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Private Exam


Jack was only a college freshman but he was already tall — almost six feet — and muscular, with sun-bleached blond hair. He already knew that he was gay, an eager and insatiable cocksucker who had the hots for his roommate, best friend, and football teammate, Seth.

Nothing much happened at this particular school except football, but that suited Jack. He was a natural athlete and he was smart enough to know that football could open social and sex doors for him.

Then he came out for practice and nobody took any unusual notice of him. The line coach put him in as tackle and the offensive team trampled him joyfully. Jack had to admit that was a bit of a turn-on, being crushed under a pile of big, husky, sweaty bodies, thighs and asses encased in tight pants it was almost as exciting as being surrounded by all that husky young nudity in the locker room.

Then he was switched to wide receiver, which was a bore, but he stuck with it for the sake of the constant sexual stimulation. After ten days on the squad, a guy finally approached him in the locker room. It was none other than the quarterback, Seth. Jack had lusted for Seth but, despite his prestigious position on the team, Seth seemed to be a serious student and a loner. Almost Jack's height and build, Seth was dark-skinned and brown-haired with a face that was saved from prettiness by a broken nose and a sexy mustache.

They exchanged greetings in the locker room after scrimmage and that was all. But Jack felt sure he had caught a glimpse of something in the other boy's dark eyes. Seth had one hell of a hard, firm, humpy body, and Jack knew Seth had a long, thick, curving cock and a tight little butch ass as well. Could Seth possibly be gay?

The question tormented Jack during the following week. The gay scene on campus and in the small adjacent town was a very small one indeed and of course extremely discreet, to the point of paranoia. There was a larger city nearby, with some bars, a bath, and a notorious truck stop. Jack hadn't quite worked up enough nerve to check out the action there yet, but he knew that he had to soon or he'd go crazy with horny frustration!

Jack stripped off his football uniform after practice and walked naked to the john to piss. His body was sweaty all over, giving his deep toned flesh a rich, dark glow. His cock — a big, dark one — stretched out to hang low over the trough as his piss splashed down the porcelain wall. It twitched nervously, with barely suppressed lustful energy, as Jack saw Seth, also stark naked, wandering toward the showers with a couple of the other guys.

Jack finished pissing quickly and joined them in the large shower room, turning on the shower head next to Seth's and relaxing his fatigued but well-worked body under the hot spray. As they showered, he gave the quarterback a discreet once-over.

Seth's cock, reined under the hot steaming water, hung down thick and dark pink. A rivulet of water bounced off the smoothly circumcised head, formed a trickle, and splashed to the floor. Jack could see that Seth's balls, coated with gleaming wet brown hairs, were enormous and potent.

Jack thought he'd better not risk looking too much at Seth again. He was soaping his mop of silky blond hair when he noticed that Seth suddenly turned away, too. Jack dared to take a good, long look at Seth's sensational ass. Then, as Seth moved again, soaping himself, Jack saw that Seth was getting a hard-on, a gigantic one!

He wanted to rape Seth right there, in the locker room, in front of the other guys, but he forced himself to stay calm, td finish showering, to dry himself and get dressed. All the while, I want to fuck you, suck you, fuck, suck, went wildly through his head like some obscene litany. He almost died when Seth came up to him and suggested that they go out for coffee together.

Seth matter-of-factly explained that he and dated, but Jack admitted to himself that Seth was probably not even gay, and in any case was almost certainly still a virgin who'd be disgusted if another guy came on to him. It seemed hopeless. After all, Jack's own sexual experience was limited — until recently, he too had been a virgin, although an exceptionally horny, eager one.

Partly because of Seth, he'd become an aggressive athlete and the coach liked his spirit. Jack wasn't one of the largest players on the team, but his toughness and determination more than made up for any lack of sheer bulk.

It was his new attitude, though, that was already getting him into academic trouble. Any teacher who tried to tell him that a course was more important than football was likely to be met with either indifference or open defiance. So, in spite of his intelligence and ability to learn things quickly, Jack barely managed to keep his grades high enough to stay on the team and he wasn't doing near as well as he could have.

One day he talked back to a sarcastic instructor in front of the whole class of awestruck students. Almost every day far the next two weeks after that first unfortunate incident, Jack and that instructor would have a confrontation of wills of some sort. One day after another particularly long and heated disagreement between the two of them, the instructor finally had had enough.

