tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 16

Prison School Ch. 16


Luke was sitting in his usual chair, waiting for Mike to finish up so they could spend some precious time together. The additional kitchen crew made a noticeable difference. Mike was usually finished about 7:00 or 7:15, but tonight, they were all ready to get out of there at only 6:40.

Mike and Luke took off for the woods. James, Stephen and Jeremy headed for Dorm 1 while Vern and Troy headed for Dorm 2. Sean was waiting in the rec room of Dorm 1, waiting for Jeremy to return from the cafeteria. When the CA guy's came in, Sean went in to the sleeping area, and walked on down to Jeremy's bed, where Jeremy was just sitting down on it.

"How is it going, Jeremy?" Sean asked.

"Oh, Hi Sean, not too bad, so far. It's going to be some long hours though, at least for a while."

Sean sat down on Jeremy's left, placing his right hand on Jeremy's skinny left thigh and squeezing it a little. "Jeremy, Has anyone shown you around campus yet?"

"I know where the main office, cafeteria and kitchen are, and the dorms. That's about it."

"We've got some time, before you need to go to bed. Can I take you on a tour?"

"Sure," Jeremy replied, smiling, "I would like that."

Sean and Jeremy walked out of Dorm 1, and passed by Dorm 2. Over on the left, 4 men were pitching horseshoes.

Sean, pointing, "Those horseshoe pits were just made last week. Do you play horseshoes?"

"Never played."

"You can learn. This is the exercise room." Sean informed Jeremy, who was watching 6 or 7 guys working out on the various machines.

"I should probably get into that," Jeremy commented, "Maybe I wouldn't be so skinny!"

Then, as they walked into the next building, where about 6 guys were swimming naked, "And this is the swimming pool."

"No swimming trunks?" Jeremy exclaimed.

"Most of the men swim naked, and it's permitted."

"Who is the tall guy with the big dick?"

Sean, laughing, "That's Eric. He is in our dorm, and is the chief trainer in plumbing. He's also the biggest crotch watcher and cocksucker in Dorm 1." They left the pool, and strolled slowly towards the wooded area.

"You know, Sean," Jeremy said, thinking, "I'm not too sure I care for all the nudity around here."

"Does it bother you to see naked men?"

"Oh, no, not at all. I kind of like that aspect, I just don't want them looking at me naked."

"Jeremy, this campus is sitting on about 60 acres, and much of it is wooded. A lot of the students like the woods, a lot. Some just like to see the natural beauty, some like to get naked and masturbate. A lot of couples head into the woods to have some, at least semi-privacy while they have sex."

"Is there a rest room close by?"

"Depends, why do you need one?"

"I think I drank too much iced tea, and I'm about to spring a leak!"

"Just unzip and go." Sean said, chuckling. "Want me to hold it for you?"

"I think I can handle it, but thanks anyway," Jeremy answered, grinning, and draining his bladder.

They walked on for a few minutes more, then Sean stopped.

"See that white tape? That defines the border, the edge of the school property. Never go beyond the white tape."

"What happens if you do?"

"Jeremy, you know that bracelet on your wrist is like a GPS? We are tracked at all times. If one of us were to go to the other side of that tape, it would be regarded as an attempted escape and state patrol would be out to get us in no time."

"Wow! Let's head back."

About 5 minutes walking back, Sean noticed a bench he'd not seen before.

"Jeremy, let's go sit on that bench, and just chat a while." They both sat down, and Sean continued, "Why does it bother you if someone sees you naked?"

"It's embarrassing, Sean. You've seen me, I'm kind of small, you know, down there."

"Yep, kinda small and hard as nails. That was kind of fun, pushing your pecker to one side, and watching it spring back. Boing! Jeremy, never be ashamed of your body. Especially, if it is something you cannot do anything about. You are gay, aren't you?"

Jeremy, looking down at the ground, "Yeah, and all the gay guys are looking for big dicks!"

"Something I need to tell you, Jeremy. Yesterday, when you guys were all naked, and I was trying to measure you for jeans. I couldn't believe how that little hard cock of yours turned me on. Well, maybe it was more than just your cock, I don't know." Then Sean added, "Between you and David, I leaked so much pre into my jeans they looked like I pissed in them!"

That got a snicker out of Jeremy, and he then reached over and felt a rather large bulge in Sean's jeans, causing him to break into a wide grin.

"Sean, c-c-can I see it?" Jeremy stammered.

"Sure. Let's get naked!" Sean started to undress, taking off his tee, then jeans leaving on his tented boxers. Jeremy was just standing there, watching Sean undress.

"That's as far as I'm going, until I see a naked red haired dude!" Sean exclaimed.

That's all it took. Sixty seconds later Jeremy stood there wearing only socks, sneakers, a 5" steel hard and leaking stiffy and a smile on his face.

Sean dropped his boxers, letting his somewhat larger cock swing free, but only for a few seconds before Jeremy wrapped his hand around it, squeezing the precum out and it ran down Jeremy's thumb and hand. Quickly, Jeremy brought that hand up to his mouth and he licked it clean.

"I have no idea why it is," Sean said, "But I damn sure still got the hots for you, I think even more so today than yesterday!"

