tagInterracial LovePritti Ch. 03

Pritti Ch. 03


Pritti moved her head backward and forward slowly. Devon's cock was nestled between her lips and her saliva coated it slickly as she slid it to the back of her throat and then forward until only the head was in her mouth.

Devon moaned in bliss as he tangled his fingers in her long hair. His hands left her hair mussed and untidy as he gently guided her mouth over his penis.

She looked up at him saucily while never removing his member from between her lips. Devon sighed and closed his eyes as she tongued and suckled on him. He rested his buttocks against the desk and didn't even try to stop his slacks from falling down to pool around his ankles. Pritti giggled softly, the vibration making Devon tingle, and slipped his boxer shorts down around his ankles too.

Devon opened his eyes again and noted absently that the last rays of the day's sunshine were shining on to the white wall of the hallway outside his office door. The glow reflecting from the wall illuminated Pritti's dark skin marvelously and he stared at her nudity with unconcealed lust. It was almost 8:00 pm and he knew that everyone in the office was long gone. He and Pritti had stayed late almost every night for the past two weeks. They told everyone it was to work, and they did get a lot of work done, but mostly they just wanted the opportunity to fuck on every piece of furniture in his office.

So far they had managed to have sex in almost every conceivable position in every nook and cranny of his office. Their favorite place was the overstuffed couch opposite his desk, but they had to be careful of any stray fluids drooling on to the plush leather. Devon kept a bottle of cleaner and some clean rags in the bottom drawer of his desk for just such an emergency now.

Pritti hummed softly as she felt Devon's excitement rise and rose slightly from her kneeling position on the floor in front of him.

"Are you going to cum for me Baby?" she asked him throatily while stroking him with one hand.

"Oh yeah," Devon groaned.

She grinned and happily sucked him back into her mouth. His testicles expanded between her fingers and then the semen was rushing between her tightly closed lips.

As his sperm splashed against her tongue they heard a man clear his throat from behind her. With alarm she turned to see George Moore, the general manager of the company, glaring at them. Devon's cock sprayed her cheek once with cum before she let it fall from her hand.

With Devon's semen dripping down the side of her face and on to her chin and chest, she scrambled to her feet. She reached down to smooth the fabric of her long skirt into place out of habit before she realized that she was naked.

Devon blinked in surprise and felt a cold dread pass through him as he looked at the unfriendly expression on his boss's face. Lamely, he bent to pull his slacks and underwear up to recover some dignity from the situation, although he knew it was a wasted effort.

George continued to glower at the two of them, absently noting the sperm stains on Pritti and the unruly appearance of her hair. It was when his own penis began to get hard that he realized that he had never seen a woman look so ravishing. Her tiny breasts were perfectly shaped, just as he'd always imagined they would be with her dark colored nipples hard and pointing to the ceiling. He noted the perfectly shaped triangle of dark hair surrounding her pussy before she began to try to cover herself with her hands.

He looked to the side for a moment to regain his self control and then resumed his glaring.

"Well," he said, "I've got to say, I'm speechless!"

Devon took a deep breath and then realized he had nothing helpful to say. Pritti looked down at the floor and wished that her clothes were closer so she could dress. Her dark skin flushed with embarrassment and she too took a deep breath.

George studied them for a moment and sighed himself. He looked at his watch and then stepped into the office to take a seat on the overstuffed leather couch. Before he sat he noticed Pritti's dress draped over the back of the near side. He picked it up and sat down in the seat closest to Devon's desk. He then casually tossed the dress against the arm rest opposite him. He looked up at the pair again and pursed his lips in thought.

"So," he said after a long pause, "what do I do now, huh?"

Devon frowned and Pritti looked downcast at the floor, her arms crossed over her breasts and across her hips.

Suddenly George chuckled and sat forward a little.

"I think what's most disappointing," he said, "is that I never got to see Pritti naked before I caught you with her."

Devon's eyes widened with surprise. He stared at George and only then realized that he wasn't paying the slightest attention to him. His eyes were on Pritti and they never left her for a moment.

