Private Tent


NOTE: My last story had some comments about not being realistic, which were appreciated, but if you are only looking for realistic stories, they probably won't be mine. I do tend to write things that appeal to me and if it turns someone else on in the meantime, that's great! Comments are welcome. Just please be gentle, since I'm obviously not a novelist - otherwise I'd be making a living at it :)


Her 20th birthday had just passed so she this was the trip she'd planned with her best friend in order to get out of town for a weekend. She and Jenny had decided to hike the Appalachian Trail they'd talked about for months and it was a perfect way to clear her head and get some fresh air.

She'd broken up with Dean almost 7 months ago and hadn't even so much as dated anyone since. This was a much needed break to finally get him out of her system so she could move on.

Jenny's dad, uncle, and grandfather were also camping up on the trail so they'd arranged to camp out at their site for the night. The men in Jenny's family had been up here for the last 5 years in a row, so they would all be at Hawk's Peak once they got there around dusk. They only had another half mile or so to go according to their trusty map.

"Jeez, a hot shower would be REALLY nice right now", Drew commented as she folded the map and put it carefully back into her backpack.

"Well it just so happens that there's a hot spring close to the campsite, so you're in luck. The one thing I insisted onnwhen I finally gave in and told my dad we'd meet up with them," Jenny laughed as she tossed her the water bottle.

"Yeah men always somehow get their way, don't they?" She was half kidding but realized she probably sounded more bitter than she'd intended.

"You still missing Dean?" Jenny asked instinctively, raising an eyebrow.

"Not really. I'm happy to be rid of the extra laundry, the constant dirty dishes, the incessant dirty boots...." she trailed off before sighing heavily. "But damn do I miss the sex!"

They both broke into laughter. "That good??" Jenny asked, nudging her.

"Well it wasn't exactly all fireworks and trumpets but I haven't slept with anybody for over 9 months now! I had stopped giving it to him even before we broke up because I found out he'd been screwing that slutty little waitress."

"Don't worry, I'm confident that you'll be right back in the saddle soon. Hot little thing like you? You won't stay on the market long. You'll be getting the fuck of your life before you know it," Jenny smacked her lightly on the arm to cheer her up. She always put a positive spin on everything.

They sidled up to the campsite just in time to smell the fish frying on the fire. Drew's stomach growled, clueing her in to the fact that she hadn't eaten anything since the brunch they'd had mid-morning. As they approached, what looked to be the younger man in the group called out to Jenny.

"There's my girl!" he smiled as he held out his arms and walked out to meet them. Assumigly Jenny's father, he had the same piercing blue eyes, only with a few wrinkles around them and some gray on his temples. He looked to be somewhere in his 40's but a nice looking man for his age.

What Drew assumed to be Jenny's uncle, followed and hugged Jenny first, then extended his hand to Drew."You must be Drew! We've heard so much about you since Jenny moved up to the Research Park area. It's great to finally meet you. You guys must be exhausted, so come and put down your things, dinner is almost ready."

The men in her family all bore a striking resemblance to each other. Her uncle looked to be a few years older than Jenny's dad and then their father, somewhere in his mid 60's, although he looked fit and healthy. He looked rugged so she imagined that he must have been an outdoorsman all his life. Probably introduced his sons to his passion for camping early on.

After dinner, they had cleaned up the dishes and were now gathered around the fire. They had chatted a bit and were now relaxed and enjoying the quiet of the woods around them. Her uncle had passed around a bottle of bourbon and Drew had taken a few more shots than she'd intended, making her extremely relaxed and she realized she'd had a bit too much.

"So, Drew...what's a pretty girl like you doing hanging out with my niece?" Jenny's uncle asked, smiling his rugged but even grin. Jenny punched him on the arm as he laughed and pulled her into a mock headlock. She laughed and yawned inadvertently, not wanting to seem rude, but the weariness of the hike catching up to her.

