tagCelebrities & Fan FictionProducing TWC Ch. 01

Producing TWC Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Kristina

This is the first in what I hope will be a new TWC series (Mind you it took me almost 3 weeks to write this one, so be patient)...Please share you constructive thoughts with me...

Chapter 1 - Kristina Abernathy

As she stood in the ladies room, Kristina Abernathy reached underneath her skirt and carefully rolled off her black satin panties. The 34 year-old, married, mother had just finished a late morning shift on air, and she had a 1 p.m. meeting with Senior Producer Robert Judson. Kristina had requested the meeting with the 51 year-old Senior Producer to request vacation time next week. She knew that the request was supposed to be made 4 weeks in advance, but she had just learned her husband would have the time off, and they wanted to take the kids to Disney for a few days. Anyways, she knew that Rob, as most of the female OCM's had come to know Mr. Judson by, could be convinced to waive company policy.

Beautiful women had always been Robert Judson's downfall, especially since he had joined the TWC production staff over ten years ago. The attractive women who worked there soon realized that favors could be "procured" from Mr. Judson, and the work environment had quickly improved, which was ironically what he had been brought in to ensure. Kristina knew that fucking his employees had caused Rob his marriage, as word had leaked to his wife, who several years ago had taken him to the cleaners in a nasty divorce that had almost cost him his job. However, virtually everyone at TWC, male and female alike, persuaded upper management to keep him.

Knowing they had cost him his marriage, several of the female OCM's had felt guilty about taking advantage of Mr. Judson. For a time the women who had most regularly traded sex for favors, Kelly Cass, Jennifer Carfagno, Alexandra Steele, Sharon Resultan, Kristina herself and most recently Nicole Mitchell, had created a rotation to regularly provide Mr. Judson with "one-on-one personal development time" as the appointments became to be called. In the back of her mind, Kristina suspected that Rob was enjoying himself more now than at any other time in his life.

Kristina glanced at the clock, which read 12:45, as she applied a coat of heavy maroon lip-gloss to her lips, which today accented the dark red jacket she was wearing. Knowing that turning on Rob was of the up most importance today, viewers of "Day Planner" had been treated to watching Kristina prance around in a collared white blouse with a deep v-neck, covered by her red jacket, and a short black knee-length skirt, which barely covered the tops of her black stockings. Kristina had struggled throughout the morning keeping her stockings rolled up properly, and she was almost sure that her colleagues, if not a few careful viewers at home, had a caught glimpse of them. On the air, Kristina had worn a pair of comfortable black slip-ons that could not be seen by the camera, but after her shift she had changed into a pair of 3" heeled pumps for Rob's benefit.

Kristina glanced in the mirror one final time, checking the placement of her single strand of pearl necklace and small pearl earrings, knowing just how damn sexy she looked. As she caught a glimpse of her wedding and engagement ring in her reflection as she picked up her purse, Kristina knew she was lucky to have such an understanding husband, who not only approved of her occasional sessions with her boss, but enjoyed hearing about them later. She smiled as her heels clicked on the tile floor of the bathroom before opening the door and heading down the hall towards Rob's corner office.

She knew Mary, Rob's secretary was at lunch as she passed through the office suit and headed straight for Rob's door. When she knocked on the heavy oak door, Kristina was surprised not to find Rob behind his massive mahogany desk as usual, but rather he was sitting in one of the two wingback chairs that comprised a small reception area of his large office, together with a matching sofa and a large rectangular glass topped coffee table. Hearing the knock, Rob looked up from the report he was until then engrossed in and smiled at the gorgeous vision that appeared on the threshold of his office. Seeing Kristina dressed and made-up from him instantly began a stirring in his loins and he knew that it would be satisfied only with a creamy climax.

"Please come in Mrs. Abernathy, close the door and have a seat." Rob said in a surprisingly formal, but soft voice.

"Why thank you, Mr. Judson." Kristina replied, noting his formal language and responding in kind, but slightly thickening her Georgia drawl for his benefit as she sat down in the second wingback chair opposite her boss.

