tagBDSMPrisoner of a Pirate

Prisoner of a Pirate


The year is 1692 and pirates sailed the high seas pretty much all over the world. The most feared was Mackenzie Burrows, one of the few female pirates in existence. Nobody knew exactly what she looked like just from word of mouth and a few drawings that were fairly accurate. She sailed aboard the ship named Purple Death. The ship was coloured purple on the outside with the name Purple Death painted on both sides of the ship painted in a dark pink. She also did not have the typical skull and cross bones on her flag, just the initials MB and that was enough for her enemies to know who they were dealing with. Being the most feared she definitely had a reputation and there were stories of somethings that are done on that ship, nobody knows if they were all true but they didn't care to find out either. Most of the other ships have tried to avoid her at all costs and those that did oppose her went down. She had several chests of gold and jewels in her quarters that she had stolen from other ships.

She was the captain and though she didn't know it she was the only female captain there was. Though she was a female so was as tough as they come, a tremendous sword fighter a bare knuckles fighter and was an expert with her musket also and she did not hesitate to throw her mates overboard if they disobeyed her or gave her attitude. That was one thing about Mackenzie she didn't take any gut from anyone.

She was beautiful and a lot of her male pirates she had on board her ship had tried to be with her but she turned them all down. She never told anyone but she always had a soft spot for women.

She heard screaming from the crow's nest high above.

"To the West, to the West."

She quickly pulled out her telescope and looked and she saw it, pirate hunters headed straight towards her, she could tell it was hunters by the crossed pistols they had on their flag. She wasn't going to go down without a fight, and she swore she would die in battle, never be taken alive.

"Hunters, hunters," she screamed to alert her crew. Her entire band all got out of their bunks and stopped their duties to look at the threat headed towards them. "Get the cannons ready now all hands on deck let's go, let's go, move it you filthy swines." All the pirates were running to their posts on the desk of the ship some of them stumbling as a lot of them were just so drunk.

The hunter ship staring to fire there cannons from about 1000 yards away. "Fire back take them down," Mackenzie yelled. Both ships were firing their cannons back and forth as they neared closer and closer to each other. I few bombs and bar shots were also launched from Purple Death trying to hinder the hunter ship any way that it could. Mackenzie's crew also launched a few knipple shots aimed at the sails but fell short. "Save those till we get closer." Mackenzie knew that they must have had gold and jewels on the ship. They for sure kept the treasure of all ships they captured.

As they neared closer and closer Purple Death started firing hand grenadoes and stinkpots. Knipple shots were now finding their mark disabling the sails. Mackenzie drew her musket and started firing at the hunters she saw on the ship of course never missing one all falling in the ocean. As the hunters tried to board her ship her crew made use of the swivel gun eliminating the first wave of hunters. "Attack, attack them," Mackenzie commanded as her crew started to board the hunter ship drawing their cutlass' and fighting the pirate hunters.

Mackenzie boarded the ship and descended down to the Captain's cabin and found 2 chests. She cracked open the locks and saw they were both filled with gold. "Horace, Gill, bring two others with you and get down here now." Horace and Gill were her two biggest mates so she figured them with one other could carry the chests aboard her ship. As they began to carry out the chest she went back up to the main deck to help her crew who she saw was were clearly killing more than they were losing.

As two of the hunters charged her she grabbed a pretty blond haired girl by the hair who was unarmed and clearly trying to stay away from the fight and held her dagger to her throat. All the hunters stopped dead in their tracks. Apparently this girl was of some importance to them. "Back off, back off," she barked at them. She heard her cannons firing at the boat at close range this boat would clearly sink in minutes. She walked backwards all the time holding her dagger to the pretty girls throat till she got back on her ship as the hunter's ship slowly began to sink to the bottom of the sea.

She took the pretty girl below to her cabin all the time the dagger to her throat. "Tell me pretty girl" she asked, "what is your name?"

The girl shook in fear as she wasn't too sure what was going to happen to her. "E...E..Emily,"

her voice cracked as she answered.

"Tell me Emily," Mackenzie said into her ear, "are you a pirate hunter?"

Emily shook, she didn't know if she told her yes if she would live. She stuttered out "I...I...I..."

Mackenzie didn't wait and pushed her hard face down on the bed. She then reached for her white corset and dress and began ripping it off. She followed by taking off her vest, top and pants revealing several tattoos on her body. Tears fell out of Emily's eyes and she cried to her captor. "No no please don't hurt me please don't kill me please I beg of you." Mackenzie didn't even bother to listen or care.

She knelt behind her victim on the bed and began to lick her pussy and ass from behind shoving her tongue as far as it would go in both of her holes. Emily just kept crying from the sheer humiliation and pain she was feeling. Mackenzie spanked her ass making it red and leaving hands prints. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," Emily cried out in pain.

"Oh yeah you like that don't you?" was Mackenzie's reply to her scream.

"Please stop," Emily kept crying.

Mackenzie pulled Emily's hands behind her back and tied them together with some string. She walked over to her desk and picked up an already lit candle. She walked back over to Emily face down on the bed with her ass high in the hair. She slowly slid the candle in Emily's ass causing hot wax to trickle down the candle landing on Emily's ass.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwww," Emily screamed as continued to cry on the bed.

As the candle continued to drip wax on Emily's ass Mackenzie jammed three fingers in her pussy fucking her with her fingers furiously. She took the candle out of her ass and placed it on the side table, then she slid up Emily laying on top of her, her breasts pressed into Emily's back and her hands reached in front of Emily groping her tits and pinching her nipples hard. Mackenzie started rubbing her breasts over Emily back causing her nipples to get hard aswell. "You are gonna be my little play thing tonight" Mackenzie whispered in Emily's ear.

Then she flipped Emily over on to her back she straddled her waist then bent down and attacked her breasts with her mouth licking sucking ans biting her nipples. Emily's face was stained with tears but Mackenzie didn't care. She then slowly slid down her body down to her cunt feasting on it again sliding her tongue deep inside her as she rubbed and pinched her clit. Emily's moans were no longer from pain but now pleasure. She couldn't deny her feelings any longer, her body turning on her as her body started to squirm. Mackenzie looked up wit her seductive eyes and could see Emily was liking this and she knew she was close to cumming. "Oh my God," Emily screamed and Mackenzie swallowed her body's offering and she licked up and swallowed as much as she could.

Mackenzie then slid up Emily's body giving each breast and lick before planting her pussy on Emily's mouth. "Eat me little girl," she shouted at her prisoner. On command Emily's tongue left her mouth and began to lap at Mackenzie's pussy like a thirsty dog. Mackenzie started to buck and grind her pussy on Emily's mouth as she felt her orgasm building. "Yes, yes , yes," Mackenzie swooned and her back arched and threw her head back, "here it comes swallow it you filthy little whore." With that Mackenzie let go as her cum rushed into Emily's open moaning mouth. Mackenzie then slid off the bed untied Emily's arms and started to dress and threw some of her clothes to Emily. "Put those on and get back up on deck, you're a pirate now."

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