tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 21

Prison School Ch. 21


Authors note:

This is the 21st chapter of a multi chapter story. If you have not read the first 20 Chapters, I highly recommend you go back and start from the beginning, otherwise you will be completely lost!

Chapter 21 – W3 Friday Morning

The bus left the main building at 7:00 AM sharp with 22 trainers and trainees on their way to the training site.

Ivan spoke, "Smitty, how do you feel you did on your proficiency test yesterday?"

"I think I did OK, Ivan, but I haven't heard anything."

"If you passed it, you're all done here. For today, I'm going to name you an honorary trainer, and this will be the last day with us." Smitty nodded.

* * * * * * * * *

It's a little past 8:00 AM when Ruben Styles comes into the kitchen, looking for James.

"Hi, Ruben," James greeted, "You want to see me?"

"Yes James, I'm going to ask you to change the schedule a little tonight." Ruben continued, "Can you please ask the crew to work a little later tonight, because we are planning a little farewell party for Jesse and Zach, as they will be leaving tomorrow."

"So," James responded, smiling, "I suppose that means we will need a decorated sheet cake."

"Yes," Ruben said, "But there is more. I have notified the other Sr. Trainers, and now you, I want every swinging dick on campus here, in the dining room, at 7:00 PM, and that includes all of the CA crew. I have some other announcements to make also."

"Will do!" James said, "I'll let my crew know."

* * * * * * * * *

"Jesse, I'm so fucking bored." Sean complained. "10:00 AM and nothing to do!"

"Yeah, I know. I never did have a lot to do, except on Mondays, and now that's just like any other day, with no recruits coming in." Then, "I suppose you could always volunteer to do some grass cutting, giving the GM group a break."

"Jesse, I need to ask you, how do we replenish the lube and rubbers? We only got 4 lubes left, and about two dozen rubbers. Darin just got some of each just a couple days ago. I wonder who he's getting ready to plug!"

"We have to order from the commissary, using the schools charge account." Jesse answered, "Same way we order clothing and shoes."

"Speaking of clothing, can we order boxer briefs?" Sean questioned. "Stephen really wants some. Boxers just don't hold him in cause he's so long!"

"I don't think we can get them, but he can order them on his own card, if he has one." Jesse continued, "Gurl, I can't wait to get back to my home town! One more day!"

"Do you have a job when you get back home?"

"Yeah, but not one that requires my electrician's certification. That will be good to fall back on, but the job I have waiting is as a barmaid, in the local gay bar. Jesse continued, "It's enjoyable, fun, and I can dress up as Jessica! But this time around, I'm gonna not mess with Mary Jane! It's been a long 18 months."

"I had never known what you were in for, until now." Sean replied, "Since we're both bored out of our minds, suppose I give you a going away blowjob? I can't believe, all this time we've been here together and I've never sucked you off!"

"Actually," Jesse said, "I've never received a blowjob, or even wanted one. I don't have a cock. I have a pussy. I've given quite a few blowjobs, but I really just prefer to be fucked."

"So much for your going away present!" Exclaimed Sean, "Since you don't want a blowjob, and I don't fuck guys! Oh, well." Then, "How about some pool?"

"This gurl can shoot some 8-Ball, You're on, Sean."

"You know Jesse," Sean commented, "The way you always swing your ass, and flit around, and the way you talk, I mostly think of you as a girl." Jesse is grinning. "It's hard to imagine you having a cock, but I know you do, cause I have happened to shower with you a couple of times."

Sean and Jesse headed to the rec room and spent the rest of the morning shooting pool.

* * * * * * * * *

About 3:00 PM Ruben nabbed Jesse in the rec room and told him he and Zach were needed in the main office about 5:30 PM to meet with the Security guy that was to remove the special bracelets from their arms.

* * * * * * * * *

About 4:00 PM Glen entered into D1 while Bobby, Jose' and Zach scrambled into Dorm 2, stripping down and ready to grab showers after a dirty, dusty workday. Bobby and Jose' are both aware that was Zach's last day.

Neither Bobby nor Zach were aware that Jose' suddenly was sporting an erection, until Jose' grabbed Zach's hand and placed it on his hard, uncut cock.

Jose', pleading, "Do again, por favor?"

Bobby spoke, "I think Jose' wants you to give him another blowjob."

Zach questioned, "Jose', you want me to suck you again?"

"Si, por favor, si." Jose' is smiling as Zach drops to his knees in front of him, taking his hard, sheathed cock into his mouth. Jose' leans back against the shower wall, looking very contented and pleased.

