tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 27

Prison School Ch. 27


This is the end of Luke's first week, staying with Mike's parents, who have welcomed Luke into their home with open arms. Luke has met Mike's childhood, and lifelong best straight friend, Jerry.

Jerry had invited Luke to go to a live Band Fest in a neighboring town. They had decided to sleep together in Mike's bed that night. The following took place, after they both ended up in bed together, naked.


(From the end of Ch 26)

Luke then dropped his boxers, and both boys slipped into bed. Jerry reached up and turned out the light, snuggling close to Luke. Luke was tempted to slide over and create some space between them, but feeling Jerry's body so close and warm, decided to just enjoy the feeling, and yes, it felt good.

"Jerry, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what?"

"Have you and Mike ever done anything together?"

"Sure, lots. We've skateboarded, kayaked, bowled, gone to movies and concerts, hiked, camped. We have spent most of our lives together since we were kids."

"What I really meant—was—have you ever done anything—like—sexually?"

Jerry's pondering how to answer this. He wants to be truthful, and still not hurt Luke. He also wants something from Luke, and doesn't want to fuck up a budding friendship. Luke has appeared to trust him, and Jerry doesn't want to destroy that trust.

Chapter 27 - W-7 in the wee hours of Sunday morning

"I guess, Luke," Jerry answered, "that Mike and I had an excellent working relationship. If you know Mike, as well as I think you may, you would agree that Mike is a talented cocksucker, and just loves to suck a dick."

"Yeah, he has told me that oral is his favorite way to have sex, and he is good at it. So I guess he has given you blow jobs."

"As I mentioned a few minutes ago, I'm straight, but even most straight guys can enjoy a good blow job. And I'm no different, well, maybe I like a BJ even more than some guys. So, Mike loved to suck and I loved to receive. A pretty good deal for both of us, wouldn't you agree?"

"So it was always a one way street? You never got him off?"

"Yes, I often got him off too, but not the same way. I couldn't bring myself to take a cock in my mouth, and usually got him off by hand. Sometimes we jacked each other off, too. Mike gives better head than any girl I've ever dated, much better."

"Did you and Mike ever get into any anal sex?"

"Nope. He never asked me to do anything like that. I think he knew I wouldn't. As I stated, I am straight. He tried a couple times to kiss me on the lips, but I turned my head away. I'm cool with getting sucked, and with masturbation, and that's about it."

"Luke, I assume you and Mike have sucked each other off?"

"Yes, of course, why?"

"Well, if you would like, you can substitute my cock for Mikes. I could go for that. I love to be sucked."

"Jerry! God, no. I do Mike, because he's the man I'm in love with. Do you think I'm some kind of slut? Mike's is the only cock welcome in my mouth or my ass! I won't cheat on him. I'd be guilt ridden for ever!"

"Damn, Luke. All this talk has me hot as hell. I need to get it off, one way or another. Just feel me, please? Maybe stroke it a little. We could maybe stroke each other, like Mike and I used to do sometimes."

"I dunno about this. Did you notice that my cock is a little different than most?"

"I'm not exactly into cock study, and I didn't really even look at it, so what's different?"

"I'm complete, I still have my foreskin."

"Oh, that's cool, but now you got me curious. OK if I give it a feel?"

Jerry slid his hand down along Luke's stomach, down to his pubes, and finally felt along the length of Luke's flaccid penis.

"It does feel different than mine or Mike's. It's almost silky, and no head."

The sensation of Jerry's hand lightly feeling along Luke's shaft caused it to start to erect.

"The foreskin covers the head, until it gets harder, and then the head will protrude. It's a good feeling when the skin is sliding back and forth, and actually makes it quite easy to jack it off. Jerry, you're making me hard, and kind of, like I want to release a load."

Luke, finally deciding to touch Jerry, "You're really hard, and leaking a lot of precum."

"I told you I was hot, your hand feels good on my peter."


"That's what Mike and I called them when we were young. We had peters, before we had dicks or cocks."

"I think," Luke commented, "there is a good chance of us both cumming. We need to push the covers down, so we don't mess them up."

They pushed the covers down to their ankles, and Jerry reached up and turned the small lamp that hung over the bed on.

"Why did you do that?" Luke asked.

"So we can watch our cocks spurt, and see the cum."

"Your cock looks a lot like Mike's" Luke mused.

"We've measured them, I've got a half an inch on Mike, but he's just a tad bigger around. I think I'm gonna cum a ton, I haven't shot a load in a couple of weeks."

