tagErotic CouplingsPrivate Island Fantasy

Private Island Fantasy


A romantic start to an erotic end ...

We stroll the beach hand in hand. Alone. Just the two of us, on our private island. The gentle tradewinds softly kiss our skin with dots of ocean mist. The sun is begining to set. We head to our dinner. Sitting on the blanket, we open our basket. Filled within are fruits, cheeses, breads and wine. Finger foods, perfect for feeding each other, teasing each other. We trade kisses as we enjoy our play. I feed you a grape, kiss your lips, my tongue quickly darting out to lick your bottom lip in a tease. You place your hand behind my head and pull me in for a deeper kiss. Our tongues twist and turn, dancing around each other in a centuries-old mating ritual. We taste the grape, and each other. We break the kiss, breathing heavy. We feed each other more. Drink some wine. You dip your finger in the glass of wine and then run your finger on my lips. Leaning in, you kiss me. First to taste the wine, then deeper to taste me. we lean closer, deepening our kiss, pushing that need forward. Yet again we break our kiss and eat more. We need our nourishment for what's to come. As we watch the sun set, the colors of the sky surround us. Pinks, yellows, oranges. The colors seem to dance in my hair ... you are drawn to run your fingers and hands through it. As you do, I lean close and place a soft kiss on your neck. You moan softly. I kiss you again, this time using my tongue to lick and massage on your neck. I taste the salt the sea air has left upon you. I feel the rumble as you release another moan.

Pulling away, you stop. Looking at me, you smile. We gather up our things and head for our cottage. Once there, we set the things down on the floor and reach for each other. This time our kisses intensify, deepen. We are breathless by the end of the first kiss, yet dive deeply into another one. Our hands are all over each other ... I feel you reach around to untie my top. As it falls to the floor, my nipples are hardened by the caress of the breeze. I moan in response. You move your kiss from my mouth to my breasts. My hands are on you, in your hair, pulling you onto me, pushing me into you. You reach and untie my pareau, never releasing my breast from your lips. I'm moaning again, not so softly this time. You move to my other breast, giving it the same treatment as the first.

Stopping, we move to the bed. I remove my bottom and you quickly strip off your clothes. Getting in the bed, we are on our knees facing each other. We begin kissing again. My hands go to your neck and your hair. Your hands are on my breasts. Your touch is magical, enchanting me to your will. Soon I feel one dip towards my hips. As it glides over my belly, I'm covered in chills of anticipation. I follow your hand with my thoughts, thrilled at where it is headed ... freshly shaven lips that hide a very special bulb which has hardened and filled with desire. I shudder as your finger grazes over my lips, then spreads them and rubs my bulb. I moan into our kiss, spreading my knees a bit wider. I slide a hand down your chest, over your belly towards your manhood. I trace it's length with my fingers; you moan. I slide my fingers down to your sac and massage it. Sliding my fingers back up, I wrap them around your length and massage, squeezing and stroking up and down. As we play with each other, we bring moans of pleasure into our kisses. Our breathing becomes labored. Soon we break our kiss. Keeping our hands in and on each other, we slowly lay down beside each other. Your lips dip to my breasts again. My hand is on your back, trailing my nails along it. You use your fingers to slip into my hot, throbbing wet tunnel. I moan and arch my back. Turning so I'm on my back, you slip your kisses from my breasts and work your way down to my well hidden bulb. using your free hand, you spread my lips and begin an oral attack on my clit ... licking it, sucking it and even nibbling it now and then, as you continue to pump your fingers into me, pulling an orgasm from deep within me. I'm moaning, begging you not to stop, begging you for more. Again, I am enchanted, I want it all! What feels like forever, but is only mere minutes later, my orgasm erupts forward, gushing juices toward you. You eagerly remove your fingers and lick and suck at my tunnel. Still lost in the heat, surrounded by the feelings, I almost don't notice you lay next to me.

"My turn?" you ask.