Sean dropped to his knees, and hungrily attacked that little cock, burying his nose into those red pubes, causing Jeremy to gasp. He knew that, of all the cocks he had sucked in his lifetime, he had never done one quite as small, or as stiff, as Jeremy's. It was almost like sucking a 5" long piece of pepperoni, but tastier. Jeremy's pre was sweet, just like Jeremy.

As Sean worked that hard little penis, Jeremy had his head thrown back as if he were looking at the sky. His body was stiffening and relaxing periodically.

Jeremy, speaking softly, "If you don't want to take it, I'm going to need to pull out soon."

Sean grabbed Jeremy's buns, pulling Jeremy even closer to make damn sure he didn't pull out.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," Jeremy panted, "Oooooooooohhhhhhh, I'm shooting! Oh, Fuck, Fuck, ooooohhhh!"

Sean, while pulling off, "I hardly got to taste you, you shot so much down my throat. I got a little taste when I milked those last few drops out. Do you know how far you can shoot?"

Jeremy, grinning, "I've shot an orgasm 10 feet before. When I was in the pen, sometimes when I jacked off, I didn't get any on me, just had to clean the wall off the next morning." Then, "I think we need to get you off. Sean, what would you like us to do?"

Jeremy is playing with Sean's cock, spreading the massive amount of pre all over it and slowly stroking the slippery shaft.

"About 2 more minutes of what you're doing, and it will be over already."

"Do you wanna fuck me?" Jeremy asked.

"Nah, I can't get into that, it's too gay!"

"That's rich!" Jeremy quipped, "A gay guy doesn't want to fuck cause it's too gay!"

"Jeremy, I'm not gay. I just developed a taste for sucking guys off, and I don't mind getting sucked. I can't get into the other stuff a lot of gays do, like cuddling, kissing, fucking, and sleeping together. Masturbation is pretty cool too. Speaking of that, I'm about ready to explode!"

Never losing a stroke, Jeremy covered the head and about half the shaft of Sean's cock in his mouth, just as Sean started to pulse, catching the whole of Sean's ejaculation, and swallowing it. The two men started to get dressed in preparation for return to the dorm.

"Sean, sit down please." Sean sat down beside Jeremy.

"Sean, you went through all that, the tour, showing me all the woods and everything, just to suck my dick?"

"Yeah, I guess." Sean answered, sheepishly.

"Well, it was fun, and I did enjoy the blowjob, it was really nice. Next time, just tell me, 'Hey Jer, can I suck your dick?' and if I'm not romantically involved with someone, I'll likely let you. I love to cum."

"Jer, is that you nickname?"

"One of them, and the one I prefer, "Jer explained, "I hate the other one."

"I suspect, Jer, it may be a color?"

"Please, just call me Jer, or Jeremy, please."

"We need to head back." Sean stated. "I'm fine, but I know you have to get up super early."

The two men shared some small talk on the way back to the dorm.

Sean spoke, "Jer, you do know that you are very attractive, don't you? I'm surprised they let a teenager like you in here!" grins, "When will you be 18?"

Jeremy, laughing, "Thanks, I was 18 five years ago, I just wish my cock looked 23 years old!"

"Jer, you worry too much. You're really cute, and if you and your cock turned me on that much, you're going to turn one of the gay guys on. Not every gay man is a size queen. Learn to drop those boxers, when you can!"

Entering the dorm, Sean headed into the rec room, and Jer headed to bed, as it is almost 9:00 PM. After the experience this evening with Sean, Jeremy knows he will sleep very well!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Over in dorm 2, Zach has been pretending to watch TV, but actually spending more time eyeing a certain tall, blonde, blue eyed guy. He knew that the guy was assigned to the bed next to himself, as he had seen, when they got up that morning. Zach knew he wanted to meet this guy.

Zach watched the man get up and head out of the room when that TV show ended. After the guy left, Zach also got up, and followed him, trying not to be too obvious, into the sleeping area of the dorm. The blonde guy dug into his locker, getting the normal items for a shower, and laying them on his bed. Zach popped around the locker, and was in the space between their 2 beds.

Zach, extending his hand, "Hi, we haven't met yet, I'm Zach."

The blonde guy, accepting Zach's handshake, "I'm Bryan, I just got here yesterday. I'm in the Carpentry Group. The showers were quite busy and full before dinner so I decided to wait until now to shower."

"I'm glad to meet you, Bryan. I am part of the Grounds Maintenance group."

Bryan was still wearing his boxers, as he started to pick up the showering items, preventing Zach from seeing his privates. Zach had already showered earlier, after the GM guys came in about 4:00, but suddenly had the urgent desire to take another shower. Bryan headed to the showers, and Zach stripped, grabbing his showering gear and also headed there.

When Zach entered the shower stall, taking one of the showerheads next to Bryan, Bryan turned his back to Zach, still hiding himself. Zach adjusted the temperature and stepped into the warm stream, soaping up his washcloth well. He had a plan, and also a growing erection.

"I'll get your back!" Zach announced, and started to wash Bryan's neck and back. He then pushed the soapy washcloth up and down Bryan's ribs, reaching his armpits, Bryan instinctively raised his arms, allowing Zach full access.

