Author's Note: This is a story set in the same universe as Taken for a Ride. Want to know how Tee got into this situation? Go back and read that one!


"Tee, does this dress make my ass look big?"

I slowly turned to look at Aroutrax as she turned her back to face me -- her dress clinging to her body like a second skin. I growled and sprang to my feet, my breasts jiggling slightly as I grabbed Aroutrax and shook her violently.

"We need to escape, Arou!" I snarled.

Aroutrax blinked and looked deeply confused. "Why?" she asked.

I closed my eyes tightly as I heard the moans of pleasure that echoed through the palace -- and tried to not retch. Until about two days ago, we had both been masters of all we surveyed. The world had trembled before us and the name of the Kingdom of Malkor had been one to conjure nightmares and horrors with. Our armies had marched across the land and the Dragon Knights -- of which I had been one -- had swooped down on the pitiful forces of good to take what we wanted, to destroyed what all that displeased me.

"Because," I said, my voice a low growl as I glared into Aroutrax's eyes. "We were men!"

Arou snorted loudly. "Yeah, like I want to go back to that. Look at how fucking gorgeous I am now!" she tugged herself from my hands and stepped over to the pink pastel mirror that had been hung in our disgustingly soft and decadent room. Gone were the skulls and the black wall paneling. The whips and chains and spikes had been taken away. Even our hard, flat beds had been replaced with immense cushions that were as soft and pliant as clouds. Every vestige of our worship of the Lord of Pain had been scrubbed out of existence as if it had never been.

It made me sick.

Though...my back did feel a lot better now. Less cricks.

Arou slid her hands through her luminous red hair as she preened in the mirror. "We're both pretty." She smiled, then grabbed my hand and dragged me before the mirror, forcing me to look at my twisted body. I had once been a mountain of a man -- with iron hard muscle and skin covered in scars of worship and battle. Now, I was the most pale skinned woman I had ever seen, with dark blue eyes and long, straight black hair that hung to almost cover the curve of my petite breasts. I glared at myself.

"I look like someone I'd have been ravaging just last week," I snarled.

"Come on, like you want to ravage anyone," Arou said, shaking her head. "Did you really miss that Lord of Pain nonsense?"

"The Lord of Pain granted us power overwhelming!" I glared at Arou. She snorted.

"I think that was the dragons."

The door to our room opened with a loud crash.

"Honies, I'm hooooooome!"

Speaking of dragons. I turned around to face my former mount. Two days before, I had thought the blue and gold and black scaled beast that I had leaped onto and ridden to battle for months was a dumb beast. I had sworn at him, whipped him when he was reluctant, and forced him to mount and mate with the female drakes that we captured in the wild -- something he had seemed to enjoy. I had thought this was because he was a stupid beast. But in truth, every dragon in the stable had been...a visitor.

A dimensional traveler.

A living god.

Their magic had shattered Malkor in an instant. Our slaves? Teleported to freedom in an instant. Our armies? Shattered by fireballs and breath weapons. Our god? Deposed and his power broken. And us, the feared dragon riders?

My cunt reacted to the sight of Brek the dragon's body. It was as if a deep, warm ache started between my legs as the tips of my breasts tightened and hardened. My breath came short and my heart raced as I rebelled against the sensations coursing from my scalp to toes. But it was hard -- simply looking at the draconic form as he walked into the room, body dusted slightly with the dirt and grit of travel, his balls swaying between his muscular thighs, his belly flat enough to eat dinner off, his tail long and whip-like, his shoulders broad, his scales smooth and flowing like water...all of it made me want to droll. He stopped as he saw Arou, then grinned.

"You look great, is that a new dress?"

Arou squealed and ran forward, springing into the air and wrapping her legs around his hips as she grabbed his arms and kissing him. Kissing a beast with a muzzle was a bit of a trick -- you had to tilt your head, open your mouth, and let their tongue drive into your mouth. My toes curled as I remembered the feeling of Brek and the other dragon's tongues. Long, thick. Tentacle-like. Plunging down my throat. I glared at the wall rather than watch as my former mount grabbed and squeezed my former wing-mate's ass.

"What's wrong with Tee?" Brek asked, panting.

"Oh, she's still sulky," Arou murmured.

Brek's hand cupped my cheek and turned my head to face him -- his golden eyes looked warm and concerned.

"Are you okay, Tee?"