All three guys are as hard as they can get, Zach is out to his full hard 7½" and leaking like a sieve, Bobby has grown to his full 8" and also dripping. Jose' is panting, and likely to pop off soon. Zach can feel Jose's cock starting to pulse.

Jose', tapping his hand on Zach's head, "Mi orgasmooooooooo! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Zach pulls off Jose's slowly deflating cock, cum dribbling off his chin, and looks up at Bobby, who is about to crack up.

"Man I wish I had a camera!" Bobby declared, laughing. "You should see your face and chin!"

Zach exclaimed, "I need to take care of this!" while wrapping his hand around his own dick, and starts to slowly stroke it.

"Hold on a second." Bobby said. "I wanna try something, quit strokin' and get up!" Bobby reached for Zach's hand, helping Zach onto his feet.

"I've thought about this before," Bobby stated, "and just never had the nerve to try it. I want to give you a going away gift you'll never forget." Then, wrapping his hand around Zach's throbbing cock, "I'm gonna try sucking it! I'm really new at this, so don't be too hard on me, OK?"

Zach doesn't believe what Bobby just said! To Zach's knowledge, Bobby has never been willing to have a cock in his mouth. Bobby always said it was just 'too gay'. The same with kissing, or having a dick up his ass, but he had accepted a blowjob here and there.

Bobby drops down onto his knees with his mouth now just a couple of inches from the tip of Zach's member. He gingerly licks the pre off the head of Zach's cock, and is shaking like a leaf. Zach places his hands on Bobby's head, lightly running his fingers through his hair, not wanting Bobby to feel like he is being pushed.

Zach, smiling, "Bobby, you're shaking so hard, that's going to get me off before you even start sucking! Just take it easy and you'll be fine." Zach assured.

Bobby takes the head and about an extra inch of Zach's shaft into his mouth, nursing it lightly. He looks up into Zach's eyes, as if asking for approval, and Zach just smiles back.

"Your mouth is about as lose as a whore's pussy," Zach stated, "Can you tighten down a bit?"

Bobby, pulling off Zach's cock, "I didn't think you'd know what a pussy feels like." Then takes Zach's cock back into his mouth, trying to suck a little harder.

"I don't really, but I've heard." Zach continued, "I've had some guys tell me my mouth feels a lot better than most pussies." Then, "Yeah, Bobby, that's feeling a lot better! We might make a decent cocksucker out of you yet."

Zach has had a lot more cocks in his mouth than mouths on his cock, so is trying to really enjoy this blowjob from Bobby. He was already hard and needing to get off before Bobby started sucking, and, as hot as he is, doesn't think it will take too long.

"Bobby, you're doing great!" Zach exclaimed, "This is exciting, and you've got my whole body tingling. Do I need to tell you before I cum?"

Bobby pulled off, just long enough to say "Nope!" And then hungrily took Zach's hard phallus back into his mouth, continuing to bob back and forth, sliding his mouth over most of the length of Zach's slender cock. He could feel Zach starting to breathe raggedly, and knew Zach was getting very close.

Suddenly, just as Zach's cock started to pulse, Bobby pulled off, and wrapped his fingers around Zach's shaft, sliding his hand on the slippery, saliva and precum coated cock, just as Zach started to spurt several shots of cum all over Bobby's face and chest.

Zach, laughing, "Now I wish I had a camera! I was hoping you would swallow."

"It's one thing to have a cock in my mouth," Bobby said, "But I really didn't want you to cum in my mouth!" Then, "Now I've got something that needs attention!" pointing to his own 8" of hard and leaking dick. "Are you going to help me out here, or do I need to wank it?"

"I'll help you out Bobby, one last time." Zach replied, "But I'm going to do something a little different. Stand up." Bobby rose to his feet with about 8½ inches of hard meat sticking straight out from his pubes.

Zach took Bobby's quite large erection into his mouth, licking and sucking lightly. He then, unobserved, soaped up his hand, and started to play with Bobby's butt hole, and attempted to push his middle finger inside.

"No!" Bobby exclaimed, jumping back and pulling out of Zach's mouth. "You're not going to fuck me!"

"Relax, Bobby. You're right, I'm not planning to fuck you, 'cept maybe a little with my finger. I promise it will feel good, just let me slide my finger in a little so I can massage your prostate."

Zach slid Bobby's cock back into his mouth, and slowly pushed his finger into Bobby's hole, causing Bobby to groan a little. Bobby finally relaxed enough to allow Zach to push his finger all the way in. As Zach moved his finger around inside Bobby's rectum, Bobby was feeling an orgasm building.