It took all of Rob's many years of practice at composure not to allow his expression to change or his jaw to drop as Kristina crossed her legs, the hem of already shorter than normal skirt riding up just enough to expose a small bit of the sheer lace tops of her black nylon stockings. Although he had engaged in sexual intercourse with Kristina Abernathy on several occasions, he decided at that moment that she would get whatever she wanted in exchange for relieving the incredible pressure now building in his balls.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" the Senior Producer asked, his gaze running up from her legs, over her breasts to her sweet face, focusing on her maroon painted lips.

"Well, Mr. Judson I have a problem." replied the blonde, batting her eyes at her boss, knowing she had his full, and rather undivided attention. "I need some time off next week to spend with my kids, see, my husband just got a few days off himself . . ."

"You are, of course, aware of my policy that all on-camera staff must request vacation at least four weeks in advance for scheduling purposes, are you not?" he asked in a matter of fact voice, despite the fact at that very moment he was imagining something that made his cock twitch.

"Yes I am." Kristina answered. Seeing the bulge in his suit pants grow, she moved in for the kill. "I thought we might be able to arrange something, however, something mutually satisfying." she said, rolling the last few words off with an even deeper Southern drawl that she knew made him melt.

"Well, I might be able to accommodate your request, Mrs. Abernathy" Rob said returning to his formal voice. He loved to emphasize the "Mrs." just before he fucked one of his married employees, it gave him such a power trip to know that his partner was about to cheat on her spouse. "But I would need to be convinced why I should waive established policy for you, my dear." he added, Kristina knowing the condescending tone was fake, and was her invitation to initiate what was about to happen.

Instead of replying, Kristina uncrossed her legs, intentionally giving her boss a brief peak up her skirt, before she rose to her feet. She removed her jacket and carefully draped it over the seat she had just occupied. She grabbed her purse, then she began to saunter over to her boss, allowing him to absorb her beauty and contemplate the act they were about to engage in, as she crossed one heeled foot in front of the other.

When she reached his chair a mere six painfully slow steps later, Kristina knew no further words needed to be spoken. She gazed down at him and savored the look of lust in Rob's eyes. She felt her pussy began to lubricate with her sex juices as she appreciated how hard his cock at become just looking at her. Kristina knew neither of them had another appointment or obligation for over an hour, so she resolved to take her time.

Rob allowed Kristina to take the lead, knowing she was as hot for him as he was for her. She reached down and undid his tie first, before beginning to unbutton each button on his shirt seductively. As she got lower, he got a better and better look under her blouse at Kristina's full, size 34-C breasts. Although he had seen virtually every female member of his on-camera staff naked, and several on multiple and even frequent occasions, he still believed Kristina Abernathy had the best pair of tits he had ever laid eyes on.

When his shirt had been completely undone, she helped him remove it. Despite being over 15 years her senior, Kristina thought Rob's body was spectacular. She ran her hands over his well toned chest and arms, feeling the powerful muscles honed in daily workouts that Rob had done every day since his wife left him before the divorce. When her hands reached the material covering his hardest and arguably most important muscle, Rob stopped Kristina.

"Kristina dear, you are well on your way to convincing me. However, at this moment I believe removing your blouse before you proceed any further would greatly enhance your argument." Rob suggested, a smile on his face, as he used her given name for the first time in the encounter.

She smiled back, but to Rob's surprise, she did not immediately reach for the bottom of her blouse. Instead, Kristina dropped to her knees in front of him. He looked at her, slightly disappointed.

"I have a surprise under my blouse." Kristina told him, licking her lips for effect. "I think it is better that you see if first from this angle."

He leaned forward slightly, now intrigued at what Kristina had beneath the relatively plain white collared blouse. She slowly rolled her blouse up her stomach, then her chest and finally over her head, revealing her surprise. Kristina had purchased and was now wearing a white see through lace bra, trimmed with a pretty bow holding the cups together, the bra straps decorated with a lacy edging to complete the look. Underneath the lace, Rob could clearly see the pale flesh of Kristina's breasts, topped with quarter size pink areolas, on which sat her small nipples, which had become hard with arousal and now scraped against the bra material.

Rob was quite impressed and his cock twitched with excitement. Up until now, Kristina had shown an interest in only tasteful, classical lingerie which most men would call plain. He suspected this was by far the most sexually provocative piece she had ever worn for any man, even her husband.