"We had sex on Wednesday or Thursday before I left there on Saturday, so it's been about 9 or 10 days for me. Jerry, you're making me feel real good, I can feel it getting close though."

"Luke—never mind. I was gonna ask you to pick up the speed a little, but I'm gonna shoot—anywaaaaaay. Aaaaaaahhh!"

"Jerry, easy, slow up, Ooooooooh Gawd, I just made a mess of my chest! That's the drawback of a hairy chest. You did shoot a right healthy load!"

Jerry, easing off the bed, "Sit tight, Luke, I'll get some washcloths." It sure is handy to have our own bathroom, right off the bedroom.

Jerry slipped into the bathroom, ran some warm water, used a washcloth to remove the bulk of the cum from his stomach and chest, then rinsed and wrung out 2 wash clothes and took them to Luke. Luke carefully pulled the foreskin back, and cleaned any cum from around his cock, and under the foreskin while Jerry watched.

"I guess it's a little harder to clean one like that."

"Yeah, personal hygiene takes a little more attention, when you're uncut. When Mike sucks me off, he cleans it really well with his tongue."

"Eew! Better him than me."

Both boys then headed into the bathroom, and used soap and wash clothes to do a good cleaning of their chests, stomachs, pubes and cocks.. Then headed back to bed, pulling the sheet and light blanket over them. Jerry reached up and turned out the light again, and Buddy found an empty spot on the bed, between both guys.

"Thanks, Luke," Jerry said, "I really needed that release. Goodnight."

"It was different, I think we probably both needed to get off. Goodnight, Jerry."

The two boys, sexually drained, fell asleep quickly.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday morning at 7:00 AM the security guard wakes Mike up, and he, in turn walks over and rouses Troy. The two men head to the rest room, for a morning pee. Standing next to each other at the urinal, Troy noticed Mike's eyes are red.

"Hey buddy, are you OK?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Your eyes are red."

"I think I cried myself to sleep. Troy, I miss Luke so much. The worst time is at night, trying to go to sleep alone without Luke's warm body close to me. I'll be ok once I get some coffee, I think. At least I know that Luke is safe at my parents home, and that is a lot of relief."

Mike and Troy went back to their beds, and got dressed, ready to head to the cafeteria to prepare Sunday morning brunch. Troy reminded Mike that they needed to change dorms today. They can do that after Vern and Jeremy relieve them in the kitchen, sometime around 2:00 PM.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jerry woke up in Mike's bed, and looked over at his bed partner, and Buddy was whining at the door, needing to go out. He looked at the clock and it was after noon. His abrupt jumping out of bed woke Luke, and he also jumped out of bed. Jerry opened the bedroom door and let Buddy out, then he and Luke both went to the bathroom and drained.

Jerry, while starting to get dressed, "Luke, are we okay? You're not upset about last night are you?"

"No, Jerry, I just didn't expect what happened, and yes, we're fine." He stepped over and gave Jerry a hug, just to solidify what he had just stated.

As they stepped into the kitchen, Mom asked them if they would like some breakfast, and both said just some coffee, if there were some left. There was, and they both poured a mug and headed out to the deck, and sat at the picnic bench.

"I don't have time for breakfast, Luke, I told Barb I would pick her up at 1:00."

Luke, confused, "Who is Barb?"

"Sorry Luke, Barb is my girlfriend. I hadn't mentioned her, I guess."

"Now I'm even more confused. Jerry, if you've got a girlfriend, why did you want—you know, what we did last night?"

"Let me explain. Barb and I have been dating since before Mike went to prison. I like her, a lot, but she's not giving me any. We kiss, and make out, I get hard, she gets wet, but she won't let me in. It would be easier to break into Fort Knox! She says she's saving it for her husband, on their wedding night, whenever that might happen."

"So who is she going to marry?"

"She doesn't have wedding plans, yet. I'm hoping it will be me! You're a guy, Luke, you should know that there is a lot of difference in the hormonal and sexual drive of women and men. They can hold off forever, we guys have to unload quite often. I have to respect her, though, and if we do eventually marry, I'll get to marry a virgin!"

Luke commented, "I would venture to say virgins are rare anymore." Jerry nodded in agreement.

Jerry, getting up to leave, "Luke, I gotta get going, can't keep a lady waiting. It's been a trip. I'm glad we met, and I sincerely hope I didn't fuck up a possible friendship."

"You didn't, Jerry." Smiles. "We're good, and thanks for the explanation. Laters."