"No!" I snarled. "And my name isn't Tee. It's Thorx, the Destroyer of Goldavia, the Rapist of Brennen!"

"Uh, please stop taking credit for rape, it's really kind of icky," Brek said, quietly.

"The Lord of Pain commanded it!" I said.

"And it was a bitch to heal the psychological damage. Curing broken bones and severed limbs is easy -- but easing trauma takes talking and time and a lot of magic," Brek said, shaking his head. "But, I did come back to tell you, every girl in Brennen asked me to forgive you."

"W-What?" I asked, blinking. "How dare you! The Lord of Pain-"

"Was a jerk," Brek said, rolling his eyes.

I humphed and stuck my nose into the air, crossing my arms over my breasts to try and conceal them. But I could still feel the faint moistness of my traitor cunt -- slowly trailing down my thighs. Brek sighed quietly, then put his hands on his shoulders.

"You seemed pretty happy about your new body last night," he murmured, quietly. I flushed. It had taken me a bit to gather up my will. To remind myself of just who I was, just how powerful I had been. How I had served the Lord of Pain well, how I wanted to serve him again. I admit, I may have felt a little bit guilty about the whole Brennen thing. But it was important -- the Lord of Pain devoured the psychic trauma of the suffering and became stronger, then invested his power in those who worshiped him faithfully.

"I...did..." I lied, trying to put my draconic master at ease.

Brek sighed. "Listen," he said. "If you want to escape so badly that you're lying to yourself, how about we let you escape."

I snapped my head around to look at him, blinking, while Arou pouted and skipped up behind Brek. Her hands went to his shoulders and squeezed gently as she said: "Oh, no! Don't kick Tee out! We'll miss her at the bridge games!"

Brek shook his head, his arms cross over that intensely muscular chest. It was hard to forget just how strong he was when he was standing there, and my nose was on the same level as his bright golden nipples. I wanted to lean in and nuzzle him and breath in the smell of him -- salty and masculine and slightly dirty. I loved the scent of a dragon after a day of hard work. I had even when he had been my mount and not the, uh, other way around. Only now, the scent was layered with a deep level of need that made me distrust it. If I leaned in, he'd be balls deep in my cunt within a second.

And that's so bad...because? A traitor part of my brain whispered.

"If you want to escape, then all you need to do is prove you really want it," Brek said, sounding pleased. "So, you go through the whole palace. If you can get by every room without wanting to stay after you're done, you get your old body back and are unleashed on the world. Though, you'll still need to follow the new laws. So, no murder, no rape, no worship of the Lord of Pain save in the privacy of your own home."

I bit my lip. "W-What does 'get through' a room mean?" I asked.

"Simple," Brek said, his hand cupping my cheek. "Each room will have an example of why your heart wants you to stay, even if your brain is trying to talk you into leave."

I glared at him. "Bring it."

Brek nodded. "Let the games begin, then."

And he leaned forward and kissed me. His hands grabbed my ass and squeezed it tightly enough that I would have squeaked, if his tongue hadn't slipped down my throat and started fucking it like his cock. Speaking of his cock, I felt it bump against my belly and the underside of my breasts as he swelled to his full, immense, impossible hardness. My eyes rolled back into my head and I gasped as he drew his mouth back and his tongue back a moment later. I panted. "S-Still going to escape," I whispered.

"Sure you are, honey," he said as his hand went to my head.

I didn't even resist as he pushed me to my knees. My nose pressed to the underside of his black dick and my head swam with his musk. My tongue darted out and my hands cupped his firm, scaled balls. I squeezed them and kissed his shaft, then bit down gently on the underside. It wasn't a hard bite -- just...I pressed my teeth against him and felt his strength. Dragons were tough, and the pressure just made him buck his hips, grinding his cock against my face. His tip smeared pre into my forehead and I felt it drip down my nose and across my eyes -- which were closed, so I could focus on the smell of him, the taste of him. I panted heavily and leaned forward. His cock rested on my head, dripping down my back as I kissed and sucked on his balls. I couldn't even fit one of the massive orbs into my mouth.

Was he getting bigger?

His hands were on my shoulders as his cock bumped against my shoulders and his balls felt almost like a pillow against my face. I didn't care as I licked at him desperately, my hands groping around, finding his cock and awkwardly stroking it above my head.

"Fuck you're an amazing ballslut," Brek groaned. "Isn't she just the perfect little ball-hungry whore, Arou?"

