tagInterracial LovePritti Ch. 02

Pritti Ch. 02


Pritti gripped the edge of the desk with both hands and bit her lip. She closed her eyes and grunted softly as Devon's cock bottomed out in her sopping wet pussy. She gripped the desk harder making her knuckles turn white and looked over her shoulder at him as he thrust into her time and again. She sighed and closed her eyes once more as she felt the tingling begin in her loins. The more he drove into her the wider the tingling spread working its way through her belly and up into her chest. Her neck flushed with excitement and then she felt her orgasm explode behind her eyes.

Devon felt her vagina contract as she came and smiled to himself. He felt the tremors traveling through her with his hands which were firmly grasping her heart-shaped bum. He closed his own eyes as his climax approached and slowed his pace a little to savor the sensation.

He reopened his eyes and stared with relish as slid his penis back and forth inside her. Just watching was bringing him closer and he sighed heavily as she placed a hand on his bare thigh. He pushed against her and held himself still, forcing his feet further forward and her feet further apart. He gasped and then his semen shot into her in a hot jet. His knees buckled and he gripped her a little harder to prevent himself from falling over.

She gave a little whimper and wriggled her bum as his sperm emptied into her channel. Then he withdrew with a gasp and leaned his buttocks against the desk beside her.

"Wow!" he said breathlessly.

Pritti grinned in response and then allowed her calf-length skirt to fall back into place. She didn't need to bend and pick up her panties because, by mutual agreement, she had stopped wearing panties to work almost two weeks ago. For decorum's sake she had typically worn a loose camisole under her blouses, but her bras she left at home along with her panties. And now for the eleventh day in a row, the two of them had fucked each other silly in his office, even on weekends when they could have gone to either one of their homes. The thrill of having sex at work was both uncontrollable and irresistible.

Although they knew that to get caught was likely the end of both their jobs they couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other, even when they had fucked for hours the evening before.

Amazingly no one else in the office seemed to be aware of their trysts. Perhaps it was because his office was located in a different part of the building than everyone else's. It may have been the fact that, even when deep in the throes of passion they had remained remarkably quiet, neither of them groaning or moaning too loudly while they fucked. Mostly, they reasoned, it was just luck.

No one had come looking for either of them while they were groping each other and no one had approached his office door during those times. Consequently it appeared that their relationship was as clandestine as they both knew it needed to be.

"When you've recovered," she said playfully, "perhaps we can get back to work."

Devon frowned and gave her a sidelong look.

"Excuse me," he said with mock severity, "but I was fully prepared to work before you came traipsing in here with that delicious ass of yours."

She headed for the door and shoved her ass out toward him before leaving the room, shaking it suggestively before turning toward her desk down the hall.

"You know where to find me when you want to do something productive," she called back to him with a slight laugh.

Devon smirked and then sat at his desk to look over the budget forecasts for the coming year.

What really impressed him was how the two of them managed to get any work done at all. In reality, their productivity was well beyond expectations and twice he had been congratulated by George Moore, his supervisor and the general manager of the company.

Not only had they been able to deliver the year end reports on time but they had compiled data from the previous five years to show how the company was trending. That was something that previous HR managers had never done. The entire management group had been amazed at the conclusion of his presentation and George had positively glowed in having chosen him for the job.

Now as he worked on the forecasts he was surprised by George who poked his head through the doorway.

"Hey Devon," he said with a smile. "I'm taking off for the rest of the day and I won't be in until next Monday, so you're in charge again."

"Oh," he replied, "really? Where to this time?"

"Chicago," he said with distaste. "Their budget reports are late. Again! If you keep this up, I'll be sending you around to put these types of fires out."

Devon grinned in response and shrugged.

"Well, I'm off," George said.

He slapped the doorframe once and then turned and was gone.

Devon returned his attention to his forecasts when Pritti interrupted him.

"George has left another gift for you," she said while placing a thick manila folder on the corner of his desk.

Devon looked up to thank her and noticed something about her.

"You look different," he said, creasing his brows together.

"Really?" she said noncommittally.

"Yes," he said with a frown. "Did you change your blouse?"

"No," she said while hiding a grin.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at her.

"I don't know," he said suspiciously. "You look different somehow."

"Perhaps it's this," she said while pulling her blouse wide open.

Underneath there was no camisole and her pert tits with their maroon colored nipples were on display for him as she held her shirt front open.

Devon grinned wolfishly and she shimmied her shoulders causing her tiny breasts to jiggle. She giggled and then closed her top once more, fastening the buttons deftly with one hand while walking out of the room.

Devon laughed softly and then returned to work. While sex with Pritti had been both long and often over the past several days he found himself wishing that she hadn't left his office so quickly after showing him her tits.

He shrugged to himself knowing that he'd be feasting on them before the day was done.

Then he was back to work.


"Pritti," he said into the intercom, "could you come to my office for a moment please?"

He watched the doorway expectantly but his breath still caught in his throat as he took in her compact beauty.

"Yes Devon," she said with a smirk, suspecting already what he was about to say.

"I know it's almost quitting time," he said, the rehearsed lines flowing effortlessly, "but I could use your help for a little while if that's okay."

"Sure Devon," she said, following the script to the letter. "I'll just lock up after everyone else is gone before I return."

Again he savored the way her British accent inflected the words and he felt himself getting hard before she had even left the doorway.

She returned shortly with a clipboard and notepad in her hand and asked him what they were to do.