The two friends hugged, and Jerry left.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Mike and Troy walked out of the cafeteria shortly after 2:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, and headed to Dorm 1. They headed toward their new beds. Vern's bed was freshly made up, and Stephen and Jeremy had already made their switch. Sean had left fresh linens, towels and pillows on Mikes and Troys beds.

Troy and Mike headed back to Dorm Two, to toss their dirty towels and sheets in the laundry bags, and to retrieve their personal stuff from their lockers, and carried them back over to Dorm One. Move complete. They just need to make up their beds.

"Mike, you got any plans between now and suppertime?"

"Not really, Troy, I thought I might relax, and maybe take a nap."

"Could we maybe head out to the woods and chat. I need to get my story off my chest, and I'd like to share it with you. You don't really know much about me at all."

"A lot of times, trips out to the woods, is a way of saying let's have sex. You aren't planning to put the make on me are you?"

"No Mike, I really just want to talk."

"OK, Troy, let's go. I'll be glad to give you an ear."

Troy, as they were walking, "Mike, I can relate to how badly you are missing Luke. I am also missing someone that is very close to me, Ben, he is my bear."

"You have a bear?"

"Mike! You know, about 6'2", 330 pounds, bearded, lots of body hair, and the warmest heart any man could possibly have! He is 38 years old and an Over the Road Truck Driver and we love each other, very much. He is white, too."

"Because of his job, we weren't able to sleep together very often, but we called each other and talked at least 2 or 3 times a day. Not sleeping together regularly, I'm rather used to sleeping alone."

"My father reluctantly accepted that I was gay, but was against me dating a white man, and we had too many arguments over that issue. One night, after one of those arguments, I was depressed, and went out for a few too many drinks."

"On the way home, there was an accident, I didn't see the red light, and T-boned another car. The lady driving the other car was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, she suffered some cuts and a couple of broken bones, but she is OK now. I wasn't hurt badly, but both cars were totaled. I was arrested for running the red light, and DUI."

"When Ben found out I was in jail, he posted bail, and got me out, pending trial. He was with me, that day in court. The judge sentenced me to 18 months in the penitentiary for the DUI. My bear wailed, and cried like a baby. He nearly got arrested on contempt. They gave me five minutes with him. He kissed and hugged me in front of the judge and the whole damn courtroom. He said he would wait for me, and so far he has, I think. I'm down to about 5 months now."

"Wow!" Mike exhaled, "That makes me feel terribly self centered. I've been feeling bad cause I have to wait 4 months to see my baby. You haven't seen yours for 14 months. Jeeze! Has your family been here to visit you?"

"Nope. Mama passed away, cancer, when I was 20, and I don't think Papa even really cares. But, somehow, Ben managed to get in to see me three times while I was in the pen. You know how those windows are. We could see and talk to each other, but no way to touch or kiss!"

"My Ben and I had an interesting conversation on his last visit. He said it's hard to be a man, and stay really committed for a long term. He admitted, that sometimes, in some of the rest areas, guys would offer a blowjob, and he sometimes accepted. But they were just a one shot event, just some quick sexual relief. He said his heart was all for me."

"How do you feel about that, Troy?"

"I think he's right. It's hard to be good, with temptation all around. I've messed around a little here. We all need to get off now and then, but I'm saving my heart for my Ben."

"Thanks for sharing that with me Troy. Let's go get some chow."

The two boys headed to the cafeteria, filled their trays and sat down to eat. Shortly after, Adam and Nate also came in and got ready to eat. Seeing Mike and Troy, they invited themselves to share the table.

"Mike," Adam questioned, "Have you heard anything from Luke?"

"Yes!" Mike answered, smiling. "My parents rescued him, and he is now living at my house, and he even started a new job already. I'm so relieved."

"I'm sure your are, Mike, and so are we. Have you seen the changes in our dorm?"

"Yep, but you haven't seen all of them. You've got some new dorm mates. All of the culinary guys are now in D1, the first five beds, as of tonight."

"Poor Kurt," Nate said, grinning, "I think his kind is really in a minority around here."

"Yeah, the token straight guy!" Adam chimed in, laughing. "When the four of us arrived here, Mike was the only gay one. Then Luke found his true self, and so did I. Somehow, I don't think Kurt will ever change, though."

"I think the gayest thing Kurt ever does, is to jack off," Mike added.

"Ain't nuthin' gay about that." Adam countered. "Don't all teen guys jack off? Once they discover how good it feels to cum. I damn sure did it plenty, and I never even thought about it being gay. That was back when I thought straight!"

