The words, "Brick Shit House" passed through his mind when he first laid eyes on her.

She was short, only about four feet eleven inches tall, and had straight brown hair that fell to just above her ass. And what an ass!

She was wearing a black mini skirt and a rose colored silk blouse that contrasted against her dark skin. Devon found himself staring at her neckline and wondering how soft her skin would be to the touch.

"Can I help you?" she said again.

She grinned at Devon's obvious discomfort. He figured she was used to being ogled by men. She had the face of a super-model with large dark eyes and a small pointy nose above full lips that were colored a dark red. Her dark brown skin only seemed to accentuate her exotic appearance.

Her body was perfectly proportioned making her look a little like a miniature person with her short but perfectly toned legs, her sculpted ass and A-cup breasts that looked larger on her tiny frame.

"Um, yeah," Devon stammered, "I'm here to see George Moore."

"One minute," she said with a smirk. "I'll ring him up and let him know you're here."

Although her English was perfect, her accent bespoke a British education.

She picked up her phone and spoke quietly for a few seconds, her eyes never leaving Devon as he stood in front of her reception desk.

The desk was large and had a front that was easily ten feet across. It was situated so that it blocked access to either of the hallways leading off on either side of the desk and this girl's job was to ensure that no one got through the front door without being challenged first. With her small body mostly hidden behind the large paneling of her desk it was a little hard to see her upon first entering.

"Mr. Moore will be out in a moment," she said, giving him a sloe-eyed stare that gave Devon a slight shiver. "Can I get you some coffee?"

"Oh," he said, still taken aback by her appearance, "Uh, sure! That would be nice."

She smiled and gestured for him to sit and then went to a small ante-room off to the side. She returned with a porcelain mug and saucer in her hand and she smiled at him as she bent from the waist and placed it on the table in front of him.

"Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you," she said.

Devon couldn't be sure but he thought he saw her eyelashes flutter briefly. He blinked rapidly and began to wonder if he had wandered into a Penthouse Forum letter.

He watched her, completely enraptured, as she returned to her desk and she gave him a sly glance as she turned to sit in her chair.

She disappeared from view behind her massive desk and Devon breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't sure how long he could stare at this woman without embarrassing himself by getting an erection or something.

He sipped from his coffee and carefully set it down. He took a deep breath and adjusted his pants, hoping that his half-erection would subside soon. He pushed his genitals firmly down his pant leg and then stretched his neck. He saw her staring at him from over the top of her desk and he gave a start.

"Are you okay over there?" she asked.

"Um, yeah," he said and then cleared his throat. "Why do you ask?"

"You seem to be squirming a lot," she said pensively. "Is there a problem with the chair? I could get you another one to sit on if you like."

"Um," he gasped, "no, I'll be fine."

She nodded and grinned impishly. Then her head disappeared from view again and Devon breathed another sigh of relief. He took another sip from his coffee and then stood up when she called it to him.

"Mr. Moore will see you now," she said.

She got up from her chair and then led him through the hallway to her left. She walked slowly like a cat, placing her high heels down deliberately with each step and Devon found himself hypnotized by her swaying bottom.

She stopped at a wood paneled door and gestured for him to enter.

Devon walked through the doorway in a sort of daze and gave another start when George Moore greeted him at the front of his desk.

"Devon," he said. "It's good to see you."

He composed himself as best he could and got settled into the chair. He was grateful that the receptionist was not asked to stay in the room with them. He was sure he would never be able to concentrate if she had.

His resume was pulled out and he was asked many questions about his history, his goals and his accomplishments. George Moore was no fool and his questions were pointed and concise. Devon knew his stuff though and before long they were chatting about lighter topics like old friends.

After about forty five minutes had passed he was offered a position on contract. He would be the office manager and administrator. The entire office staff would report to him and everyone else would go through him to get whatever supplies they would need to do their jobs.

"Now don't be afraid to say no to these guys!" George said. "You know these engineering types. They put no thought whatever into what things cost. They just want what they want and they don't care about budgets or anything else that doesn't look good on a computer monitor."

