tagBDSMProfessional Wife Trainer Ch. 02

Professional Wife Trainer Ch. 02


Author's note: If you like this story, please comment. If you don't like this story, also comment and tell me why. I also recommend that you read chapter 1 of our adventures with Rick before reading this story.


The next morning, I drove up to Rick's house. My wife, Barbara, answered the door. She wore the same black evening dress she had arrived in yesterday. I could not help but notice that she was also sporting a new leather collar. The collar had her name etched into it. She was smiling radiantly as she greeted me: "Come in," she said, "we are going to have so much fun. I can hardly wait." With that, she promptly turned around, and walked back inside the house.

I stepped into Rick's house and closed the door behind me. My wife ran up to him , and he placed his arm around her shoulder. He extended his other arm and welcomed me with some small talk: "Good morning mate, how was your drive?"

As Rick shook my hand, his other hand was slowly teasing the fabric on my wife's cleavage. She looked up at his neck and started sniffing him sensually. "You probably want to see the results of yesterday's training session." He said as he slowly rolled down my wife's top.

Embarrassed, Barbara stared down at her cleavage as Rick gradually exposed her tits. As he continued making small talk, he casually began to fondle my wife's nipples. She looked down at his fingers which were slowly milking her, and started twerking her pelvis involuntarily. She ground her thighs together as she moaned softly. My wife looked back up at Rick, who paid her no attention. He was busy talking to me. She closed her eyes, and leaned into him. She then reached down, and started rubbing her pussy through her dress. She traced her pussy lips through the dress, her motion in sync with Rick's sensual mauling of her breasts. He squeezed her left breast causing milk to trickle down her stomach and onto her fancy evening dress. She didn't seem to mind. She had her eyes closed and was trying to get herself off.

"Barbara, are you ready to give your ass to your husband?" Rick inquired. There was no answer. She was too busy pressing her hand to her clit by humping Rick's thigh as he played with her exposed tits. Her moaning was getting louder... You could tell she hadn't listened to a word he had said.

"Barbara!" Rick snapped as he pulled hard on her nipple. She shivered with pain and abruptly opened her eyes. She glared at him with obvious humiliation, but kept on grinding her pussy into his thigh nonetheless. "Are you ready to give him your ass?" Rick repeated impatiently.

"Yes Rick." she answered as she slid her cunt down his leg. She dropped down on all fours, and lifted the back of her dress. She lowered her head and placed her left cheek on the floor. She then presented her ass high in the air. This caused her butt cheeks to spread open, and exposed her anus to both myself and Rick. My jaw dropped in amazement. This was the first time I had seen her anus like that. I was rock hard and ready to fuck her.

"Hurry up dear," she begged, "I need you in my ass... Now." She was hypnotically wriggling her ass from side to side. The last time I touched her anus she slapped hand away, ending our love making session abruptly in anger. And now, here she was offering her ass to me, as if it was the main course at a fancy restaurant.

Before I could do anything, Rick spanked her. Hard. He pulled her up to her knees by her new collar. "Barbara!" Rick raised his voice, "Where are your manners? If you want to ask this man to fuck your ass, you have get him hard first."

"... Really... There's no need for that ... " I mumbled as I fumbled to unzip my pants.

"No." said Rick, "She has to learn to take care of her man."

"Rick is right honey." she nodded at Rick from below (she was kneeling before us). Her exposed tits hung over of her black dress. Her nipples were hard, and milk was gushing out of them. She was so deeply aroused that I could swear that her nipples were pulsating.

"Let me blow you first, dear. That way you'll be hard enough to fuck me in the ass." She said as she pulled my cock out. She held it under her nose started sniffing it as if it was an old bottle of red wine. Barbara then opened wide, and sucked me into her mouth, deep-throating me as if she was a porn star.

I was seriously horny from all the anticipation, and I could not wait to fuck my wife up the ass. I had waited for this moment since the day we had met, and now it was finally going to happen. I stared down at my wife. She was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. She looked right back up at me with lust. She was begging me to take her ass. I could not believe it.

"It was a real challenge to train your wife to give you her ass." Rick interrupted our moment. He was casually conversing with me, ignoring the fact that my wife was kneeling half naked between us and giving me a glorious blow-job. I guess that as a professional, he is probably used to these situations. He reached out, gently stroking my wife's hair, and then proceeded to tweak her nipples. She didn't seem to mind. Her response was to start blowing my cock even harder, licking my balls in the process. "She was very inhibited about the idea of anal sex." Rick continued, "She was afraid it would hurt, and that she wouldn't enjoy it."

