Professional Assistance Preferred


She slid back just a bit on my lap. I continued working my tongue, adding my hands to rub. Jen's arms tightened around me suddenly, and I heard her pant and groan, and stifle what would have been a scream. She inhaled, her body tensed, and she uncorked a sound like a predatory animal; as it came out, I felt a rush in my lap; first it was warm, then quickly became wet. It spread from directly around my dick, over my right thigh. Jen had just come all over my lap! I had made her achieve orgasm? Jesus, beginner's luck...had to be.

With her come shower, my dick throbbed. Jen was now engaged in controlled shaking, pulling in stuttering breaths with her hands clamped over my shoulders. I wrapped my own arms around her, enjoying the feeling of her shaking against me. She rode the endorphins for a couple more minutes, then things subsided and she slumped into me. I let her sit there, nuzzling and kissing my neck in thanks.

"Well, another shower is in order," I said. Jen was apparently unfazed at sitting in a puddle of her sex fluids.

"What're you talking about? I just gave you one," she joked.

"And I need a clean shower to cancel out the sex shower," I said with a lopsided grin. "Up, please."

She moved off my lap without complaint. I slipped my slimy boxers off, and Jen put them with the wash. I hightailed out of the room and rounded up clean clothes. Jen was already in the bathroom and refused to leave. We ended up washing together and lending each other assistance. I soaped her back and her lovely long legs and finally, took my sweet time with her ass. She took care of her front and we rinsed and stepped out and dried. I walked back to Jen's room in just my fresh boxers. I slid into bed. Jen walked in nude and slid in beside me so I was spooning from behind. Ever the professional, she spent a couple of minutes rubbing her ass against my pelvis. My standard equipment responded again.

"Hey, playtime's over. You need to put that thing away," Jen said mockingly.

"Then stop tempting me, and teasing it," I answered with mock frustration. "It can all be blamed on you, because you are the professional," I added.

"Oh, stop," she said. She made sure my pelvis was buried behind her ample, round ass. The lights went out and we drifted off to dreamland.

Chapter three

One day gone, four to go. Both of us were up by nine a.m. I called the shop to check in with Dawn by ten. Things were fine. Jen and I sat down to breakfast of cereal and fruit. She promised eggs and the trimmings tomorrow morning. Sounded fine to me.

After eating it was time for a progress update. "So last night, in the shower before bed, you sure seemed to enjoy my ass," Jen said.

I replied, "Everything that happened in the bedroom last night and that's where you wanna start the conversation? You knew I had an ass fetish when we started. Now I get to ask a question. I did what you told me, gave your tits all kinds of attention. You're a pro, and you come all over my lap, when I haven't likely had enough experience to make a woman get off because I did what I did. What's that about?"

"I swear that wasn't planned or deliberate. I don't do a lot of conventional sexual activities with the clientele, and when I have, my physical stimuli have been very controlled. This time, with you, for whatever reason, I enjoyed what was happening and I let myself be absorbed."

"I didn't really mind, and I guess you being a professional with some humor in your personality, I should have figured you'd point a finger at me after the festivities," I said. "As for your ass, I snuck a couple of looks before the shower thing. Very Jennifer Lopez," I pointed out.

Jennifer's eyes widened. "Jennifer Lopez, you say? I didn't peg you for a sex-every-six-seconds kind of guy." She folded her arms and scowled down the table at me.

"I wasn't thinking sex every six seconds. I was thinking about your ass, every thirty or forty-five seconds," I corrected. "Besides, you got off in my lap. I gawked at your posterior. We're even," I decided.

"Oh, I see. Well excu-uuse me," came her answer.

"Beyond that, it, and everything that went with it, was very nice," I declared. She stood up, and I followed suit. Discussion concluded, I guess. She walked to the left and sat herself on the couch. I followed, intending to go by and occupy another piece of furniture. As I passed Jen, however, she demonstrated again her tendency to alter my plans. She reached out and carefully clasped my hips. She was savvy enough not to throw off my balance. She sat me next to her.

Very suddenly, her lips were at my right ear. "I like to tease," she murmured. "You realize I was just acting, certainly not mad at you. It has to be fun outside of the session too," she explained.

