tagSci-Fi & FantasyProbing a Spy

Probing a Spy

byBlack Tulip©

After being captured by soldiers, (see 'Uncovering a spy') Dyna, the Amazon warrior, needs all her wits to take care of herself. She can no longer keep an eye on her niece who let herself be caught earlier on purpose - because the soldiers looked so terribly attractive! Right now, Dyna is supposed to be a gift for the senior in the camp, a man called Wulf, a big bull with groping paws.

The bearskin in front of his tent attracted a lot of traffic. Wulf noticed with a large grin on his face how nearly every soldier felt the need to inspect the latest addition to the camp, a ripe Amazon warrior, arms tied to a stake above her head and legs spread wide. He'd made sure she showed a wet and quivering cunt to the world before he left her to simmer a bit. Considering the way she had reacted to his touching and kissing he really looked forward to their next meeting. But, first things first.

Wulf moved his big frame to the tent of his son, Runar, who had caught another Amazon earlier in the day. Bending his head, he entered the black leather shelter. Furs on the floor muffled his footsteps giving him a chance to watch the other captive unobserved. Her hair was more brown than black and she was at least fifteen years younger than the new prisoner. But when he noticed the same green eyes he frowned. Everyone knew Amazon warriors were black-haired and brown-eyed, didn't they?

"Runar, how did you manage to net her?" His low voice rumbled and made the girl jump nearly out of her skin. She had been so engrossed in kissing and stroking his son; she almost seemed in trance. Wulf chuckled. "Well? Lost your tongue? Or did you get it unhinged on that pussy?" He waved a hand at the naked body of this younger Amazon. It looked very inviting. And going by the twitch between his legs, his cock thought so too. She was as tall as that Dyna, but slimmer with a nice round bottom and moderate pink-nippled breasts that stood proud. He licked his lips as his eyes followed the line of long, graceful limbs. Maybe she was less plump but he could see she was just as well muscled. Her skin had a healthy glow and appeared soft and inviting.

His son turned slightly red in his face as he looked towards the entrance of his tent. "Sorry Wulf. She's just so damned juicy. I can't seem to keep away from her. By the way, her name's Agila." He patted the girl on her bottom and shoved her to the back of the tent. He never noticed but his father did, that this casual treatment caused her eyes to send bolts of green fire in his direction.

"What did you ask? Oh, yes, how I caught her." Runar settled himself as if embarking on a wonderful story but he didn't get an opportunity.

"Just the bare facts, please. Something is really bothering me about this." Wulf moved his shoulders, feeling uneasy. "In all my years I have never heard of Amazons getting caught without giving so much as a scratch. It doesn't add up. It just doesn't."

Runar's face turned thoughtful. "You know, you do have a point." He laughed, a bit shamefaced. "It made me feel rather good. But now you mention it, it does seem odd." He looked briefly to the girl sitting at the rear of the ten, her hands tied in front of her, a fine chain running from her left ankle to the tent pole making sure she couldn't run away. He narrowed his eyes when he saw her expression. She tried to hide it, but she was clearly laughing at him. He nodded to his father. "You're right. Look at that smug face."

Wulf nodded. "I'd say you've been had, son. Don't ask me why, but it looks as if she wanted to be caught." He turned a thoughtful look towards Runar. "Do you think the other one wanted to as well, some kind of trap or something?"

Runar looked indignant. "How the hell should I know? I didn't even figure out that this one did." He reached for a wineskin and took a big swig. "You'd have to ask Ivar. He's the one who brought her in."

Wulf grabbed the skin. Before he swallowed a sip of the dark red, potent wine he sighed. "About Ivar, I certainly appreciate the offer of that Dyna, but ..."

The Amazon at the back of the tent interrupted him. "Dyna, did you say Dyna?" The smugness completely vanished. In its place sat a look of disbelief, tension. When she noticed the soldiers looking at her, she tried to look unconcerned but it clearly bothered her that she had reacted out loud.

"That does it!" Wulf stood up in one fluid motion. "She even speaks our language. And I knew they had something in common. I mean, look at those eyes. Come to my tent after worshipping. Oh, and bring her along." Before he stepped outside he grinned back at his son. "Right now I have some worshipping of Frigga to do." With that he left, the flap of the tent swishing in place.

