tagGay MalePrison Tale With 13"

Prison Tale With 13"


Unpaid parking tickets, I'm in the back of a police car on the way to the County Jail because of unpaid parking tickets. How the fuck could this happen to me? A few hours before I was driving minding my own business, when a County Sheriff pulled me over after doing a random license plate check and told me I was pulled over for unpaid parking tickets. My damn ex wife! I was kind enough to let her keep her car, but it's still in my damn name, and sure enough, the warrants are not out for her arrest but mine. The bail is only a few hundred dollars, but they won't take the money from me. I was lucky enough to get a call into my girlfriend, who is out of town and won't be able to pay the bail until tomorrow morning. Life really does suck.

I entered the piss smelling jail and was processed, forced to shower and had to throw on an orange jumpsuit. This was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I'm in a fucking orange jumpsuit for parking tickets that aren't mine. I never did a fucking thing illegal my entire life. Yea I got occasionally drunk, did stupid things, fucked people I shouldn't have, but I never broke the law. I'm in my early 30's, I got a good job, making good money, have a nice apartment, seeing a sexy ass girl, why the fuck am I here.

In prison you have no rights, and the guards clearly make you know that, as they yell at you like your cattle in a barn. There were times I wanted to answer back to these weaklings who are only tough cause they have a badge on, but I knew that would get me nowhere, so I bit my tongue and let the verbal abuse continue as I was escorted to a cell with about 20 other men, all black. They call this cell the bullpen. I guess we are cattle after all.

It was about midnight, so really there was nothing to do but sleep, sleep on the cold concrete floor and wait until morning, and hopefully be bailed out of this dump. A few guys asked me what I was in for. At first I was thinking of lying, saying manslaughter or something, just to make me look like a tough guy, but I'm not a tough guy, and if I pretended to be one they may force me to act like one, and I may be fucked. So instead I told the truth, after a few laughs, the guys seemed to feel bad for me, told me to hang tight, hopefully I'll be out tomorrow. I had a lot of premonitions of what jail would be like from shows like Oz, and what I read on the internet, but what I experienced were a bunch of guys, mostly in their 20's who got fucked up with drugs, some were there for armed robbery, but collectively you saw regret in their eyes. I think they were a victim of their environment, and if given the opportunity most would try to make better of their lives. I barely slept that night, but it was the cold of the concrete floor to keep me up, my safety was never a fear.

Following morning we were given some shit to eat, eggs and sausage, which looked like slop on a plate, which I ended up giving to another prisoner. I asked a guard if I was bailed out, sure enough my bail was paid, but the guard told me since it was a Saturday I might not be let out until Monday morning. What the fuck, I was going to have to spend all weekend here?

I was now escorted to a holding cell. These cells only hold up to 2 people. I really was hoping to be sent to one alone, just so I didn't have to deal with watching some other guy piss and shit, but that wasn't the case. I was escorted to a cell with bunk beds, and on the bottom bunk sitting against the wall was a young 20 something black man. I entered and the door automatically slid shut behind me making that clanking sound, that to this day I'll never forget that sound. The black man and I made eye contact, and he asked what I was in for. I told the truth and he gave the same laugh and regret for me. I really was amazed at the response I got. I climbed up to the top bunk, crawled under the wool blanket provided to me and dozed off to sleep. Hours passed when the black man nudged me to wake up, and told me dinner was in. He asked me if I wanted to sit on the bunk with him to eat, and I agreed. When I jumped off the bunk I briefly stood next to him, and noticed his size. He stood at about 6'4", he had a basketball player type body, I could easily see under his jumpsuit, he was exceptionally muscular. I stood at just 5'9", weighing just over 200 pounds, a combination of fat and muscle. I'm stocky, but have spent and few months in the gym, and though my ass is still a bubble ass, it's solid; my stomach though still slighting going over my waistline, is solid and my thighs just as solid. But this 20 year old powered over me in size, and was intimidating for a brief moment.