"I kinda figured. I thought I better keep up," I said to her. This earned a genuine laugh. Both of us proceeded to lose ourselves in reading for a while. Then Jen declared, "All right, Alan, I'm going to go take a dump." She held up her hand. "You don't have to come along yet. Not till day three. I'll let you have a look before I flush, though." With that, she left me and returned after a little more than five minutes.

"Why don't you come with me and have a look," she said, offering her hand as I stood up. I let her lead me along the hall into the throne room. We stepped in. The lid was open on the toilet. Before I looked in, I noticed a moderate rotten-egg odor was somewhat obvious, though not disturbingly strong. As I moved to look into the bowl, Jen stood behind me and looped her arms at my waist. "It smells like this fairly often. That's one of the things that everyday people are weird about when it comes to this fetish--'Ewwww, you wanna take a dump with a chick? Even if she is hot, it's gonna stink! Yuck!' "But you gotta get around it. Everybody produces odors, and everybody is somewhat aware they're not nice odors," Jen said to me.

I ventured close enough to see into the bowl. Sunk to the bottom was a dark, soft-looking mass that I figured was about eight inches long with enough diameter to let me know her anus had opened wide to get it out. "Wow. Healthy," I remarked.

Jen closed the lid and flushed. We returned to the couch and sat, and she said, "It's pretty normal for me to have pretty big turds, loafs, logs....whatever term you prefer." This was followed by a grin.

Jen turned on the TV and found an airing of one of the 'Men in Black' movies. We watched a little and she decided to swing her legs up and leave her feet in my lap. I looked down, knowing full well what she wanted. I put my hands on her bare feet and my eyes and ears on the movie. My hands started with the bottoms behind the toes and worked toward the heels. Left, then right. Then I switched to the tops of her feet, rubbing and then gently pressing with the outer palms of my hands and kneading carefully with my thumbs. All told, I spent about fifteen minutes, and Jen swung her feet to the floor. She slid her right arm around my shoulders and pulled gently. I leaned on her and let her hand slide to the base of my neck; her fingers eventually danced lightly over the right half of my face; she was not tickling me, and it didn't feel like that. I do know I was enjoying the feel of her fingers on my skin.

We took lunch just before one o'clock, finishing the movie as we ate. A while later both of us felt the need for exercise and fresh air and took a walk. Upon returning, Jen checked e-mail and I got the okay to do the same. I finished and put some tunes in my ears. I noticed that Jen took a phone call, but it apparently didn't affect the schedule we'd set, because she didn't get my attention after the call. I ended up falling asleep for an hour.

Jen had dinner ready by six-thirty. Pancakes and sausage with fruit and orange juice. I was a breakfast-anytime person, so I was happy, and gave my compliments when the meal and cleanup were done. I knocked off more of my current book. About eight Jen disappeared into her bedroom. I paid little attention and flipped channels on TV again. No dice. I clicked off. By eight-thirty I brushed my teeth and changed to sleepwear. Jen had not come out of her room. Thinking she might not be well, I walked over and knocked on the closed door.

"Come in," she invited, sounding plenty chipper. I opened and stepped in, telling her I wanted to make sure she was feeling okay. She answered that she was fine and invited me into bed. We lay on our backs, side by side, staring at the ceiling. Jen wasn't quiet for long.

"Would you be up for letting me sit on your face?" she asked. Always to the point when it was serious.

"Might as well give it a try," I answered. She turned her back, stuck her ass in my direction, and told me to slide her bottoms and panties off. "Slowly," she instructed, "so we build a little anticipation. No instant gratification allowed."

So for starters, my hands found her hips, giving a gentle rub. Then I moved to her waist, above the elastic band of her bottoms. I slid my hands in, down across the fabric of her panties, and back out. Then I juggled the fleshy parts of her ass through the the cotton fabric. I stretched the waistband again and drew it slowly down over her rounded cheeks, down just below her knees. Her panties were black and lacy, expensive-looking.

Carefully, I rubbed her entire ass through her panties. I slid them halfway down her ample posterior and ran my hands over the smooth skin. I pulled slowly, working them down to her upper thighs where her butt ended. I rubbed and fondled the lower half, hearing Jen take and release a deep breath. She reached down and slid her pajamas off, then the panties. She unceremoniously tossed them toward the floor.