"Oh!" Bobby exclaimed. "That feels so good. I think I'm gonna cum! I am! I am gonna cum like oh, my god, get ready---- Unnnnnngggghhhhh! Shit!"

Bobby just had an orgasm like none he had ever had before. Stream after stream of delicious mans milk shot into Zach's mouth and throat, Zach swallowing every spurt.

"That was wild! Is that what gay guys usually do?" asked Bobby.

"Not always." Zach answered. "When one guy fucks another, often the guy doing the fucking tries to bang against the prostate, and, in perfection, both guys get off either together or very close to each other."

"That was one hell of a climax! The strongest I've ever had." Bobby stated, "I thought we had an audience," pointing at Jose', who had fallen asleep with his back against the shower wall, his chin on his chest.

"I suppose," Zach commented, "We probably should wake him, so he won't miss supper." Then, grinning, "And, Bobby, You need to rinse the cum off your face and body!" Bobby was thankful no one had come into the shower and seen him like that.

Oops! Just then Jesse stepped to the shower door, took one look at Bobby's face and lost it, hysterically giggling like a baby.

Once Jesse recovered, "Zach, I've been looking all over for you. You and I have a 5:30 appointment in the main office to get," lifting his arm with the bracelet, "these removed."

Bobby, red faced and begging, "Jesse, please don't broadcast what you just saw here. I don't need the publicity. I was just giving Zach a kind of a going away treat."

They woke Jose' and all got a final rinse, then headed toward their respective beds and lockers to get dressed for supper. It was almost 5:30 so Zach just went to the main office.

* * * * * * * * *

Over in Dorm One, Glen had come in and showered alone. Since he was the most senior of the GM crew, he was treated as a Senior Trainer, and had been notified of the 7:00 PM mandatory meeting in the cafeteria. About 5:30 PM he wandered over to Dorm Two, to notify Jose' and Bobby of the meeting. They agreed to all go to chow at 6:00 PM as a group.

* * * * * * * * *

About 4:50 PM Adam, Nate and the rest of the Plumbing crew (as well as all the rest of the trainees and trainers) arrived in the Dorms, most heading to the showers ASAP. Sean caught up with Adam, handing him an envelope that had arrived in today's mail.

Adam looked at the envelope, which had his parents return address on it. As is normal with most of the students, it didn't take long to be opened and read.

"Baby," Adam addressed Nate, "My parents are coming to visit, a week from this Sunday. I want to see them, but I'm scared to tell them, about me and us. Here, read it." As he hands the letter to Nate. The letter was fairly short and it took only a couple of minutes for Nate to read it.

"Babe, they said they want to meet me. They might be more open than you think."

"I told them about you, and that you are my new 'best friend'" Adam responded. "They don't know you, or we are gay, and in a relationship."

"They're going to have to know, sooner or later. They can't ignore the elephant in the room forever. And I will be by your side, all the way." Then Nate added, "I wonder how they would react, if we were to introduce our parents to each other. I might be able to get mine here, at the same time. And you know my parents already love you."

"Let's see how the shower line is, get our showers and head to the chow hall." Adam has finally gotten to the point where he can shower comfortably with other men (besides Nate) in the shower and not be so shy.

* * * * * * * * *

At about 6:30 the tail end of the trainees were getting their suppers, and, mostly, sitting with the others in their respective groups. Sean and Jesse were sitting with the GM group, as they needed to leave a table for the Culinary Arts group tonight, due to the special meeting. Something was different, there was a podium in the cafeteria that was normally not present.

As soon as the last of the trainees had passed through the line, the kitchen crew shut down the steam tables and proceeded to fill their own trays, and sat together at the one reserved table. About 6:55 Ruben entered the room, disposing of his dirty dishes and tray that he brought in with him. He walked over to the podium, and lay down a short stack of papers, and proceeded to count noses.

"There is someone missing," Ruben stated.

Ty answered, "Marty is in the rest room." Ruben nodded.

"As you may have heard, through the grapevine, we're going to be going through some changes here." Ruben stated. "You may have noticed that we had no new recruits this week. It seems the state is crying budget shortage, and, at least for the present, we will not be getting any new students here. I hope this is only a temporary situation."

"Another item under discussion," Ruben went on, "is the usage of this facility. They are considering, as our population of inmate students decreases, taking over the dorms and using some of the facility as a detention center and school for wayward boys."

