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This is just a flash story. Nothing too serious about it. I know half of what he has done will be borderline illegal and things cannot be done this way in real life but hey, this is the fantasy world!

The story has been updated and I must thank Sue, my editor for taking time out and making the story much better structured than it was earlier. If there are any mistakes still left be sure they were introduced by me when I did my "creative" thing with the final edit version from Sue.

I have been celibate for the last four years of my life. In those last four years I haven't had sex with anyone except the five sisters. And, before you ask, I am not a fat slob who is unlucky with women. I am what many have described as quite the eye candy. I am Six feet tall with washboard abs, a decent size dick, a killer sense of humor and a wife more beautiful than Ava Gardner. Yes, I have a wife. Now you know why this story is in the Loving Wives section of your favorite website.

I discovered four years ago that my wife was stepping out on me. Why did she step out on me, you ask? I have no idea and to be brutally honest I don't give a damn. I am 40 now. Yesterday, Amy, my youngest daughter got married and now I have no obligations left in the world. The only reason I endured the life of a cuckold was for the sake of my two daughters, who deserved better than a broken home. Nothing had changed for me, except for the sex, I was still as affectionate to my wife and daughter as I ever was. I was more concerned with giving my two darlings a complete set of parents.

How did I get away with refusing sex to my wife for four long years? The miracle of medicine. I am a research scientist with a federal agency and I know of a drug that can create the effect of erectile dysfunction and has no side effects. We use the drug to tame violent sex-offenders in custody. No, I am not going to name the drug here or anywhere else for that matter, it is a controlled drug, after all. So, for Kelly, I've had an erectile dysfunction for the last four years and it has not bothered her much, she is quite happy playing house with her boss Dennis.

Today, after the relatives left, I sat down and took stock of what needed to be done. I had already sold the mountain cabin and the ranch to give a cash gift to my eldest daughter and, unknown to my wife; I had also sold the house we lived in and given a marriage gift of cash to Amy yesterday. We had till the end of the month to pass on the house to the new owners. Both these sales monies were deposited into the joint account that Kelly and I had and the cheques given to Mandy and Amy were cosigned by both of us for sentimental reasons. Kelly did not ask me where the money came from as she had taken little interest in our finances. All that she knew about our finances was that she had a heavy-duty credit card which was paid in full on the first of every month. In her eyes we were very rich. We were very rich indeed, until such time as I decided to become poor. I had been systematically moving all of our money into the names of the girls for the last four years and although neither of my daughters had anything to worry about regarding their future, I was broke. I had already cashed in my 401K and spent every dime of it on Amy's marriage. In short, I was legally broke with nothing done illegally.

Kelly had rushed off to take care of something after her brother left and I knew exactly where. She was going to the Holiday Inn room number 102 to meet her lover. I knew that they planned to be there all day and she was to come back in the evening around 5. That was not going to happen; we were going to meet in another half an hour. I got into my car, which was pretty much all that I owned now and drove down to the Holiday Inn. Calmly I knocked on the door of room 102. It was Dennis who opened the door and he was taken aback to see me instead of the room-delivery that he was expecting. I walked in and he was alone in the room. I sat down on the sofa and look at him. Not a word was exchanged between us as yet. I was carrying a simple briefcase and nothing else.

Kelly walked out of the bathroom in a teddy and found me sitting on the sofa and Dennis sitting with his head in his hands on the bed. Did I tell you Dennis worked for his father-in-law and the house, the car, and all those things that mattered, were either in the name of the company or his wife. Come to think of it, in the case of his divorce he was flat broke too. That was the reason he had his head in his hands. Kelly was defiant as she looked into my eyes. "I am sorry you found out. I had to do something once I found out that we were never going to have sex again. Dennis means nothing for me except an erect cock and he knows it. He is a gentleman and has never sneered on you or spoken lightly about you. He knows that the only reason I am with him is your condition." She knew how to say the right things at the right time. But then, that is what you expect from a receptionist, isn't it. Quick thinking on her feet when faced with a call that the boss wanted to dodge.