"Oh, that feels good," Bryan uttered.

Zach continued to wash Bryan. Kneeling down, he washed the backs of both legs down to the ankles, then back up, cleaning both thighs, outside and inside, then reaching in a little, the cloth, along with Zach's finger, cleaned Bryan's perineum, making Bryan shudder, and then his crack, softly washing Bryan's pucker.

Standing up, Zach soaped the washcloth up again, and, guiding Bryan's shoulder's turned Bryan around, facing him, and met no resistance. Zach couldn't help notice that Bryan was sporting a full hard on. Bryan was smiling as Zach started to wash Bryan's chest, nipples, stomach, and pubes, quite obviously enjoying the experience.

Finally, Zach tenderly washed Bryan's sack, rolling his testicles around, then softly cleaning the hard shaft and mushroom head. Zach turned Bryan's body once again, so the spraying water could wash all the soap away then wrapped his hand around Bryan's cock, just enjoying the feeling of it. Zach then stood up, and turned the water off on both showerheads.

Both men just stood there, still wet, and looking at each other, smiling.

Bryan broke the ice, taking a hold of Zach's cock, "I think we are both pretty hot, and in need." Bryan dropped to his knees, "May I?"

"Please do!" Bryan took Zach's leaking cock into his mouth, and started to work it. Zach knew then, that Bryan was gay, and that he definitely was far from the first guy to feel the assault from Bryan's mouth. Bryan is good. Zach looked down and saw a long thread of pre leaking from Bryan's beautiful member.

"Hold up," Zach said, dropping down and lying on his back, erection standing up straight. "Now straddle me. Fuck my mouth while you suck my cock."

The two men just naturally fell into a sixty-nine, both men hungry for the others cum.

After a few minutes, the two guys were squirming, groaning, and enjoying each others hunger and need. Their arms were constantly reaching to hug the other. Bryan started to pull out of Zach's mouth, and Zach instinctively grabbed Bryan's butt, holding him in, feeling the pulses in Bryan's cock.

Bryan couldn't hold off his climax, starting to shoot several ropes of cum into Zach's hungry mouth, and causing Zach to also reach his orgasm, Bryan doing his best to capture every drop of creamy white man juice from Zach's pulsing manhood.

The two men, now both sexually relieved, climbed back into a sitting position, looking at each other and smiling. Zach got up onto his feet, offered his hand to Bryan and pulled him onto his feet. As a rule, Zach, knowing he is a short timer (one more week after this one), has been having sex with a few guys, but avoiding any intimacy with any of them.

Bryan, standing in front of Zach, is gazing into Zach's eyes, and slowly gives Zach a hug, then moves his lips onto Zach's, tenderly kissing him. Zach found himself helpless to resist Bryan's advances.

"I think," Zach said, "that we need to make it toward bed."

Bryan mentioned, "I forgot to bring clean boxers."

Zach, smiling, "Those are daytime clothes, we are already in our pajamas!"

By the time they got to their beds, the bright lights were turned off, and Zach could see that Luke and Mike were already in Luke's bed and asleep. Zach and Bryan both slipped into their respective beds.

A couple minutes later Bryan spoke softly, "Zach, would you sleep with me tonight? I would really like to feel your body next to mine."

Zach, a little uncomfortable with the situation, got up and moved over to Bryan's bed and slipped in, Bryan's arm immediately wrapped around Zach, and Bryan started to kiss him. Once again, Zach found himself helpless, and at the same time he knew he had to resist Bryan's advances.

"I know it's late," Zach said, "But we really need to talk. Bryan, get dressed, and we can go outside for some privacy."

They both got dressed and walked outside, to a bench about 20 feet away.

"Did I come on too strong?" Questioned Bryan.

"No, well, maybe, but that isn't the problem." Zach continued. " It's more a problem of timing, and that really sucks. Bryan, I've been here for almost a year. Eight months of Electrician training, and 3 months of grounds and maintenance, finishing up my time."

"All that time, I would have loved to have found someone to fall in love with, who would also fall in love with me." Zach sighed. "It never happened, I had plenty of sex, but no love, no relationship, no boyfriend."

"Zach, I like you, a lot." Bryan stated. "I think I could quite easily fall in love with you."

Zach, starting to choke up, and tears flowing down his cheeks, "There lies the problem! I am too much attracted to you, and I could maybe fall." Then, sniffling, "Bryan, for us to be close to each other, could mean heartbreak for both of us. I have my Electricians License, and next week is my last here on campus. I've paid my time, and I'll be returning to society."

"You just got here, Bryan, and have a long time to go. Hopefully, you will meet someone that sweeps you off your feet. Someone is going to see your worth, and take your heart away." Then added, "At least, you can make a few guys happy around here. There are always some horny men here!"

"Zach?" Bryan asked, "Can we at least stay in touch, after you leave?"

"We need to get to sleep, "Zach said, "And I think it best we sleep alone. I will give you my permanent home address before I leave."

The two men went back into their dorm, slipped into their own beds and both quietly cried themselves to sleep.

(to be continued)

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