Once outside he took a deep breath. By Thor, he did need a woman! He had already been half erect from handling that Dyna. After seeing Agila working on his son's body, he was stiff as a pole. With a few steps he reached the bearskin in front of his own tent. For a moment he just stood, appreciating the view, the full breasts tight with the dark brown nipples standing erect, the nicely rounded legs, the hungry cunt. The Amazon had her eyes closed and her jaws clenched, obviously trying very hard to ignore stares from the camp soldiers and, just as obviously, failing miserably. Her nether lips looked like a flower covered with dew, unfolding under the glare of male eyes. Wulf nearly smacked his lips before he bent down and removed Dyna's leg bands and the dagger they held. He might be horny, but that didn't mean he was turning stupid.

Together with the Amazon dagger he handed his own sword and hunting knife to one of the trainees, young men always found around soldiers. Desperate to learn handling a sword and therefore willing to do almost anything, they were a basic part of every camp.

The moment he removed her dagger, Dyna opened her eyes. Wulf smiled when her eyes widened at the sight of the bulge in his leathers. She didn't seem aware of it, but she licked her lips. Her smell was reaching him and making him even hotter. With a swift movement he pulled the top stake up and lowered her hands in front of her. Keeping hold of them in one hand, he knelt between her legs and untied her ankles. He had to watch out she couldn't kick his teeth out in the process and she did try that. After all, she was an Amazon. But nearly flat on her tail she was no match for him. All the same, he appreciated the effort. Pulling her on her feet he told her so. "I see you are trying to please me. I really go for the wild ones. The sweet and gentle are so boring." With that he bent his head and bit her neck just above her collarbone.

The Amazon warrior was furious. Wulf saw her eyes shooting daggers but the way she had reacted to him earlier made him very confident. She had been more than responsive. He led the way further inside the tent. The interior was dimly lit by small oil lamps. The air smelled of leather, oil and spices. Just as in Runar's tent, the floor was covered in furs. A carved wooden chest stood beside the entrance and, to the rear, pile of furs covered with silks. As he walked towards the furs, his gift tried to resist. With her hands still tied, all she could do was resist by hanging back with her full weight. For a moment Wulf pondered his options. He could yank her over. On the other hand, it might be more fun to give in. He did. Too late, Dyna realized what his grin meant. Suddenly there was slack in the rope and she tumbled backward, landing on her bottom.

Abruptly Wulf got serious. Before the Amazon could regain her feet, he was on her. He ripped off the shreds of her light green tunic and threw it away. Then he lifted her bound wrists over her head and pinned her legs with his bulk. "That's enough. I really want you woman." He savored a wave of heat travel through his body, gathering almost painfully in his cock. Hungrily he took one of her nipples in his mouth, pinching the other with his free hand. Despite her struggles they were both stiff as pebbles in no time at all and he shifted a bit.

Maybe she wanted to fight him, he didn't know. The only thing he did know was that at this moment she arched her spine so her breasts were pushed forward into his face. The warm flesh was incredibly smooth to his touch. He started a trail of licks up to her neck. His hand slowly traveling down her side. By Thor, she felt so good to his touch. He groaned as he buried his face in the hollow of her throat. Stroking her middle, her hip, and her thigh. At her knee his hand turned around and traveled back up on the inside. The skin there felt even more like silk. By now she was breathing fast and her skin showed a definite blush. He experienced a sense of intoxicating power. He did this to her. His hands and his mouth made her this soft; liquid and melting against his body. He kissed her hard, demanding, wanting her complete surrender. His cock ached to dive into the wetness so close by. She moaned and when he moved his mouth back to her nipples she started moving her hips. Trying to capture his leg between hers but he wouldn't let her. Not yet.

"Please, touch me." Her voice was low and filled with desire. "By Gaia, don't make me wait. I can't." She tried to ride his leg once more. She gasped when he finally touched her wet pussy. Softly caressing the moist folds, circling her clit. "Don't stop, please don't stop."

"Don't worry, I won't." His voice sounded rough. He bit her neck a second time and slid a finger inside her. Closing his eyes in pleasure at the feel of the hot, wet welcome. She groaned and kissed him where she could reach him. After a moment he had two fingers twisting inside. His thumb-stroking round about her clit made her cry out.

