out eating, and that would be if you were one of the last to eat. It used to be 4-7, however, due to the manpower shortage, it was shoved back, to try and give the CA trainees at least a little break. Now that we are better staffed, we're moving it back."

LaVerne was keeping his eyes closely on the new trainees, especially Stephen and Jeremy. When they were sitting, having coffee, he had observed, what looked like, a stick of pepperoni, only thicker, running down Stephens inner thigh, but not the kind of bulge associated with an erection. He thought he also had made out the shape of a cock's head down toward the knee. If he is seeing correctly, Stephen has to be very well endowed!

Vern was also attempting to keep track of Jeremy. At 5'8 Jeremy was nearly a foot taller than he was, and with the red hair and freckles, he was downright cute. There was also something about Jeremy that set off Vern's Gaydar. Maybe, Vern thought, just maybe.

During a slow time in the middle of the afternoon, James was giving some instructions to the new trainees, so Mike and Vern poured themselves some iced tea, and sat down at one of the tables.

"So Mike," Vern asked, "What do you think about the new guys?"

"Give them a few days and we'll see how they work out."

"I meant, how does your Gaydar register?"

"Oh, that. I'm about 99% certain Jeremy is one of us and he is really cute. It's hard to tell about Stephen. Troy might be. I find Troy very attractive. If I wasn't hopelessly in love already, I'd be all over him."

Vern said, "From the view I had this morning, I believe Stephen is hung, I mean, like a horse! If he is gay, I think I'll let some size queen tackle him! I think I might just ask Jeremy if he would like to take a walk, after we get out of here tonight, and try to feel him out a little."

Mike, chuckling, "He might feel you up! But I guess that would be cool wouldn't it? I'm really looking forward to the new schedule. It'd be awesome to have a little more time off, especially on some evenings so I could have a little more time with my baby!"

"I suppose," Vern said, "We could probably get started on the dinner prep, and then the new trainees can cook it."

Mike went to the walk-in and brought out 12# of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts and started to cut them into bite size pieces. Vern brought out a bunch of veggies and started cutting them up for salad. They were preparing stuff for Chicken Alfredo, which is going to be served for dinner tonight.

Vern spoke, "Mike, I just had an idea I hadn't thought of before. Troy is in bed #13, right next to me." Grinning, "I might just ask him to shower with me tonight, and see if I can't break the ice!"

"If nothing else," Mike responded, "You'll probably find out how he is wired, and if he can be had. I'm just curious, more than anything else. If you need moral support...that won't work, cause I'll be with Luke, and, especially if we do something messy, we'll be showering together anyway."

Dinnertime finally arrived, 30 some trainees came and ate, and left their dirty dishes to be washed. Vern, a couple of times, while passing in front of Troy, accidentally brushed the back of his hand across the slight bulge at the front of Troy's apron, causing, at the most, a slight smirk on Troy's face. The newest three of the crew had the pleasure of operating the dishwasher for the second time.

Luke was sitting in his usual chair, waiting for Mike to finish up so they could spend some precious time together. The additional kitchen crew made a noticeable difference. Mike was usually finished about 7:00 or 7:15, but tonight, they were all ready to get out of there at only 6:40.

Mike and Luke took off for the woods. James, Stephen and Jeremy headed for Dorm 1 while Vern and Troy headed for Dorm 2. As they approached their beds, Vern was already removing his clothes.

Vern exclaimed, "Man, I can hardly wait each day to get back here and shuck these clothes off. I just love the freedom of being naked!" As he removed his boxers, he reclined on his bed, relaxing.

"I've noticed," Troy commented, "that a lot of the men here seem to like nudity. I've never before seen so many dudes just letting it all hang out!" As he spoke, he removed all his clothes, except his boxers, then sat down on his bed. "I think I want to take a shower before bedtime," as he got up and pulled a towel and other associated items from his locker.

"Hold on," Vern stated, also digging into his locker, "I'll go with you!"

Vern is starting to think that maybe his plan is working, as the pair head into the showers. Vern is already naked, and Troy drops his boxers on the bench before entering. The guys both adjust the water temperature to their liking and step under the spray. Both men washed and rinsed their hair and faces, Vern's eyes roaming down to Troy's 5½" cut penis.

"Troy, give me your soaped up washcloth and turn around and I'll scrub your back." Troy obeyed, completely.

The little man reached up, starting to wash Troy's back, armpits, and worked his way down, running the soaped cloth down the crack between Troy's butt cheeks, and even cleaning his perineum and slightly bumping his scrotum. Troy turned around and Vern smiled, looking at the result of his handiwork, as Troy was now sporting about 6½" of hard meat. The activity also caused Vern's cock to extend to it's rather long 8 plus inches.

