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Private Campground


My wife, Julie, who is in her early thirties stands 5’5”, with long brown hair, brown eyes and the type of body and looks that makes eyes turns when she enters a room, tends to behave very conservatively around our friends. But when we are alone together in bed, usually anything goes.

I am in my late thirties standing 6’2” 200 lbs. And handsome enough to be with a beautiful and sexy woman like Julie.

We enjoy our lovemaking like any other couple and on occasion like to indulge in certain types of role playing scenarios. Sometimes these scenarios will involve fantasies of her being taken by 3 or more “strangers” at once.

Because of this I have become very adept at manipulating dildos while I am also fucking her, and she really gets off when I talk to her like she is a slut being ravaged mercilessly.

My cock is on the longer side of 71/2 inches and a little fatter than “normal”. And during these role playing occasions when I am inside of her, I often share her pussy with a dildo that is 10 inches, while she is sucking on another dildo that is 8 inches.

We also enjoy, on many occasions, another scenario when she makes me suck and fuck her “cock”.

I really get off on sucking her cock, then riding her, while kissing & squeezing her breasts as she fucks me. All the while she is telling me what a bad boy I have been and how she is going to fuck the daylights out of me. And though I must admit I really get off when she is fucking my ass, (to this point I can only handle the 8 inch dildo), I have never considered being with a man nor wanted to.

We have never wanted to have others in our bed due to previous relationships for both of us that went bad, which we both feel was helped by living the “swinging” lifestyle with our previous partners.

And besides we have so much fun together, just the two of us, why bother with others.

I have prefaced this story with the above to let the reader know my wife and I are not some totally conservative “missionary” type of couple. We enjoy a walk on the “wild side” once in awhile in our own controlled environment. But as you will see later, sometimes life doesn’t care about that. Sometimes life puts you in situations you could never imagine and one that are completely out of your control.


We love to camp and always try to find the most remote areas possible. The farther away from other people the better. As I said Julie is rather conservative around others and when she is sunbathing in her bikini she wants to be alone or just with me. If she feels relaxed enough about the solitude she will sunbathe in the nude which I can’t say really bothers me…especially when she asks me to rub lotion on her…

Recently Julie found what looked to be a very remote and isolated area on a forest service map so we took off for a weekend of “isolation”. After driving for many dusty miles,(and not seeing another vehicle for a couple of hours), over forest service roads that took us deeper and deeper into the wilderness we found the place she had “discovered”.

We had to hike in our gear about a quarter of a mile and the spot was next to a pond that was in the middle of nowhere, so much so that it didn’t even have a name listed for it on the map. We didn’t see any signs that others had been there, at least recently, and decided this was about as remote as we could get.

After setting up camp, Julie changed into her bikini and asked me to rub lotion on her back. My hands started wandering down to her firm ass as I was spreading it around but as my fingers started going under the waist band of her bottoms she told me that I would just have to wait, as she wanted to relax for awhile after the long drive. With a sexy little giggle, she left me, and my rock hard cock standing there, as she jumped on an air mattress and began to float on the sun drenched pond. I went down to the pond’s edge and stood in the water waist deep splashing the road dust off of me. I then proceeded to build a fire pit and gather firewood for later that night. I had accumulated quite a pile by the time she had paddled her way back to shore.

She had become a little sweaty from tanning and I started getting hard all over again as I watched her sexy body, glistening in the early afternoon sun, walking towards me. She started giving me her telltale look I have grown to love and lust for since I have been with her and cooed to me in her most sexy voice,

“Now mister, I think I can help you take care of that bulge in your shorts.”

She took my hand and led me into the tent. It didn’t take long for us to be naked and caressing each other all over. Julie tits are on the larger side and I love to lick and chew on her nipples as I am squeezing them together.

She especially enjoys having her pussy rubbed and fingered while I am busy with her breasts and I so enjoy the moans that emanate from her when I have a couple of fingers inside of her while my thumb is working her clit.