As Rob admired "his surprise", Kristina had already removed his belt and began to undo the clasp of his slacks. He watched as she opened the clasp and then pulled down the zipper, his cock straining against the cotton fabric of his underwear. Kristina smiled when she discovered a small wet spot that had formed on the front of his boxers, where he had obviously leaked some pre-cum.

Rob rose his hips, allowing Kristina to slide his slacks to the floor. Before he could sit, however, she grabbed the waistband of his boxers and yanked them down as well, exposing his cock to the naked air. As he sat down, Kristina scooted forward on her knees, spreading his legs and allowing her to come head-to-head (so to speak) with his prick.

Kristina Abernathy felt how firm and powerful his manhood was as she gripped the base of his cock with her left hand. She stared mesmerized at its full 9" length, her hand just able to wrap around its thick girth. Kristina hated to admit it, but just the sight of Rob's impressive meat made her wet with desire everytime she saw it, so much more so than the sight of her husband's naked cock.

For his part, Rob was just as excited. His eyes were fixated at the sight of Mrs. Abernathy's engagement ring and wedding band sliding up and down his prick, and he felt it throb as he watched her left hand begin to stroke the base. More pre-cum appeared on the tip as he contemplated his ability to shamelessly fuck other men's wives.

Rob watched in awe as her grip tightened and she leaned forward, her glossy maroon lips forming a perfect "O" as her tongue darted out, stealing the pre-cum that had just leaked out. He closed his eyes as he felt the married, 34 year old, weather anchor wrap those gorgeous, painted, full lips around his cock. Kristina quickly took two inches of his meat in her mouth, sucking gently as her tongue grazed the underside of his shaft.

Moving one hand underneath his cock, Kristina began massaging his ball sack. Rob's cock twitched in her mouth as soft hand gently cupped each of his scrotum, feeling just how heavy and filled with cum they were. She guessed by their large size that it had been several days since Rob last emptied them, and she suspected his load today would be large and creamy.

As she fondled his balls, the blonde concentrated on taking more and more of his cock in her mouth with each bob of her head. Soon, she had almost 5 inches worked into her warm, wet oral cavity and she felt the head of his prick press against the back of her throat. Kristina's maroon lips slowly worked back down his length, until just the head rested in her mouth. Then she moved back down, sliding the meat back into her mouth. When she felt the head hit the back of her throat this time, Kristina expertly took a deep breath and relaxed her gag reflex.

Rob's eyes opened as he experienced Kristina's oral ministrations and she began to deep throat his cock. It took quite a bit of Rob's experienced willpower to hold back his orgasm as her throat muscles milked his shaft. Now that she had him in her throat, Kristina took more and more cock with each short bob of her head, until she felt her lips press against the base of his cock. Rob was amazed each and every time she deep throated his whole prick, but as he wrapped a hand in her shoulder length blond hair, he could not wait to fuck her sweet pussy.

Kristina felt his hand cup the back of her head, and she relaxed her oral grip on his cock as she felt Rob begin to slowly thrust his hips. He had slid toward the front of the chair now as he took control, gently fucking Kristina's face. He particularly enjoyed holding her head down as his entire length was jammed in her throat, her eyes staring at him with a look of intense concentration as she fought the natural urge to gag on his thick man meat.

As much as he hated to, Rob grabbed Kristina's head with both hands and pulled her off his cock. They both knew it was time to move on, as Kristina reached over to her purse laying next to the chair. He knew there was reason she had sauntered over to him with it earlier as she opened it and pulled out a condom wrapper. Rob smiled at her as she tore the wrapper removing the un-lubricated Trojan for use. Kristina placed the rubber over his cock head, and while holding the tip, rolled just a small portion down his shaft. Then to Rob's surprise and amusement, she bent down and wrapped her lips around his prick one more time and used her teeth to force the latex down his length, covering his entire erect cock.

Kristina stood up, her breasts straining against the lacy bra as she unknowingly shook them in Rob's face. She reached behind her, undoing the clasp on the bra, before shaking her shoulder to allow the straps to fall off. Rob was treated to seeing her breasts bared for him, the hard nipples standing at full attention as Kristina stripped right in front of him. As she reached for the zipper on her skirt, Rob could not resist the temptation to lean forward in his chair and grab her breasts, feeling the soft flesh.