My wife nodded in embarrassment and spread her hands at shoulder height as if to confirm her naivety. It was strange, but I was getting aroused by this surreal situation. Here I was debating my wife's sexuality with a stranger while she knelt before us bobbing up and down on my cock. All this as he casually milked her tits with his fingers. I could not have imagined her in this situation before today.

"How did you convince her then?" I asked, reveling in my newfound status as her master. I was really feeling like an "alpha": Casually being blown by my beautiful wife as I spoke to my new colleague. I reached down, and forced her mouth further down my cock, touching the back of her throat with my cock head. She gagged, but she did not protest. If anything, she started blowing my cock even harder. I could really get used to this.

"I had to prove to your wife that it could be more stimulating then getting fucked in the pussy." Rick replied.

"Yes honey," she pulled my cock out of her mouth as she continued stroking it with her hands. "I had no idea it could be so intense."

"Wait a minute." I asked hesitantly, "You let Rick fuck you in the ass?"

"Rick said that if I could enjoy his giant cock up my ass, I could handle anything. It turned out he was right. I had never felt so full in my life. I'm dying to try it with another cock, now that I've had Rick's huge rod. You can be my first normal penis."

Rick winked at me and said: "It's going to be easier, now that I've stretched her out for you. You can have her ass anytime you like." Barbara smiled up at us and nodded in agreement.

I was horrified. I was just getting used to the fact that my wife had blown Rick in front of me. And that she was happy to let him cum all over her face. I was still suppressing the fact that Rick had fucked her alone yesterday after I left. But now I had become the only man in the room who had never been in my wife's ass!

I was overcome by envy and rage. Random images started flooding my mind: Barbara was in the doggy-style position with Rick's huge rod impaling her anus. She looked back at him, over her shoulder, as he rode her like a prize mare. He had his hands under her tits and was milking her to the rhythm of his thrusts. Jets of milk came spraying out of her tits every time he thrust his cock into her ass. Overwhelmed by the intense ass fucking, she lowered her head and rested it on the floor. The only thing she could do was moan, as Rick grinned from behind, and continued assaulting her sphincter. She closed her eyes as she dug her fingernails into the carpet. She was becoming putty in his hands.

As i imagined this scene, my anger gave way to lust. I suddenly snapped back to reality as I realized that my wife was still kneeling before me and stroking my cock. The fact that she was on her knees, unashamedly tugging on my cock in Rick's presence, sent me over the edge. I tried to stop her before she made me cum, but I couldn't voice anything intelligible.

I started blowing my load. My wife had unknowingly pointed my cock right at her face. The first glob of jizz landed smack on her nose. And I was ready to shoot another one all over her tits. I wanted to cum all over her, just like Rick had done yesterday.

But before I could relieve my pulsating cock, Rick slapped Barbara's hands away from my excited member. I desperately wanted her to finish the job. I could feel my dick ready to explode. Please, don't stop...

"Shame on you, Barbara, look what you've done!" Rick exclaimed as we both stared back at him, flabbergasted. "You were not supposed to make him cum. You just needed to get him hard enough to penetrate your anus."

"I'm sorry Rick." She hung her head in shame.

"Perhaps not all is lost," said he, as he gently ran his fingers through her hair. She lifted her gaze, and looked up at him, seeking his approval. "You did not finish him off. Look, he is still semi-erect."

"Oh goody!", Barbara squealed in excitement. She quickly resumed the doggy-style position, and pointed her ass at my cock. "I need you honey, please fuck my ass!"

I was still horny as ever, but my dick was still slightly desensitized from being stopped in mid orgasm. I knelt down behind my wife and placed my cock on her waiting butt crack. I slowly began to rub my cock head against her anus. "Stick it in my ass." my wife hissed in anticipation.

"Here buddy, take this." Rick handed me a bottle of lube. I applied some to my finger, and hesitantly placed it at the entrance to my wife's anus. I wanted to be gentle, but she immediately started to back her ass onto my finger. Her anus had devoured my finger and swallowed it into her inviting depths.