"All right, you asshole! Stick around after class... And keep your mouth shut until then!" he bellowed.

When the rest were dismissed that day, Jack arrogantly — to disguise his lurking apprehension — sidled up to the professor's desk. Without even glancing up from the test papers he was sorting, the teacher, David Bonner — nicknamed "Boner" by his students — spoke coldly.

"Jack, I don't care how well you've done on this exam — I'm going to flunk you for your smart-ass attitude."

For all his bravado, Jack was shaken. "You can't do that!" he protested.

"Sorry. I don't like your type, kid. I've never had a student I feel as sorry for as I do for you."

Jack was now visibly as well as internally shaken. "Come on, Mr. Bonner," he coaxed. "You're supposed to be the fairest teacher on campus, everybody says so. Plunking me just because we've got, uh, a personality conflict wouldn't be fair, and you know it."

"Sorry, that's the way it goes," the older man said, obviously not at all impressed by this belated display of repentance.

"Look — I promise you I'll cool it in class from now on. No more crap — okay?" Jack said desperately.

"I'll tell you what. I'm going to grade these papers at home tonight. That'll give me a chance to think it all over. I want you to come over to my house at nine tonight," Bonner said. "The address is in the phone book."

"But why do I have to come all the way to your place?"

"Just make damn sure you're there and on time if you want a second chance so fucking bad!"

Jack started to protest, knowing damn well that Bonner had an office on campus where they could discuss the matter. But then he decided that the man was probably just testing him.

"All right, I'll be there."

"Oh... and right on time, too. Come in," Bonner said sweetly as he opened the door of his modest but comfortable house.

Jack was taken completely by surprise. He had nester known this man to be anything but gruff and stern. He had also never seen him in anything except the discreet suits he wore in class. How much younger he looked wearing just a sweat shirt and a worn pair of once-white Levi's.

"Would you like a drink, Jack?" Bonner asked pleasantly.

"Uh, yeah, sure, thank you," Jack blurted out, again taken aback by this unexpected show of hospitality when he'd steeled himself for a lecture.

"Sit down there on that couch and get comfortable. I'll be right with you," Bonner called from the kitchen, where he was busy mixing two stiff bourbon-and-sodas, without asking Jack what he wanted.

Jack sat down, not sure what to expect but decidedly nervous. Bonner returned and, sitting down next to the young jock on the leather couch, handed him his glass.

"... Mr. Bonner, what's all this about? Why did you want me to come over here tonight?" Jack asked impatiently, sipping the strong drink.

The instructor chuckled. "Well, I suppose I wanted to prove to you that I'm not such a bad guy after all. You and I have the same problem, Jack, we both come on a little too strong sometimes. As a teacher I have to, though, but you don't. Drink up!"

Jack unthinkingly gulped down more of the bourbon in his glass. "Well, sir, I really feel like shit for the way I've acted toward you up until now — I'm really sorry."

"I've noticed that you seem a little uptight in my class, Jack," Bonner said smoothly. "Are you having problems in your personal life? Your sex life, maybe?"

Jack couldn't believe they were having this conversation, but tried to joke, "My sex life, yeah... my lack of a sex life, lately."

"I like you, Jack... I like you a lot," Bonner said softly, placing his hand on Jack's knee and giving it a gentle squeeze. "I'd really like to help you out, if I could..."

"Mr. Bonner, I, uh..." Jack stammered.

"David, just call me David," he said soothingly as he began sliding his hot hand higher up Jack's solidly muscled thigh.

"Oh, shit!" Jack breathed.

He immediately realized just why David Bonner had invited him here. His first impulse was to jump up, away from the guy's groping hand, call him a faggot, and leave with a show of indignation, confident that Bonner wouldn't dare flunk him now because Jack could always expose him.

But then Jack thought, why not? Why not let him blow me? He's not bad-looking, after all he's not a creep or anything. And I'm horny! So horny, from thinking about Seth, from wanting him, that I can't stand it any more! I have to have sex! Sex with another guy! Any guy! This guy...

He fought for self-control, twisting himself toward Bonner on the couch so that his groin "accidentally" pressed against the man's open, caressing palm. Bonner's fingers closed around the lump Jack's big cock made in his tight, faded jeans, and the boy almost fainted with lust.