Kristina momentarily lost concentration as he pinched her nipples, and her skirt dropped to the floor, revealing her second "surprise" for Rob. He was treated to the sight of Kristina standing before him, now dressed only in a lacy black garter belt and matching black stockings. He smiled appreciatively at her as he realized she had already removed her panties, leaving her wet but very married pussy now totally exposed.

Rob saw her juices glisten on her lips, and knew that she was ready to fuck. As his right hand manipulated her breast, Rob's left hand slowly moved down her figure, coming to rest on her mound. Kristina had shaved all but a small triangle of her naturally blond pubic hair, leaving the area around the entrance to her pussy completely bare. She moaned loudly as his palm began to grind against her shaven lips.

Kristina could not wait a second longer. She pushed Rob back into the chair, and then stepped forward. Without any delay she squatted down, feeling his condom covered shaft touch her genitalia, sending shock waves throughout her body. Rob watched her eyes close as she grabbed the base of his cock and slid down further, impaling herself.

A moan escaped Kristina's lips as she felt his thick shaft spread her open. Rob enjoyed watching his condom covered cock slowly disappear into her pussy, as Kristina slowly rocked her hips, taking more and more of him inside her. His hands found her way to Kristina's ass, and he gripped it, feeling her muscles work as she rode him.

Sweat began to form on Kristina's forehead as she increased both the depth and speed of her pussy pounding on Rob's prick. Rob watched her gorgeous tits as they bounced up and down as she rode him, his cock filling her warm pussy. Kristina's moans increased as she took more and more of his meat into her cunt.

Rob knew that Kristina would tire soon, and it was time for him to take control. He placed his hands on her hips and guided Kristina off his cock. Rob stood, and to her surprise, pushed Kristina back on her knees. She understood what he wanted as he knelt behind her, pushing her forward and bending her over the coffee table. Rob pulled her ass up and spread her legs, pressing her tits against the cold, smooth glass surface.

Kristina felt his cock slide against her lips, before he lodged the head just inside her. Rob's hands gripped her hips hard as he teased Kristina with just the tip of his manhood, slowly stroking it just inside her entrance. His grip prevented Kristina from backing onto his cock.

By Rob's count, it took almost a full minute before his tease had its desired effect and Kristina gave in.

"Damn it...fuck me...fuck me hard!" Kristina screamed in frustration as her pussy tried to grab his cock and bring it deeper.

"Like this?" Rob continued to taunt her, before he suddenly thrust his hips forward, ramming his cock deep inside her with a single, quick thrust. He felt his balls swing and strike her shaven mons. Kristina grunted loudly as she experienced the sensation of his cock slamming into her cervix. Only Rob had ever fucked her so deep.

Slowly Rob withdrew, until once again, just his head remained. He waited for Kristina to beg once again.

"Yes...fill me up...fuck me like no one else does...." Kristina moaned as she felt him thrust forward again, this time striking with two quick thrusts in rapid succession. Rob knew he had her, but it made the experience so much more powerful to tease her, to make the married women beg for his cock.

"Not even your husband?" Rob asked as he now jabbed several times deep inside her, his cock assaulting her cervix, threatening to enter womb.

"Oh god your so deep...so deep...not even my husband..." Kristina continued to moan, as Rob now began to fuck her from behind in earnest, using fast but deep thrusts. He loved hearing her sweet moans, combined with the feeling of her pussy gripping his cock as he took Kristina hard.

Nothing mattered in Kristina's world right now except the relentless pounding of Rob's prick in her cunt. Vaguely, she could hear the sounds of his balls slapping her mound and his body impacting her ass over her own moans. But as she felt her climax quickly approaching, Kristina was oblivious to the amount of juice now leaking from her sex and onto the carpet below.

Rob knew his married lover was close as he reached underneath her torso with one hand, and his other grabbed Kristina's shoulder length hair. As he pumped her deep and hard, Rob yanked hard on her hair, pulling her up off the glass tabletop arching her back. His other hand wrapped around her breasts, squeezing them hard against her chest.

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