tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPrivate Photographer Pt. 03

Private Photographer Pt. 03


Well, if you've read the first two parts, you'll know that Marie and Andy had introducing this naive 19 year old to the sex lives of a raunchy and adventurous couple, through the medium of photography.

They've invited me to their villa in Tenerife, and I don't know how far this could go. I've now got so much lust for Marie that I cannot stop thinking about her - and Andy doesn't seem to mind in the slightest!

They've booked me onto a flight, but they arrived before me. I've never been to Tenerife before and I'm nervous about everything. As I walked out of arrivals there's a Spanish taxi driver holding up a piece of paper with my name on it. He takes my case and I get in the back of his car. We drive for about 45 minutes. His not much of a conversationalist (to be fair, maybe he doesn't speak much English) and I gaze out of the window wondering what is in store.

We wind upwards into the hills and turn off down a smaller road, eventually arriving at some gates. I fumble with my wallet, but he waves it away. Evidently my ride has been paid for already. I open the gate and walk up to the front door of what looks to me like a fabulously modern and expensive villa.

Before I can knock, Andy opens the door wearing just a towel around his waist. He invites me in and offers me a cold beer which I gratefully accept. It's very warm! Casually, he discards the towel and he's stark bollock naked.

'We don't usually wear much up here: we're not overlooked,' is all he says by way of explanation.

He picks up my bag and says that he will show me where I'm sleeping and then I can have a shower. I'm wondering where Marie is but don't like to seem too eager at this point. My room is huge and has crisp white sheets and an en suite. I'm overdressed and sweaty and gratefully strip off and shower.

Back in my room again and I'm wondering whether I'm brave enough to wander round naked like Andy when there's a knock at the open bedroom door. Marie walks in and I instinctively hold the towel in front of myself.

'I've seen it before!' She laughs.

Marie isn't quite naked. She has a pink sarong that is so breathtakingly sheer that it's almost more sexy than if she had been. It's tied around her just above her breasts, comes down to her knees, but it is so transparent that I can see the whole of her glorious body in silhouette. I gaze approvingly and rather obviously.

'Did you miss me?' She teased. 'Don't you know it's rude to stare?'

She was smiling though, she seemed to like being admired by me.

'Come on, you must be hungry.'

And with that she led me outside to the rear of the villa. There was a pool, and a table and chairs. The table was laid with cutlery and bottles of beer. Andy was already sitting down and motioned me to a chair. Andy and I started chatting about something irrelevant and then stopped as I heard women talking. We both looked up and Andy smiled. One of the women was Marie, the other was introduced to me as Olivia. Olivia was raven haired, deeply tanned and I guess in her thirties. She looked incongruous because she was the only one of us not in a state of undress. She was wearing white shorts and a white tee shirt which emphasised just how tanned her skin was. They were both carrying trays of food which they set down on the table. It felt so weird at this point. The food was great and Olivia seemed really interested in making conversation with me. But I was naked and she was dressed, and she seemed totally unfazed by this.

We ate the food, the beer flowed and the sun sank lower in the sky. I learned that Olivia was a neighbour. She had a smaller place nearby, and now lived permanently on the island since her divorce. She looked after Andy and Marie's place when they weren't there and had become a good friend. I was really getting wrapped up in chatting with Olivia when I heard a big splash. Marie had pushed Andy into the pool and then discarding her sarong she jumped in after him. They were playfully splashing about in the pool. Olivia told me how much she loved their spirit, and how much fun she had hanging out with them. She asked me how I knew them and I told her I was there to take photos of them. I certainly didn't tell her everything at this point though! Presently, Andy and Marie got out, took two towels from a pile on a chair and said goodnight to us. As they went in they both looked back at us and giggled.

'I think they are trying to set us up,' said Olivia.

'Well they could have warned me,' I replied, 'I usually wear clothes on a first date!'

'Ha ha, they just don't care, we will probably hear them fucking soon! I wouldn't mind but they know I'm alone.'

We could hear giggles and laughter from the villa. They certainly weren't sleeping, that was for sure.

'I don't really want to listen,' said Olivia, 'fancy walking me back?'

I fancied much more than that. Olivia was sweet, sexy and I really liked her. If Andy and Marie were trying to set us up, I certainly wasn't complaining! I went and fetched a pair of shorts and some beach shoes and we slipped out through the gate together. Olivia led the way along a footpath. It was a cloudless night and my eyes soon adjusted. I didn't know how far it was but we had both drunk a lot of beer and began to wish I had peed before we set off. The path became wider and we walked side by side. Then, we are holding hands. We came to a high point in the path with a natural viewpoint and we both stopped to look. She didn't resist as I turned and kissed her. Suddenly, we were kissing passionately and my hands were caressing her bum. It was clear in that instant that we wanted each other. I barely knew this woman but now she was pulling me against her with such urgency that it could only me one thing.