Jenny's grandfather spoke. "Uh oh, looks like somebody's tired." He looked at his watch and raised his eyebrows, "Hmm, later than I thought. It's almost midnight. Think I'm gonna turn in too." As he rose, both Jenny's father and uncle yawned almost simultaneously as they gathered their things from around the fire and headed towards their tents. "By the way, Jenny, we pitched a sleeping tent for you over next to the hot springs since you're a light sleeper and your dad snores."

Jenny laughed and rolled her eyes, "Guess things never change!"

Her grandfather pointed to another one man tent that was in somewhat of a private corner of the campsite. "Drew, that one is all yours. Best spot in the place!" He smiled as he turned to retire to his tent, calling out, "See you girls in the morning!"

Jenny's uncle and father also said their good nights and retreated to their tents, leaving Drew and Jenny yawning and stretching. Jenny spoke in between several consecutive yawns, "Well, the hot springs are all yours, girl, I'm glad I got in earlier since my eyelids feel like lead right now. I'll see you in the morning," she slurred as she sauntered off towards her tent. Drew smiled since she recognized that she must have had way too much bourbon as well.

Drew gathered her towel from her backpack and headed off to the hot springs. The hot water almost brought a chill to her body when she stepped in. She lathered and bathed quickly since she was tired, but felt a familiar tingle in her groin that was enhanced by the hot water surrounding her breasts and thighs. Not wanting to allow things to progress, she stepped out and only toweled off enough to quickly put on the loose fitting flannel shirt she'd brought.

As she headed towards her own tent at the corner of the website, she couldn't remember who was sleeping in which tent, but heard light snoring coming from some of them. She laughed to herself as she realized that Jenny's tent was also emitting the same sounds. As she stepped into her tent, she dropped her backpack into an empty corner away from the small battery powered lantern that had been placed there sometime earlier. She thought about Jenny's dad, uncle, and grandfather and appreciated that they'd been considerate enough to have pitched tents for them prior to their arrival.

She dug lightly into the backpack for the panties she'd packed but after realizing she'd have to remove and repack everything, she quickly made the decision to forego that task for the morning. She hadn't had a lot of bourbon, but enough to be pushing her more quicky into slumber.

As she arranged the pillows and bedding, she spied the corner of a magazine peeking out from a corner of the pillow. Pulling the magazine from its partial hiding place, she recognized a scantily clad, large breasted woman being ogled by a bearded man on the cover. "What the...." she mumbled to herself as she gazed at it. Had Jenny's dad or uncle left it by mistake while they were making the tent? She shrugged as she tossed it to the side as she crawled under the thin blanket and prepared to go to sleep.

Reaching to turn out the light, she glanced at the magazine again. Should she hide it and pretend she hadn't seen it? She felt the familiar tingle again. She pulled the magazine to her and slowly turned the page. Inside, there were detailed and close up pictures arranged in almost a storybook format. A young girl that looked to be about her age was in a dentist's office. The dentist looked to be in his late 50's but handsome. The photos in the story had the girl being given some sort of laughing gas and the older dentist had begun to unbutton her clothes and remove her panties.

As she turned the pages, she began to feel a dampness seep between her thighs as the photos soon progressed to the dentist spreading the girl's legs and starting to fondle and finger her in that vulnerable state. The color photos showed close up views of the girl's wet and swollen vulva and his fingers easily penetrating her, her thighs spread wide over the dentist chair. The graying man was peering over his glasses and his eyes were glazed as his digits, now soaked with the girl's juices, rolled over her entire twat, spreading and massaging the pink outer flesh and the darker areas within.

She began to turn the pages at a faster pace and slowly licked her lips as the close up photos continued the dentist's fondling of his unsuspecting patient to later pages of him dropping his pants to reveal his huge swollen purple head and thick veiny shaft. 'It must be at least 8 inches,' she marveled. The older doctor had climbed onto the chair after tilting it all the way back and was rubbing his angry bulbous mushroom head into the girl's wet, open cunt and there would be no resistance...nothing or no one to keep it from slipping between those gaping lips that were dripping from his fingering her even in her subconsciousness. While the cock was huge and would no doubt be a monster to take inside, Drew could tell that the girl's position, relaxed state, and ample wetness would allow him to slide right into her waiting pussy - after that monstrous head had made it past the entrance of course.