"I really appreciate this," David babbled. "I'm glad we're going to be friends."

Jack finished his drink in one long gulp. He had a feeling he was going to need a few stiff belts to get him through the evening! Just as he downed the last of the bourbon in his glass he felt Bonner's fingertips massaging the bulge his cock made inside the crotch of his tight pants.

"Can I have another drink? It might help to rein me," Jack said suggestively.

The professor got up and took Jack's glass. Jack noticed, as he got up, that the bulge in his white Levi's had grown considerably. There was something flattering in the knowledge that, inexperienced with gay sex as he still was, he was desirable enough to give Bonner a roaring hard-on.

Bonner returned quickly with two more stiff drinks. As they sat and drank, his hand strayed between Jack's parted legs again, gulping and rubbing his cock through his jeans until Jack, pretending to concentrate on the glass in his hand, started to squirm on the couch under this steady manipulation.

"You're getting me horny, man," he grunted finally.

"Have you ever had a homosexual experience?" David asked bluntly, looking at the boy intently as he fondled him.

"Not really," Jack said evasively. "No? I know that quite a few of the boys in the dorms like to experiment with each other." Bonner sounded both amused and excited at the thought. "They give each other blow-jobs, for instance..."

"Well, I don't!" Jack insisted, indignantly.

"Really? Not ever? Come on, you can be honest with me!"

Boner had succeeded in getting Jack just a little drunk. "Well — once or... I guess," the boy slurred, avoiding the older man's probing eyes. "But I didn't suck anybody!"

"Of course not. Why don't you tell me about it?"

"I really don't... oh shit... it was no big deal. I menu, nothing really happened, you understand! It was about a year ago. I was hitch-hiking home from a movie and the guy who picked me up in his car was young, mid twenties, good-looking. You'd never have thought he was queer to look at him!"

He pawed and David nodded.

"We were talking, and ail of a sudden he turned off the main road. I was just about to open my dumb mouth to ask him what the fuck he was doing when he put his hand on my crotch and started to feel me up, the way you're doing now."

Bonner grunted as he started to feel for the tab of Jack's zipper.

"Don't." Jack said.

But Bonner ignored him.

"Before I knew it, the guy leaned across the front seat of his car and just sort of plunged his head into my lap. His mouth — hot and wet — closed around my prick, and I got even harder! His lips sort of gripped my cock around the middle of it, his head bobbing up and down in my crotch I slid down further in the seat, giving him my cock, letting him suck it as much as he wanted to. His fingers opened my belt buckle and jeans, and he pulled my jeans and underpants right down around my ankles so he could get at my cock and balls and asshole and everything with his tongue. God, he was a horny cocksucker!"

Bonner moaned, listening intently.

"Then I came. I couldn't have held that hot load back even if I'd wanted to, man! He was moaning, grunting, his mouth pushed all the way down on my pecker, taking my come, swallowing it — every fucking drop! Then he drove me home and I never saw him again or knew his name," Jack finished confusedly.

Jack blushed at the realization that he'd just confessed this lewd incident to Bonner, who was hanging avidly on his every muttered, drunken word. And that wasn't all the guy was hanging on to. He had Jack's jeans open and his prick out, stroking it into a full, throbbing, potent hard-on.

Go ahead Jack moaned, as Bonner got down on his knees on the floor in front of the descending between the football players legs. "Go ahead and suck it if you want to, man."

Jack buried his head in one of the pillows on the couch. He could hear David saying something to him in a low voice, about how big and hard and juicy-looking his naked cock was, about how much he wanted to suck it.

More asleep than awake, he wasn't sure he really felt his pants being pulled down to his knees, or whether it wasn't just a drunken wet dream. He jay back, completely relaxed except for the urgent in his groin. He enjoyed this erotic dream of having another man's hand massaging his rapidly expanding cock, another man's tongue licking its sensitive tip, coating the shaft with spit.

Forcing himself to open his yes. Jack saw David's head move into position over his upthrusting hard-on. His eyes slowly closed again as he felt his fully erect nine-inch cock being taken deep into David's mouth. It was penetrating the man's hot, wet, hard-sucking throat with the same astonishing ease with which the other cocksucker, the guy Jack had just been telling David about, had swallowed it.