"I'll be sure and keep them in line," Devon said with a smile.

"Good!" George said. "Now I have to leave for the day so I'm going to ask Pritti to show you around and introduce you to the people here. By the way, she'll be reporting to you too."

"Pritti?" Devon asked.

George grinned.

"The girl you couldn't take your eyes off of when she showed you in here." He said with a laugh. "She didn't tell you her name?"

"No," Devon stammered, abashed that his ogling had been so obvious. "I uh, never asked her."

"Don't worry about it," George said. "She has that effect on all the guys coming through here."

"I'm not surprised," Devon muttered.


Close to 4:00 pm Pritti led him to an office on the opposite side of the building from everyone else's. While George and the others had their offices behind and to Pritti's left, his was the only office behind and to her right.

"Wow," he said after checking his bearings and realizing how remote his office was from the others. "I guess I'm all alone back here huh."

Pritti grinned and gently pushed him through the doorway.

"Not quite alone," she said. "I'm just around that corner there,"

"Well, that's a comfort," he said, trying to act debonair.

"For me also," she said with a bright smile.

Devon's debonair act slipped through his fingers like smoke on a breeze and Pritti grinned once again at his discomfort.

"Let me know if there's anything you'll need before I leave in thirty minutes," she said with a swish of her tiny hips.

Devon gulped as he watched her sashay down the hall and then turned bright red when she turned back to smile at him before she disappeared around the corner.

He scurried to his desk and took deep breaths while leaning against the front of it.

After several minutes he took one last deep breath and then moved to sit in his chair for the very first time. He settled himself into it, staring blankly into space as he sank into the leather cushion. As he hit bottom he sighed with pleasure and closed his eyes.

He opened them again in surprise when he heard a giggle. He looked to the door and saw Pritti chuckling softly with one finger pressed to her lips.

"I like that chair too," she said with a grin. "Sometimes I come in here just to sit in it and luxuriate."

"You like my chair?" he asked her, only because he was unable to think of anything clever to say.

"Oh yes," she said, "it's delicious! When you sink all the way into the cushion it feels like heaven!"

"Really," Devon said almost to himself.

"Once," she said, lowering her voice to a confidential whisper, "I raised my skirt and sat in the chair with my bare bottom! It felt marvelous!"

She then erupted into a girlish giggle and Devon almost erupted into his pants.

"If you have everything you need, I'll be going," she said.

"No I'm fine," he said with as much dignity as he could muster. "You go ahead and I'll see you in the morning."

"I look forward to it," she said. "I hope you're an early riser like me. I want to get it up as quickly as possible in the morning."

"Get it up?" he said through a strangled throat.

"Yes," she said still smiling, "you know. Get an early start and all that."

"Oh," Devon said weakly, "of course."

"Good night then," she said with a smile and a wave.


When he arrived for work in the morning he met George on his way out the front door.

"Good morning Devon," he said with a smile. "I'm on my way to the airport; I'll be out of town for a few days. I've given Pritti all the information you might need, but if you still need me, she'll give you my cell number."

"Oh," Devon said, trying hard to follow everything George was saying.

Like many business men, George spoke quickly and his words seemed to tumble one after the other without pause.

"Sure," Devon said, "okay."

With a last nod George rushed to his car and Devon watched somewhat bemused as he realized that, on what was essentially his first full day, he was the senior manager in the office.

He walked through the door and immediately looked for Pritti behind her desk. His disappointment was written large on his face as he saw her empty chair. He mentally sighed and then wandered down the hall to his office. He reached the doorway and stopped dead in his tracks.

He saw Pritti sitting in his chair with one slender leg propped on an open drawer on the side of his desk. Her sandaled foot hung carelessly over the edge of the drawer and her calf and thigh were fully visible as her long flowing dress had been drawn up. As he stared he realized that her dress had been pulled up allowing the plush leather of his chair to caress her bare bottom just as she had described to him the day before. She was reading from an open file folder which she was holding one-handed and absently fingering some tresses of her hair as they fell gracefully past her shoulders.