"Fuck me. I don't care, just fuck me." She tried reaching his cock with her hands, but he still held her wrists above her head. "Do it. Fill me up with that gorgeous fat cock."

"I will." Wulf grunted as he put the tip of his cock at her entry. "I'll make you shiver and shake."

The way her body yielded to his hands made him hot as hell. Feeling how wet she was, he entered her in one powerful move, his big cock sliding in all the way to his balls. Oh yes, he had been right, this was heaven. Suddenly he gasped and looked down at her in surprise. Never before had he encountered something like this. He had no idea what she was doing, but it felt as if she were clenching a hot glove around his dick.

"Yes," he croaked. "I'll make you scream with pleasure." With that he started fucking her in earnest. Savoring the clenching of her cunt, the sounds she was making in the back of her throat, the way her hips moved with his pounding. He had never before felt a cunt grip his cock like that. Gods, it was incredible. Picking up the pace, he moved swifter and swifter. He noticed the pressure in his balls building. Unable to hold back, he let out a cry of mastery as he gushed three, four times. Shuddering as her pussy started contracting with her orgasm. Her hips bucking into him, she rolled her head. When he saw her licking her lips, he plunged his tongue deep into her mouth. Making her cum even more violently. Nearly kicking him when she almost bent double.

Just able to prevent himself from crushing her, Wulf collapsed in total bliss. Praise to Frigga, that woman knew how to treat a cock. Turning his head he studied her face. She looked as spent as he knew himself to be. Her straight black hair stuck out in every direction, eyes closed, mouth set in a grim line. He frowned at that. Than he noticed her hands; balled up in tight fists. If he didn't know any better, he'd say she was angry. He felt more than a little confused. What the hell did she have to be angry about? She just got a very good fuck; he had even made sure she came as well. He closed his own eyes for a brief moment. Immediately opening them again. It would be very, very stupid indeed if he dropped off without securing her in some way. A bit reluctant he stood up. Kicking his discarded leathers aside he took a few steps and opened the chest. It took him only a few moments to find the small linked chain he was looking for. In the wink of an eye he had one end of the chain round her ankle.

"Scared I'll run off?" She tried to resist him. But it was obvious she was in no state to put up a fight. He clasped the other end of the chain around the rear tent pole. Making sure she was just as well tied as that other Amazon in his son's tent.

Thinking about his son turned his thoughts to their rendezvous after dinner. "After worshipping", he had said to Runar. So he'd better do his own reverence and start eating now. He glanced toward the woman. Her hands were still clenched into fists, but she had rolled over onto her stomach. He shrugged, put his leathers back on and went out to get some food. Maybe she'd feel better with some food in her belly.

When he caught the smell of roasting deer, he heard his stomach rumble. By Thor, he really did need some food. Walking to the cooking fire, Wulf received the slaps on the shoulder, the sly grins and the winks in good humor. His own growling might have gone unnoticed but the screams of the woman certainly hadn't. It made him think once more on the strange occurrence of two Amazons with no horses, no others. And both of them had been speaking his language, quite well actually. In normal circumstances they would have captured a complete hunting group, guaranteeing nearly all soldiers had some pussy to warm the night. Still pondering the two women, he returned to his tent. Careful not to spill any of the meat, he ducked his head and stepped inside.

"Hungry?" He addressed the back of her head, as Dyna hadn't changed her position. He wondered if she had dozed off because she started at the sound of his voice. Turning her head she looked at him over her shoulder. With an audible sigh she turned over and sat cross-legged with her hands clasped in front of her. Her leather skirt was gone; probably lying outside where it had fallen to the ground. The light green tunic she had been wearing was lying behind her. Wulf took her in with appreciation. She was close to his age, but her breasts sagged only a little. Round hips and a plump waist gave him a good hold on her. He liked that. Lowering himself he sat opposite her, said his prayers to Thor and offered her some slices of meat. Chewing his own he observed her carefully. Without taking his eyes off her, he reached for the wine skin behind him.

"Can you stop staring at me?" The green eyes were sending killer beams again. "I'd prefer to eat in peace, if you don't mind." Despite her state of undress she radiated confidence. The way she lifted her chin was pure arrogance. She looked as if she wanted to dismiss him like a servant.