"Ooohhh... Honey... That feels so good..." she sighed as her body melted around my finger. She slowly started rocking back and forth, her anus sucking my finger deeper into her bowels. "I need more." she groaned, and intensified her rocking motion. To keep from falling over, I tried to push my hand away with my remaining fingers, but my wife's hungry buttocks just sucked them all in. I was now fisting my wife's ass from behind. She was rocking back and forth completely impaled on my arm. Her anus kept sucking my arm in, deeper and deeper. She was pulling my entire body in unison with her grinding. "Mmmmhhh..." She moaned, as she rocked her ass back and forth on my arm.

"So what do you think?" Rick smiled at us from above. He was obviously proud of his work. "Are you ready to fuck her?" I looked down at my wife. She was lost in her own private world. She was on all fours, swaying back and forth, with my entire fist buried deep in her ass. She started "meowing" like a kitten, and proceeded to lick the carpet with her tongue. I had never seen her this out of control. Rick grabbed my shoulder and helped me pull my hand out of her ass. Her rectum made a loud farting noise as I managed to pull my hand out.

Both Barbara and I were ready now. I placed my cock at her entrance and tried to push it in. My wife looked back at me and said, "Fuck my ass dear. Fuck it good and hard!" But I could not penetrate her. I was still a bit soft from cumming on her face. I stuck my dick in her pussy, to try get it harder. My wife moaned softly and begged: "Please dear, I need your cock in my ass now." She lowered her chest to the floor, and spread her ass wide open with her hands. I could not refuse such an invitation. I took my cock out of her pussy, and slowly began to penetrate her anus.

The feeling was tremendous. What a rush! Just yesterday she had proclaimed that I would never touch her ass, and now I could feel her anus was softly engulfing my cock. Her ass was warm and velvety. It was much tighter than her pussy. In fact, it was a bit too tight. I could feel it squeezing the blood out of my cock as I suddenly went limp and popped out of her ass. I fell back and sat on the floor in frustration.

"Oh no you don't!" cried my wife, as she sprang back to her feet. "I was just about to cum! If you're not hard enough to fuck me in the ass, we're going to have to finish this in my pussy." She was clearly annoyed, and hungry for satisfaction. She pushed me down, so that I was laying on my back, and quickly mounted my cock.

Barbara was taking charge of the situation, as she started bouncing up and down on my cock. It felt wonderful. I thought I would cum again right there and then. But... looking up at her face, there was something wrong. My wife seemed rather disappointed. "It doesn't feel right," she whined. She grabbed my cock and tried readjusting it's penetration angle. But alas, I could tell that she wasn't finding her mojo.

"This isn't fair." She pouted as she road me. "I waited all morning have your cock in my special hole. But now I have to settle for a vanilla pussy fucking."

"I'm sorry honey," I replied in shame, "I'm just not hard enough."

She continued to ride my cock desperately trying to get herself off. But instead of screaming in ecstasy she only sighed in disappointment. I was beginning to feel turned off by the entire situation. "Honey," she sighed, "I really need a cock in my ass again. I'm sorry, I just can't wait any longer." She turned to Rick who was standing above us.

Still riding me, my wife reached out and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his flaccid cock and started licking it up and down. She was so concentrated on the task at hand that she had stopped fucking my cock. Here I was buried balls deep in my wife's pussy, aching to cum, while she was completely focused on getting Rick hard.

As Rick became hard, his cock inflated to it's full magnificent size. It was 12 inches long, and as wide as my wrist. I honestly couldn't imagine how Barbara could handle something like that inside her, let alone in her ass.

"Please Rick, I need you!" She exclaimed as she pulled him by his cock towards her backside.

"You don't mind, do you mate?" Rick looked at me for approval.

I was lying on my back with my wife sitting on my cock. Rick was standing behind her. He was stroking his monster erection in one hand, and fingering my wife's ass with his other. I was speechless. I guess he took my lack of response as confirmation, because he knelt behind my wife and slowly tried to insert his cock into her ass.

"It won't fit!" cried my wife.

"Quiet Barbara." answered Rick. "I need you to lie down flat on your stomach so that you can open your ass to me." He placed a firm hand on her back, and pushed her down onto my chest. This caused her breasts to squeeze into my chest. I could feel her nipples protruding into my flesh. Rick pushed her down harder, squeezing her tits into me in the process. The pressure had her oozing milk all over my body. I grabbed one of her tits and started sucking on it hungrily. Barbara moaned in approval.

