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Professional Videographer


David and Amy

I got into television about 30 years ago and became quite good at what I do. I have progressed up the ladder well enough to become a producer and editor but I don't have to do my own shooting anymore, but I can still shoot. Just choose not to, most of the time.

I have been married as long as I've been a producer. I love my wife and I have never cheated in her. Physically. There's a part of me, though, that has always wondered what another woman feels like, tastes like, but while I've come close a few times, I never have done anything. But through the years, there's been a side of me that I have managed to keep hidden, for the most part. I love beautiful woman, and I like to look. I like to watch.

Yes, I am a voyeur. I like to watch porn and I'm especially drawn to real people...having fun. I've often thought what it must be like to be the videographer shooting those wonderful intimate moments.

Yes, I can still shoot and have often thought about trying to find someone who would like me to shoot them while they...make love...ok, fuck. I just never found the opportunity.

I watched on Craigslist for quite a while, even answering a few ads that said they wanted someone to videotape them. Most wanted a woman to shoot them, but a few answered my email, but it seemed that when they found out my age, they weren't interested. I guess they wanted a hunk that might join them. I knew I wouldn't do that...maybe touch, lol.

So I decided to place my own ad on Craigslist. I emphasized that I was a professional, discrete, and I also told them that I was....older.

I am a professional videographer offering my services for filming of your intimate moments. I am very professional and very experienced (older). I am also very good at helping you to relax and enjoy the experience. Discrete and I expect you to be also. Must be available during the day, weekdays.

If still interested, please contact me and let's begin the process.

I posted it and waited. I got the normal spam that you get on Craigslist, but finally I got a bite. It was from a woman who was into an...alternate lifestyle and posted some of her videos on a website. VERY poorly done.

I went and shot but she was as big as a house and the guy she was fucking was dressed in drag. It was NOT an erotic experience. Well, she DID squirt when she masturbated, but....um...no! I quickly edited the tape down and gave her some files she could upload. She was very pleased and wanted me back, but I wasn't interested.

I posted my ad a few more times without success. But then I got an email from David:

Hi we are a young married couple looking to spice things up and we think your just what we are looking for. Please contact us at 555-1234 at your earliest convenience

Hmmm...I wonder if this one would turn into something. I called him and he told me they were both 28, had been married for a while, had two kids, and he emphasized that they weren't perfect. I told him that didn't matter. This was for them (yeah me too, but I didn't say that). He didn't change his mind when I told him my age, so I thought...hmmmm....maybe.

They were looking at having a threesome for the first time soon and he asked if I thought that might be good to shoot. Since I had seen a lot of people really shut down when they got on camera, I told him I thought it might be better to do just the two of them first. They would be most comfortable and experienced with each other.

So we exchanged a few emails as he talked to her about it, and we set a date, a Friday afternoon. He told me that she was a little uncomfortable about her body, that she's put on some weight over the years, having two kids along the way. I said that was fine.

He didn't think she would get totally naked because she was uncomfortable with her belly. I told him that I would make them both very comfortable and we'd see where it went.

As the day approached, he informed me that he was going to surprise her. That they were planning a weekend away and that he would introduce me as a friend from work that he's known all his life. I was uncomfortable with it being a surprise. I could just see her freaking out and insisting I leave. Just my luck.

The day came. I was very nervous. I got to the hotel early. I was to text him when I got there and we would coordinate when I would "arrive on the scene."

But wouldn't you know it. We were in an area that didn't have great cell coverage. He never answered my texts and I got even more nervous. More so when a cop cruised slowly by, eyeing me. I knew what we were planning to do wasn't illegal, but apparently the hotel didn't like me sitting there.

I got even more nervous. You know how it is. Am I being set up? I started to drive out and texted David that I was leaving. All of a sudden David got all my messages in one bunch. Dang cell coverage!!

He quickly texted back and came out to meet me. I drove back and we talked and I realized my fears were all just in my head. We were going to do this!

As we walked to the room he told me that she was ready. He couldn't resist telling her and she was excited. I was relieved.

As we came in the door, Amy was laying on the bed in a red nightie. We had the normal embarrassing introductions. I did my best to turn on my charm, if I have any, and we began to relax.

I told them to ignore the camera but I would be moving around them, getting different angles. I told them I might get very close to get very intimate shots. They giggled.

I got my camera ready. The room was kind of dark and I was worried that we wouldn't get anything good. But the camera was a professional digital job and it didn't look too bad.

OK, time to start. Whew. Amy was reclined on the bed and David climbed on the bed from the foot of the bed, took her in his arms and they began kissing. Very quickly the both started breathing heavy. They seemed to forget about the camera. Good sign.

David kissed down her throat, over her covered boobs, kissing her nipples through her nightie. Amy threw her head back, closed her eyes and moaned.

Quickly David uncovered her boob and began licking and biting her nipples. She was already writhing on the bed, humping her pussy against his belly. David had said that she gets very horny and he didn't think she would have a problem letting go. Apparently he was right.

David lifted the bottom of her nightie and kissed down her belly. She watched him as he got closer to her pussy. As he kissed down her panties, she opened her legs wider, giving him better access.

