tagBDSMProfessional Wife Trainer Ch. 03

Professional Wife Trainer Ch. 03


Author's note: If you like this story, please comment. If you don't like this story, also comment and tell me why. As usual, I tried to cut down on the intro to get to the action as fast as possible. I also recommend that you read the previous chapters of our adventures with Rick before reading this story.


Two months had passed since our passionate night at Rick's. My wife Barb and I were about to enter our favorite restaurant for a nice dinner with our friends Jennifer and Gus. My wife, Barbara, looked ravishing in her low cut black dress. Ever since her night with Rick, she had started to dress in a very sexy manner. She was turning heads wherever we went. As Gus held the door open for us, I noticed him stealing a glance into my wife's cleavage.

Upon entering the restaurant, Barbara unexpectedly noticed our "friend" Rick sitting alone at a large table. She waved to him enthusiastically and he offered us to join his table. Barbara almost ran to his table and immediately sat down beside him like an excited puppy. I walked up to them and sat next to her, while Gus and Jenny sat down across the table from the three of us. As we introduced Gus and Jenny to Rick, I noticed my wife was writhing in her seat. I looked down, and saw that she had pulled Ricks hand up into her dress, and he was now casually rubbing her pussy under the table. Her face was flushed, but I don't think Jenny or Gus had noticed that anything unusual was going on. Jennifer was too busy checking Rick out. She was eating him up with her eyes, studying his muscular body, as it bulged through his designer shirt. As the introductions progressed, Gus eventually asked Rick what he does for a living.

"I train wives professionally." Rick answered with a straight face.

Jennifer raised an eyebrow as she was intrigued by this last statement.

My wife spread her legs further and let out a sigh, as Rick moved her panties aside and was now directly fingering her clit.

"She should try to keep her voice down before Jenn and Gus notice." I thought to myself.

"So are you like a fitness trainer or something?" Jenn asked naively?

"No, I train women to fulfill their men's sexual needs" said Rick matter of factually.

"How does that work?" Gus was intrigued "Are you you a therapist of some sort?"

"I guess you could call it that." Answered Rick, as he inserted another finger into my wife's pussy under the table. Barbara slowly began to gyrate her hips.

"Why would couples need help from you to fulfill their fantasies?" asked Jenn.

"Let's take you two for example" answered Rick as he stared intently at Gus. "What are your secret fantasies? Gus, what are those fantasies that you have never had the courage to share with your wife?"

Jeniffer blushed. She started playing with the pendant on her necklace. I could tell that she was getting excited by the unexpected sexual turn that this conversation was taking.

"I am not going to discuss that with you." said Gus.

"But have you ever discussed it with your wife?" Rick asked in a serious voice.

"Lighten up honey" said Jenn, "I'd really like to know. This is really hot" as she took her husband's hand and gave him a naughty look and a kiss.

My wife used this distraction to drop to her knees below the table. She unzipped Rick's pants, and reached for his cock.

Jenn and Gus, who were staring at each other, were so engrossed in this tense topic, that they hadn't noticed that Barbara had "left" the table. After whispering nervously back and forth between them, Gus turned back to Rick and chuckled: "OK, this is sort of cheesy, but I'd really like to see my wife make out with another woman.".

Jennifer giggled so hard in response, that she had to stop and catch her breath.

Meanwhile Barbara was under the table, sniffing Rick's cock like a hungry puppy. Looking at it, I had forgotten just how big it was. Barbara placed it on her lips and started kissing it gently. Rick stealthily inserted a hand into her cleavage and started milking her tits. I was both aroused and extremely embarrassed. What if someone saw her like this? What if Gus would notice my wife unashamedly playing with this stranger's cock under the table.

"Would you ever consider doing that for your husband?" Would you make love to a woman?" Rick asked Gus's wife as he stared into her eyes.

"Not really... No. I am turned on by other things." Jeniffer hesitated as she stared intently at Rick. Unashamedly checking out his muscular physique.