She spied him in the doorway looking at her and she gave him a disarming smile.

"Good morning!" she said enthusiastically.

She didn't move from her seated position and he ventured a few steps into the room.

"Good morning Pritti," he said, mentally willing his eyes not to fall from her face to the expanse of bare flesh she was showing.

She grinned, seeming to know how distracted he was, and stayed in his chair for just a fraction of a second too long. Then, without breaking eye contact with him, she pulled her leg back and lowered her foot to the floor, though not before she had given him a brief glimpse of black underwear amidst the folds of her sand-colored dress.

"Mr. Moore has left you a brief containing almost everything you'll need," she said professionally as she slowly stood from his chair. "I'm sure you won't need half of the stuff that's in here, but it's all here never the less."

"Thank you Pritti," he said as he stepped toward his chair.

She was standing behind it as he approached but as he rounded the corner of his desk she moved toward the door. This placed the two of them in the same small space between the corner of his desk and the large book shelf behind it. She hugged herself as close to the desk as she could although the tight quarters caused his pelvis to brush briefly against her ass. She held that position for a fraction of a second and Devon felt his body temperature rise as she gave him a shy smile from over her shoulder.

"I'll be out front if there's anything you need," she said in a low voice.

Once past the corner of the desk Devon turned himself partially away from her as he felt his erection grow. He picked up the file folder she had left on the desk and pretended to read it as she moved slowly toward the doorway.

"Would you like some coffee Devon?" she asked.

Before he could stop himself, he turned toward her and nodded only to see her gaze shift from his face to the front of his pants. He looked down himself to see his slacks tenting outward as his cock strained against the material. He blushed and looked up again only to see her turning away with a giggle.

He groaned softly and chastised himself for being so obvious. He put the file folder down and then looked down at his chair. His nostrils flared with desire as he realized that she had been sitting on it practically naked and he bent to sniff the leather.

Sure enough, there was a faint aroma that didn't belong to the fresh leather. He inhaled it deeply and then stood and savored the scent with his head back and his eyes closed.

Pritti appeared then and regarded him with her head aslant. She placed his coffee on the desk and then asked him if he was alright.

"Yes I'm fine," he said a little dreamily.

"You look like you have a sore back or something," she said. "I could rub your shoulders for you if that's the case."

Devon's mind began to run away with him and he physically shook his head to stop the runaway freight train that was his thoughts.

"Thank you Pritti," he said with an effort, "I'll be fine."

She turned to the door and smiled over her shoulder at him once more before disappearing.

Devon stepped to the doorway to ensure she was indeed at her desk and then hurried to his chair and sniffed it one last time. Again he savored her aroma and then he forced himself to get to work.


When he returned from lunch he saw that Pritti was again not at her desk. He paused in the foyer and then padded his way softly down the hall to his own office. He peeked around the corner and then sighed with disappointment; she was not there either, although he had hoped to see her luxuriating in his chair once more.

He was about to sit down when, on an impulse, he bent to sniff the chair as he had done that morning. As soon as he bent toward the leather he picked up on the same aroma as he had discovered there earlier, except this time it was much stronger. He sniffed at it a couple of times to be sure and then straightened up as he began to imagine what would cause this.

He narrowed his eyes and then bent to sniff the chair once more. He inhaled deeply, immediately noticing his growing erection as he took the musky scent in. He grinned slightly and inhaled again. He straightened with a start when he heard someone clear their throat behind him and turned to see Pritti.

Right away he knew something was different. The girl who exuded confidence with every breath she took, the girl who had him blushing and stammering for the past two days was gone. Instead, here was a girl who looked like a child with her hand caught in the cookie jar. She coughed shyly and kept her eyes riveted to the floor as she informed him that she was back from lunch.

Devon studied her and wondered to himself why her demeanor should have changed so much. She was about to turn and go back to her desk when Devon found himself asking her to come in and close the door behind her.

