tagCelebrities & Fan FictionProbalicious Ch. 02

Probalicious Ch. 02


The throbbing between her legs only intensified as Jessie walked away. She didn't look back and this surprised her. Everything that had just happened surprised her. What the hell had gotten into her? She had never even kissed a guy before the third date and now she was performing fellatio on a man she barely knew in public?

She smiled to herself and tried to concentrate on getting to the bus stop just outside the gates, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to think of anything but the pulsing button between her legs begging for attention. She slipped back in a side door of the NCIS building and made a beeline for the nearest ladies' room.

Finally sequestered in the furthest stall from the door, she slipped her panties down and almost gasped when her fingers found her clit. Jessie leaned her head against the wall, stroking her pussy, reliving the events of the morning and came with a sharp intake of air. It had taken every ounce of control she had not to cry out during the intense orgasm., Drained of energy, she sat down for a minute to catch her breath and heard someone leave one of the front stalls.

Her heartbeat returning to a somewhat normal state, Jessie fixed her clothes and left her own stall. Weak in the knees, she was looking at the floor and there fore completely unaware that someone was watching her. As she reached the sink to wash her hands, the other woman spoke to her.

"Jessie, are you okay? I don't want to pry, but it sounded like you might be, you know, in some kind of pain. I know of this really great whole body cleansing that could help."

Jessie looked up and into the eyes of the eccentric forensic scientist, Abby. She felt her face flush, her heart race increase, and her mouth clamp shut in total mortification. She concentrated on washing her hands thoroughly, irrationally afraid that Abby would be able to smell pussy on her hands and know what she had really been doing. Luckily, Abby just took her silence for plain old embarrassment.

"You know, like that commercial for that yogurt that keeps you regular? There's nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to us all."

Jessie stared at her, unable to compose any response, and only managed to whisper "Thanks, Abby" and slipped out the door as fast as she could.

Of all the people to be in there at that moment, she thought. Oh, hey Abby, I just gave McGee a blow job and he loved it. I intend to do much more than that, one way or another. Shaking her head, she thought, whatever, she will find out eventually. Jessie had never been one for gloating and besides, she was just a little afraid of the other woman. Anyone that sweet on the outside tended to be a formidable adversary.

Jessie woke up to the insistent buzzer indicating that someone wanted in the building. Probably Mr. Arthur in 102 forgot his keys again. Rolling her eyes, she hurried to the front door and quickly pushed the correct button to let the person in, not even curious to see who it was. She regretted that decision thirty seconds later as she reached her bed, when someone knocked on her door.

She cautiously peered out the peephole and quickly stepped back when she saw who it was. What the hell is he doing here? I never told him where I lived. Jessie calmly asked, "Couldn't you have called first?"

The man patiently waited ten seconds and then said, "Jessie, I just want to talk. Please let me in. Nobody knows I'm here."

Knowing that it was a bad idea, she opened the door and let Special Agent DiNozzo in.

"My, we are pretty cranky today. Is it your monthlies?" Tony casually gazed around the room then back to her, his eyes taking in her worn t-shirt she obviously used for a nighty. He caught a glimpse of pink satin under the hem.

"What the hell kind of question is that, DiNozzo? Why are you here?"

Tony slowly walked around the room, using his investigative skills to surmise that Jessie did not have a boyfriend, lived all alone, and was just as geeky as McGee, judging by the books precariously stacked in every corner.

Turning to her with a smile, he murmured "Not what I was expecting for a little vixen like you."

"I don't know what you are talking about." At least she hoped she didn't.

"Hmm, you were wearing this cute little pink suit this morning with the black maryjanes, right?"

"Yeah, so." Did we pass DiNozzo on our way out of the building. Possibly. Hopefully.

"I noticed that the pantyhose are in the trash there. Get a run in them while you were on your knees?"

