tagErotic CouplingsProf Davis Spanks Again

Prof Davis Spanks Again


"Take him home, gentlemen," I told the mascot escorts standing next to me. "Roll him back to school, and this time watch your six!" I was referring to the last game when the mascot had almost been stolen by the rival fans when the guys had their attention on some local ladies.

I'm Professor Davis. I work at a Junior College in Texas. We offer most sports at our school and we have several traditions that go back for years. One of them is the rolling statue of our Cougar mascot. One day the administrators noticed my truck and the next thing I know I'm in charge of getting the mascot to the games.

Now for home games it's no problem at all to move the Cougar. There are 4 guys that bring out the wheeled cart, load him up, and then roll him out to the stadium. However, for away games, I have to hook up the trailer and transport him across Texas.

Junior Colleges with sports programs are never close together. If you've never believed how big Texas is, you need to come drive to an away game with me. The majority of our away games end up being overnighters in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana or Arkansas. We have played in New Mexico before, but that was before I got involved with the mascot.

Tonight, we were at home and thus, that part of my job was easy. The other part of my extra-curricular employment had me helping out with the cheerleaders and their equipment.

Now, before you start accusing me of being a perverted older man around a bunch of twenty year old college cheerleaders let me assure you that you do not need to speculate. I have, in fact, had sex with a few of them. I also spanked and nailed their cheer coach as well. But, in my defense, I have never, ever encouraged this or instigated the activity. Each time something sexual has occurred, they have come after me. Poor little old me, right?

Tonight, I didn't really have cheerleaders on my mind as we packed up. I was supposed to go back to the Journalism department and have some fun with Allison. She was the Journalism professor and we'd recently had a little fun in the darkroom lab.

I had seen her several times tonight, her camera to her face as she focused on the game. She'd been wearing wind pants and a jacket. The one time I had a chance to talk with her, she casually mentioned, "Just so you know, I'm not wearing a bra or panties under this outfit."

She had then smiled sweetly at me and gone back to photographing the game. Needless to say, I got a semi-erection and kept staring at her trying for visual proof of her being naked under her pants and jacket.

As we were loading up the poms and water bottles after the game, Allison had walked over to where we were all standing.

I saw her and smiled around the big mesh bag of poms. "Hey, Allison," I told her. "We're about done here. We just have to take care of a few things first."

The cheer coach, Kacey, walked up just then and giggled, "Yeah, tomorrow is Kelly's birthday! We have to celebrate!"

"Tomorrow is my birthday, too." I heard Allison say.

Oh no. Please don't go there. Please don't go there.

Kacey smiled brightly and innocently said, "Oh really? Well, you'll just have to come along with us and celebrate!"

Allison smiled and said, "Sure!" and holding up her camera, added, "I'll take pictures!"

Kacey looked at me and gave me a knowing smile and a wink of an eye.

An hour later, I'm sitting in the chair with college cheerleader Kelly balanced across my thighs. Her cheer skirt is flipped up and her spankies are pulled down. She's just received her third spanking from the other cheerleaders and her tight little ass cheeks are starting to turn a deeper pink on their way to red.

Allison is standing near Kacey, an amused smile on her face as she watches the spankings. I look down to watch Kelly's ass cheeks ripple from the last spanking. Her white thong is practically not there so I'm looking at her bare ass.

Kelly bravely took one from the big paddle, known as Bruiser. Then she took one for the Cougars. Hell, yes, I had a throbbing hard-on. Kelly's body heat and the fact that her bare butt was just a foot or so away from eyes had me very aroused.

Kacey, the cheer coach then stepped up and announced, "We have a very special birthday girl in the house tonight! Miss Allison from the Journalism department turns twenty-six tonight!"

The girls all cheered and ran up to hug Allison. She seemed to be enjoying the extra attention.

Kacey then said, "You know, Allison is a big part of our football games. She's taken some good photos of the games and also some wonderful pictures of the cheerleading squad. I think it's time she becomes an honorary cheerleader, don't ya'll agree?"

When the girls all agreed, Kacey told them, "Well, we just can't give her a proper cheer spanking in civilian clothes....suit her up, ladies!"

They surrounded Allison and took her to the back of the room and found a cheer uniform for her. They pushed her into the dressing room and told her to change. Meanwhile, I was left with Kelly sitting across my lap, and on my boner. Kyla walked up about then with the first-aid cream. She tossed it to me.

"Smoothly, now. Cover all of the pink and red areas." She said with a smirk. K elly squirmed a bit. "Hurry, Mr. Davis. It's really stinging."

I spent the next five minutes or so, slowly caressing a college cheerleader's bare ass cheeks with the lotion. Again, I know it sucks to be me sometimes.

Kelly did the same thing that Kyla had done to me when she got spanked. As she got up, she grazed her hand directly across my crotch and gave my cock a quick squeeze.