We had to fuck right now. Words weren't needed, she pulled me off the path and pushed me against a tree. She began tugging at the waistband of my shorts, and I undid the button and zip allowing her to pull them down. My stiff angry cock sprang out and she grasped it firmly making me gasp out loud. I pulled at her shorts and she yanked them down for me. My fingers met a wet, slippery gash and what felt like a generous bush of soft hair. As I probed her slippery gash she trembled and let out a little cry. Overcome with lust I turned her around. She got the plan and placed her hands on the tree. In the darkness I noticed that her bum bore a white triangle from sunbathing in a bikini. I fingered her dripping wet crack from behind and she moved her legs further apart. She was still wearing the tee shirt but my exploring hand found a small breast with a stiff nipple which seemed to be directly linked to her pussy. As I explored it her cunt was definitely getting even wetter.

'Promise you won't cum inside me,' she panted.

'Okay.' My own voice sounded hoarse.

And then, I was inside her. Her cunt felt so hot and wet that I gasped in surprise and pleasure. Not cumming wasn't going to be easy. As I started to thrust she pushed her bum back towards me, straining to get me as deep inside as she wanted. She was moaning loudly and I hoped that nobody came by. Every fibre of my being wanted to fuck her hard and fast and shoot my load inside her. Somehow I managed to find a speed that I could control, slow and deep. I could feel wetness from her pussy on my ball sack. I reached a hand around to probe her clitoris and her moans became deeper, almost animalistic. As I continued to probe her wet clit her climax came and I felt her contract around my cock. How I didn't cum I couldn't tell you. As her orgasm subsided I just tried to relax knowing my turn would surely come soon enough. Besides, I was in no hurry to pull out, being inside her was the best feeling in the world as her breathing returned to normal.

'I fucking needed that,' she said eventually, 'thank you! You must by dying to cum.' As she said this she reached one hand back and cupped my balls. This made my dick twitch inside her and I instinctively began thrusting again.

'Stop! I'm sorry but I really need to pee very badly, I think my bladder will burst soon.'

'Me too, but I can't pee while I'm hard.' I was very hard and to emphasis the point I pushed into her again.

'Please!' She whimpered, 'let me finish you so I can have a wee somewhere.'

Reluctantly I pulled out of her and she turned to face me and began wanking my wet hard cock. I reached down to finger her wetness again but she pulled my hand away.

'I'm going to piss myself if you do that.'

I heard myself say, 'go ahead, I don't mind and you'll feel better.'

'Are you sure it won't spoil it for you?'

'Not if you let me watch!' There was that voice coming from my mouth again.

'Well as long as you're sure, seems a bit kinky but I am bursting.' She stood with her legs wide apart. 'You're sure?'

I stood alongside her and put my arm around her waist and then placed her hand back on my dick.

There were a few seconds of silence, then a trickling sound which became a torrent. A torrent of warm pee splattered on the ground in front of us with steam rising from it. It seemed very raw and made my cock twitch. She was standing with her legs apart having a big piss with my cock in her hand. I just wished it wasn't so dark so that I could see better. Something carnal got the better of me and I put my hand down towards the warm stream. I succeeded in causing some pee to splash my leg. It was warm and it turned me on incredibly. Before I knew it I felt myself cum. I don't know why, but at that moment it just spurted out of me. It turned out that much of it landed on her leg.

'Look at the mess you've made!' She was mock scolding me, and laughing. I laughed too.

'You are a naughty boy aren't you? Couldn't even wait while I had a wee, could you?'

'Sorry, it just sort of happened!'

'Well, hurry up and have a wee so I can get home and shower.' She was still holding my softening dick.

No problem there, I was bursting. I relaxed and let it go. She clearly had no idea how to aim and seemed surprised by the experience and moved it around wildly. I didn't care, there was a lot of used beer.

'Come on, we both need a shower now.' It was an instruction rather than a request.

I was surprised that it only took another five minutes to reach her place. I blinked in the light of her kitchen as she stepped out of her now filthy clothes and tossed them into a washing machine. She instructed me to do the same and started the machine. She led me to her bathroom. Her place was somewhat older and simpler than Marie and Andy's fancy villa. The shower was simply hooked on the wall and controlled by two taps. She switched it on hosing herself and then me. Then she reached for some shower gel and a sponge and set about soaping up her body. Now I got a real chance to admire her naked form. I got the chance to see her small breast with small dark nipples and the triangle of black curly pubes. Her bottom was small but cute. All of her body was tanned apart from a triangle on her bum and around her pubes, so she clearly sunbathed topless in a bikini bottom. My enjoyment of this sight was giving me a semi, and to my delight she turned to me and started soaping my body. She did the back first and when she did my bum and legs she touched my ball sack which made my cock swell again. She soaped my front, arms and legs and cock was standing up again. She washed that too, smiling. Then, she got hold of the spray and hosed the soap off us both. Satisfied that we were both clean she handed me a towel and wrapped another around herself.