Nate, laughing, "Babe, remember the night we got Kurt into that circle jerk, and Jeremy shot his load all over Kurt?"

Mike, grinning, "That had to be hilarious! I wish I could have seen it. I've never seen Jeremy naked, as we've been in different dorms, until now."

"Mike," Adam added, "Jeremy probably has the littlest cock of any guy here on campus, but when he shoots his wad, it travels out about six feet, serious! He's got like about 5 inches, hard."

The four guys finished eating, and turned in their dirty trays and dishes. Nate and Adam headed toward the woods, and Mike and Troy headed towards Dorm One. It seemed strange, going to One instead of Two, and even stranger, having to go through an extra door to get to the sleeping area.

Mike, siting on his bed, "Troy, I know it's not even quite 8:00 PM, but I think I'm gonna crash. I didn't sleep well last night and I'm really tired."

"I think that's cool, Mike, We do have to rise and shine at 5:00 AM. I'm going to hit the sack too."

Both men stripped naked, and slipped into their appropriate beds, to go to sleep for the night. Mike tossed and turned, trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep. He is missing Luke in a big way.

Troy, about 10:00 PM, spoke very softly, "Mike, are you asleep?"

"I wish, It's so hard. I miss my Luke so much. My bed feels so cold without him in it."

"I'm not Luke, but I have a warm body that wants to comfort you, if I may."

Mike, hesitating a little, "Sure Troy, come on in."

Troy exited his bed, and slipped into Mike's, backing his body against Mike's front side and Mike instinctively wrapped his arm around Troy, spooning him. Mike could feel his flaccid cock touching Troy's crack, and he is willing his cock to not become erect. Both men are enjoying the closeness to each other.

Mike ran his hand over Troy's hairless chest, which felt nothing like Luke's hairy chest, then slowly his hand came to rest in Troy's pubes, Troy's flaccid penis was resting on the backs of Mike's fingers. Troy picked up Mike's hand, and placed it on top of his dick, encouraging Mike to wrap his fingers around Troy's hardening cock.

Mike felt the tip, which was oozing precum, and removed his hand. Troy pulled his hand back down again. Mike couldn't resist allowing his finger to slide around the head of Troy's cock, spreading the pre around.

"Mike," Troy uttered very softly, "I'm not complaining, but you're making me very highly aroused."

Mike has several thoughts running through his mind. Luke had told him, when they had that discussion about the waiting times, that he wouldn't expect Mike to be completely celibate. Then Mike told Luke he would be good, and he was willing to wait. Still, Mike is wanting Troy's cock.

"There is a song running in my head, Troy. It's an old song, by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, a classic. Some of the words are 'When you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with' and it haunting me."

"Mike, I can feel your hard cock against the crack of my ass, and I know you're aroused too. My Ben says guys need to get off now and then, so I would not feel guilty, under the circumstances. If you feel OK about it, I'm willing to do whatever you want us to do. I'll leave it up to you."

"Decision made," Mike threw the covers off, knelt between Troy's feet and lowered his mouth onto Troy's hard, black and throbbing cock, taking all he could into his hungry mouth.

"Wait," Troy said, "can't we both do this? I want you too."

Troy slid his ass down toward the foot of the bed and threw his legs off the side. Mike straddled Troy's head, placing his dripping cock over Troy's face, lowering his cock down toward Troy's hungry mouth, and taking Troy's cock back into his mouth. It may not have been the best position for a 69, but it was working.

Vern, Jeremy and Stephen had all come into Dorm One and stopped by the rec room and watched TV for a while. Stephen came into the sleeping area, to get to the rest room and noted the activity that was taking place on bed 2. He quietly went to the bathroom, and then returned to the rec room, meeting Vern and Jeremy just outside the door.

Stephen, getting their attention, suggested they hang around the rec room for a while, to give Mike and Troy a few minutes of privacy. Jeremy, curious Jeremy, wanted to sneak in and watch. Neither Troy nor Mike was aware of Jeremy's presence, 3 beds over. He had dropped his pants and boxers, and was slowly stroking his little cock, while watching the 'show'.

Troy, pushing Mike up and out of his mouth, whispered, "Mike, I'm about to unload!" then pulled Mike back into his mouth, continuing his assault.

There was a chorus of muffled groans, moans, and other sounds, and both Troy and Mike came into each other's mouths. As neither had been off for a few days, both enjoyed a sizeable orgasm, and both swallowed eagerly.

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