"Take a drink. Maybe that will improve your mood." Wulf grinned as he held out the wine skin. When she accepted with an ungrateful shrug of her shoulders, the grin disappeared. "Gods, woman, what have you to be sour about?" Taking a deep breath, he tried not to shout but failed entirely. "I know you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. So what's eating you?"

To his surprise she didn't even flinch at his volume, lifted the wine skin and took a hearty swig. Wiping her hand across her mouth she sighed. "Let's just say I don't enjoy being a prisoner." He must have looked real funny, since she suddenly grinned. "What's bothering you? You did not expect me to shiver in fear, did you?" As a matter of fact he had. Most women he had known had been scared witless whenever he had raised his voice. After a few bites she continued: "Tell me something. Have you ever had contact with my people before?"

Wulf narrowed his eyes. What kind of question was that? He did not exactly care for the look on her face. What kind of trick could she possibly have up her sleeve? Thor, she didn't even have a sleeve. "No, not personally no." He watched her carefully; sure he was missing something important. "Why? Are you offering an overture?" His laughter ran out loud when he saw the look of indignation on her face.

"Funny is it?" She wiped her hands on her thighs with angry gestures. "Can I have another sip of wine?" After swallowing she stared him straight in the eye. "You committed the utmost insult by taking my body like that. The fact that I got pleasure from it is beside the point. You had no right to put me beneath you!"

"What do you mean, no right?" Wulf was really puzzled now. He had no idea what she was talking about. "You are a female, I am a male, and males screw females. Don't tell me Amazons don't fuck." He chuckled. "Your reaction was too practiced for that." After a moment he added: "And, as you said, you did enjoy it."

Dyna glared back at him. "Are you so old you're turning deaf? I said you insulted me. Where I come from, that's not something to be laughed at." She took a deep breath. "If you were civilized you would offer me at least a chance to wipe out the insult." When she got no immediate reaction, she shrugged her shoulders and looked at him with a kind of pity. "I guess it's not your fault. You obviously know no better. Besides, you are male after all. What else could I expect?" With that she started to turn away again, only to be stopped by sounds at the entrance to the tent.

Wulf was on the verge of shaking the insolent witch silly, when his son entered, tugging that other Amazon along. He sighed, hoping she would not have such an antagonistic character. He watched his son changing the fine iron links from a loop around her throat to an ankle chain. Securing her soundly to the tent pole in the back. Leaving enough slack for her to sit next to her companion. He felt his dick stirring anew at the site of two desirable women, one naked and the other barely covered in a piece of orange cloth, sitting to the rear of his own tent. Surely Thor must be smiling down at him.

"Did your worshipping, of Frigga I mean?" Runar sat down with a grin. It had been hard to miss the erection his father had carried out of his tent earlier. "I sure hope your Amazon was just as satisfying as Agila is. Man, that woman likes cock." The younger man turned his head and admired the two women. Suddenly turning wide-eyed. "Do you see what I see?"

"What? Don't speak in riddles man." Wulf turned about with a fresh wine skin, still irritated at the way Dyna had been acting. Frowning, he sat down again and let his gaze slide from his son's face to the Amazons. He had noted the similar green eyes earlier, but now he saw what had surprised Runar. They were practically identical. Except for the hair color and the age difference they could have been twins. Both well built with legs leading straight up to heaven.

"No doubt about it. Mother and daughter, is it?" If he had expected an answer he would have had to wait a very long time. Dyna even went so far as to turn her back on him. Making a gesture to the younger woman to join her. And after a glance at Runar she did.

Runar chuckled. "Is that how she has been treating you?" Knowing his father well enough, he addressed the older woman. "That is very unwise. Maybe you have already found out? He's quite capable of forcing you to be civil you know." Seeing Dyna shrugs her shoulders he turned to Wulf.

Wulf grinned at his son's questioning look. "My guess is, she's not yet returned from the clouds." He loudly smacked his lips on purpose. "She was hot as peppers. I really relished that body of hers." He threw his head back and roared with laughter when Dyna spun around and tried to leap to his throat. All she managed was landing in his lap, swinging her tied wrists in an effort to give him a black eye. Still laughing he nonetheless had to make a real effort to dodge her punches. After all, it was not exactly a small girl hitting him. At last he pinned her between his legs.

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