"How long?" I asked.

"Three years. Have you seen any change in me in the last three years? I still love you just the same as I did when you were able to have sex."

"I am sure I am still able to have sex." I said to which she replied that she did not know if just getting her pussy licked was sex enough for her.

"Okay, lets imagine a dimly lit bedroom, a few candles and soft music. Both of us are naked, I am on top of you looking in your eyes and telling you how beautiful you are, how you make me complete and how my soul is bare in front of you since the day we met. I have a strap on dildo around my waist and I am making love to you enthusiastically and lovingly. The false penis, costing around $5000, feels just like the real thing including its throbbing and the false sperm that it ejaculates when I push the buttons in my hand. This is scenario one and this hotel room is scenario two. Which would you chose?"

"Of course, the first scenario with you."

"Then why are you here?"

"I did not think about the strap-on idea and if you are so smart suggesting it now, why did you not suggest it before I became frustrated enough to take up with Dennis?"

"Because my darling, before you took it up with Dennis, I did not need a strap-on. In fact, I do not need a strap on still." With that I opened the briefcase and took out Prosecution's evidence number 1 - a picture of me sporting a hard-on and the Gucci hat she bought a week ago to wear at Amy's marriage. Sure, I looked funny wearing a woman's hat with a hard-on but not as funny as she did when she saw the picture.

"When did this problem go away?"

"Oh, the problem has not gone away as yet. Ah, you mean the hard-on problem? That never existed - I was faking it with the assistance of a little drug I know. I stopped taking it a couple of weeks back." I turned to Dennis and spoke to him for the first time in four years. "I hope you are not getting bored. I will be out of here in another half an hour and then she will be all yours."

Then I turned towards Kelly who was really confused by this time. "Now, let's discuss our problem. I think I will discuss the events leading to our problems here.

My problem was that I found out that my wife was stepping out on me. I found that out 4 years and 2 months ago.

Then you had a problem and your problem was that your husband was suddenly impotent.

Then I had a problem and my problem was that my wife did not care for me enough to consider it a problem that I was impotent.

But that is all in the past. I solved the biggest of my problems by taking my medication. I wanted to be away from you sexually whilst we were still together and I had to stay together with you till the girls were married. Now they are married, my problems were resolved by my attorney yesterday drawing up our divorce papers. Now we come to your problem - How are you going to support yourself on the meager salary that you get. I am broke and I am moving to India after the divorce is final. I am sure I can find a job there with the technology boom that they have."

Then I turned back to Dennis and said, "You must be feeling left out of all these problems that I have been talking about. I am, however, in a rather giving mood today, so I will give you a problem too ... just to ensure that you don't feel left out. I am not angry with you for cuckolding me, nor am I a vindictive bastard that I would try to hurt you on purpose. The detective agency that I used to gather evidence for divorce was Paul Drake Detectives. I had no idea that Paul was your brother in law. He talked about this with your wife a week back. I have a message from your wife that your keys to the house won't work. There, you have a problem of your own now." Dennis was lost for words and he was too broken even to shout at me or threaten me. As for Kelly, she was just sitting in a corner looking at me with an expression of disbelief and a tear in her eyes.

"And lastly, you have to move out of the house by the end of the month. I cannot thank you enough for suggesting selling it to give gifts to our precious daughters. I am sure they are not going to have too many problems in their lives due to this generosity of their mom and pop. Have a nice life!"

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by Anonymous

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by cub4acougar06/10/18

gets beter and better

every story is inique in it`s own way
good job

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by ju8streading02/20/18

would love to read the aftermath of this

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by Anonymous12/28/17


I have to say that waiting for a divorce is more common than you think. In fact that is exactly what i have done. I waited 11 years to get my divorce. Why? Because i was hosed in my first marriage sincemore...

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by Anonymous08/25/17


I really have a hard time believing that a man would wait that long to get a divorce from a cheating wife! His girls are grown and would understand the situation!
I just don't buy it!

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