We were given some dry turkey for dinner, one bite and I was done, I ended up drinking the juice and water supplied. The black man and I started talking and I ended up finding out his name is Tyree. We talked about a lot of shit, our girlfriends, our lives, cars and movies. Tyree was in here for being found with a shit load of bags of marijuana. He was charged with distribution, even though he says to me that it was for personal use. Still he regretted his decision, and he's been in this hellhole for 6 days. He said they only let you out an hour a day, and every 3 days you can shower, sure enough he was able to shower this morning, before I arrived. He's hoping next week to be put in general population. I really felt bad for him, and I know he felt bad for me too.

Eventually night came and the lights went out. We were sitting on this bunk in the dark, still talking. Truthfully when locked up, boredom is the way it is, there is nothing you can do. You don't even have a book to read. Your stuck in the smallest of proximities, with nothing to do except think and sleep. Having someone to talk to helps let time go by a little faster, even if the two of you are from opposite spectrums. Eventually we started talking about our girlfriends, and Tyree told me how much he missed having sex. I totally agreed with that.

"Man," Tyree said. "I haven't even been able to jerk off, before you came this morning, there was this other guy here, so I haven't been alone for two seconds to do anything."

"Dude," I said. "If you want to jerk off, I don't care, I'll go back on top."

Now I have always closeted my bisexuality, and in all seriousness, I really have been straight for the past year or so, just fucking around with girls, but I'm not going to lie, I was curious to see what Tyree was packing.

"Bro, why don't we jerk off together, we can talk about our girls and shit, at least make it fun, you know?"

I was so down with that. I watched as Tyree unbuttoned the jump suit, and watched it slide down to his waist, marveling at his sculpted chest underneath his white undershirt. I watched him slide the white prison issued boxers down as he exhibited his cock to me the first time. What the fuck? Still flaccid hanging down, it looked like a fucking inflated bicycle tire tube. An uncut beauty, with the foreskin hanging slightly over the head, the thickness just unbelievable, the thickest of veins protruding, and the softest of skin. It looked like he has a baseball in his hairless ball sac. I really was in awe at his manhood, and instantly I was hard. I unbuttoned my suit, and showed my hardened cock to Tyree, blaming its engorged state on being horny, but it was because of Tyree's cock that it was so hard. Tyree glanced at me, and commented on how big my cock was for a white guy. I have 9.5" of hard meaty thick cock, but it's miniscule compared to the monster he had.

We started stroking our cocks, talking about our girls. I told him of my like for thick women, and he seemed to approve. Asking about my girl's ass. I told him how big and thick it was and he seemed to love that. Tyree also liked telling me about how huge his girls breasts were, he loved bit tits, and shoving his cock between them. We talked and a few times I was on the verge of cumming, but held back. I mentioned how I wish my girl were here to give me a blowjob.

"Bro, I'm so fucking horny, I wouldn't care whose mouth my cock was in."

I giggled, but then wondered if this was an invitation. What the fuck am I thinking, if I read him wrong, then I'm having the living shit beat out of me, but what if I'm right? Damn I hate when I have to trust my instincts, so fuck it, I either get a huge cock in my mouth, or I get beat up, here are my choices, no need to fuck around. I gently move to Tyree, and he notices but doesn't budge, and I place my hand on his cock. Surprisingly so, he removes his hand, and gives me a slight nod. I gently jerk his cock, and he pulls his head back in approving appreciation. His skin feels just as soft as I thought, and its thickness is electrifying. My middle finger and thumb can't even touch each other, that's how thick this monster is. Its size at full hardness is inhuman. I place my right hand around the base of his cock, place my left out around his cock on top of my right, and without moving my left hand I place my right hand back on top, and I still hadn't covered the entire head of his massive meat. The widths of my hands are about 4" (I checked when I got home), easily his cock was 13" long. I've seen big cocks before, I've had a few 11", and have seen beer can type's of cocks, but never before did I think a cock like this was possible. I gently pulled the foreskin back; I had to feel him in my mouth.