I nod yes. Your wish is my command. As you climb on to straddle my chest, I open my mouth for you. I feel you slide in, I taste your precum on my tongue. I close my mouth and begin sucking you, squeezing you as you pump into me. (a slow moan slips from you) You reach for my hands and pin them down. You love this position. You can watch me as I suck you, and you have complete control over me. You continue to pump into my mouth as I keep the "suction" tight. You love it. You pump faster, but I shake my head "no". You slow down. (you moan in pleasure) Long deep strokes. It's torture for you to move so slowly, you want to just pump fast and hard, you want that release! I swallow. You feel the pressure of my mouth and throat squeezing you, and you remember why you love this. I'm slowly squeezing and swallowing you into orgasm. You watch as I eagerly suck and swallow while you continue to pump slow and deep into me. It feels like forever to you. But minutes later, you feel it! (You groan loudly, "aahhh!") I feel you grow, bigger and harder. You're cumming! I hear your groan of pleasure. I feel the burst of liquid heat shoot down my throat and I swallow it. Just in time to catch the next shot. I eagerly swallow, not wasting a drop.

When you're done, you get off of me, and begin placing kisses all over my body again. Heating me up from the inside out as you urge me towards arousal. I feel my nipples and my clit harden again, I feel my tunnel fill with heat and moisture, feel it tighten in anticipation! You go down on me again, but I'm so sensitive, you aren't there for long. You kiss your way back up my body. You've had enough time to rest, you're ready for your second "round". I get on my knees in front of you, keeping them closed tight. As you slip in, I moan in pleasure. You slide all the way and and just stop. You start running your hands on my back, my hips, my ass. Suddenly you slap it! You love to do things like that. To remind me I'm yours alone. I love it! You feel me squeeze as you slap me, hear me moan in pleasure. You slap me again and begin stroking into me. You pull out all the way and pop back in. Faster, harder you pump me. You slow down and pull out all the way and just slip the head in and out, teasing me, torturing me with pleasure. I'm moaning, writhing, begging you to please give me more! Make me yours! You continue to use just the head for a few more strokes. Then you slip it in and slam all the way into me, fast and hard. Your sac slapping my clit on each stroke.

Moaning, I feel the gush as I hit an orgasm. My nipples are tingling from rubbing the sheet as you pump me. My pussy is throbbing, pulsing as you pump your cock into me.

No longer "innocent", I beg you to fuck me, fuck me hard!. Pulling out all the way, you get a thumb wet in my pussy. As you slip your cock back into me, your thumb slides up my ass. You've played with my ass before, but only with your fingers. We've had enough wine that you intend to get your cock in there now! I love the feel of your fingers in my ass ... the stretch, the burn. I want it so bad! Your cock is much bigger then 2 of your fingers, but you work me up to it. You're fucking me SO good. I cum again and again! You feel my pussy soak your cock in juices. I'm so turned on, begging you for more. You keep fucking me hard for a few strokes, then go back to just using your head. I love the tease! MORE!

On the next stroke, you slip out your fingers and get your head into my ass. You tease me by poking the head in and out just like you did to my pussy. It hurts at first, but I want more. I want to be yours, completely yours! You've never had me in my ass ... no one has. Just the thought of how tight it will be wrapped around your cock! You want to just hit it, and hit it hard! But you take your time so you don't hurt me. We're drunk, but not that drunk. You keep pumping slowly, each stroke going deeper into me. I beg you for more, PLEASE! I feel a pop as you get deeper, my moan is practically a yell. You stop. I beg you to keep going. You ask if I'm sure, and I say yes. I tell you to fuck my ass! Knowing you aren't far from release, you start pumping me. I tell you again, "FUCK ME!" You know I mean it, you fuck me, really fuck me. I'm moaning as you fuck harder and faster.

OH MY GOD! YOU JUST SLAPPED MY ASS! I scream! I can't believe you did that! But I'm so horny! So turned on! I'm telling you to fuck me, fuck my ass! You're moaning, so close!

I hear you - "oh fuckyeah, yeah, rrraaaaggghhh!!"

I feel my ass stretch as you start to explode. I practically scream as you cum in my ass. You keep pumping me, slower now. You slap me again. You love how I squeeze my ass when you slap me. Completely empty of cum, you slowly slide out, and slap me again just because!

We lay next to each other on the bed and just rest. I'm tender, but I loved it. You were amazing! You rest, try to catch your breath. You can't believe how great that was! We lay there not speaking, just relaxing. And soon, we fall asleep as the tropical breezes cool our sex-heated bodies.

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