"What I need most," he said thickly, "is for you to take my cock into your mouth and suck it until I cum down your throat!"

He wheeled his chair away from his desk to reveal his pants open and his already erect cock bobbing against his belly with every move.

Pritti grinned and gently placed her clipboard in the desk. She stepped forward until she was standing between his outstretched feet and unbuttoned her blouse. She spread her shirt open, allowing him to feast his eyes on her bare breasts and then slowly went to her knees between his spread thighs. She stretched her tongue forward and licked at the head as if she were licking at an ice cream cone and smiled.

"And just what kind of reward do I get for this type of job beyond the call of duty?" she asked coyly.

"I'm going to lick you until you cum all over my face," he said.

"Mm," she cooed softly, gripping his penis with one hand while holding it in front of her pouting lips. "That sounds very appealing"

"And then," he said, as she slowly ran her hand up and down his shaft, "I'm going to fuck you until both of us can't move anymore."

"Now that sounds like an offer I can't refuse," she whispered.

She took his tool between her lips and tongued it lovingly. She moved her lips back and forth across the head and popped it into her mouth, pushing it against the inside of her cheek. He watched as the bulbous head swelled her cheek outward and placed his hands on either side of her face.

"I can't believe I get to do this with you," he muttered almost to himself.

She giggled while still mouthing his cock and lifted her face away from it for a moment.

"Don't worry," she said confidently. "I'll get my turn later. I like watching you while I squat over your lips too. I like watching you while you tongue my insides."

She then pulled it back into her mouth and took it all the way to the back of her throat. Devon groaned and threw his head back as she worked her tongue along the base and then slipped it slowly out again. She puckered her lips around it and stroked the shaft playfully.

"I'm going to cum if you keep that up!" he gasped.

"Isn't that the idea?" she said and then plunged it into her mouth once more.

"Ah God!" he said through gritted teeth. "I'm cumming!"

He pushed his head into the leather cushion of his seatback and grunted. Pritti gripped his cock with her lips and held it steady with two hands. Then he was shooting his load and she was gulping his semen down her throat even as he was spewing the next spurt into her mouth.

She held his penis firmly as it shrank, licking at it until all the semen was gone and then let it rest against the fly of his pants.

"Now I believe you owe me," she said, getting to her feet and pushing him back into his chair.

The seat back reclined and she guided him down until he was almost parallel to the floor. She continued to push and then lifted one leg and swung it over his head and to the other side of his chair.

He hooked his two feet under his solid oak desk, ensuring that he was well anchored. She then squatted down until his face was hidden under her long flowing skirt and she ground her pussy against his chin.

"Ooh, that feels delicious!" she said.

He gripped her bum with both hands and pulled her greedily toward his questing tongue. She gasped in satisfaction as he pushed against her folds and gave a little yelp as he nibbled on her clitoris.

"That's right Baby!" she hissed. "Lick me good! I want to cum all over your face!"

Devon pulled her tightly against him as he mouthed her pussy, shoving his tongue deeply into her vagina. She moaned and began rocking her hips.

"Mm, make me cum!" she whispered.

He lapped at her with long strokes of his tongue and, when he pushed a finger into her anus, she gasped and started to cum.

"Ooh, that's so good!" she exclaimed. "Oh God I'm cumming!"

By the time her orgasm subsided his face was soaking wet with her juices and she was lying back against his desk like a rag doll.

Devon urged her downward until she was straddling his waist and then raised his seatback until she was comfortably wrapped around his middle and resting her head against his chest.

"I can't believe you make me cum the way you do," she said softly. "No one else has ever made me cum so much before."

Devon didn't speak but just maneuvered his erection against her outer lips. She smiled when she felt it press against her and shifted slightly until it popped past her lips and into her channel.

"Mm, you're even more wonderful the way you recover so quickly," she said.

They did not immediately begin to move. Both of them simply shared the wondrous feeling of contentment with his hard cock buried deeply inside her.

With her arms around his neck and his hands gripping her bum they moved only very slowly, almost imperceptibly. Devon could feel her moisture spread all across his middle he knew that her juices would be coating his dress slacks. He didn't care. He held her tightly and caressed her as she whimpered softly against him.

"I'm cumming again," she said almost conversationally.

"Really?" he asked.

"Oh yes!" she said with satisfaction. "Here it comes."

She tightened her grip on his neck and he felt her spasm once around his cock and then she was sighing contentedly.

"That was a little one," he said with a laugh.

"Yes," she agreed, but still just as pleasurable."

He grunted in response and she pulled away from his chest and looked at him.

"Do you want to cum inside me," she asked, "or in my mouth?"

Devon thought for a moment and then smiled.

"How about I cum all over your tits?" he said. "I think it's been hours since last we did that."

She laughed and corrected him.

"Actually it was last night," she said, "while we were starting the budget forecasts."

"No wonder I like my job so much!" he said.

She crawled off of his lap and pushed his thighs apart. She opened her blouse all the way and started stroking him with his cock head only inches from her chest.

Devon reached down and fondled her tiny breasts, reveling in the feel as he pinched and stroked her nipples. He was gratified to see them respond by becoming hard little purple nubs. She smiled and encouraged him and then he began to shoot.

She held his cock steady as he sprayed her tits, first holding it over her right nipple and then over her left.

"My goodness that's warm!" she said with a grin.

He massaged his semen into her breasts and she hummed appreciatively as they warmed to his touch.

"God I love this job!" she said with a smile.

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