Drew realized she was breathing heavily and her thighs were soaked. She slammed the magazine closed and shoved it underneath her backpack before seeing the final pages. She was torturing herself and the last thing she wanted was to be touching herself here at her best friend's family's camping site. Turning off the lantern, she turned over and squeezed her eyes closed, angry for having allowed herself to open that damned magazine.

Later, after she'd fallen into a heavy sleep, she awoke to what sounded like the zipper of her tent. Fear brought her to full consiousness as she heard the zipper continue quietly along its full length. There was no moonlight and the fire had burned out long before, preventing even an ounce of backlight for her to see what or who was at the entrance of her tent. She was frozen in fear and didn't dare move since she could not be sure what her next move should be.

There was a slight rustling movement as she could sense the figure moving over her in the darkness. She was lying on her back when she had awoken and she suddenly felt vulnerable and unprotected. The light blanket was partially over her thighs but offered no security as she didn't know what to expect.

A few seconds passed before she felt the feather-light touch of fingertips rubbing along the top of the blanket along her ribcage. She struggled to remain still and even willed herself to breathe as if asleep. She feared showing any awareness that he was there since she had no way of knowing what he was after.

The fingers trailed further down the blanket, almost cautiously. When they reached her uncovered knee, they stopped suddenly but remained still where they were seemingly waiting for her to stir. The rough fingertips began to move in circles and caress her bare knee. she had fallen asleep in her usual position, with her right leg bent and out to the side, leaving her totally vulnerable. She now cursed herself for not having put on the panties that were uselessly sitting at the bottom of her backpack. The fingers trailed back down the length of her entire leg and bare foot before returning slowly and tortuously back up to her thigh, where the blanket covered her.

After only a second's pause, she felt the fingers dip beneath the blanket to continue further up her bare thigh. The feather-light pressure was almost a tickle, bringing goosebumps to the surface of her skin. She had been trying to breathe normally and deeply, as to leave the impression of still being asleep and not to alert the intruder that she was aware of what was happening. She had to struggle to keep up this masquerade and had to resist the urge to gasp sharply when the fingertips reached her bare hip. The movement stopped momentarily as she could feel the dark figure almost smiling in the blackness what his blind search was revealing.

She squeezed her eyes closed and forced herself to remain still and silent. She cursed herself again as she realized that she was still wet from having looked at that filthy magazine earlier. The slight pressure of those fingertips in the darkness were also having a very unwanted effect as she could feel the chills on her skin becoming a heat that was centering between her legs. Her mind was panicking even as her body lay perfectly still and relaxed out of urgent necessity. She bit her lip in determination to control her body's reactions as the searching fingertips continued their searching.

In what seemed like slow motion, the fingers glided over to the same sensitive area of her other hip and thigh, seemingly savoring their fortunate discovery. They slid tortuously over her lower belly and then brazenly brushed lightly but firmly through the triangle of pubic hair, careful to stay within what seemed like an intended zone of safety. In Drew's horror, she could feel the warmth of her own moisture threatening to escape her inner lips which were now beginning to take on the puffy and swollen state of arousal. She cursed loudly in her mind, wishing she could slam her thighs shut and push away the stranger's hand. Or better yet, awake to find herself in a dream.

The reality of what was clearly not a dream continued and she felt the dread of realizing that the other hand had also crept beneath the blanket. It had found the buttons of the loose flannel shirt and deftly undid them without the slightest disturbance of what was assumed to be her sleeping form in the darkness. She realized that she could not have fallen asleep in a more vulnerable position, her arms raised above and next to her head, not allowing the slightest bit of security to her body. The rough hand was continuing its gentle but firm torture of her lower body,tickling occasionally over the soft down of her trimmed bush but still staying within its boundaries.

