tagTransgender & CrossdressersPrivate Eye's Birthday

Private Eye's Birthday


In the dimness of the evening light, it looked like two pale bodied women sitting together on the couch. Al could see them quite clearly now through the three story high plate glass windows of the estate. They sat there watching the sun going down. He thought perhaps they were really dedicated sun worshipers because they sat there with almost no light, completely naked, trying to work on their tans up to the last moment.

It wasn't such a bad way to spend his birthday, he figured.

The one had a gorgeous pair of long legs, one crossed over the other. Actually...Al zoomed his lens in - they both had great legs. Both had perfect cupcake size boobs with light brown nipples, and pretty shoulders and arms and skinny waists and perfect hips. And there they had sat since 2pm, in the full sun, sipping what looked like soda in glasses.

Al had seen quite a few beautiful women in his time as private dick, but never such a pair. Not even in Hollywood.

Now the one stood and he felt the bulge in his pants strengthen. She was really quite tall, and slinky. She turned to her friend who also stood, and they came to the window, perhaps, as Al thought of it, confident that no one could see them. He licked his lips as he focused.

The other one was just as tall! He figured by the angle and the size of the sofa cushions and a flower vase (a duplicate of the one he had in his apartment and knew the size of), that both girls were 5'10 and...

--He nearly dropped his field glasses.

Hanging limply from the crotch of each was a tiny, fingerlike member and a small scrotum!

Now they turned to each other, and right in the middle of that incredibly expensive living room, they pressed themselves together, front to front, and kissed. Al's prick rose up even further. It had been a half mast since two, but now it thickened and moved and he could feel the snail's trail of precum that had dampened this underwear.

--Even if they were guys, and he wasn't into guys.

"...god they're so beautiful though!" he whispered to himself. "That's why I've never seen them around - they're not exactly mainstream Hollywood! Shit. God look at that!"

Both their cocks were hard now. They were no more than a couple of inches long, but they were being pushed and smeared and rubbed together, as the pair bumped their hips together and went on kissing. Al looked up from that point of contact, seeing their small but natural tits smashed flat together. He looked again and admired the feminine sweep of their heart shaped asses - now in profile - and licked his lips.

But they still had their big sunglasses on. Hard to tell who was who, but they surely looked identical. He tried to mentally summon up fact sheets with lesbian - no strike that, tranny-girl - twins, and could not. And now the one on the left, the one with the black hair, dipped down to her knees. Al decided to refer to them as 'her' and 'she' because...no man ever looked that gorgeous! And now she leaned forward and began sucking the dick of the other one. It still didn't look 'homo' though. The other one, still standing, raised her arms above her head and arched her back. She looked so hot, Al knew he was going to jerk off over her when he got home. He grabbed up his low light camera and started to snap a few shots off.

"You are sooo chick, girl - I mean, boy!" he whispered, then caught his tongue between his teeth and concentrated.

Al shot three rolls and then nearly dropped the camera when both girls stood, kicked off their high heels and sat sideways to the window. The one on the right lifted her one leg and pointed her beautiful foot at the other, and the other took that lovely foot and began bathing it with her tongue. Al nearly shot in his pants. He squeezed off ten or twelve shots on that alone, and then another dozen when the girl on the left lifted her foot for the girl on the right. Mutual foot licking, and then...toe sucking.

"...and their legs just go on forever," he whispered. Then each girl brought her other foot over and between both of the other's, and started massaging and working each other's cocks with their toes. Al's mouth fell open. He was alone and hidden in the trees. Nobody would know if he whipped it out and jerked off. He needed to. Almost five hours of watching two luscious ladies - or ladyboys - sitting around naked, and now, this! He started to reach down for his zipper, but then two more nude women entered the living room. The two on the floor turned and waved at the newcomers and then Al watched as the two new ones quickly strapped large dildos to their crotches. He noted through the low light lens that these were truly female, with no balls or dicks. Then the two on the floor leaned to each other on their hands and knees, started kissing, and went on kissing while the two new guests got behind them, oiled them up with something, and then proceeded to ass-fuck them with those big rubber dongs!

"Amazing!" Al said. He'd totally forgotten about his own dick and simply watched and squeezed off shot after shot. The two new girls must've been twins too with long legs and small boobs like the first two. They sure knew how to use those dildos, he thought, and licked his dried lips again.

Ten or fifteen minutes later the first pair threw their heads back, crying out. Al was too far away to hear, but he could see their ribs as they inhaled, and then saw them straining as they moaned. The ones doing the fucking just kept right on going, holding the fuckees by the hips and slamming that rubber meat into them. All watched with eyes wide and mouth hanging open. He looked down and could see jiz spitting out of both of the first ones, making little dots on the low pile carpet. They were really coming, and he smiled at it, thinking that though it was work, it was one of the best birthdays he'd ever had.

The ass-fucking went on for a little while more, until nothing more came oozing out the tranny-girl's pricks, and then the real women slowly eased the dildos out and sat back on their heels. They had taken their shoes off too, sometime during the brutal and beautiful ravaging of the T-girl's bung-chutes, and Al focused in on those now. They were, as far as he could tell, just as lovely as the others, perhaps more so. But then the tranny-girls got up and turned to the others, removed their dildo harnesses, and put them on. The late comers lay back and the ones with the dildos pushed their legs way over head and then pushed their rubber dicks down and in.

"Up their asses too!" All said. "Yah, give it to them!" He stared through his various lenses as the women got reamed, and he wished they'd just all take those damned sunglasses off so he could see their faces! It was getting frustrating. Then his cell phone went off and he nearly pissed his pants. He fumbled for it, trying not to lose sight of the orgy across the way, and answered.

"Yah, Al here..."

"Alan!" a silky, sultry voice said. "Are you watching the house?"

"Huh? Yah sure. Why?" he said, puzzled; he looked away from the orgy. "Who is this?"

"Well, take a look now," the voice said, and Al kept the tiny phone to his ear with his shoulder and looked through the camera again. One of the tranny-girls stood there with a phone to her ear, waving directly at him! Then all of them reached for their hair and pulled off their wigs, and then finally took off their oversized sunglasses. Al stared, stunned.

"The McElson Quadruplets!" he exclaimed.

"Yes Al!" they all said in unison. They all smiled, and one of the females called out.

"This is from your brother Maurice!" she said, and they all began to sing the Happy Birthday Song to him, standing there three quarters of a mile away, naked and barefoot, singing through the cell phone.

Al wept.

When the song was over, Al wiped his tears and looked through the camera.

The voice came back on the phone.

"If you want," she said, "You can come on by. Maurice rented the house for the weekend, you know. And...we're all going to be here too so..."

Al was down the tree, into his car and heading down the valley in a flash. He arrived at the house and rang the doorbell. Up close he recognized Elsbeth who had been the blonde, her cock and balls unapologetically uncovered, and behind her were Tenbrea and Canyth, the biological sisters, and finally Renshi, the other transsexual. They all came and greeted Al, and when one of them unzipped his pants, he knew truly and well, that this would be the finest birthday he would ever have in his life!


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