Now that she was lying flat on her stomach, Rick seemed content to try again. He spread her cheeks, and slowly inserted his cock into her ass. I could feel the pressure building inside her pussy, as his cock filled her up from behind.

"Oh god... I never imagined I could feel so full of cock." said Barbra. "Fuck me Rick! Fuck my ass!"

"As you wish Barb." Rick started thrusting.

"Now Rick! I need you!" Barbara looked back at him.

Rick drew his hips, and thrust back hard into my wife's ass. She was pushed forward by his powerful motion, and his cock almost popped out of her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto his cock. He then picked up his pace, causing her tiny body to flail to his aggressive motion. Her eyes were rolled back, and she was screaming in pleasure, moving about like a mad woman.

"Stay put!" he said, "I don't want tear your ass apart." He pressed his hand back into her back, and pushed her down into me again. My wife hugged me tight and dug her fingernails into my back. She was moaning like an animal. "Fuck me Rick! Make me cum."

As Rick ravaged her ass, her body slid back and forth on my chest. The motion was lubricated by her breast milk. More of which was being steadily squeezed out of her tits. Rick was squeezing her like sponge sandwiched between us.

Rick pushed Barbara's entire body back and forth as if her ass was fused to his cock. Her pussy slid up and down my cock in unison with their motion. The log lodged in her ass made her pussy much tighter. It felt like I was fucking virgin.

I thrust my hips, savagely answering Rick's movements. My wife was delirious. She was being thrust back and forth like a piston. I was ready to cum. And cum I did! Endlessly spraying my seed deep into my wife's pussy, as Rick pressed her back into me. It seemed to go on forever. I hadn't come like that in my life. My cock slowly shriveled back to it's normal size and retracted from her pussy.

I was done, but Barbara and Rick were still hard at it. Barbara was screaming for more as Rick pounded her from behind. She did not seem to notice that I had just cum in her pussy. She kept hanging on to me digging her fingernails deeper into my back.

I slowly pried myself free from her hold, and placed her hands on floor beside her. Rick noticed my obvious lack of comfort, so he pulled her up by the hair and lifted her body from mine. She was still panting and screamed at Rick "Don't you dare stop! I need this! Keep fucking my ass." Rick grabbed her tits from behind, and bent her over to the Sofa. "Oh... Yes... Like that Rick..." she exclaimed as she started fingering her clit.

"You have a very special wife," Rick grinned at me as he continued fuck my wife's ass from behind. "Not many women can take it like this. She is a real pro! Why don't you go and freshen up?" he suggested and gestured me to the toilet. He then looked down at his cock, buried in my wife's ass. He smiled to himself, and spanked her apple shaped cheeks.

I really needed to pee. I got up to go to the toilet. As I closed the door behind me, I couldn't help but hearing the loud smacking noises as Rick thrust deeper into my wife's ass.

"Yes Rick! Don't ever Stop! I love you!" I could hear Barb screaming as he made her cum again and again. I felt left out, and did not want to interrupt them. I decided to wait in the toilet until they quiet down. However 30 minutes had passed, and they were still at it. I decided to go back into the living room.

To my surprise I found my wife was crawling on the floor with Rick still embedded deep in her ass. He had now connected a metal leash to her collar. He was using it like a rein as he slammed his cock deeper and harder into my wife's ass. "Sit down!" he commanded, and gestured me to sit on a chair in front of them. He threw me the metal chain and said. "Pull her mouth to your cock. Cum in her mouth."

I gently pulled on the leash. Slowly pulling my wife towards me. I didn't want to pull too hard. I didn't want to hurt her. In the mean time Rick stayed glued to her ass, thrusting his cock in and out of her anus. "Are you OK, Honey?" I asked my wife. I was worried that this might be a bit too much.

"Oh yes dear, never better... I never thought I could cum so hard." she murmured as she slowly crawled towards my cock. I pulled her leash harder. Rick kept up with her pace, not letting her get away from his angry pounding.

My wife slowly raised her face to my lap. She looked back at Rick, who was still pumping her ass, and smiled. She lowered her mouth onto my cock and started sucking it again. It became hard in no time. Rick winked at me and raised his thumb in approval. "What do you think man, did I tame her or what?" he held out his hand and gave me a high five. He then made a nipple twisting motion in the air with his hands, signifying to me that I should be playing with my wife's tits.

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