"Totally," Arou said. She walked behind me and knelt down. "You love getting some dragoncock, don't you, Tee? You little slut." She cupped my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples. "Admit it, you came sooo hard when Brek first turned you."

I whimpered and drew my mouth back -- doing so triggered Brek shrinking down to his more human scale. His cock now ground against my cheek as I mumbled. "S-Shut up."

"Remember that first time you walked in on him fucking the Princess of Brennen?" Arou asked, her voice mocking. "The girl you married?" She chortled. "She had sworn an oath that your dick was the only one she'd ever take. And then, there she was on the bed, with a real man fucking her like she'd never been fucked before."

I flushed. That moment had been the most humiliating and arousing moment in my life. I could remember it clearly as I had stood there in the room -- still male, my hands on the doorway as I gaped at the sight of my prize-wife on her hands and knees, scaled balls slapping her thighs as Brek slapped her ass. He had been doing her doggy style and he had looked at me, grinned, and said: Your next. Then my armor had exploded off my body and my body had been reshaped.

The Princess was gone now -- she had made me eat her out as penance and gone back to become a Queen in her own right.

But the memory made my drip on the carpet.

"For someone who claims they want to be a man," Brek said, sneering down at me. "You really get off on people reminding you of what a little pussy you are." He gently slapped my cheek. "Say it."

"I-I'm a little pussy," I mumbled -- my cheeks hot, my pale skin almost succubi red with a full body blush.

"I didn't hear that," Brek said. His hand glided up and down his shaft as he watched me. I quivered all over as Arou nibbled on my ear.

"I..." I gulped. "I'm a little pussy!" I almost shouted the words as I looked up at Brek.

Brek sighed and released. His hand slid to the base of his ridged dragoncock and his balls clenched. I could actually see them jerk slightly in the air as they clenched. Then the first stream of bright white dragon cum splashed across my face and into my mouth as I opened my lips wide, taking his seed into my mouth as he came and came and came. Seed spurted across my tits and some even splashed on my belly. A dollop hit my hair and more splashed on my cheeks. Arou leaned in and turned her head to face mine as she pressed against me -- fancy dress be damned -- and kissed me deeply. I pushed my tongue against hers and she moaned as she tasted the cum in my mouth.

Brek panted quietly. "Fuck."

I drew my mouth back, gasping. "R-Room done?" I asked, standing up shakily.

Brek nodded with a wry grin. "It is. I'm kinda curious to see how far you get, Tee." He smiled. "Want me to clean you?"

"N-No!" I squeaked. "I have my own magic!" I focused and drew energy into my body. What had once roared through me with the strength of the Lord of Pain was now a tiny trickle. But it was enough to scour away the cum that had glistened on me. I banished it with a pang of longing. It wouldn't have been that hard to port it into my mouth and drink more of him down. What little had landed in my mouth had hit me like a jolt of pure ambrosia.

Brek smiled. "Have fun, honey." He kissed his forehead.

I flushed. "Don't call me that!" I squirmed as he kissed my forehead, trying to resist the urge to lean in, hug him, and beg to stay. In the end, I half failed and leaned in to hug him tightly, squeezing his warm, muscular body. His wings folded around me and he whispered.

"You can tell me the truth here," he said.

I was silent for a long time.

"...I love it when you humiliate me..." I whispered, so softly that even I barely heard it.

"I know." He kissed my forehead. "Go on, get! And remember, you just need to get through five rooms!"

His wings opened and his hand cracked against my ass as I scampered for the doorway, which closed -- but not before I heard Arou grumble: "You're just spoiling her, Brekky."


I padded through the corridors of the palace, my arms crossed across my chest, and tried to not scream at every little noise. Five rooms, Brek had said. I could do five rooms. But wait, had he counted his first room? Well, there were only five dragons: Brek the blue, Lim the green, Ushu the white, Xarnak the red, and Ju'Yuen the gold. There had been others in the stables, but those had all gone on once the world had been conquered and turned into those five's personal playground. So, four rooms then, unless there was a sixth room that Brek was counting that I hadn't thought of.

The first I came too was Ushu's room. Now, if this had been an actual escape attempt -- as in, if I had been escaping with my own stealth and guile, and not because my draconic master was dangling it before me like sadistic (and entertaining) treat -- then I could have just walked right past.