Jessie's eyebrows drew together ever so slightly and her eyes narrowed. She didn't answer him, but her mind was furiously going over the events of that morning. Had he followed them? What had he seen? She was smart enough to let him keep talking and finding the weak spot in his story to exploit in her favor.

Tony can't help himself, he always talks. "I should have known the first time I met you that your mouth could do wonderful things to a man. I shouldn't have dismissed you as another nerdy clerk. Looking at you now, with your hair all tousled and that skimpy nightie that barely covers your mound, I know that I might have missed out." Jessie squirmed as he stared at her breasts. Her nipples were hard and she knew he could tell and she didn't like what he was implying.

"Now, I don't have to. See, I went to look for McGee, because it's not like Probie to vanish into thin air. I saw the two of you walking away from the coffee kiosk. I was impressed. He had been at work all night, hadn't shaved and he was with a beautiful girl."

Jessie backed away as Tony walked toward her. "I would never suspect you were a risk taker. Such a naughty girl. Made me horny all day, you and McGettinItOn. It could look really bad in someone's personnel file if they found out, so I thought I would come over and give you some, uh, reassurance that I won't tell anyone."

He's trying to blackmail me! What a jerk! I am not giving into this bullying. Think, Jessie, think. Tony tossed his overcoat on her couch and moved towards her. Think faster, girl! Okay, so he thinks he will have his way with me, tell McGee I'm not worth it, and ruin everything. Wait until he is vulnerable, then use all those self-defense moves. Let him think you are going to comply, let him get comfortable, relaxed and then let him have it.

Jessie was a little naïve about men and seriously underestimated how intimidating Tony could be. He swiftly moved in and had her bent over the couch, completely vulnerable and unable to effectively fight back. Left without any other options, she started to plead with him.

"Tony, please don't do this. I don't want to have sex with you. This is rape. I am not consenting!", she wailed as she heard him fumbling with his belt and zipper.

"Well, dear, since we are not having sex, then we won't have a problem." Tony stroked her bottom and gently squeezed her cheeks. Jessie involuntarily tensed and gave a little moan. He smiled and stroked all the way down her crack to her clit. She gasped and her hips bucked and he knew it was time.

Now's the time, she thought, I will throw myself up and backwards and knock him off balance, and run into the hallway. Okay, here we go.

Just as she started to push herself up, DiNozzo moved in, pressing his cock against the cleft of her ass. The sensation as he rubbed himself up and down caused wonderful vibrations, which started her pussy throbbing, again. It was exacerbated by the fact that she was leaning against his overcoat and one of the buttons was against her clit. He's going to dry fuck me? Well, okay, I guess. I can put up with that and he can leave.

Tony thrust his hips, savoring the feel of the silk on his dick. Mmm, she has such a nice ass. He squeezed and stroked her cheeks and continued thrusting in a steady rhythm. Losing himself in the sensation, he was surprised when he heard Jessie moan in pleasure. Vixen. He increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts, getting closer to that climax he had wanted all day. As Jessie arched her back and cried out, he shot his load, all over her sexy ass and ultra soft panties.

Jessie was thankful for the couch holding her up. What was that all about? Part of her, that throbbing little part of her, said that it didn't care what it was, it felt good. The rational part of her mind said that it was wrong. She heard DiNozzo zipping up his pants and slowly pushed herself up off the back of the couch. She looked him in the eye, calm and collected, at least on the outside.

"Are you done?", she asked, nodding toward the door.

"Yeah, all done. Now, you have my reassurance. We will keep our little secrets safe, won't we?" Tony gave her one of those smiles, the one she was pretty sure were insincere.

Despite his creepy smile, she definitely agreed with him. She would never tell another soul what happened here, or that she got off on it.

She smiled her own fake smile and said, "Agreed. Goodbye."

Jessie followed him to the door and made sure to lock the deadbolt when he was gone.

She heard from the hallway, "I heard that!"

She rolled her eyes and murmured under her breath, "Asshole."

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