I was completely ready for round two but she wanted to talk first. She seemed to want to say something but I had a feeling round two was still a possibility. I thought it best to let her take control and accepted a bottle of beer and we sat at her kitchen table. The washing machine gurgled away cleaning up after our earlier dirty behaviour. She looked earnest and serious.

'How old are you?'


'And how old do you think I am?'

I mumbled 30, trying to strike a delicate balance between flattery and believability.

'I'm 42'

I was surprised but frankly didn't care. She was hot and I wanted more.

'You don't mind?'

I didn't and I said so.

'I don't want you to feel used,' she continued.

Well, if being used feels this good - use me all you like. But I was worried now about Andy and Marie, after all, they had payed my fare and invited me out, and I had disappeared with their neighbour on the first night.

'Don't worry about them. Marie told me about you. They practically set this up. As long as you take the photos they want, they'll be fine. They are the most broadminded people I've ever met. They have a great sex life and they want their friends to as well. They know how frustrated I have been since my husband left. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed having you inside me, but I'm scared that you will feel manipulated and used, that's all.'

Once again I reassured her that even if I was being manipulated and used, I didn't mind a bit. In fact, I was probably using her just as much, fulfilling any young man's dream of learning from an experienced older woman.

'Hardly experienced. My husband just used to shove it in, shoot his load and fall asleep. Our sex life was utterly boring. I've never done anything like we just did. Now I want to try everything. I've fantasised about being fucked against that tree late at night. Although in my fantasy I wasn't dying for a wee,' she added with a laugh. 'I thought it would be gross for you if I couldn't hold it in?'

'Gross? Nah - I just wanted a better look!'

'I'll remember that as long as I get a better look at your next cum shot?'

'Deal! Look, I'm really not that experienced, but I am so horny around you. I think I'm up for whatever you fancy?'

'I have a long list...'

'Me too!'

'Okay. I wanted to get fucked outside holding onto that tree - so it's your turn.'

'Well, I want you to take off that towel, for a start, and then stand up so I can get a good look at you.'

Dutifully, she stood up and dropped the towel at her feet. I felt her breasts, and those hard nipples. She offered no resistance as I sucked her nipples one after the other. I moved my hands down, feeling her soft pubes. I gently pushed my hands between her thighs and she parted her legs for me. My fingers explored the folds of her labia, and was pleased to feel warm wetness. I licked a finger to taste her juices. I knew what I wanted to do next.

'Can we do this on your bed?'

She led me to her bedroom, which was in darkness.

I switched on the bedside light, and knelt between her legs, pushing them wide apart. Never before had I had such a good view while playing with a pussy. It was very wet as I gently explored her protruding labia and she gasped as I touch the clit. I leaned forward and began to probe with my tongue, and gently suck her inner lips. I looked up and saw she was clutching her breast with one hand, her head turned to one side. With my tongue I began teasing her clitoris. She moaned, so I continue licking in the same way. The more I licked her there, the more she moaned and grabbed at her tits. So I carried on. She kept grinding her hips until with a loud shout, she grabbed the back of my head, forcing her cunt into my face. Her hips shuddered and I realised she was cumming hard.

'Oh fuck!' She said, breathlessly.

It took a awhile for her to calm down, and I just lay there with my face still close to her sopping wet cunt.

Eventually, she calmed down, and I moved up to lie next to her. She kissed me and asked if it was her turn? Silly question.

I lay back and allowed her to play with my cock. She squeezed a drop of precum out and then put her finger on the tip and played with it. Then she sucked the finger. I could feel her breath on my shaft. She felt my balls, and then gingerly licked my shaft which made me groan.

'I really want to see you cum, is that ok?' She looked up at me pleadingly.'

I sat up with one leg either side of her, and got her to put her left hand under my balls. I wrapped her right hand around my cock. She got the pressure just right and my cum spurted out and ran down her hand.

'Wow!' She said.

Gingerly she licked some of my spunk from the back of her hand. Deciding she approved of the taste, she licked her hand clean.

After a while, she laid her head on my chest and fell asleep.

Next morning I awoke alone. In the kitchen I found a note from Olivia:

'Sorry, had to go to work. Thank you for last night. I've spoken to Marie and she was very happy. She says go down when you're ready.'

Below this she had drawn a little map showing how to walk back to Andy and Marie's villa.

'PS, your shorts are outside!'

I had no idea what the time was, but my shorts were dry, so I put them on and headed back to the villa to face the music.

More to come!

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Great account so far - hope to see a lot more - if you would like any idaes I am sure many of us would be happy to offer suggestions.....

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Fucking red hot

Absolutely fucking brill. Cunt lapping sex maniac, UK.

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