Jack moaned softly as David's warm sweaty hand grasped his solid, throbbing cockshaft tightly near its base to steady it. He pulled the skin taut as he worked his lips rapidly up and down over the sensitive, tingling cockhead, sucking passionately.

David reached out and pulled Jack's pants all the way down, slipping them off completely over the boy's shoes and socks. The humpy blond student, in no condition or mood to offer him an resistance, automatically lifted his ass slightly, letting David to remove his jeans and shorts altogether.

The instructor then went to work on Jack's exposed, muscular body, licking every square inch of his legs, his groin, his balls and cock and, asshole. He pulled Jack's shirt up to his armpits and licked his flat, tight, well-muscled stomach, drilling his tongue-tip into the boy's navel. He sucked on each of Jack's large dark nipples until they were swollen stiff with arousal.

He stripped Jack's shirt completely from his brawny young torso and licked and sniffed his hairy armpits. Then, in a frenzy of lustful excitement, he tore the boy's socks from his feet and worked his tongue between his toes.

When he finished licking and sucking one part of Jack's naked body, he always returned to sucking hard and fast and furiously on the young athlete's truly remarkable cock. He devoured it hungrily before going on to wet another portion of the quivering boy's nude body with his agile, tireless tongue.

With his free hand, David unzipped his own tight Levi's and began to beat himself off slowly and sensuously as he continued to suck and lick the semi-conscious, moaning, writhing Jack toward orgasm.

As David's incredibly skilled tongue moved from his prick down to his balls, then between his asscheeks to probe at his tight, musky asshole and even penetrate it, Jack could feel the hot potent liquid pressure rising and building in his nuts, in the thick root of his turgid, straining cock. He let out a throaty moan as David, feeling the big prick beginning to pulse and convulse against his encircling lips, quickly put his mouth over its very end and sucked voraciously.

"Oh Christ — suck me!" Jack mumbled drunkenly, twisting to and fro on the leather couch. "Lick my cock, man... suck down my hot come!"

He gasped as the other man's fast-working tongue did the trick, setting off an explosion of hot, sticky-wet jism. David moaned loudly and lewdly as he greedily fed upon the boy's come, sucking him until he had every last drop. His lips and tongue sent electric thrills through the powerfully-built blond's lode.

David was beating himself off wildly as he sucked Jack dry. His throaty groans of sensual pleasure became deeper and faster as he felt the hot jizz boiling up from his own balls, filling and bloating the aching cock he had gripped in his pumping fist. Abruptly, he released Jack's cockmeat from his mouth and, panting, moved up quickly on the couch, holding his hot, pulsating prick directly over Jack's bare torso.

"Jack, you beautiful fucker! I'm coming! Aaaahhhh!"

He groaned as his long, thick cock gushed wave after wave, of searing hot come across Jack's suntanned belly and chest. Jack opened his eyes and stared at the prick shooting its jism all over his body.

"Oh God, come on me, fucker! Shoot that crap all over me!" he choked, as David's hot cream sprayed upon his chest like a fiery rain. David reached round and grabbed a fresh towel that he kept hidden under one of the cushions on the couch and wiped off his dripping prick. He then leaned over and licked up all the wet, slimy fluid he'd just ejaculated all over Jack's body. The boy gasped breathlessly as David rubbed the towel over the head of his sensitive prick, cleaning away the last traces of saliva and jizz. The humpy young jock slipped almost immediately into a deep, relaxed sleep of post-orgasmic fatigue.

David let Jack sleep for about twenty minutes. He took off his own clothes and slipped into a silk bathrobe and fixed himself another drink. Then he settled down in a chair to watch Jack, whose slumbering body was still stripped naked as he sprawled on the couch, his clothes strewn across the floor between the couch and the coffee table.

Watching Jack, reliving every horny detail of how the boy's stud cock had filled his mouth and throat before finally giving him such a load of thick salty come, David took his prick in his hand and fondled it. At last he topped masturbate and shook Jack gently awake.

"All right, for Christ's sake!" Jack muttered, irritated at being awakened.

All at once he remembered that he was in David's house and stark naked. He jumped to his feet and, as he hastily collected his clothing, he recalled everything that had happened between them with a hot blush of shame.

"I've got to go now," he said, very embarrassed.

"All right. Thanks for coming over, Jack. Why don't I plan on seeing you here same time next Monday?" David said pleasantly at the front door.

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