"Is there something wrong Pritti?" he asked her, knowing that something was up, though he couldn't identify it.

"No," she said a little too quickly, "nothing at all."

He narrowed his eyes and frowned as he studied her. Her body language was that of someone who was hiding something; and deathly afraid it would be found out. Twenty years of conducting interviews and salary negotiations told him that.

"Are you sure about that?" he said slowly. "You seem... on edge for some reason."

Her face flushed a little and he saw her nipples harden against her dress. She bit her lip and forced herself to look him in the eye.

"No," she said with a forced smile, "it's nothing."

He met her gaze and simply stared, pursing his lips and letting the silence draw out.

"It's just," she said, her expression becoming flustered, "I've just been... well, it's rather embarrassing really."

Devon loved the way her British accent played over her words but he made himself continue the front. He said nothing and continued to stare into her eyes.

She looked down into her lap and then back up again and this time her eyes were almost pleading.

"As I've said, it's rather embarrassing," she said and her voice caught in her throat for a moment. "I was only sitting in here after you left because, well, your chair is just so comfortable!"

Devon put his elbows on his desk and placed his chin in his hands. He tried not to let the grin he felt coming show.

She blushed and looked down into her lap again and it took a long time for her to raise her eyes to meet his again.

"I'm afraid I've been rather... naughty," she said ruefully.

"Naughty?" Devon said.

He pinched his lips with two fingers to hide the grin now and sat back.

"Well," she said hesitantly, "I was just so comfortable. I think I forgot just where I was for a moment."

She looked down again and squeezed her eyes shut for a moment and then the story came pouring out like water flowing through a burst dam.

"I was so comfortable," she began, the words tumbling one after the other now that she'd got started, "I just suddenly began to feel, well, rather amorous! Before I knew what I was doing, I was... I started... touching myself... and then I... climaxed."

She paused and looked up at him, looking fragile and afraid.

"I rushed to the lavatory to retrieve something to clean your chair with," she said quietly, "but by then you were already here and, well, there it is!

"I'm sorry, I should never have done it, but I did."

Devon took a deep breath and Pritti echoed it. He sat back and frowned again. He pursed his lips and then couldn't stop the grin from appearing on his face.

"You can't tell anyone about this, surely!" she exclaimed.

Unable to constrain himself, he chuckled for a moment, very quietly and then placed his hands over his eyes.

"My God Pritti!" he said with a laugh, looking up to meet her eyes again. "What am I supposed to say?"

She blushed and looked down into her own lap once more. She bit her lip and then looked up in time to see Devon with his head in his hands, rubbing his temples and squeezing his eyes shut.

"I'm so sorry," she said weakly. "I suppose I just forgot myself."

Devon looked up again and she saw he was still grinning.

"Go on back to your desk Pritti," he said with a wave of his hand. "I don't know what to do about this. I'll have to think about it for a while."

With a sullen expression, she rose from her chair and slowly walked out of his office. She paused at the doorway and looked back at him to see him frowning at her. With downcast eyes she turned and went back to her desk.

Devon sat there wondering how to approach this. While behavior as unprofessional as hers couldn't possibly be tolerated in an office environment, he found himself vividly imagining the scene as she masturbated herself in the very chair he was now sitting. He felt his erection grow once more, a condition that was rapidly becoming quite common the more time he spent around Pritti. He fleetingly wished that he had set up a surveillance camera of some sort so he could watch it happen in front of his eyes. Instead, he presumed, he would have to be satisfied with using his mind's eye.

He leaned back in his chair, put a hand over his crotch and squeezed it gently. Immediately he felt a jolt and wished he could cum the same as Pritti had. Instead he leaned forward once again and hunched over his desk with elbows resting on the edge. He bit his lip and tried to think through this problem, but every time he began to think about it, his thoughts returned to the vision of Pritti masturbating in his chair.

With an effort he forced those thoughts aside and instead returned to the budget reports he was supposed to be working on.

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