It wasn't really a surprise. Pritti was a striking woman even though she wasn't even five feet tall. At four eleven, she was by all appearances a diminutive girl with a petite figure but with breasts and an ass that drew men's attention wherever she went. Her dark skin and black eyes gave her an exotic look and she carried herself with confidence in virtually any scenario.

This scenario was one of the exceptions of course. Standing naked in an office with two fully dressed men after being caught giving a blowjob was not a situation that anyone could feel entirely comfortable in.

"Come here," George said to her.

Pritti gave Devon a look of alarm but Devon nodded, trying to give her some courage in this trying time.

She stepped forward until she was directly in front of George. He gently took hold of her wrists and pulled her arms away from her body, revealing her breasts and neatly trimmed pussy. He stared at her with unrestrained desire and then cupped one of her breasts softly with one hand.

"Amazing!" he muttered quietly.

He caressed her tit softly and Pritti sighed a moment later. He reached with his other hand between her thighs and she unconsciously moved her legs slightly further apart to accommodate him. Devon heard a squishing noise and felt his erection, which had died quickly under George's earlier displeasure, begin to stir again.

George pulled her forward and sat her on his knee. With one last look over her shoulder at Devon, she snuggled against George's chest and reached for the bulge at the front of his slacks. George sighed with pleasure and ran his hands over her tiny body as if he couldn't get enough.

Pritti smiled at him and slid to the floor between his spread thighs and mouthed his erection through the fabric of his pants. George leaned back and placed his hands in her hair, mussing the dark brown ringlets just as he had seen Devon do moments before.

"She sure is something!" he declared, looking at Devon for the first time since sitting on the couch.

"Yes she is," Devon agreed.

Pritti freed George's cock and took it into her mouth. George groaned and absently guided her head back and forth with his hands as she sucked him.

Devon watched the two of them with longing, knowing just how George felt right now with Pritti's mouth gliding over his penis. He reached into his open fly and gently massaged his own cock as he watched them.

Pritti climbed onto George's lap and guided his erect cock to her vagina. She worked it back and forth and then it slid past her lips with a wet pop. The two of them grunted and Pritti giggled as George took her tits into his mouth one at a time. He sucked hard on her nipples leaving a reed hicky around both of them. Pritti shuddered as he manhandled her tits and thrust herself desperately against his member. George grunted and gripped her bum with both hands, bodily lifting and then thrusting her downward onto his erection. Droplets of sweat appeared on his forehead and his breath was becoming ragged.

Pritti balanced herself against him by placing her hands on his shoulders and then just let him drive her where he wished.

With a loud grunt George raised his pelvis and came hard inside her. Pritti gave a yelp and just held on. Devon watched the scene avidly, taking in every detail of their coupling.

After another twenty seconds, both of them went limp and Pritti fell against George's chest. When they finally separated a few minutes later they were both grinning and gasping for breath.

"Wow!" George said with feeling. "I can see why you can't keep your hands off of her."

Devon nodded and simply leaned against his desk staring at the two of them.

"I still have to fire both of you though," George went on conversationally. "I can't have an office manager fucking someone who works for him. And I can't have a receptionist fucking anyone in the office."

Both Pritti and Devon gasped in surprise and dismay. Both of them had hoped that giving George an opportunity to sample her pussy would have been enough to assuage some of the anger they'd seen when he caught them a while ago.

"I have no choice," George said as he stood and zipped his pants.

He glanced down and wiped at the juices Pritti had left on the front of his slacks and then faced them once more.

"So," he went on in his business-like voice, "at some point over the next few years, I'm going to have to let you go."

He grinned as their faces brightened at that news and then stepped toward the door.

"So," he said, turning toward them with a stern look, "I suggest you two finish up what you were doing when I walked in. As long as you're staying late, I wouldn't want you to leave anything undone."