"Do you understand Gus?" said Rick, "This is where I come in. Would you be willing to pay me $500 to get your wife to sleep with another woman?" Under the table, Rick nonchalantly pulled my wife by her exposed nipples closer to his cock. She inserted his cock in between her breasts and started tit fucking it discretely.

"Without giving it a second thought". Gus smiled, as he obviously thought Rick was joking.

Barbara was now slowly squeezing milk out of her nipples to better lubricate the tit fucking she was giving Rick's cock.

Rick turned to me and said: "I need to use your wife for this. Join us at my place in around 2 hours."

I threw a quick glance beneath the table. My wife was still worshiping Ricks giant cock. She seemed completely oblivious to the conversation we were having up above.

Shifting my gaze back to to table, Jennifer was both excited and speechless. I think she still thought that this was all just an amusing joke. Rick took Jen's hand and started tracing the length of her arm gently with his fingers. He gazed into her eyes while he continued talking to her husband. He was making small talk with them, as he flirted with them about their fantasies.

Meanwhile, my wife's blow job got more and more passionate under the table, her slurping noises were becoming more audible. I was flabbergasted as Gus briefly peaked under the table and suddenly noticed where my wife had gone. He raised his eyebrows and dropped his jaw in complete awe, as he realized what was happening right under his nose.

Up above the table, Jennifer was completely oblivious to this. She was lost in conversation with Rick, who was now gently stroking her arm with his fingers.

Gus was still staring at my wife as she pulled Ricks cock out of her mouth, and pointed it at her tits. Rick started spurting gobs of hot cum all over her. She then took the tip of his cock around and started tracing it in circles around her nipples. Slowly covering herself in his sticky cum.

All this time, Rick kept his composure. He was still making small talk with Jennifer. It's as if he was made of stone! He was in total control of the situation. I got up without saying a word and left for my car. I was rock hard thinking about the fun we were going to have at Rick's house. I had always wanted to see my wife with another woman.


Precisely two hours later I parked my car in Rick's driveway. I had a massive erection fantasizing about what I would see after this long wait was over. I knocked on the door and I could clearly hear my wife moaning in ecstasy as I waited for someone to open it and let me in. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Rick opened the door and shook my hand. "Thanks for letting me use your wife, mate. She has made this a lot easier".

I acknowledged him with a smile, and started walking towards the moans coming from the living room. I could hardly wait to see what Jenn and Barbara where doing to each other. As I started passing through the door I saw Jennifer sitting on the couch and writhing in pleasure. She was completely naked. She was only wearing her necklace, the pendant of which was resting comfortably between her soft tits. She was staring down at her lap and smiling at someone. My my, her body was even more beautiful than what I had imagined in my fantasies!

I took another step and saw who she was smiling at: My wife was down there, standing on all fours, frantically licking out Jenn's pussy. They were both lost in the moment. Barbara's ample tits were hanging below her body, milk slowly trickling over her nipples. I was so hard that my erection almost tore a hole through my pants! I was ready to join the fun! I was ready to fuck Barbara from behind as she licked out my buddy's wife. My wife was so turned on that she was already swaying her hips back and forth. I took another step into the room, and then I realized why her body was moving like that: Gus was kneeling behind my wife, slowly fucking her from behind.

What is the meaning of this? How did Barbara ever agree to this? It was one thing, that she let Rick have her! That was part of her training. But Gus? She never really liked Gus. She had always tolerated him as Jenny's husband, but she had always thought that he was rather obnoxious. This was getting out of hand.

"Hey Buddy," Gus noticed I had entered the room, "Thanks for this. It's really amazing!". He high fived me as he continued to pound my wife from behind. "I never knew that Barbara was such a slut." he said as lowered his hand to my wife's ass and spanked her hard.

"Yes, thanks for introducing us to Rick". Jeniffer added. She stroked my wife's head, as Barbara enthusiastically tended to Jenn's pussy with her tongue.

"This is for you", Rick interrupted the moment as he handed me 250$ in cash. "Gus really wanted to fuck his wife's ass. But Jennifer wouldn't have it. So, I offered them your wife's ass instead."

And that's when it hit me! Gus wasn't simply fucking my wife from behind. He was fucking her up the ass! And Barbara gave it to him. I didn't know what to do.