The other hand was lying prone at the bottom of her ribcage and she struggled not to be jolted as it slowly began its own gentle assault. It appeared not to be quite so patient as it slid directly up the length of her torso to find her now unclothed breast. It firmly held and squeezed her entire c-sized mound in its palm for a few tortuous moments, kneading and massaging the warm flesh. She knew he could likely feel the tiny nub in the center of his palm rising and hardening but she was completely powerless to prevent it, carefully allowing a deep exhale of bated breath to escape her lips in the darkness. The hand on her breast traveled across to the other side, so as not to neglect the other hardened nipple, only this time taking it between the calloused fingertips to pinch and roll it gently. Both searching hands now seemed more confident and firm, seemingly knowing what they were here for and insistent on keeping command of the situation she was in. Was she being tested?

In the foggy haze of her unwelcome arousal, she wished that she hadn't had the bourbon from earlier in the evening. Had someone outside the camp been watching her drinking? Did he think that she was unconscious?

Her train of thought was interrupted by the hand on her lower body. It was obvious that caution was no longer a concern for the dark figure above her as she had obviously "passed" the test that she had begrudgingly and unwittingly been a part of. The fingers once again reached into her soft pubic hair, only this time, continuing past and pressing further between her open thighs and slipping across the warm wetness that had gathered there. She could almost see him smiling in the darkness as it was now obvious the state she was in and that even the darkness would not hide it or protect her from being molested for what was now slathered across his soaked digits. The haze of the bourbon did not help her to resist the tortuous pleasure she was being subjected to as the thick, rough fingers confidently and firmly massaged her dripping snatch thoroughly. Her thighs began to relax further as the fingers firmly and expertly rubbed, taking turns over her labia and vulva, then over her swollen clitoris, spreading and drawing more hot,flowing, slippery wetness from her before dipping all the way into her, stretching the tight walls of the cunt that had been starved for attention earlier in the evening. All she could do was allow them to molest her continuously as she closed her eyes and silently opened her lips in the darkness, her breasts and pussy screaming for yet more contact.

She was only slightly aware of the blanket being pulled completely from her as the cool night air flowed over her stretched and exposed breasts. The contrast of the heat that emanated from her hot dripping snatch with the open air brought her back to realization as she felt the heaviness of a large thick appendage lying against her outer thigh while the assault continued on her most sensitive and vulnerable areas. There was the feeling of fear mixed with desire as her brain struggled to cope with what her body clearly wanted. She felt the confident hands raise her knees into the air as the weight of the dark figure shifted above her, the huge appendage flopping across the backs of her thighs and her buttocks during each movement. She felt just how heavy and hard it was and even without touching it, knew that it had to be similar in size and thickness to the monstrous cock of the dentist in the filthy magazine from earlier.

There was no time to contemplate whether the huge rounded purple head would look the same or even if it would cause pleasure or pain as she had marveled earlier. The faint "pop" she heard was the slight sound of her own slobbering pussy lips falling open as he drew her knees apart and against her pelvis. Her mouth began to form a silent "no" in the darkness but before a sound could breach them, the fat smooth mushroom head was against her open cunt, and the warm viscous fluid that was flowing from inside her was paving a very slippery path for its penetration.

The pressure at first felt like a fist, but with a bouncing push, it was just past the inner lips of her spread cunt. She sighed silently into the darkness as the hot flesh of the cock's bulbous head within her pressed inward, being compacted by the tight walls of her womb. The ample wetness she had built and provided during the last several minutes of his fingering and prodding allowed him to slide back out easily, just to the conquered mouth of her hot canal, before sliding back in like a fleshy battering ram. This continued, stroke by stroke, inch by inch.....deeper each time, and taking less resistance as it pushed and burrowed its way up into her.

After what seemed like an eternity, she felt the huge hot flesh of his cockhead buried against her cervix as he slowly began to fuck her completely and thoroughly. His weight was fully on her now and his hips were grinding against her, creating a rhythmic pressure against her splayed clitoris. The friction along with the monstrous heaving cock sliding out and roughly back into her surrendering and sensitive pussy brought her to cum twice consecutively, as she struggled with all her might to stay silent. The spasming of the walls of her pussy brought her even more tortuous pleasure as the contractions made the resistance even more evident against the heaving, sawing invasion of his flesh inside her own.

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