He took one last look at Pritti's naked body and watched in satisfaction as Devon bent her over his desk and entered her from behind. He watched her tits sway back and forth with Devon's every thrust and grinned. With that image firmly in his mind, he turned and left the office, listening to the sounds of sighing and slapping skin as he walked away.


The weekend came and Devon announced to George that he and Pritti would be coming in on Saturday and possibly Sunday to finish up the budget forecasts. They were almost completed, he told him, and just needed some last minute tweaking.

George grinned wryly and looked up into his eyes.

"That's the official line is it?" he said.

"You could always come in and review it after we're done," Devon offered helpfully. "Maybe you'll have a perspective on it that we don't see."

George shook his head ruefully and sighed.

"No, that's alright," he said. "The last time I worked late with you I had to drop my slacks off at the cleaners before I went home. Good thing I keep a packed bag in my car all the time."

"Oh," Devon said noncommittally.

"Yeah," George said, "my wife doesn't like it when I work late."

"Oh," he repeated.

George studied him pensively for a moment.

"There is one thing though," he said after a long hesitation.

"Yes?" Devon asked.

"Could you send Pritti in here?" he said. "I want to... go through some things with her."

"Sure thing," Devon responded. "I'll cover the front desk while you're busy."

"Yeah," George said, "that's a good idea. In fact, we'll use your office. It's more private over there and we can work undisturbed for a little while."

"Good idea," Devon said straight faced.

George got up from his desk and Devon followed him to the front desk.

"Pritti come with me please," George said, breezing past her desk and on through to Devon's office. "I want to go through those budget reports with you before you spend the weekend working on them."

Pritti agreed and then gave Devon a questioning glance. Devon gave her a meaningful stare and then nodded. She raised her eyes in a gesture of understanding and then scurried after George.

She reached the door to Devon's office in time to see George settling in to the large leather chair behind the desk.

"Come in Pritti," he said with a wave, "and please close the door."

He sat back and watched her step into the room. She was a little hesitant and unsure what to do.

"I borrowed Devon's office because I want privacy," George said uncertainly. "I hope you don't mind."

"That's okay," she said demurely. "I'm a little embarrassed though."

"Yes," he said and frowned while looking down at the desktop. "I'm a little on edge myself."

Pritti chuckled a bit and then the two of them stared at each other uncomfortably for a moment.

George cleared his throat and opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.

Pritti opened her mouth and then she too found she had nothing to say.

They both looked down and then Pritti sighed and stepped forward deliberately.

"Right," she said, her British accent cutting through the uncomfortable silence. "Off with your trousers. Let's see that plonker of yours!"

"My what?" George said with wide eyes.

"Your pecker," Pritti said, "your pink oboe, your pan handle, the thing that makes you a man! Let's see it now!"

George's eyes widened even more and then Pritti was tugging him to his feet. She reached forward and undid his belt and then thrust his slacks down to the floor.

She pushed him back so he fell into the chair and then tugged his underwear down to his ankles as well.

"Hmm," she said with relish. "There it is!"

She took his cock in her tiny hand and then began to lick it from base to tip.

"Delicious!" she breathed.

She took the head between her lips and hummed with pleasure.

"Oh God!" George gasped.

"Feel good?" she mumbled around his cock as she continued to mouth it.

"Oh yeah!" he grunted.

She giggled and took his member right to the back of her throat. Then she slid her mouth back to the head slowly, all the while moving her tongue around, under and over it.

"I can't believe you're doing this for me!" he said between groans of pleasure. "Why has it taken so long for this to happen?"

She slipped his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him.

"You never asked me," she said simply, and then engulfed his penis in her mouth once more.

"You're so good at that," he moaned.

She looked up at him and grinned around his cock. She took it deeper into her mouth and then slid it all the way out again. Then she started to stroke the shaft while just suckling on the head. She removed it from her mouth and gave him a saucy look.

"Now why don't you cum for me?" she said.

She slipped the head between her lips and continued to stroke him.

"Can I see your tits again?" he asked her in a small voice.

She stopped and smiled at him.

"Just my tits?" she said playfully.