"Rick..." moaned Jen. "I want to feel your giant cock inside me again." She said as she got up and walked over to Rick.

"Suck it first baby," He said as he pulled out his cock.

"No fair!" cried my wife as she was being pounded from behind. "I need something to lick too!"

I quickly took Jennifer's place on the couch, and pulled out my cock. My wife hungrily slurped it into her mouth. Rick sat down beside me, as Jennifer knelt down between his legs and started bobbing up and down on his cock. Her engorged tits bouncing up and down every time she brought her mouth down on his shaft. She really had a great rack. And I was going to help myself to her tits. Barbara wouldn't object. She was too busy getting her ass fucked by Jenn's husband. I reached down to grab one of those beautiful udders, but Jenn slapped my hand away. "No!" Said she, obviously annoyed with my advance.

"Your wife has a tight ass," said Gus, "Thanks for sharing." He added as he thrust deeper into Barbara's ass. His thrusts were pushing my wife's mouth onto my cock. She gagged a little and had to take my cock out of her mouth to breath. But she continued stroking it with her hand. I was close to cumming, but I really wanted to wait and cum in her mouth.

As she raised her head, she suddenly crossed eyes with Jen who was kneeling beside us and blowing Rick's giant cock. Jenn smiled at Barb, and took Rick's cock out of her own mouth. She grabbed it by the hand, and offered it to Barbara. Barbara hungrily went to work, as she tried to get as much of it into her mouth. Jenn smiled at her lovingly, and continued stroking the bottom of Rick's shaft. It was getting harder for me not to cum. My wife was stroking me in unison with the rhythm of the blow job that she was giving to Rick.

"Ain't this the life, gentlemen?" Rick smiled at Gus and me as he reached down to gain access to Jenn's tits. Jen thrust her chest forward to give him better access. "Jenn, Honey, I'm about to cum. This time, I want you to share my cum." He said as he gently pulled on her aroused nipples. Jenn pulled Rick's cock out Barbra's hungry mouth, and they both proceeded to kiss it and lick it together. Their lips and tongues competing over who could give Rick the most pleasure.

"Mhhhh... I'm cumming." Gus moaned as he thrust deeply, one last time, into my wife's ass. I guess that the image of both our wives fighting over another man's cock was too much for him.

"Oh yes Gus! Cum in my ass!" My wife exclaimed as she looked back over her shoulder and smiled. She let go of my cock and gently started stroking Gus's chest hair, as he tensed up and then collapsed on top of her. Thereby pushing her face back onto down Rick's cock.

That was too much for me I had to cum. I couldn't wait any longer. I started cumming allover my lap and the floor.

Then, Rick stood up and grabbed both our wives by the hair dictating the rhythm of their hungry blow job. He started thrusting his hips in the air, as he was getting ready to cum. Jen held his cock tightly in in her hands as she stroked it up and down. My wife was licking it's underside from below. In response, Rick started cumming all over my wife's face. Jenn stared in amazement at the pulsating cock which was spraying my wife with hot gooey globs of cum. She seemed curious, and maybe even jealous at the way with which Rick was covering my wife in cum. Jenn reached out with a finger, and scooped some cum off my wife's tits. She hesitantly put it in her mouth. You could tell that she had never tasted cum before.

"Mmmhhhmmm..." She savored it, as if she was sampling a fine wine or a ripe strawberry. She then bent down and proceeded to lick Rick's cum of my wife's tits. Barbara was still sucking on Ricks cock. Cleaning the cum of it by rubbing it on her face and lips. But she used her free hand to cradle Jenn's head and breast feed her like a baby. Jen hungrily sucked on my wife's tit's as she started fingering herself and writhing in orgasm.

Rick got up and zipped up his pants. He smiled contently to himself while eyeing the two beautiful ladies making out on his living room floor. Not wanting to interrupt the ladies, he shook both our hands, and proclaimed: "Well gentlemen, that concludes today's training session."

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part 4

could you please do a part 4 where they dp their wives with rick also in the mix ?

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