The two men finished their showers and turned off the water, just lingering, and still wet. Both men are still sporting erections.

"I think mother nature short changed me." Troy explained. "Most black men have a sizeable cock due to their African heritage. I know I'm only half black, and I inherited the kinky hair, lips and nose, but I damn sure don't have the cock size." Then added, "Look at you, over a foot shorter than me, but you've got a good two to three inches on me!"

"You know what they say Troy, anything more that a mouthful is a -- I mean, It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean." Vern is noticing some precum glistening on the tip of Troy's cock.

Troy, grinning widely at Vern's slip of the tongue, "Do you think I have a mouthful?"

Vern, bending over and flicking his tongue over Troy's pee hole to retrieve that pre, "I don't know, but I'd be willing to see if it fits."

Both men's eyes lifted, from viewing each other's manhood's, to gazing into each other's eyes. Their bodies just started to drift closer together. Troy could stand it no longer. He lowered his head and planted his lips onto Vern's, ramming his tongue into Vern's mouth, Vern hungrily trying to devour Troy's tongue.

Their arms both wrapped around each other, both men physically releasing pent up desires. Both needed to catch their breath and pulled their mouths off from each other.

"I want you!" panted Vern.

Troy responded, "I need you! Want to try that fit?"

"Yeah," Vern said, "but not here. Lets dry off and hit one of our beds"

"What about the room-mates?" questioned Troy.

"Mike and Luke are off somewhere fucking, and most of the rest never go to bed this early. Nobody gives a shit anyway!"

"Shit!" exclaimed Troy "I forgot to bring clean boxers."

"We won't need them, until we get up in the morning." Vern led Troy back to their beds, and motioned for Troy to lie down on Vern's bed, then as soon as Troy was down, Vern crawled up, straddling Troy's legs, kneeling with Troy's legs under his ass and buried Troy's cock in his mouth, his nose in Troy's bush.

It only took a couple minutes before Troy had a full erection again.

Vern pulled off for a few seconds and looked up at Troy's smiling face. "See Troy? Perfect fit!" Then went back to work on Troy's hard and throbbing cock.

Troy is determined to try and make this last as long as possible. The last time anyone gave him a blowjob was many months ago, before he was arrested and sentenced to the penitentiary. Yes, he'd gotten release quite a few times by masturbation, but he really 'needed' this man to man sexual activity.

He also was aware that he was likely not going to be able to last as long as he would desire. Vern is experienced, and is working all the sensitive areas. Troy is starting to feel his orgasm just starting to build.

"Easy, dude!" Troy cried softly, trying to push Vern's head off his cock.

Vern, pulling off, "What's the matter, Troy? Are you OK?"

"Too much OK! It feels really great, but you're gonna pull over a years worth of pent up desire out of me in 5 minutes if you don't slow up!"

"I sure hope you don't make me wait a year to get the next load out of you! Actually, you'll probably replace that load in your jewels overnight. Do you have any idea how much I want that load, right now?" Vern sucked Troy's manhood back into his mouth, and continued to work it.

Vern was really enjoying nursing Troy's cock. At a little over 5" soft, and about 6½" hard, and about 1¼" thick, it wasn't really a big dick or a small one. It was just a comfortable mouthful. Vern was leaking a pretty healthy amount of pre, most of which was dripping down onto Troy's legs, and running down onto the sheet.

Vern had some questions circling in his mind. Has Troy ever sucked a dick? Is Troy even gay? What's next after I make him cum? If he is willing to reciprocate, can Troy even handle my large dick? These questions all will soon be answered.

Back to the action at hand, Vern assaulted Troy's cock again, working toward the reward of feeling Troy explode into his mouth. As he worked his mouth and tongue muscles around Troy's cock, he felt Troy's body stiffen.

"Pull off!" Troy gasped. "I'm too close!"

"But that is where I need you to be, just relax, and let me do the work!"

Vern descended once again, closing his lips tightly around Troy's mast, and sliding up and down, slowly. Once again he felt Troy's body stiffen, his hands clenching the sheets, his pelvis jerking. Vern closed very tightly around Troy's cock, which is starting to pulse, then erupting, shooting a bunch of ropes of cum into Vern's mouth and throat.


Vern, after sucking the last drops out of Troy, sat up on his haunches, smiling. "I've never been fed that big a load before! And, Troy, you taste really good, too!"

"Vern, that was the strongest orgasm I've ever had! I thought I was never going to stop cumming!" He reached down and scooped up some of Vern's pre off his leg, onto his finger, and into his mouth.

"Decent!" Troy stated. Smiling. "Now I get to find out how YOU taste! I'm just not sure what the best position is to do this." Thinking, "Vern lay on your back, and slide up so your head is almost touching the wall. Now, spread your legs and I'll get in between them, like this, and presto! I can just slide that BBC right into my mouth and you can rest your legs on my shoulders."

