Rebecca lay on the bed, worried and scared.

It wasn't fair. It just wasn't. She was just doing her job and inspecting the houses on her list. This one was supposed to be empty.

She'd just come waltzing up to the door, unlocked it and walked in to be confronted by a group of kids with very large guns, all pointing at her.

She'd apologised, damn it. They could have let her go, but nooo.

"Sorry woman, you've seen too much," she was told, and they'd dragged her up here, tied her up and dumped her on the bed. And that thug had complained that she talked too much when she was only trying to make them let her go, and he'd tied that pillow slip over her head to muffle her voice.

They'd told her not to worry, as they'd drop a line to someone to come and rescue her, but first they had a little job they had to do.

-- -

The Homeland Security team had gathered and were preparing to move in. They'd had a tip off about this bunch and were now determined to lower the boom. And they had an extra, as an unknown woman had been seen entering the premises half an hour earlier.

The nod was given, and doors and windows were suddenly flattened, and flash-bangs were active and a little group of would be terrorists were lying stunned on the floor.

"The woman's not here. Where's the woman?" snarled the lieutenant.

"The estate agent?" asked one prisoner. "We didn't hurt her. We just tied her up and tossed her into one on the bedrooms."

"Estate agent?" quizzed the lieutenant.

"She came to inspect the house for a tenant, she said. We didn't want her running around blabbing about us so we just tied her up for the time being. We would have called the cops to release her after we've gone."

"Lovely," muttered the lieutenant. "An innocent bystander. Just what I need. Mike, why don't you and Ralph check over the top floor. From the count we've got everyone. But it's nice to check."

"OK, boss," came the drawled reply, "but what do we do about the woman."

"Check that she's healthy and breathing and leave her there where she's not in our road. We'll take this lot and drop a dime to the cops and they can come and do a rescue. They're good at that. Stay up there and keep an eye out the window until I tell you we're ready to leave."

Mike grinned and headed up the stairs with Ralph. They noted Rebecca on the bed in the first room and quickly checked the rest of the floor before returning to where she lay.

Rebecca heard someone come into the room and tried to talk, frustrated that her voice was muffled by the pillowcase. She wriggled, hoping someone would now untie her.

Mike looked thoughtfully at the tied young woman. "Very nice," he thought. Her wriggling on the bed had caused her dress to ride up, revealing a pretty pair of lacy red panties.

He looked at Ralph and shrugged. "We've got time," he observed.

Ralph was also looking at those nice long legs and the shapely bottom in the red panties. He nodded. "That we do. I'll take first watch," he added, moving over to the window.

Mike grinned and moved over to Rebecca.

Rebecca lay there, waiting to see what was going to happen. Then she felt herself being rolled onto her stomach and felt relief. "They're going to cut me loose," she thought. Her hopes took a sudden dive as she felt hands grip her hips and lift them up until she was on all fours. Then as she felt her panties being pulled down, she started to struggle. A firm smack on the bottom indicated that this was not a good idea.

Rebecca knelt there, nervously, strongly suspecting that there would shortly be a lot more going on than her panties being removed. A hand pressed against her shoulders, urging her to lower them to the bed, and Rebecca reluctantly obeyed, knowing that she was now in the head down, bottom high, position that her old boyfriend liked so much.

Mike now started rubbing his hand over Rebecca's labia, treating them roughly, knowing this would hasten her dampness. After a few moments he slipped a finger between her lips, feeling around and satisfied that she was ready.

Rebecca felt a finger plunging deep and testing her. She shuddered slightly, knowing rape was not too far off. Then she screamed, muffled by the pillowcase, and tried to draw away as she felt a cock diving deep into her. Her assailant ignored her wriggling and attempted withdrawal, just happily plunging deeper in.

Mike grinned as he felt Rebecca's warmth close over his cock. Her wriggling was tantalising and he happily teased her with little prods and bounces. Then, knowing his time wasn't unlimited, he set to work, driving in deeply and quickly, taking his pleasure from this unwilling woman.

Rebecca, felt her assailant stroking hard into her. He wasn't wasting any time she knew. He was just going to blast away inside her til he came, and bad luck to her needs. She groaned, but tried to move with the wild thrusting, hoping to make it as easy on herself as possible.

Mike finished off with a few quick strokes and then withdrew. He ambled across to the window and tapped Ralph, then tossed his thumb over his shoulder. Ralph nodded, ceded the window to him and moved over to Rebecca.

She was still crouched as Mike had set her, being too irritated to roll back onto her side. She'd rather lie there, bum up and fume. A tactical mistake she realised as soon as she felt movement on the bed, and another cock came charging into her. She yelped in fury, as this cock seemed to be determined to come even quicker than the first, and she found her bottom bobbing up and down like a mad thing, trying to keep up with him.

"Does this idiot think this is a race?" she wondered, "or is he trying for a gold medal for the fasted fuck?"

Ralph was increasingly aware of the shortness of time. The looey could call at any moment and he'd just as soon get his rocks off instead of having to head back with frustration.

Rebecca was breathing hard now, the extended battery provided by a second cock was actually bring her to a climax quite nicely. She gave a groan of relief when she felt it wash over her, while cursing the man providing it.

Ralph finally withdrew and straightened his clothes, almost timing it with the looey's yell.

"Do we straighten her panties before we go, or leave her nicely displayed for the cops," he asked Mike.

"It'd be nice to leave her presented for the boys in blue," grinned Mike, but they do ask awkward questions at times.

He reached over and restored Rebecca's panties to their rightful place and then straightened her dress. A pat on the bottom, a push so that she was on her side and he and Ralph were heading down stairs to catch the looey and take their prizes home.

He pulled out his mobile and waved it to the looey, at the same time pointing upstairs. Receiving a nod he called 911, letting them know where to find a missing estate agent.

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