I do not know why but I especially get turned on when she comes, and normally will get her off 3 or 4 times before I come. So I really paid special attention to her tits and pussy and I imagine she felt quite comfortable in our surroundings as she was louder than normal each time she came. This in turn made me quite horny. I positioned her on all fours and plowed my cock as deep as I could into her wet pussy while her sexy firm ass bucked backwards against me, and I too groaned quite audibly when I finally unloaded my seed inside of her.

After resting for awhile in each other’s arms she whispered to me that she was going to get up and start fixing some food for supper. I was dozing in a half dream state and mumbled, “I loved you,” and continued to doze in that half in, half out way for a while, every so often hearing the sounds of her preparing something to eat.

I thought I was still dreaming when I began to hear strange voices. I couldn’t specifically hear what the voices were saying, but a scream from my wife brought me back to total consciousness instantly. I reached for my shorts, and I began pulling them up as I scrambled out of the tent to see what was causing Julie distress.

I was just buttoning my shorts as I stepped out of the tent, and I saw, then felt a huge forearm wrap around my neck and yank me back into a firm muscular body.

A deep voice behind me announced my presence, “Lookee here boys, the “master” of the camp has awoken.”

The forearm tightened around my neck a little more and I gasped in shock. I wasn’t sure what was going on at first and I naturally tried to break free from the arm lock around my neck. The arm’s muscles tensed up even more and I started to feel woozy. I stopped struggling before I passed out, and the forearm loosened it’s grip on my neck a little. As my head cleared I realized I couldn’t see Julie, which made me even more panicky.

My eyes searched furiously for my wife and finally I saw her by the fire pit I had just recently built. Her arms being held tightly by two large, gruff looking, men who were pawing at her bikini clad breasts and crotch with their free hands, as she writhed and squirmed in vain efforts to escape them and their unwanted touches.

She cried out to me to help her, and I again began to fight the vice like arm around my neck but I could do nothing as it again tightened up and something came crashing down on the back of my head. I saw only stars then darkness as I felt myself falling to the ground.

I awoke to guttural laughter, hoots, accompanied by my wife’s cries of protest. I frantically tried to see Julie but I could not move my head very much as my hands were now tied behind me, and then to a tree. A rope had also been wrapped around my neck and secured to the tree. I strained against it and found if I did it slowly, it left just enough slack for me to barely turn my head. I could hear her feeble moans to my right and as I gradually turned my head enough to see her, I was “rewarded” with a vision that filled me with rage and terror.

The strangers were using a log I had gathered for our evening fire as a “sawhorse”.

They had stripped her, and had laid her over it, so that she was now on her knees with a rope wrapped loosely around her waist holding her midsection down. Her wrists were also tied together, and tethered to a large rock in front of her.

There were three of them standing in front of her, still clad, with their cocks in hand, jerking off in her face. One of them had a handful of her hair and was pulling it up hard. Her arms were stretched fully against the rope, and in this way her mouth was being forced wide open.

“ Oh yeah baby, get ready to swallow my load…sure hope it doesn’t choke you,” one of them said just as he let loose with a torrent of cum that splattered in and around her mouth.

Between the gasps and gags that flowed from her now cum filled mouth, She was begging for them to stop.

But they were deaf to her pleading as the other two came simultaneously, and also splashed her face with a cum bath that turned her pleas into mumbled gurgling.

“ Yeah that’s it bitch…swallow it,” one of the two commanded her. “ There’s gonna be a lot more where that came from.”

I yelled at them to stop and was promptly met with a resounding slap across the face which dazed me, as yet another man came out from behind the tree to which I was bound and snorted his displeasure with my protests.

“ What’s your problem Mister?” he sneered at me. “You’re the one’s who came here uninvited. And as you and the missus here are trespassing on private property, we have every right to deal with you as we would any other trespasser.”

