tagBDSMPrivate School Ch. 02

Private School Ch. 02


Heather was making pathetic, sobbing noises before her mother even left the building. Heather had lived a life of luxury and self indulgence. Nothing that had come before had ever prepared her for what she was experiencing now.

"Your mother is gone now, Heather," Miss Smithers announced. "Now you belong to me."

"Mmmmmfff," Heather whined.

"After an hour or two, I may consider removing that gag," Miss Smithers said. "However if you can't follow the rules, it'll go right back in. Either that or I'll find a gag that's even worse."

"Wrrth?" Heather inquired. The gag in Heather's mouth forced her jaws wide open. Even after just two minutes her jaws were starting to ache. Furthermore Heather had to constantly swallow, otherwise she'd end up drooling on herself. How could Miss Smithers find a gag that was even worse?

Miss Smithers smiled at the apprehension on Heather's face and issued orders. "Sandy, remove Heather's watch, earrings and necklace. Make certain that they're mailed back to her mother."

Heather tried to protest as her jewelry was removed. It was another indignity that she couldn't stop. Another way to feel helpless and betrayed. Then Miss Smithers kicked Heather's shoes across the floor and said, "Allison, pick up these clothes and throw them in the dumpster. I don't want this spoiled brat thinking she's ever getting them back."

"Nfff," Heather protested, but Miss Smithers pretended not to notice.

Within minutes Heather had been dragged against her will into what looked rather like a doctor's office. Her handcuffs were briefly removed, but only long enough so that she could be bound in a more convenient way to device that spread her arms and legs far apart. Leather straps around her wrists and ankles held her firmly in place no matter how much she struggled.

Miss Smithers was still in her office, so Heather was all alone in this room with the two assistants in the black uniforms. She actually blushed that they were seeing her like this. At least one of them was a lesbian and Heather inwardly cringed at the lustful way she looked at her.

"The first thing they'll do is shave this off," Sandy said as she raked her fingers across Heather's pubic hair. "Pthssss," Heather begged, but Sandy ignored her.

"I can't wait to see what your naked pubes look like," Sandy continued as he fingers idly played with Heather's pubic hair. "Maybe the doctor will let me shave you." Then without warning, Sandy grabbed a few strands of pubic hair and yanked them out by the roots.

Heather screamed in pain, but all that came out was an indignant, muffled sound. They could do whatever they wanted to her and she couldn't even cry out for help.

"Oh, did that hurt?" Sandy asked her prisoner. "How about this?" This time Sandy ripped out a few more strands and Heather made another sound of pain. The look of fear and helplessness in Heather's eyes just made Sandy smile.

Allison made an adjustment to the device Heather was strapped to and suddenly something padded pressed at the small of her back. After a series of clicks, it arched Heather's back so that her torso was now above her head, ankles and wrists.

Heather panicked when she realized that this meant her naked breasts and crotch were now being thrust up on display as if she were offering them up to be ogled, touched, fondled or abused.

Probably all four.

The one named Allison grabbed Heather's nipples and pinched them hard. "Uffth!" Heather protested and tears welled up on her eyes as she tried in vain to escape her bonds.

"Uffffffff!" Heather protested again and Allison pinched even harder.

"Does that hurt?" one of the girls asked, mockingly.

"Yfff," Heather tried to reply.

"Good," the girl said a stern tone of voice. "Remember we can make things hard for you. If you follow orders and learn to be respectful, things won't be quite so bad for you. But if you're disobedient or disrespectful, we can hurt you. Every employee in this school has the authority to punish you if you don't follow orders."

For the first time in her adult life, Heather felt helpless and afraid. She wanted to throw herself down on her knees and beg this woman not to hurt her, but she couldn't even do that. With her eyes pleading, Heather moaned into her gag, attempting to communicate her fear and willingness to please. However no words came out. Only pitiful mewling sounds and muffled gasps.

Time dragged by while Heather lay there in bondage. Her naked body was the only thing in the room to occupy the two women in uniform. And they passed the time by exploring Heather's helpless body with their hands. They fondled, squeezed, rubbed, massaged and pinched. The one named Sandy yanked some more pubic hairs out by the roots. Heather yelled into her gag, but it barely made any noise at all. By the time the doctor came in, tears were streaming down Heather's face.