Jen stretched out on her belly, then shifted positions to her knees and elbows, with her backside well off the bed. Reaching back, she took one of my arms and pulled gently. I moved so the top of my belly and the lower part of my chest rested across her butt. She looped both of my arms around her waist. I rested my chin in the middle of her back.

She held this pose for a couple of minutes, and then, like a stretching cat, flattened out so I rested atop her. She rolled onto one hip, dumping me off behind her. She made a show of moving one leg over to straddle me around the belly. Without resting her weight, she pushed herself smoothly backwards, up toward my face. From the moment she started the foreplay, my standard equipment had started to wake up. Feeling her ass slide up along my torso, my hardness completed and held.

Jen lifted herself, hoisting her buttocks higher into the air. Now directly above my face, she deftly lowered her cheeks, very slowly, closer and closer to the intended target. I fixated on the seam between her cheeks as she got just a couple of inches from touching down. With a final deliberate move, her flesh met my face and blocked everything from view.

The softness of her rump was exhilarating. The flesh pancaked out across my face. Being careful with her weight, Jen sat for what seemed like minutes, but was less than half a minute. Her body heat seeped into my face; she lifted herself, and I took ninety seconds to breathe. As she settled herself again, she rolled her ass around my face, again mindful of her position and careful not to hurt me. She allowed me another breather, then positioned herself crab-legged, arms behind her and legs to either side. She dropped just enough to let her ass touch my face, and this time, I inhaled and exhaled deeply, huffing air against her skin. Her laughter filled the room as I continued for probably two minutes.

Jen lifted off me and swung a leg over, collapsing onto the bed, apparently content. I let my hard-on settle to nothing as I lay there replaying the physical sensations in my head. God, her butt had been soft and warm; the skin wonderfully smooth. The feel of her excess flesh molding itself around my face if she moved just so. What a way to spend about ten minutes!

I asked Jen about a shower, and she gave her okay. Not that I felt dirty after having her ass on my face; I would do it now instead of in the morning. I returned clean and dry after fifteen minutes. Jen opted to shower in the morning. Though it was not overly late, the lights died and we opted for sleep, not overly near each other this time but holding hands in pleasure and contentment.

Chapter four

Day three, Monday. Both of us awoke again by nine a.m. and Jen showered and we were eating scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast and fruit a little before ten. Again things were well prepared, and tasted good. Both of us minded our teeth after the meal. Jen made her way to the bedroom doorway and turned to gaze at me; I raised eyebrows at her. She beckoned with two fingers, a suggestive pose accented by a sly smile. I made my way to her and she allowed me to step past her into the room.

She walked around and settled onto the bed, her still-wet hair drooping and framing her face as she looked at me. I joined her in the bed. As soon as I was half-adjusted, she faced me, pulled me near, and wrapped her arms, and one leg, around me. I shuddered outwardly at the warmth and closeness of her, feeling fuzziness and heat in the pit of my stomach. She noticed and suddenly gave me a funny look.

"Something the matter?" Jen asked.

"Hell no, just one of those weird sudden body movements everybody has had before," I said. "Not because you scare me or anything." She rolled her eyes and huffed at me. "Always the smart-ass," she remarked. To which I felt compelled to reply, "Let's remember who started the smart-ass contest." At this, her head fell to the pillow and she laughed.

With her still wrapped around me, I lay there, limp and completely relaxed. She stared, directly into my face, and began another after-action conversation.

"So how was the ass-powered facial?" she asked.

"The 'ass-powered facial' was fantastic," I complimented, "but don't let it go to your head." Her hand, I couldn't say which, delivered a moderate slap to my boxer-covered ass. I yelped and said, "By the way, you smell really nice."

"All right, Romeo Sarcasm, get serious for a minute. Question one: Do you feel like you're getting your money's worth to this point?"

I said: "Answer: You have rates you charge based on what a client wants and the length of a session. Those two things alone could justify what you've been paid. I have to judge for myself what the actual content is worth. Though we haven't done anything really kinky yet, my verdict is, the money is already well spent. You are definitely gorgeous. And the affection I've received to this point has been really nice. You are very, very good at that kind of thing."

"So, Question two: Do you feel like you'll be ready to have me shit for you, later today?"

"Right at this moment, I really can't say how 'ready' I am. The act may be a bit more odd than I am envisioning. Second thoughts? No. But it'll be very 'on the fly' for me while it's happening," I admitted.