In my hazed stated I tried to explain to him that the pond was on a forest service map and had we known it was private property we would have never set up camp. He laughed and backhanded me across the face again. As my head hung dizzily he snapped at me,

“It may be on a forest service map, but did you ever wonder why it don’t got a name?” My head began to clear a little as he continued in a sneering tone, “It is because it is on our property and we ain’t named it. Now ‘seeings’ how you two would have had to pay camping fees if you was at a real campground, you are going to pay a fee to camp in our “private” little campground.” He paused and then while after leering at my helpless wife’s prone body for a few seconds continued, “Except we are going to charge you a different kind of fee than those public ones charge.”

I shivered at his words, as it was obvious to me based on what I just witnessed happen to my wife, what his idea of a different kind of “fee” would be.

He laughed as he turned to the other three who were still crowding around my wife’s face, now caked with their cum, and their limp dicks flopping around outside there unzipped shorts and pants.

She was crying out in helpless protest for them to stop as they were still continuing to use their hands and fingers to poke, squeeze and prod her captive body which was now squirming and twisting frantically against the ropes, trying to avoid their groping hands.

The one who had spoken to me, and seemed to be in charge, took his shirt off as he walked down to the pond. He dipped it into the water and walked up to Julie. As he leaned down and wiped the dried cum from her face he announced to the others around her, “Alright boys lets get to having some real fun with these two squatters.”

“You know honey,” he teased. “They say cum is good for the skin. I don’t know if it is true but I guess you gonna find out.”

As he pulled his now cum soiled shirt away from her face and threw it off to the side, she spat at him, to which he just laughed.

My wife shrieked, “You bastards better just let us go, we have friends who are coming to meet us any minute!”

I knew this was a lie, but hopefully these strangers would think differently. Unfortunately that was a pipe dream on my part.

“So the little bitch thinks she is going to scare us huh?” The leader of the group snorted in a questioning manner.

“Honey in case you didn’t notice there were a couple of gates you passed on the way into our “private” campground.

They were open when you two went through them, but now they are closed, and I doubt very much your “friends”, if they do exist, will take the trouble to try and get past them.”

It was then that I heard more footsteps coming up from behind me. It was two more very large, well built, men and as they joined the four that had already starting to disrobe in front of my prone wife they to began to also remove their clothes. I heard them laughing to each other about what a great time they were going to have with my wife and I, and in my helplessness I began to feel sick.

My feelings of nausea were quickly interrupted though, as I watched their cocks being fully unleashed from their pants one by one.

I couldn’t believe how big their dicks were. I think the smallest one was 7 inches soft and a couple of them were much bigger than that. I saw Julie’s eyes widen in horror as she also watched the gang undressing right in front of her face, and their huge dangling cocks that were now filling her field of vision.

I could tell my wife was very scared as she continued to squirm frantically against the ropes that held her tethered to the rock and log. Her ass and legs were moving furiously to and fro, trying to pull away from the horde that was now completely naked, with cocks in hand, and starting to close in around her face.

But curiously, before my view of her face was completely blocked, I also thought I detected a glint of desire in her eyes much as I had seen before when we “played” games by ourselves.

It was a thought I quickly dismissed, as her movements were not belying what I thought I had seen in her eyes. As I said before we only played these games alone and I could tell my wife was still very frightened. And THAT feeling was confirmed even more as I could hear Julie’s trembling, feeble cries for them to let us go and we wouldn’t tell a soul. Cries which only caused the six of them to burst out in derisive laughter.

“Listen honey,” the one who seemed to be in charge said, “you ought to just relax and enjoy the ride…hell you might just end up liking it!”

As he finished taunting her he moved in closer to her prone figure. She strained her neck backwards as far as she could to avoid him, but he reached out and grabbed the back of her head by a handful of hair and yanked her face towards his crotch,

“Put it in your mouth, you little bitch!” he commanded as he forced her lips closer to his cock. “We are going to find out if you are a fuck slut already, and if your not, you will be by the time we are done with you and hubby over there.”

The others had opened their circle around her a little and I could now see her panicked face again through the spaces between them. One of them turned to me,

“Hey boy, you might want to watch this. You might pick up some pointers from your little bitch.”