Instead, Ushu's door opened and Gwindar emerged. She was one of the dragon knights who had changed the least. She had been dark skinned and muscular before she had been altered, and she was dark skinned and muscular now. Amazonian, even, with broad shoulders and breasts the size of melons. She had a pair of golden rings piercing each nipple, with a chain connecting the two of them. She grabbed my arm and grinned.

"Come on."

She dragged me and shoved me into a chair before a large table. I blinked as Ushu emerged, his pale white scales gleaming, his belly and cock (barely) covered by a large, thick apron. He held a bowl in one hand and a whisker in the other and was beating some batter as hard as he beat my ass last week. The memory of that prolonged spanking session made my thighs squish tightly together as I tried to not make a puddle of arousal on the chair.

"Don't worry, honey," he said, in his soft, cheery voice, his tail twitching from side to side behind him -- and I saw that the tip was coiled around a metal thermos that he was actually shaking. "The meal will be ready in juuuuuuust a moment!"

He ducked back into the kitchen that adjoined his room. I opened my mouth to speak -- but breathing in turned out to be a mistake. The smell floating from the kitchen was delicious. Not in a 'oh god, I need cock now' sort of way, but in a way that had been just as forbidden by the Lord of Pain. He devoured the agonies of the soul, and something that brought comfort as quickly and as easily as a warm, well made bed was the deliciousness of a well cooked meal. I smelled sizzling meats and crisping bread and butter and cheeses and my mouth filled with spittle. I gulped and bit my lip.

"W-When can I leave?" I whispered to Gwin. She chuckled.

"Once you're done, you can leave any time you say you want too," she said, winking at me.

That seemed ominous.

Then Ushu emerged with the dinner plates. He set them before me -- a large bowl of soup, a thick slab of perfectly done prime rib. Double servings of mashed potatoes, with a dusting of half-melted, fresh cheddar cheese on both potato mounds. A sprinkling of spices surrounded the prime rib, adding a crispy patina of flavor at the edges I could taste on my tongue already. The fat looked rich enough to melt into my mouth. I picked up my knife and fork, panting softly as Ushu planted a warm glass of milk beside the meal.

"Chow down," he said, cheerily.

I paused.

"Wait," I said, slowly. "Is this some kind of trick?"

"What could possibly be a trick here? I promise," Ushu said, his finger stabbing down to point at the meal. "None of this is drugged."

I frowned. "Okay..." I cut into the prime rib, slicing off a chunk of rare-red meat that had just a touch of fat hanging off the side. I rolled it in the potatoes and took a moment to feel intensely guilty. The third commandment spoke against eating food that tasted this good. But...it was right here! And so far, my entire breakfast for this morning had been a splash of dragon cum. I'd need my strength to escape. Yeah. That was my excuse. I popped the meat into my mouth and the explosion of flavor was as intense as I had been expecting. I groaned softly, chewed, swallowed.

I picked up the milk, then sipped it. My brow furrowed as the burst of salty, warm, slightly too thick liquid slid along my tongue. I coughed, putting the glass down. "H-Holy fuck, that's a glass of your cum?!"

"My specialty," Ushu said, grinning at me.

I gaped at him.

Then I took another sip.

Ushu chuckled softly and stood. He walked behind me, massaging my shoulders as he knelt down behind my chair. His voice rumbled in my ear as I ate. "And after dinner, I'm going to fill your belly with even more."

I flushed, but didn't pause in my eating -- the prime rib was really quite good. But, as Gwin had said, as soon as I was done, I could leave. And so, I stoically endured the massaging hands of Ushu and the warm taste of his seed as I finished off his meal. Once I was done -- his cup empty, his plate cleaned away -- I stood and walked to the door. Each step was more and more difficult than the last, as if weights were wrapped around my body. An invisible wire of pure lust connected my jaw to Ushu and tried to jerk my head around to look at him. I stopped at the doorway...

And then turned.

Ushu grabbed the table cloth and then yanked hard. Plates clattered to the ground with a crash -- making a god almighty mess as he stepped backwards and sat down on the table. He spread his thighs and his cock started to harden as he lifted up his apron, revealing more and more of his pale white body. His scales glittered as he lounged back. His shaft was just as big as the other dragons -- though a bit thinner, and just as dark black as Brek's. But he didn't stop there. He picked up a small tube and then squirted a pale blue liquid over his cock. He rubbed it in languidly as I walked forward.

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