"That feels really good, Mr. Davis," she said softly. "...the lotion I mean."

"Of course, Kelly," I told her. "Happy Birthday."

As Kelly walked away, I stood up and adjusted my thick cock. I had barely stretched when there was a commotion from the back of the room. The girls all formed a tunnel for Allison as she came out of the dressing room. I was stunned.

Allison looked like she was a real college cheerleader. She was gorgeous. She was blushing as she walked through the tunnel of cheering girls. When she got to me, she did a little curtsy.


"Spanking time!" Kacey squealed as she ran up to us. "Back into position, professor!" She pushed me backward onto the chair again.

As Allison was being pushed to me, she whispered in Kacey's ear.

I couldn't hear what she said, but I heard Kacey say "Well, it's way too late for that now!" Then she pushed Ashley over onto my lap.

Just as I heard the girls yell, "Skirt up!" I recalled that Allison had teased me earlier by saying she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. No panties!

As the skirt went up, a collective "ohhhhhhh" came from the cheerleaders, followed by chants of, "Pussy! Pussy! Pussy!"

Allison groaned and I could feel her belly vibrate against my cock. "Can we hurry up and do this?" she asked.

No sooner had she said that when "Whack!" the first hand spanked her naked ass.

"Wow!" she yelled. "Hey, that...ummmmm!" she giggled and moaned out the last word as the second spanking hit home.

"Keep them coming, ladies!" Kacey urged them as the rain of spanking hands came down upon Allison's unprotected ass. Instead of squirming away, she seemed to be relishing in the moment, arching her ass up and welcoming the punishment.

Allison arched upward a bit and turned her head to me and in between the spankings grunted out, "This isn't... the reaction I was... expecting to have."

I flexed my cock where it was buried in her soft belly and said, "You should see what this looks like."

I could smell her excitement as her pussy was not contained at all, even with a thong like the cheerleader had been wearing.

Allison turned to find Kacey and get her attention. "Pic...tures!" she grunted out as the spanking slowed down. "Take some...pictures...with the camera!"

The flash started going off like a strobe as Kacey fired away with Allison's camera. Allison just kept squirming away in my lap.

Finally, we heard the chant for Bruiser and then Allison took a really hard whack across her buttcheeks. "Now, that one hurt." She moaned out.

"Enough!" I said. "I don't think she needs to take one for the Cougars."

"Are we done?" Allison asked from her bent over position.

Kacey said, "Yes, let's give our birthday girl a round of applause!"

All of the cheerleaders applauded as Allison stood up quickly. She grabbed my hand and said urgently, "We need to go now."

I laughed and said, "Okay, let me just get..."

"I said NOW!" she interrupted.

"Thanks, Kacey!" I said as she guided me to the hallway.

Kacey smiled and said, "Go get her, boy!" and she handed me Allison's camera as we walked passed her.

Allison pulled me out into the hallway and looked frantically around. "Do you have your master key?" she asked frustrated.

"Yeah, I have it right here," I said as I reached for my key ring on my belt loop. "Where do you need to..."

Before I could finish the statement, Allison had snatched the keys from me and said, "In here, now!" and she fumbled with the lock and opened the faculty bathroom.

She gave me a hard push through the doorway, stepped in, turned and locked the door.

"Fuck me!" she said in a deep husky voice. "Get that hard cock out and fuck me hard!"

She quickly walked over to the sink, grabbed it with both hands and flipped up the cheer skirt exposing her ass to me. "Slam it in my pussy! Hurry! I've got to have you inside me!"

I obliged the lady. In seconds I had my shorts down to my ankles and was shuffling over to her. I grabbed her hips, hunched down a bit to meet her and shoved my cock inside of her. She was so hot and wet I thought I was melting and I went balls-to-the-wall deep in one thrust.

"Unhhh!" we both moaned as I entered her.

We fucked like crazed rabbits. As I was ramming into her, I unzipped the top of the cheer uniform and pulled it from her. She sucked in air as her nipples met the cold porcelain of the sink basin. I kept thrusting.

I reached over and found the buttons to the cheer skirt and quickly removed that as well. She was totally nude in the faculty bathroom and I was fucking her harder and harder.

I was finally able to reach around and use my fingers on her clit and that did it for her. She came hard, pushing back against me and clamping her thighs shut. It forced me to back away from her clit but I made up for it by continually thrusting into her with my cock. I finally pulled out of her, slammed my dick against her ass and shot my cum across her lower back.

Allison let go of the sink and collapsed onto the cold tile floor of the faculty restroom. I was still cumming, so I just grabbed my cock and stroked it until I'd shot the rest of it onto her nude body.

There she lay, totally nude. She was half on the tile and half on the discarded cheer uniform. There was cum dripping and oozing across her breasts and stomach. She met my eyes and gently said, "Take...pictures."

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