He gulped and stared at her and then shook his head.

"I want to see all of you!" he whispered.

She giggled and then reached down to the bottom hem of her dress. She pulled it upward baring her legs, then her dark triangle of pubic hair, then her breasts and then it was over her head and she tossed it on to the couch with practiced ease.

"You're not wearing underwear?" he asked in a choked voice.

"Not for weeks now," she responded.

She sank to the floor again and resumed sucking him off.

He moaned and began to caress her body everywhere he could reach. His hands slipped smoothly over her shoulders, reached down to cup her breasts and then he bent forward and cupped her bum. She kept her eyes locked on his as she sucked him and cooed lovingly as she felt his excitement rise.

"Cum for me!" she hissed quietly. "Cum in my mouth Baby! I want to taste you!"

With a final grunt he gripped her head with both hands. He groaned and gasped for breath as his semen pumped into her mouth and he watched her in amazement as she took all of it between her lips.

When he was finished she swirled the sperm around with her tongue and savored it. She gave him a satisfied smile, showing her teeth and allowing a small droplet of cum to slip out the side of her mouth. She scooped it up with a finger and sucked it back into her mouth.

"Wow!" he whispered, placing a hand on top of her head as he leaned back in the chair.

"Take a moment and gather your strength," she said as she got to her feet. "The fun's just beginning."

He gave her a rueful look and shook his head.

"I don't think so," he said. "I can't risk fucking you like I did the other day. My wife has a nose for that sort of thing."

Pritti nodded sympathetically and cupped her tits toward his mouth, allowing him to nuzzle them and lick her nipples.

"You'll have to get Devon to scratch that itch I think," he said with regret.

"Sure," she said, massaging his now spent cock. "Just remember, I can always... help you out in other ways."

"That's for sure!" he said with zeal.

He reluctantly stood from his chair and pulled up his slacks.

"Now I should get back to my own office," he said. "Maybe you could send me a picture of yourself, a picture just the way you are right now."

She looked down at her self. Despite her best efforts, she noticed a small trail of semen dripping down her left breast. She felt her mouth and detected the sticky residue of cum coating her lower lip as well.

"Grab your phone and take the picture now," she suggested.

He looked down at the desk and saw Devon's phone there. He picked it up and snapped a photo of her posing by the door, one arm reaching to the top of it and one leg demurely hiding half her bush from view. Her breasts looked like ripe apples ready to be plucked from the tree. He smiled at the image he'd recorded and then sent it to his own cell phone which he knew was resting on his desk on the other side of the building.

"Thank you," he said with feeling. "That's a picture worth a thousand words."

"It's worth more than that!" she said with a chuckle.

He smiled and then hurried out of the office leaving her alone. She was just letting her dress fall back into place around her shins when Devon opened the office door.

"So how did it go?" he asked her, wishing he had kept his mouth shut instead.

She frowned at him and reached up to smooth her hair into place down her back.

"Do you really want me to give you the details?" she asked him sarcastically.

He frowned and looked away and then moved toward his chair.

"I didn't think so," she said with one raised eyebrow.

Devon looked at her for a moment, unsure what to say. She returned his gaze without expression and, after a long while, she smiled.

"Don't worry about it," she said, almost defensively. "We both know the story here. He caught us fair and square and now he gets to fuck me whenever he wants. That's about the size of it, isn't it?"

Devon frowned and nodded.

"I wasn't trying to be a smartass," he said. "I just... didn't know what else to say. I'm sorry."

"Well I'm not," she said. "A little jealousy is good for a relationship."

She stepped toward him and sat comfortably in his lap.

"Maybe I will tell you the details later," she said, "while you're drilling me with that wonderful cock of yours."

Devon felt his erection rise in response and she raised her eyebrow.

"Well!" she exclaimed. "That's the kind of reaction that makes me smile."

She got to her feet and walked to the doorway and turned to give him a steamy look.

"Remember," she said, "we have all kinds of... work to do this weekend."

Then she turned away and disappeared from view.

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