Jen maneuvered so that our faces were nearly touching. Cupping the back of my head, she tilted her face and did what every drop-dead-gorgeous woman probably does well; she kissed me. She was very gentle and her very moist lips met mine very softly. With tenderness, Jen performed a wet, lengthy, force-free molestation of my mouth, inside and out. I simply did my best to adjust how far my mouth opened to keep up with whatever she was doing. Though it felt like forever, she probably worked on me for less than a minute. I did not feel deprived when it was over.

"Wow," was all I could say. Jen leaned to my ear and answered, "Trust me."

We lounged for a while longer, then ventured into the living room. We remained lazy until we decided to walk to a nearby deli about quarter to one and grab lunch. We sat at an outdoor table, took twenty minutes to eat, with ice cream for dessert, and let food settle before making the return walk.

Once back, both of us took to more reading. Jen fell asleep for about half an hour. She woke, smiled, tousled her hair, and before she said anything, I knew it was time to have one of the decidedly erotic experiences that are meant to define 'sessions' with 'professional female service providers.'

Jen walked over and opened the basement door. She said she had bath facilities down there that afforded more privacy, which made sense. I followed, nerves cranking through my stomach. Jen was going to poop on me very shortly. Probably leave a healthy dump in my lap.

At the bottom of the stairs, the basement was more or less finished and somewhat furnished. There were two doors across from the stairs, with a couch along a wall to the left. I suspected the near door was a laundry area. Jen led the way to the left corner in the wall, a few feet past and opposite the couch. She opened the door and we stepped inside.

Behind the door was a linen cabinet. On the perpendicular wall were the sink and toilet. Opposite and parallel to the door was a tub/shower combination. As she had passed the couch, Jen had grabbed a pair of ragged shorts I'd brought with me. She'd smuggled them down here without my awareness, I didn't know when. Probably during one of my journeys to the shower upstairs.

Both of us stripped off our clothes. I put the shorts on and remained shirtless. Before Jen slid her panties off, she leaned against the sink and let loose two goose-honking gas reports. The second one probably came from her toes. A very sulfurous odor hung in the air. She went over to the toilet and motioned to me. I stepped over, and she pulled me close and spoke quietly. "Go ahead and have a seat, Alan." I did. It was weird having clothing in place while sitting on the can.

Jen's nude form had me mesmerized again. With her legs to either side and her back to me, she straddled my lap. Very shortly, more gas hissed out of her. My erection was well underway. Suddenly I felt l needed to have my hands occupied.

"Ummm, I think I need somewhere to go with my hands," I said. Completely unfazed and perfectly balanced, Jen reached back, took my wrists, and clamped my hands low on her waist. She bent forward slightly, and suddenly her anus was dilating. I saw her belly move as she inhaled, pushing carefully as she exhaled. Very rapidly, a dark brown load came rolling out of her ass all at once, curling slightly just before it fell into my lap. It was accompanied by a very ripe odor.

As I had watched her anus open, I became so hard it was almost painful. As the shit came willingly out of her, growing as it touched my lap; I sucked in a breath and groaned. It wasn't due to being grossed out; it was the behavior of my dick. It throbbed as her delivery landed full in my lap.

Jen turned at hearing my vocalizations. Her face registered concern. She stepped to one side of the toilet and squatted to look into my face. "Too much, Alan? Let me know, hon...."

"Not too much," I said. "I have one helluva hard-on. Damn," I panted. Jen laughed suddenly, leaning to kiss my forehead. She stepped around to the front again and resumed her position. She had barely settled herself before a stream shot from between her legs. It hit on my thighs, just above the knee. It was warm and wet, drumming the fabric of my shorts and getting me soaked. Most of the excess drained into the toilet thanks to Jen's positioning.

"Fuck," she moaned, "that was way overdue."

"Thank you for saving it for me, though," I said in appreciation of her fine effort. She had probably pissed a wicked stream for a good ten seconds.

The load in my lap was more than six inches long, somewhat soft, kind of looping back toward itself. And I had thoroughly wet shorts. Jen wiped, first the pussy, then more TP to get her ass clean. Remaining naked, she went below the bathroom sink and came up with a pair of rubber cleaning gloves, pulling nearly to her elbows.

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