As I strained against the binds, my stomach turned in hopeless torment. I yelled at them to leave her alone. Again the protests fell on deaf ears. I was left to helplessly watch, as my wife was soon to become a victim of these six strangers’ lewd intentions.

I closed my eyes at first not wanting to see my wife being abused by these strangers, but her increasingly louder moans caused me to open them again. The one who had her by the hair was now right in front of her face and her lips were almost touching the head of his huge dick. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was just hanging flaccid. It must have been at least 10 inches and couldn’t imagine my wife being able to take it in her mouth as it hardened. His grip on the back of her head was strong, and with no regards to her screams of protest, he slapped her face a couple of times with his now hardening dick, which caused her to grudgingly begin to open her mouth. He started to push and pull her head back and forth into his crotch. Each time he pushed his mid section into her face his cock would become a little harder and sink into her mouth a little further.

“Yeah that’s it you fuck slut,” he grunted. “Make it harder…I want my cock so hard that you will feel it deep in your throat.”

She again tried to protest but his cock growing larger and larger inside her mouth was now muffling any sounds she could make. Eventually, the only noise that I could hear, along with the satisfied grunts and groans of the bastard in her mouth and his cohorts. Was a high pitched, “mmmphh…mmmmphh…” coming from my wife, as his engorged member now completely filled her mouth, and to my horror I could see there was still more to go.

I could see her ass rising in the air as she strained her body against the rope around her back, at first trying to escape him, but soon, seemingly resigned to her fate, just to position herself better to accept his cock each time he thrust it into her mouth.

Her eyes were wide open in a panicky stare and I could hear her initial gags as he was filling her mouth so full she couldn’t breath. She really writhed around in panic at that point until she began breathing through her nose and calmed down a little.

“That’s it bitch,” he sneered at her while grinding his cock deeper into her. “See if you relax a little and try to enjoy it, it won’t be so bad.”

She must’ve really accepted the fact that there was no hope for her to escape and the only way to deal with the situation “facing” her was to accede to the stranger’s demands. I watched as her body seemed to relax a lot more, including her throat muscles, and the monstrous intruder, which was now a good 13 inches fully erect, had now completely disappeared into my wife’s sweet mouth.

“Oh boy, we got us a real cock sucker here boys!” he howled wildly, as his crotch gyrated in and out of my wife’s face, all the while accompanied by her muffled, high-pitched moans.

“Hey come on Frank give us a turn,” said one of the two who had joined the group of strangers last.

“Awwww you just shut up Mike,” Frank replied. “You”ll get your turn, don’t forget we got these two to play with for awhile.”

Mike stared at the scene in front of him for a few seconds, then began to look around impatiently.

“Well I ain’t waiting around for you to finish up,” Mike advised him. And as his eyes came to rest on me he stated,

“Not when I got another mouth to feed.”

“C’mon Dave give me a hand,” he prodded another of the strangers next to him, “ There are other holes that need filling.”

I didn’t realize at first, as Mike and Dave, (who was also one of the men who had contributed to my wife’s initial cum bath),

began walking towards me what that meant. But the shock must have shown in my face when I did, as they sneered and Mike laughed,

“Ooooh look at poor mister here…Boy, Dave I wonder if hubby here has ever tasted good hard cock?” Mike questioned his partner as they walked towards my captive form. “Hey bud what is good for your wife is good for you too.”

As they came nearer I resumed my struggles against the ropes that bound me, but only accomplished choking myself, and scraping the flesh of my neck and wrists.

I again gave up my struggles as the two of them stood in front of me and leered at my captive body from head to toe.

Mike observed in a desirous tone, “Man, I bet this one’s mouth is gonna be as sweet as his wifey’s must be. Just listen to Frank over there grunting and groaning… he is obviously enjoying her.”

It was plainly obvious that what Mike said was true as Frank’s gyrations had increased and his crotch was completely buried in my wife’s face.

“Okay Dave, go untie his head so WE can get us some head.”

Mike laughed evilly at the play on words he used as Dave went behind the tree and began to untie the binds around my neck.

As soon as I felt the slack increase in the rope around my neck I began to struggle again,

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