I opened up and glided his cock in my mouth. Moving my tongue up and down the thick vein on his shaft, savoring the taste of his mahogany rode. I felt Tyree's hand on the back of my head thrusting his cock deeper down my throat. I carefully tried not to let my teeth touch his skin, but his thickness made it virtually impossible. However Tyree seemed not to mind as he asked me to bite him. As I nibbled on his cock, he went crazy with ecstasy. I continued to suck his cock, feeling it throb in my mouth, massaging his humungous balls. Tyree was moaning in absolute pleasure.

Over a year ago, I knew that my bisexuality only existed with hung black men. No other man did it for me, and it being so hard to find the right black man, I'd just stick with women. It really wasn't a hard choice, because I find that I am more straight than gay. But right now, with Tyree, I was opening up back to my closeted bisexuality. If I had to pick the perfect man, the perfect cock, it was he. I made love to his cock with my mouth as best as I could. I relearned my deep throat skills, and though I could never take all of it, I took enough to make him smile and compliment my skills. Faster and harder I sucked, until eventually he could take no more, and he came deep down my throat, his white creamy cum filling me up, squirt after squirt of his man juices, a total of 10 full squirts, and every one I swallowed, enjoying the salty and sweet taste. I instantly also came over my chest simultaneously with him.

He looked at me with the most appreciation and gratitude a man can give another man.

"Bro you came, I'm sorry, I' would have helped you also."

"It's cool man, I enjoyed that a lot."

I started to dress back in my jumpsuit and make it back up to my bunk when Tyree stopped me and asked me to spend the night with him in his bed.

"Bro, it gets cold in here at night, we can keep warm, and maybe you know do it again."

"Fuck man, I'd like that."

Tyree then began to completely undress letting the jumpsuit clear off his body along with his shirt and boxers. And yes I was right, his body was just as muscular as I envisioned. Black tattoos on his broad muscular arms, and a set of abs you could jump off of. His body belonged in magazines. I followed suit, and we both lay in bed together naked, our flaccid cocks inches from each other my hand resting on his chest.

We talked more, especially about our sexuality. We were both on the same page, as he told me he enjoyed gay sex with bi men, but never found one he liked. He commented how he liked thick white men like me, and I know I blushed at that comment. Without hesitation, staring at his full black lips while he talked, I couldn't help myself and I went to kiss him. Sure enough he met my kiss and together our tongues interlocked as we made out on the prison mattress under the blanket in our jail cell, which now has become our home of pleasure and sex. I reached for his cock, and already felt it hardening. We continued our tongue match as his hand reached for my cock, and jerking each other off, we continued our admiration of one another. Minutes later I felt Tyree moving his hand to my asshole. I grabbed his hand away and placed it to my mouth, wetting his fore and middle finger, and letting his hand go, smiling at him. Seconds later his fingers protruded through my asshole. My cock at complete hardness, as I stroked his rod to it's full potential, I was in a dream like state as he fingered me as hard as he could.

"Put another finger in," I said, I want you to stretch me for your cock.

"Dude, we got no lube."

"Your spit and mine will do, I won't be able to take it all in, but I'll take enough to make you enjoy my tight ass."

Tyree smiled approvingly, and sure enough I felt another finger in my tight ass. Three fingers moving in and out stretching my hole for his humungous rod. Few years back I met this married black man with a 10" rock hard cock, not as thick as Tyree, but close, and he fucked me at least once a week. Never have I cum so much, I knew I needed Tyree now. And knowing I haven't eaten the past day I knew my ass would be as clean as could be for him.

Eventually we ended up in a 69 position, with my ass in Tyree's face as I sucked his delicious cock. Tyree continued fingering me, and rimming me with his tongue. Another thing about Tyree was his tongue; it was long as hell. I literally felt his tongue in my ass, thrusting in and out of me. It was a feeling I never experienced and I loved every second of it.

