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Prisoner Punished


My first full day in jail was like nothing I'd ever been through. I woke up and put on my jail uniform which consisted of a black and white striped mini skirt and matching tank top. This was no ordinary jail uniform but then again, this was no ordinary prison. In my cell there was nothing but a bed with handcuffs, a vibrator, a few chains and a mattress on the floor. All the girls were allowed to pleasure themselves but there were always people around to see you play with yourself. Some girls didn't mind being seen. There was this one girl across the way from my cell who was ramming her cunt with her vibrator last night. Her moans were making me so horny, I couldn't help but join in. I smashed my pussy with the vibrator making myself cum, even though the guard on duty was watching me. So, in the morning after putting on my uniform, I was summoned to what the other girls call "the room" for the first time.

I was lead by the wrist to a big door where I was left. Several minutes later the door opened and I was invited in. This place was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It was dirty and disgusting. There was a single desk and file cabinet. The walls were concrete and the floor was stone. There was also a table in the center of the room and some chains hanging from the ceiling. There was a blonde woman in a slutty nurse's outfit sitting, with her legs crossed on the table.

"Come in." she said. I did as I was told and walked into the room and looked around.

"Now kneel." she shouted as she hopped off the table and walked around me in a circle.

"You are now to refer to me as Miss Heather" she said, "You are to do everything I say with no talking back. If you need to cum, you must ask me first. Clear?"

"Yes Miss Heather." I replied

"Good." she said. Then she roped my hands tightly behind my back and pushed me lower on to my knees. She stepped back to get a look at me. Next, she slapped me across the face softly and then harder. I cried out so she slapped me again. She picked me up my tied arms and brought me to my feet. From there she suspended me from the ceiling. My back was facing the floor and my back was arched as if I was in bridge position. I was hanging in the air, none of my limbs were touching the ground. She spread my legs and shoved a high power vibrator into my cunt. I moaned as she pressed it deeper. I panted as it assaulted my G-spot. I wanted to cum so badly. She left the vibrator in me and walked to the desk. Miss Heather returned with a black ball with a strap. She shoved the ball in my mouth and wrapped the strap around the back of my head gagging me. She went back to the vibrator in my cunt.

"Let's see it you can shoot this out." she said showing me a butt plug. She shoved it deep in my ass as she raised the setting of the vibrator. I was about to ask to cum when I realized I was unable to speak because of the gag. I moaned as beads of sweat built up on my forehead. I shut my eyes tight as I felt a strong orgasm coming on. I knew I had to hold it back. Tears were welling up in my eyes.

Miss Heather saw me struggling and gave me an evil smirk as she raised the vibrator setting again. My cunt was throbbing as the vibrator invaded my cunt. I choked out a moan as I began to squirm. My eyes were bulging as I panted, completely out of breathe.

"What's that you wanna say?" she asked, talking down to me. I made a series of grunting noises through the gag.

"Ohhh" she said "You want me to turn it up higher." I shook my head vigorously trying to say no.

"Well" she replied "If you insist." She proceeded to set it higher. I tried to scream. More tears welled up in my eyes as Miss Heather sat down on the floor and fingered herself softly while she watched me struggle. I couldn't hold back my orgasm much longer. I looked at Miss Heather with pleading eyes. But her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back. I moaned louder than I ever had before as I squirted cum all over. Thick bands of cum shot out my throbbing pussy in streams. The butt plug shot out my ass and hit the floor with a soft sound. I panted and shook as Miss Heather looked at me with angry eyes.

She took the gag out of my mouth. "I thought I told you that you had to ask if you wanted to cum." she said.

"But I..."

"No excuses!" she shouted slapping me across the face. She moved around the chains until I was hung upside down by one leg with my hands tied behind my back. Miss Heather shoved her asshole up to my mouth. I knew what to do. I licked it. I jammed my tongue in and out of her ass. She grinded her ass up against my mouth. She moaned as I sucked on her asshole. She stood back up and spanked my exposed cunt with a paddle several times. I moaned louder with every strike.