"If they go through with this, it is going to greatly infringe on the activities and freedoms that many of you are used to having. Assuming we are permitted to continuing your training, you guys will be reduced to one of the dorms, and the other will be given over to the younger boys, who will share most of the facility, such as the swimming pool, gym, cafeteria and use of the rec room."

"That would mean no more skinny dipping, no more activities in the rec room, unless properly clothed, as you would need to share the rec room with teen aged boys. The rec room in the boys' dorm would be converted to a Computer Assisted Learning Lab or CALL, so they can continue their studies to gain a high school education."

"As far as I know," Ruben continued, "Those already in training will be permitted to continue, and get their certifications. I don't know yet for sure, but there is a possibility of going to a six-day week, in order to accelerate the training time. Any questions? I see a hand, Mitch?"

"I view this as an excellent program, to turn convicts into productive citizens." Mitch stated. "Is there anything we can do to save it?"

"I don't know if it will work, but get your relatives and friends to petition the legislature to continue this program. Any more questions? I see another hand."

Cory asked, "If some of us don't have a high school education, would we be permitted to use the CALL to help get one?"

"Good question." Ruben answered. "I'll make a note of that. At this point, we don't even know if this is going to transpire, but if it does, I will certainly try to include this as a benefit to any of you that could use it."

Ruben continued, "Smitty, Come up here son." Smitty walked up to the podium. "It is my pleasure, Jacob Smith, to award you the certificate of Master Carpenter. You passed your exam yesterday with flying colors. Congratulations!"

"Thank you sir, I owe it all to my trainer, Ivan."

"Since you still have about 6 weeks to serve, I hope you feel comfortable with lawn mowers and weed eaters, because, as of Monday you will be a part of the grounds and maintenance group."

Jesse kept periodically eyeing Bobby, smiling, and every time he did it, Bobby felt the red color going to his face. At least Jesse didn't tell the whole complex what he saw.

Ruben went on, "In case you didn't notice, there was no dessert on the line tonight. That's because we celebrate the departure of a couple comrades. I am losing my sidekick of the last 8 months, and I only wish well to Jesse, or maybe Jessica, (laughs), hold up your arm so we can see the bracelet is gone. He will be going to start a new life tomorrow. Also leaving us, is one of our best grass cutters, Zach, show us your bare arm."

Both Jesse and Zach are surrounded by bunches of guys, hugging them and wishing them good luck and "We'll miss you's." Mike and Vern had disappeared for a few, and now returned with a huge, decorated sheet cake and a couple of tubs of Ice Cream, Jeremy followed, with a stack of paper plates, napkins, forks and spoons.

When the festivities subsided, and most of the students returned to their dorms, the CA group still had the kitchen and cafeteria to clean before they could leave. At least it was a Friday night, and they didn't have to return at 5:00 AM like on weekdays. It would likely be after 8:30 by the time they got out of there tonight.

Luke was hanging around, as usual, waiting for Mike to finish cleaning up.

Mike, walking over to Luke, "Baby, I'm tired. It's been a long day. If it is OK with you, I would just like for us to cuddle together and maybe make out, until we fall asleep."

"That's fine, Mike. I'm always in ecstasy, just snuggling with you in bed, our bodies touching. I don't even want to sleep alone anymore." Then Luke added, "I'm going on to bed now, if I should happen to doze off before you get there, please wake me up."

A few minutes later when Luke got to his bed, he couldn't help but notice that Zach was sitting on his own bed, with a very somber look on his face.

"Hey buddy, what's wrong?" Luke asked. "You're out of here tomorrow, you should be ecstatic!"

"I've just got some mixed emotions, Luke." Zach answered. "Yes I am happy to be going home, and starting a new life. I also have made some good friends here that I don't want to have to leave behind. Do you have an address book?"

"As a matter of fact, I do." Luke rose, digging in his locker, and produced a relatively small address book, handing it to Zach, along with a pen.

"It's Zachary Hammond, do you want it under the H's or Z's?"

Luke, smiling, "Better put it in the Z's, as I might not remember the last name, but I'll never forget your first name."

"This is actually my parents address. I know I'll be there for a while, until I get on my feet. Even when I get my own place, they will hold mail for me. You need to keep this address. I want to hear from you, and especially, will be looking for a wedding invitation some day."

"You're serious about that wedding invite, aren't you!"

"Yep. You and Mike will make a lovely couple and you both deserve a happy life together. There are only about 4 guys here that I really want to maintain contact with, You and Mike, and Adam and Nate. I think those two are also getting ready for a walk down the isle of marriage. They also are a really cute couple, and you can almost see the electricity flowing between them."

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