I moved my ass from his face, globed as much saliva I could on his cock, and position my asshole on top of his cock. He had the clearest view of my bubble ass taking his rod, and he moaned in pleasure. I felt his hands grab my ass cheeks, spreading them as his cock entered my ass. At first the pain was unbearable, but I relaxed my muscles as best as I could. Without lube this was not going to be easy, but as experienced as I was, I knew if I relaxed enough, he'd be able to fill me up. Inch after inch I gently sat on his rock hard cock. A couple times I had to readjust and asked Tyree to put more saliva on his cock. But within minutes I had at least 7" of his thick black cock in my man pussy. I moved up and down feeling him fill me up. Pain turned into pleasure, as I felt him rub against my prostrate. My cock hardened, and throbbed and I let his cock enter me, and move in and out. Tyree spanked my ass a few times, and moaned in pleasure, telling me what a great Ass I have, and asking if I loved my big white ass fucked.

Five or so minutes I let Tyree exit my ass and asked if he would fuck me on top. I lie on the bed and spread my legs for him like a bitch in heat. Tyree first let me suck my juices off his cock. I was right; I was clean as a peach. I cleaned his cock with my tongue savoring the taste of him and I. He had some pre-cum oozing out of the slit, and I of course gobbled it up. I then caressed Tyree's balls, and licked them as best as I could. I could barely get one ball in my mouth, they were so huge, but I tried, nibbling on him just the way he liked. Eventually Tyree let his cock rub against mine and then entered my waiting ass. Now he was in control, and careful not to let the whole 13 inches enter me he fucked me like a rabid animal. Thrusting in me faster and faster, me screaming to him to "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me with that big black cock."

Ten or so minutes, I felt Tyree's cock throb uncontrollably, I new he was about to burst, but instead of bursting in my ass he pulled out and jerked his cock as I jerked mine and together we came all over my chest. Now I've seen plenty of cum, including mine, and usually it is white and watery. Not Tyree, it was like shots of white toothpaste coming out. Gobs of the whitest cum I'd ever seen, shot after shot, 7 total, damn this man could cum. His creamy cum and mine all over my hairy chest, it was unbelievable, as we both rubbed it all over me, I felt like such a cunt and I loved every moment of it. Tyree fell in my arms, embracing me with one more lasting kiss, until we both passed out.

We were awakened by the speaker in our cell, a gruff voice speaking.

"Ryan, Ryan, Ryan."

"Yes," I answered.

"You've been bailed out, get your stuff and get ready to get out."

At this moment I had mixed emotions, both sadness and gladness to be out of this hellhole. But I stared at Tyree and new I'd miss him. He brought me back to a place sexually I haven't been to in a long time, actually maybe never. This young man broke a sexual wall inside me, and now I had to leave him.

"Get up and get out of this piece of shit man, you don't belong here."

I smiled at him, got dressed and got ready for the gate to automatically open.

"Maybe we will see each other sometime," I lied.

"Bro, you got a computer?"

"Yea, of course," I replied so mater of factly, like the typical white man I am.

"My email is, (big, cock, a few easy to remember numbers, at Yahoo) Email me bro when you get home, I'll be here a few months at most, I'll reach out to you."

I wondered if he ever would, and I hoped he would, but if anything, I had a great night, and no matter what, I'd always have that. We said our good byes, the gate opened and I limped out. The guard looked at me questionably. I didn't want to say much, but if my mouth were to open, I'd say, "I got the shit fucked out of me last night, I feel great, now leave me the fuck alone."

When I got home I sent Tyree a quick email, asking him to email me back when he got out. That was that. Would I hear back from him? Probably not, I thought, but no matter, I will never forget my night at the County Correctional Facility, a night that corrected me in ways I'll never forget.

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by Anonymous01/15/18

I still orgasm over my first guy in jail.I still don't know if I was 'gay'. He asked and I said 'No'. He punched me up and fucked me.It may read strange,but I sort of came in my arse.I don't know who readsmore...

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by Anonymous09/30/17

jail time

I got fucked.It wasnt but then it was o.k.

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