"Troy," Vern spoke softly, "I so much need to get off! Do you think you can handle my size?"

"Don't worry, little dude! How does such a small man, end up with a super-sized dick like that? I will handle it and I very much plan to make you cum, in a big way!"

Troy slips the head of Vern's cock into his mouth, tasting the bittersweet flavor of Vern's precum. He can remember only one time previously that he ever encountered a man with a dick that size, but that guy was almost 6½ feet tall. He couldn't even remember the guy's name, just someone he picked up at a bar.

As Troy moved further down on Vern's cock, taking more into his mouth, he could sense that Vern wasn't going to last very long. That was fine with him, as the sooner he could get Vern off, the sooner he would be able to taste Vern's man's juice. Troy was so hungry for that anticipated load.

Neither Troy nor Vern had noticed that Mike and Luke had quietly come into the area and were observing them from the opening between the lockers, smiling and holding hands, trying not to make a sound.

As Troy continued the assault on Vern's length, Vern was starting to thrust his hips toward Troy's anxious mouth.

Suddenly Vern, without warning, blurted "I'm Cumminnnnnngggg!"

Troy is trying to gobble down the meal that Vern has provided, and was milking the last of Vern's cum, when he looked up to Vern's face and saw Mike and Luke standing there, with an amused look on their faces. Troy's face immediately turned a cherry pink, and he arose to his feet.

"Vern," Mike said, "It looks like you got the answers!"

"All but one." Vern responded.

"Answers?" Troy questioned, "Was this some kind of setup?"

"Yes, and No!" Mike answered. "Vern and I were discussing, earlier, while James was giving you guys instructions, who of the newbys might be gay or at least, could be had."

"I had the idea," Vern explained, "since you and I had beds next to each other, to try and shower with you, and maybe break the ice, and find out how you tick!" Then, thinking, "The one question we had, and don't have an answer to yet, is, if you are gay?"

"You're kidding!" Troy snickered, grinning widely. I could have sworn you had me figured out. I've been out since I was 14. I had both you and Mike pegged since early this morning!"

"Troy," Mike stated, "This is, I hope, my future husband, at least my boyfriend, Luke, and baby, this is one of our new trainees in CA, Troy." Luke and Troy shook hands. Luke is still a little uncomfortable with Mike's openness.

"Luke and I were about ready to grab a shower and go to bed. Actually, Troy, my bed is there" points to #11, "but I usually sleep in #8 with my sweetie. Nite guys, see you in the morning."

"Troy," Vern asked, "How did you figure Mike and me out?"

"Mostly from your eyes. I noticed both of you watching the crotches of all of us new students." Troy continued, "I noticed you eyeing Stephen's long dong, of course I have also noticed it. When we came in yesterday, we had to strip in front of each other, and in front of Sean and Jesse."

"So, what did you see?" Vern asked, inquisitively.

"Little Jeremy has a pretty small cock, but got very hard very quickly." Grins, "Indicating he is most likely gay. Sean seemed really interested in David's uncut cock. I noticed that Stephen is really hung and I wonder how big he might be if it was hard. Bryan just seemed normal, nothing exceptional. Cory seemed like a normal straight dude, but he did grin when Sean touched him. I think Cory could be had easily. His cock is about the same size as yours, but he is close to 6' tall. He looks like he works out."

"Troy," Vern spoke, "I thought you might have difficulty handling my size, even if you were willing to reciprocate. I know I was hot, and shot off rather quickly, but it really did feel great! I needed it, badly, Thanks."

"I think," Troy responded, thoughtfully, "This was one of those situations where we just needed each other. You were here for me, and I was here for you. And, Vern, I was happy to get a taste of you! It was a very tasty snack that has satisfied my appetite, at least for a day or two!"

"4:30 comes early," Vern mentioned, "We probably need to go to sleep."

"I need to pee first," Troy said, "otherwise I'll have to get up in the middle of the night."

"I'm with you Troy." And as the two men got to the bathroom, "I'm so short I have to use the toilet, cause I can't reach the urinal."

On the way back to their beds, Vern cut off the bright overhead lights. Both men slipped into their respective beds for the night.


"What Vern?"

"Can I sleep with you?"

"I don't know if we'll get any sleep," Chuckling, "I might rape you."

"So rape me, I'll help you!"

Vern slips over and crawls in bed with Troy. Troy instinctively wraps his arm around Vern, spooning him, Vern snuggles back against Troy's chest, the top of his head just under Troy's chin. Troy's semi hard cock finds a comfortable home, wedged in Vern's crack. In just a few minutes both are sound asleep.

(to be continued)

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