In Heather's bound position she could see little other than the ceiling, however she caught a glimpse of white lab coat and heard the doctor's voice. "Hllthmhh," Heather called out as she screamed into her gag. Suddenly she felt a series of sharp, painful slaps on one of her inner thighs.

"You can stop that right now," a firm, no nonsense female voice informed Heather. "In a few minutes we'll need to remove your restraints and that gag. But don't get any ideas. If you give me any trouble I know how to treat bad little girls. When that gag comes off, I don't want to hear any words out of your mouth other than to answer my questions with short, honest and respectful answers."

Heather blinked in surprise, and said nothing. She was instantly afraid of this woman.

The doctor was suddenly between Heather's legs and the sound of scissors told Heather that the doctor was trimming her pubic hair. Heather was embarrassed to have the woman there removing the last tiny bit of covering that concealed her nudity, but also afraid that sharp, metal objects were being used on her most sensitive and vulnerable area. She tried to lie still as any movement on her part might cause the doctor to accidentally cut her.

The doctor was very efficient and skilled in her work. Heather couldn't see what the doctor was doing, but she could feel the doctor's fingers and the shaving gel as it was worked into her pubic area and her anus. She felt the razor as it slid skillfully along her skin and she felt the warm, damp cloth as confident hands used it to wash away residue.

Heather lay there quietly as they put away the shaving tools and tried not to panic. She told herself that doctors weren't supposed to hurt people. Maybe if she could speak to the doctor alone, she'd be sympathetic to Heather's plight. Maybe she'd help Heather escape from this school. She could even offer the doctor a cash reward if she could get Heather back home .... Or at least to her bank.

However when Heather was released from her bondage and had the chance to sit up, she got a good look at the doctor's face. She didn't look to be much older than Heather, however there was a look in her eyes that said she'd seen enough to five times Heather's age. These eyes were cold and hard and intimidating. Caught in the doctor's stare, Heather felt small and weak and intimidated.

Without taking her eyes off Heather, the doctor reached onto a flat surface and picked up a file. She didn't bother to open it, but rather recited it from memory.

"Heather Murdoch," she began. "Age nineteen, no known allergies, not currently on any medication, non smoker and no medical conditions that require any special care. Is that all correct?"

Heather nodded in agreement. The gag was still in her mouth, so she couldn't speak.

The doctor took Heather's head in her hands and held it firmly. "Heather," she said in a stern, authoritative tone of voice, "I'm going to remove your gag now. Remember what we talked about? Do not speak without permission."

When the gag was removed, Heather's first instinct was to thank the doctor profusely. Her jaw was sore and aching and she had saliva on her chin and upper torso from where she'd drooled on herself. But she stopped herself just barely in time.

"Open your mouth and say 'ah'", the doctor ordered as she produced a penlight.

Heather nervously did as she was told and allowed the doctor to check her eyes, ears, nose and throat. Then the doctor put the penlight away and moved on to checking Heather's lungs, heartbeat, blood pressure and reflexes. Towards then end of the exam, the doctor surprised Heather with the medical questions.

"Are you a virgin, Heather?"

"What?" she replied, shocked.

"It's a simple question, Heather," the doctor said.

Heather looked nervously around the room. In addition to the doctor, there were the two women in black uniforms and a nurse that Heather hadn't noticed before. They all looked impatient and grim.

"No," Heather replied weakly.

"Are you sexually active?"

"Yes," she replied even more weakly. She wasn't used to giving out personal information like this to a stranger. However it was painfully clear that these strangers could do horrible things to her if she didn't cooperate.

"Do you masturbate?" she asked.

"Yes," Heather replied in a voice so weak that the doctor ordered her to repeat the answer. At this point Heather tried to cover her breasts and the doctor snapped at her.

"Hands down! You will never cover yourself so long as you are a student in this school!"

"Sorry doctor," Heather said as she held her hands out at her sides and nervously swallowed.

The doctor have her a stern look and placed a hand on Heather's shoulder. "How often do you masturbate, Heather?" she asked.

"I ....," Heather began with her voice cracking. "I usually ..... do it once or twice a day."

"Have you ever had sex with a woman?" the doctor asked.

Heather just shook her head in the negative.

"Even fantasized about sex with a woman?" the doctor asked.

"No," Heather replied.

There was a whole list of sexual questions that Heather was forced to answer. The nurse recorded all of Heather's answers on a series of forms and Heather couldn't help but wonder who would read those forms or why any of this information was necessary.