From there she adjusted the straps so I was hanging my wrists from the ceiling and my knees held up and spread so my wet cunt was exposed. Miss Heather pressed this device that looked like a dildo but with a huge ball on the end. She smashed it against my cunt but didn't shove it in. She flicked a switch and the device shocked me. Literally sent an electric shock through my cunt. I screamed and moaned as she electrocuted me. I shut my eyes tight and quivered. Miss Heather spanked my ass with her bare hand until my skin turned red. She continued to shock me at random short intervals. She brought over a stool to sit on. She sat on the stool and raised her foot to my asshole. She rammed her big toe into my ass. I shouted as she thrust it deeper and deeper. She toe-fucked me as I screamed with both pleasure and pain. She shocked me again.

"May I cum?" I panted loudly.

Miss Heather giggled. "No." she replied laughing. She shocked me again.

"Please Miss Heather!" I said lightly closing my eyes and biting my lip.

"Beg!" she demanded.

"Please Miss Heather, let me cum, please!" I pleaded, "I'm begging you, I can't hold back any longer."

Miss Heather smirked "Go ahead." My body tightened and let out my hot cum. I moaned as the cum squirted out in small spasms. Miss Heather smiled at me. She spanked my ass again and un-chained me. However, she left my arms tied behind me. I felt completely defeated as I knelt on the cold stone floor.

She threw me on the ground to my knees. She strapped on a big plastic cock. She poked my lips with the plastic dick. I shoved it in my mouth and sucked it. I slammed my head back and forth. Miss Heather thrust her hips in rhythm with my mouth. She slapped my cheek as I sucked. My face reddened under her hand. She viciously pounded my mouth as she face fucked me with a red plastic dick. She removed the plastic cock from my mouth and tossed it aside.

Miss Heather strapped my body in an "X" shape on the floor. She squatted over my face. She slammed her cunt against my face. I lapped her cunt. I swabbed her juice hole with my tongue. I swirled my tongue around inside her. I bit and sucked on her clit. Miss Heather closed her eyes and arched her back as she lowered her pussy closer to my face. Her pussy was now actually smashed against my face. I didn't even have to stick my tongue out to get to it. Her juices leaked out on to my lips and my face. Without warning she came on my face and in my mouth.

She wouldn't allow me to wipe her cum from my face. She picked me up and lifted me to the table. I was laid on my back on the table and strapped down with my legs in spread eagle at the edge of the table. She put the rubber dick back on and began to fuck my cunt. She fucked me with short, quick thrusts. Her tits shook as she rammed my cunt. She panted as the rubber cock reached deeper and deeper into my cunt. While fucking me she re-inserted the butt plug.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" I shouted, "May I cum Miss Heather?"

"On one condition." she said,"While cumming, you have to shoot that butt plug out of your ass again."

"Ahhh, okay!" I agreed while she fucked my brains out. I came hard as my pussy went somewhat numb. I shut my eyes and the butt plug shot out. I smiled as I knew I accomplished my task. She pet my pussy gently. She would stroke it and then give it a good hard slap. She rubbed it and pinched it.

Miss Heather strapped me on my hands and knees. Then she sprawled out over me shoving her rubber cock in my ass. She took over my body mercilessly ramming my tight asshole. My whole body shook with every thrust. Before I could cum she un-chained me and hung me again by my wrists from the ceiling. Miss Heather attached a weight to each of my nipples. and whipped me all over with a leather cat-tail whip. I moaned as she reached down and spread my thighs and reached up my cunt. She used both hands and got down on her knees. She opened up my pussy as if trying to see how wide it could go. I screamed as she opened me. She wiggled her fingers around inside me. She started with two fingers and slowly added more until she had a whole fist in my pussy and as second fist in my ass.

"May I cum Miss Heather?" I pleaded.

"Yes, you may." she said. I came hard on her hands. She brought her hands to my mouth so I could lick off all my cum from her hands. I wrapped my tongue around each of her fingers, sucking the cum off each of them. She then gave me two swift slaps across the face. She ram her hands up and down my chest, pinching my nipples. I wanted so badly to reach down and touch her back but I was restrained. She kissed me passionately on the mouth.

She broke our kiss and un-chained me from the ceiling. I dropped to my knees. She patted me on the side of the face.

"Get out." she said. And that's all she said. I got up, put my uniform back on and walked out of the room back to my cell. That was my first and certainly not my last experience in "the room".

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