She closed her eyes and moaned. I was shooting between his head on her pussy and her face. She was really liking what he was doing. Her face was showing her ecstasy.

In a minute he lifted himself and grabbed her panties. She lifted up her ass to help him take off her panties. No embarrassment there at all.

He began licking her pussy and she ran her hands through his hair. His hands when under her ass and I could see him squeezing her ass cheeks as he ran his tongue up and down her pussy lips. The lighting wasn't very good there so I concentrated on her face and her body undulating. She was really enjoying what he was doing. In just a very short time she came for the first time. He kept at it and she quickly came again. David had told me that she cums easily. He was right.

After her second orgasm she tapped him on the head and he stood up. One thing about a married couple is they know what each other wants without much communication.

She scooted to the edge of the bed and began unbuckling his jeans. In a minute she had his pants down and his cock out. She was devouring it. He was already very hard. Nice cock. Not that I'm an expert at cocks but it seemed to be a good size. I didn't take the time to measure it. I'm sure Amy likes it.

He certainly was liking what she was doing. Again, without words she led him to lay down on the bed. She got on the other side and really began to suck his cock, her ass high in the air.

I needed to get a good shot of her ass in that position so I walked around behind her. Hey! I'm a guy! I was here to watch HER!!! What a nice ass! With her pussy lips peeking through her slightly parted legs.

I got my shot and came around the bed to concentrate on her blow job. This view was better than when he was licking her pussy. Much better lighting. I went back and forth between his cock and his face. He was enjoying this!

In a bit she started to mount him. I ever so quietly whispered, "take it off". She did not hesitate. She untied her nightie and threw it on the floor. David was wrong. She didn't have any problem getting naked.

She climbed on top of him, got up on one knee and aimed his cock to her pussy opening and slowly lowered herself on him. She moaned. He moaned. She bottomed out and leaned forward. He started to massage her boobs. She threw her head back and began to fuck him. Up and down, up and down.

I got behind her. I HAD to get the shot of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. The image was magnificent. I was getting hard.

I wanted to stay back there, but I was a professional and I needed to get the whole scene, lol. I got a distance from the bed so I could see their entire bodies and slowly walked in tighter, moving the camera over his body to a very close shot of their joining. His cock was so wet.

I slowly tilted up, past her tits, to her face. She was beginning to whimper. Her head was back, she was really breathing hard, and I watched as she came again. It was an awesome shot, watching her cum.

They fucked for a while changing positions a number of times. Him fucking her from behind, fucking her in missionary position. I made sure I got good shots of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She came a few more times. I wish I had been counting.

Then she whispered, "let's try standing up." They both stood up and she turned to the wall, still standing on the bed and leaned into the wall. It was a great sight. Her tits lightly hanging, her ass so nice and round. A beautiful sight.

David moved behind her and she spread her legs and he slid his cock into her. I was great watching them fuck, his hands massaging her tits, her reaching back and them kissing. Nothing like a married couple fucking. Comfortable. This was real.

In a bit they needed a break. At this point there was no embarrassment. They just both laid there and we talked as they recovered, her hand slowly stroking his cock.

We seemed to hit it off. They were having the time of their lives. I was too.

In a bit they got back to fucking, many positions, many great views. In a little bit she started blowing him again, him standing by the bed, her sucking him hard. This time it was his turn to cum. She worked him over real good. I got some real good shots of each of their faces. She sucked his balls, licked up and down his shaft, licked the head. And in a bit he grunted and came all over her face. What a sight!!

I got some good shots of her walking to the bathroom, her naked ass swaying as she got something to clean herself up.

He collapsed in the chair, and she laid down on the bed on her stomach. I continued to shoot...her. She looked so sexy. As I went around her backside she opened her legs so I could see her pussy between her legs. She was really into showing off her body.

But he was through. He had told me that they had fucked before I came so I wouldn't cum too quickly. Too bad. I would have loved to watch them fuck some more.

I asked her if she would masturbate for me. With no hesitation she leaned back, spread her legs and masturbated to her last orgasm. I got some great shots. Close-ups of her pussy and her fingers pleasuring herself. A slight movement up her body, over her tits to her face as she concentrated on getting off one more time. I made sure my last shot was of her fingers in her pussy also getting her face as she came.

We were through. I packed up and David walked me back to my truck. He felt comfortable enough with me to allow me to take the tape with me so I could edit it into a DVD. I was surprised, but he said he felt he could trust me.

I took me a couple of days to get around to editing their piece. I was having computer problems and then I had a two day shoot out of town. He contacted me about five days later asking how I was doing. He said they were excited to see it.

I think they were a little worried that I would do something else with the tape. That was never my intention. I really had no desire to do anything but watch and get them a DVD. Then I had to erase all the footage. I couldn't take the chance of anyone seeing this footage. I had a reputation to uphold, lol.

If finally got the footage edited and got them a DVD. They were tickled. David said they fucked each other's brains out while they watched it. Dang, wish I had been there!

But they want to do it again! Cool!

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