When it was all over the doctor told Heather to stand up and added, "You've already earned some punishments from your behavior when you first arrived, but if you're a good girl I won't order any additional punishments for you. Can you be a good girl for me?"

Heather was on the verge of tears and just nodded her head.

While Heather stood there naked, the doctor produced a tape measure and began the process of measuring various parts of her anatomy. She measured Heather's bust size, her waist and her hips. The doctor didn't exactly fondle Heather's naked body as she took these measurements, but her hands weren't shy either.

Heather felt violated.

Then the doctor began measuring parts of Heather's anatomy that were harder to understand. The thickness of Heather's thighs was measured, the thickness of her ankles and wrists and even something the doctor referred to as Heather's "crotch rope" area. This area started at Heather's abdomen, just below her navel. It traveled down across Heather's pubic lips, up across the crack of her ass and ended approximately at the small of her back. The doctor seemed to take a long time to get this measurement and the tape measure rubbed against her pubic lips in an intimate and humiliating way. The friction of the tape against her newly shaved and sensitive pubic lips was getting her aroused against her will.

The nurse recorded all of these measurements and Heather had to bite her tongue to keep from asking why they needed this information. Who would be reading a report with Heather's most intimate measurements? And what would they use it for?

Heather's height and weight were also recorded. At one point the doctor grumbled that she was jealous of Heather's slender waist and low weight. "I ought to punish you just for that," she said.

Heather had a hard time judging the doctor's figure as it was somewhat concealed by her white lab coat, but Heather didn't think it was all that bad. True, very few women had Heather's figure, but Heather didn't think the doctor was overweight or unattractive.

Heather sincerely hoped the doctor didn't really punish her because she was prettier or had a better figure.

Then the doctor then pointed to a wall on the west side of the room and said, "Face that wall and place your hands against it palms flat. Spread your feet wide and don't bend your knees."

Heather did as she was told, but then the doctor snapped, "Legs farther apart! Hands higher!"

The posture was humiliating. Heather's anus and newly shaven pubes were on display for all to see. She soon found out that was the idea.

Heather heard a snapping sound and soon realized that the doctor had just put on a latex glove. First the doctor's fingers gently stroked Heather's pubic lips and then they were shoved rudely inside her. Heather moaned and gasped as the doctor's fingers sank in deep and explored the confines of Heather's pussy.

"It's just a body cavity search," the doctor informed her. "You'll get one every week to make certain you're not hiding contraband."

"What?" Heather snapped as her legs shook and her voice cracked. "That's insane!"

The doctor's hand came down hard on Heather's naked ass and she knew she had said the wrong thing. "You'll get punished for that," the doctor informed her. "Rude outbursts and talking without permission are always cause for punishment."

Heather began to cry at this announcement. This school seemed to be designed to humiliate and degrade their students.

Heather was deep into feeling sorry for herself when she felt the doctor working a cold glob of lubricant into her anus. She wanted to protest, but realized that would only mean more punishment for her.

"She's tight," the doctor said as she painfully stretched Heather's asshole with her fingers. Heather trembled and tears freely flowed down her face as the doctor continued her examination. It really lasted longer than it should have, but the doctor was extra thorough and as she wanted to make it painful and humiliating for her patient.

After what seemed like days, the doctor turned to her nurse and announced, "she's clean."

"I'll schedule her for another cavity search on twenty fifth," the nurse said. "Eight in the morning?"

"Fine," the doctor replied as she removed her latex glove and dropped it in the trash. "Somebody will need to shave her every night, just to make certain stubble doesn't grow back."

"I can take care of that," the nurse said.

Then the nurse gave Heather a look that made her feel even more naked than she was. The look of naked lust in her eyes marked her as a lesbian. Was Heather the only straight female in this entire school?

Before the women in black uniforms led Heather out of the doctor's office they ordered her to place her hands behind her back. There was a click of metal and suddenly her hands were locked in handcuffs again. Heather groaned and suddenly she was being paraded naked down the corridor again.

Of course now she felt twice as naked with the absence of her pubic hair.

One of the guards kept a tight grip on her arm to keep her from running away. She needn't have bothered. Heather was so intimidated right now, she was afraid to do anything that might make any of these people angry.

The two women in black uniforms marched her upstairs and past a number of school employees. She was amazed that hardly anybody even bothered to look twice at her. What kind of school was this that a naked girl in handcuffs, walking down the halls failed to get any notice?

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